Bernd 09/18/2023 (Mon) 17:46 No.51034 del
WillyOAM talks about murders in the foreign legion in recent videos. One of the deceased was a thief apparently, who got tortured and murdered by his fellow legionnaires. Fellow soldiers said the thief deserved punishment, but this was excessive and unlawful, a crime in itself, it should have gone through the official paths.
I say it might had been an act of desperation. It is possible that the soldiers feel frustrated because of the lack of success of the offensive, or that their unit gets hammered so much, they suffered losses, or they feel powerless just sitting in the trench, or all the above and else similar, and those who did the deed - perhaps with the knowledge of the others in the unit - overreacted for their frustration. Desperate measures in desperate times. Some people are (more) violent if things aren't going in their way. They start to look for scapegoats, and outlets they can fulfill their anger, and if they can feel its justified, the better.
Will be more of this? Or these happen often, we just see these couple of occasions?
And have to return to a previous point: after the war we have to deal with these people. They'll be great acquisitions for various mafias.