So-called “Peace Conference” Ends With Drumming For World War Reader 06/16/2024 (Sun) 15:30 Id: 2cc75c No.22647 del
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So-called “Peace Conference” Ends With Drumming For World War

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It's official: Russia should be broken-up according to nations attending a so-called “peace conference” in Switzerland, regarding the Ukraine-Russia Conflict. Does that sound like a "peace" conference to you? Day one of this conference was so egregious, the President of Colombia walked out!

The “peace conference” began with the President of the host country, Switzerland, speaking to the gathered participants. Swiss President Viola Amherd actually talked what sounded like common sense... saying "We all understand that a peace process without Russia is inconceivable!"

Yet, that's exactly what they were doing... holding a peace conference without one of the combatants: Russia!

The Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia also made plain: "Serious negotiation processes regarding Ukraine require Russia's presence." Similarly, the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, Juraj Blanár, made plain "The gathering in Switzerland won’t put an end to the Ukraine conflict, because Russia and China are absent."

It went rapidly downhill from there. President Duda of Poland said the following: “I propose to divide Russia into 200 ethnic states. Russia is the largest colonial power in the world and is holding 200 ethnic states captive.”

The official (sovereign) proposal, made by President Duda of Poland, to break-up Russia is, in and of itself, an "threat to the existence of the Russian state." Under Russia's public Doctrine on the use of its nuclear arsenal, this threat to the existence of the state justifies Russia using its nuclear arsenal to protect itself.

It seems to many people that the President of Poland, by uttering this position, has signed his country's death warrant during a world war!

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