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Day 12

Both Ochiai and Gonoyama took a point home. Head to head.

Mitoryu vs. Takarafuji - long struggle and torinaoshi! Then Takarafuji did short job. I guess Mitoryu got tired.
Oho vs. Onosho - Oho won! His 8th win. Takanosho isn't an easy opponent, but I think he is injured or under the weather or something.
Hiradoumi really fights in good spirit whole basho. He would deserve that kachi-koshi, I hope he can win one more.
Ryuden got outed again. Not pulling a good form.
Tobizaru vs. Ura - What a BOUT! It was their version of deadlock. A very active and intense deadlock. Spectacular.
Takayas' vs. Midorifuji - The Bear had to miss most matches, yesterday he was back, and won. Now the tiny one finished the match quick. When Takayas changed hands he was pushed out of balance and out of the dohyo.
Daieisho vs. Asanoyama - Wow Daieisho! Great show! Teru will have a hard job when they face. Asa still at 10-2.
Hokuseiho vs. Hoshoryu - Hokuseiho weighing on, but Hoshoryu pulled out from the hug and made him lose footing. As the Big Lad turned to side, and back, he really just gave up and walked out. THis was their first bout.
Kiribayama vs. Takakeisho - K is on ozeki run at 9-2 at the beginning of the bout. He grabbed Takakeisho and got that 10th win! He probably is now ozeki, well by next tournament. But seeing one more win would be cool. He has 3 more days to pull that feat.
Terunofuji vs. Wakatakakage - Wtage lost to Teru twice, one was the bout with the rearranging. I like his attitude, he is humble, still a good rikishi. And he was on the offense from the start, till his fall. Teru won but he also had to step/fall from the dohyo, seemed hard on his knees. I hope he is ok. 11 wins, and on top of the list.

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