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(3.11 KB 230x210 anon-cafe logo.png)
Anon.cafe will shut down as of 00:00 UTC on 15 March 2024 Reader 01/27/2024 (Sat) 01:41 Id: e3edd6 [Preview] No. 21984
A bit of imageboard news I thought would be good to share.

>Anon.cafe will cease operation as of 15 March 2024, 00:00 UTC. If you would like to migrate your communities and/or board content elsewhere, please do so before then.

>Because Anon.cafe is an independent imageboard, there will invariably be speculation that we're being forced offline by various nefarious forces, so we should also say that we've had no contact of any kind whatsoever from any such entities, or indeed from anyone at all – the decision to shut down Anon.cafe is purely our own, taken on our own initiative.

>We'd like to thank every anon who has ever posted here for a little over four relaxing years, and we wish every board and poster the absolute best of luck into the future, whatever it may bring.


TL;DR site owners of a fairly large imageboard called it quits. It happens.

I was a mod in another old imageboard, so I know firsthand these type of things happens sometimes

Reader 01/27/2024 (Sat) 02:47 [Preview] No.21987 del
Have more boards been shutting down than before? This is likely to be a "pivotal" year in mankind's history.
Ponychan recently shut down, but that's probably because their employer (((Hasbro))) is in financial trouble and wasn't paying them anymore.

Reader 01/27/2024 (Sat) 05:40 Id: aff6a9 [Preview] No.21994 del
Regarding the nature of online anonymity this year, I foresee a lot of migration away from clearnet servers due to the crunch that may likely be put on a majority of internet users once the (((fearful ones))) and their limitless resources compile into agencies targeting what is to be considered "disdainful conversation" once the big push is made. Currently, the biggest hint lies in Texas' attempt to save face from a collapsing nation by performing puppetry and kabuki theatre amongst the so-called "invasion" at the southern border. Which may be the straw to enforce laws unseen of in our lifetimes.

Some boards or chans for that matter may also be facing backlash against merging ongoing communities amongst those familiar to them. For those who saw this once before with 8chan (and its perilous collective of "operaters/mods"), we are now nearing the battle for anonymity yet again with it being an election year. Also to keep in mind is the current AI release and how its censorship may force comms to become malleable.

Reader 01/27/2024 (Sat) 09:02 Id: 71939a [Preview] No.21995 del
I am sorry to hear that. I hope the community finds new homes in other boards.

Reader 01/27/2024 (Sat) 14:14 Id: 16aace [Preview] No.21997 del
Some will just migrate here and first start posting on /b/ likely to test the waters, others may check out other dead chans still operating like 8kun or the random soyjak ones. But I agree with the other anon >>21994 too in some respects: crackdown on internet freedom is imminent so backup everything you desire or need from it. Learn what you need to know now. If there is any kind of media you desire to hold onto in the future better have multiple offline/cold storage backups of all those files, take nothing for granted anymore: use it or lose it. When they try pulling off their social credit score system they'll lock up the internet and only allow obedient goyim to access it (highly regulated, insecure and completely surveillanced). I'll be offline at that point, fuck it, canceling service like I did cable TV many years ago.

Reader 01/29/2024 (Mon) 00:08 Id: 71939a [Preview] No.22008 del
yea absolutely

Reader 01/29/2024 (Mon) 06:48 Id: 0f144b [Preview] No.22011 del
(38.59 KB 452x304 eat shit anon cafe.jpg)
Look at them banning me past their shutting down date.

anon­.cafe will now wordfilter here to giant.faggots

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