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Natsu Basho starts on May 14th.

At the top of the banzuke, both Terunofuji and Takakeisho are recovering from injury, both are in risk of re-injury, which could force Teru to retire, and Takakeisho to lose his ozeki title. He also needs to perform well due to his kadoban status. It could happen there will be no ozekis after this basho.
BUT, there is Kiribayama, with a 11-4 and 12-3 wins on the ozeki run, if he is able to pull 10 wins he will be promoted!

What's other interesting tidbits?
Wakamotoharu is now above in the rankings of his brother Wakatakakage.
Midorifuji is at #1 Maegeshira. The tiny man performs well. But he's gonna get harder opponents now.
Kinbozan is at #5, he is new to Makuuchi, and upcoming talent.
Oho is at the end of the list.
Asanoyama is back in Makuuchi, and probably will gain many wins.

In Juryo Tochinoshin is still hanging on.
It would be worth to pay attention to Ochiai, if he can continue with good performance.
There is Roga and Enho close to the top.

Very excite.