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(630.47 KB 753x815 143666.png)
Biden Regime's End Game Plan To Destroy America And Europe Has Been Leaked Reader 06/16/2024 (Sun) 14:10 Id: cbee43 [Preview] No. 22646
Biden Regime's End Game Plan To Destroy America And Europe Has Been Leaked

The FY 2025 National Defense Authorization Act initiates mandatory selective service registration for American women, putting in place the mechanism for a mandatory military draft of those women.

This news comes on the heels of the US House Armed Services Committee just approving an amendment to the NDAA that automatically registers all American males (within the draft age window) for the Selective Service System. This means all American males of draft age can be involuntarily drafted into war.

So now, mechanisms are in place to draft both men and women, thus making sure that young "woke" men don't evade the draft by simply "self-identifying" as women. It's not yet clear whether America's woke youth may attempt to self-identify as imaginary fantasy creatures, since there's nothing in the NDAA that authorizes mandatory military service for wood fairies, tree elves or rainbow gnomes.

Equal opportunity = Equality opportunity to DIE for this corrupt regime. This is how "replacement theory" works. The mass murderers in charge send citizens to die in foreign wars which were entirely avoidable, while illegal immigrants take over their homes, jobs, communities and political leaders.

Notably, this NDAA authorization effort also: "Requires a DOD plan for deterring and defeating simultaneous aggression by two near-peer nuclear competitors, including requirements for nuclear force sizing." This means the USSA is preparing for nuclear war with both Russia and China [which is staged to destroy America and the West].

The draft is on. Men and women will be sent to war (if they allow this to happen!). The dollar will be printed into oblivion, leaving the American masses impoverished. The government will invoke the NDAA to seize all food and fuel supplies nationwide, and they will weaponize the scarcity of food and energy to inflict a mass die-off of the American people.

The occupying, illegitimate US federal government, after all, is not merely at war with Russia and China. It's at war with the American people. And there's nothing it won't do to achieve mass death and destruction on a global scale.

As America's psychopathic warmongers like Sen. Lindsay Graham are begging for global nuclear war with Russia, Iran and China, the rest of the pro-war government establishment is getting things ready to throw millions of young American men and women into the global war meat grinder.

Those who do not see this coming, and who do not prepare accordingly to get out of dodge and protect themselves and families, will be destroyed by it.

Watch the recent emergency interview with Steve Quayle here to learn the full details of what's about to go down:


Reader 06/16/2024 (Sun) 17:27 Id: cbee43 [Preview] No.22648 del
I'm currently trolling 8kun's qresearch right now with this statement to get some replies:

'''"I must repeat: this is not a drill.

Calling all Whites! You are going to be asked to join the Ukrainians in the Russian meat grinder very soon! Will you serve your ZOG?"'''

Reader 06/16/2024 (Sun) 18:51 Id: 15c94f [Preview] No.22650 del
Well, at least there's an upside if we're not all destroyed through nuclear armageddon: If I'm thinking purely selfishly. Imagine corporations losing all their young, gullible, shy and quiet as a mouse asskissers and bootlickers. They'd be pretty desperate for employees. This could free up the job market.

Besides, I'm fucking sick of working alongside 19 year old Trans retards who couldn't pass as the gender they want if you gave them instructions. No "Steve", customers don't call you "mam" just because you can't control a feminine voice. No "Jane", customers don't address you as sir only because you sound like a man.

The FtMs gossip, nag and belittle as the MtFs bully, boss around and try to dominate. They're living in a fucking fantasy world. Oh, right. My point. I can't be drafted. I'm too old.

Reader 06/17/2024 (Mon) 19:55 Id: cbee43 [Preview] No.22652 del
I understand where you are coming from. The only little problem is they have the illegal aliens waiting in the wings to replace the American population. That means no more white majority for America if this becomes a world war. That also goes for Europe as well of-course. So yah, some tranny subverted idiots will be culled but so will the rest of the whites who still make up the very slim majority. Even if you happen to live and survive this, say hello to your new permanent neighbors from Somalia, Mexico and El Salvador. And these people will become the majority of employees, the courts, local and federal politics, government, public institutions, etc. Dig? THAT is the dilemma we face. Extinction.

Reader 06/17/2024 (Mon) 23:44 [Preview] No.22653 del
That is assuming a lot.
If it goes nuclear, there would probably not be a continuation of government. ZOG would crumble
If it does not go nuclear, too many Whites would survive and could still easily refuse to go along with ZOG's plans.

Reader 06/18/2024 (Tue) 07:22 Id: 15c94f [Preview] No.22654 del
My neighbors are already African descendants and illegal Mexicans. I live among them. I have to work among them. And the Caucasians? Many are gay or trans. I'm sick of this modern world.
Talk about assuming a lot. Whites easily refuse? We're in this mess because we where the majority. Then traitors bended the knee. Or bended over. A bit of both, really. I'm not so blind to my Aryan race that I won't recognize how pathetic the masses have become.

Reader 06/18/2024 (Tue) 12:41 Id: cbee43 [Preview] No.22656 del
Perhaps it would be a big gamble. It is true whites are still a majority in most of the rural areas and smaller towns across America but whether we live or die really all depends if we are prepared to survive the fallout and economic collapse thereafter AND whether or not we refused to become cannon fodder in some foreign trenches before everything goes nuclear.

I must say I have met some Mexicans before and never once were any of them a tranny or acted like a weirdo perv, many are actually hard working Christians. So in no way am I saying all Mexicans are bad people. It's the drug cartel gang-banger types I'm worried about (the ones the State Department armed during Holder's deranged Fast and Furious operation which got Americans killed), those criminals are brutal and dangerous.

Reader 06/18/2024 (Tue) 18:52 Id: 15c94f [Preview] No.22658 del
Right. They are among the few who by majority respect their ancestral traditions. The worst I've met is Mexican man-hating bulldykes and pathetic coward gangbangers who can't face you without groups of their friends to impress. The most I've met have been older Mexican men and women who act normal. They tend to mature with age.

Reader 06/19/2024 (Wed) 01:29 Id: 90bcb8 [Preview] No.22659 del
I'm glad to have graduated before COVID. That whole lockdown seemed to have done a number on our current teenagers in more ways than one. Now the online landscape and current teenage culture and lingo is changed for the worse, "no cap" (WTF does any of this gibberish mean?).

If I recall correctly, there was one or maybe two trannies in my graduating class. Far more queers, though. The whole transgender "I identify as a fictional she/they/xem" whatever was still fairly new at the time. The one tranny in my class was an ugly short woman who identified as male and demanded that others refer to her by her new name and pronouns. The weakwilled went along with it, much to my confusion.

Reader 06/19/2024 (Wed) 09:27 Id: 15c94f [Preview] No.22661 del
>"no cap"
"No joke." It took me awhile to understand the slang. I feel dumber for it.

Reader 06/19/2024 (Wed) 16:34 Id: cbee43 [Preview] No.22662 del
To be fair, every newest generation develops their own slang & lingo to describe things and people. Back in the 50s if you were "lame" they'd call you "square". In the 60s if you were "cool" they'd call you "far out" and later in the 70s that changed to being "dope" or "radical"... "Right on man!"... "No reason to get stoked spaz."... "Can you dig it bro?"....

Reader 06/28/2024 (Fri) 06:15 Id: 15c94f [Preview] No.22669 del
(110.10 KB 481x639 lame.jpg)

Reader 07/02/2024 (Tue) 00:32 Id: 8fde9f [Preview] No.22676 del
Wonder what the next lingo's going to sound like in the next decade?

>Turkish guy living in Germany haircut
yeah hopefully the next generation has better hairstyling though

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