Bernd 05/26/2023 (Fri) 17:33 No.50299 del
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Day 13

First bout, Kawazoe did good. He is also a tiny guy, bit heavier than Enho, from Makushita division. From Miyagino stable.
Atamifuji 11-2. Keeps up with Gonoyama and Ochiai.
Haha, Akua took Terutsuyoshi's antics on, throwing salt high. Not that large amount, but still, a good handful.
Roga got his 8th.
Oshoma vs Shimanoumi - breddy gud bout, great struggle. Latter won, 8th win.
Tohakuryu got henkad badly by Hideonumi. Or well, depending.
Azumaryu started out with a henka, then held up well, but lost in the end. His 11th loss.
Ochiai vs. Shonannoumi. Ochiai failed the first tachi-ai, but won the bout. At the end was funky, because Shonannoumi thought he already lost, but he wasn't out, so Ochi had to push him, and he fell hard. He might have felt it unnecessary, although it had to happen. 12-1!
Gonoyama vs. Shimazuumi. Gonoyama fell. Onto Shumazuumi. 12-1!

Aoiyama vs Oho. Oho won his 9th against the big guy. Well Oho also big, but yeah.
Takayas is still injured. Not sure why he returned. Maybe finishing in the dohyo expands his career.

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