Anonymous 07/31/2019 (Wed) 17:31:01 Id: fa31c1 No.72454 del
I do not recommend the raw meat diet due to there being blood-borne contagions and even animals have their versions of immuno-deficiency viruses. However, during an archaeology course I took, they compared the remains of three ancient civilizations. This was in 2010. I don't even remember the details anymore, just that those with pure plant-based diets (by necessity) had the most skull lesions which was a sign of malnutrition, those in locations where they'd get partial meat and partial vegetation were less skull lesions and the primary meat eaters had the least. Of course these days we have vitamin supplements. I don't care whether you're a vegetarian like Hitler or a meat eater, personally. To each their own diet as long as it's not in excess towards grotesque obesity.