Reader 01/27/2024 (Sat) 05:40 Id: aff6a9 No.21994 del
Regarding the nature of online anonymity this year, I foresee a lot of migration away from clearnet servers due to the crunch that may likely be put on a majority of internet users once the (((fearful ones))) and their limitless resources compile into agencies targeting what is to be considered "disdainful conversation" once the big push is made. Currently, the biggest hint lies in Texas' attempt to save face from a collapsing nation by performing puppetry and kabuki theatre amongst the so-called "invasion" at the southern border. Which may be the straw to enforce laws unseen of in our lifetimes.

Some boards or chans for that matter may also be facing backlash against merging ongoing communities amongst those familiar to them. For those who saw this once before with 8chan (and its perilous collective of "operaters/mods"), we are now nearing the battle for anonymity yet again with it being an election year. Also to keep in mind is the current AI release and how its censorship may force comms to become malleable.