Reader 01/27/2024 (Sat) 14:14 Id: 16aace No.21997 del
Some will just migrate here and first start posting on /b/ likely to test the waters, others may check out other dead chans still operating like 8kun or the random soyjak ones. But I agree with the other anon >>21994 too in some respects: crackdown on internet freedom is imminent so backup everything you desire or need from it. Learn what you need to know now. If there is any kind of media you desire to hold onto in the future better have multiple offline/cold storage backups of all those files, take nothing for granted anymore: use it or lose it. When they try pulling off their social credit score system they'll lock up the internet and only allow obedient goyim to access it (highly regulated, insecure and completely surveillanced). I'll be offline at that point, fuck it, canceling service like I did cable TV many years ago.