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/SIG/ Self Improvement General - Rebirth Edition Anonymous 02/27/2019 (Wed) 00:11 Id: 706dae [Preview] No. 70828
Before we can defeat the jews in the World Bank and the jews in Hollywood, we must first defeat the jews within ourselves

<OLD THREAD >>12552532

""Go to the gym, or start a body weight routine fat ass. Don’t neglect cardio, go for a morning run. Take a cold shower. Get 7-9 hours of good quality sleep every night, avoid stimulants in the late afternoon. Become a morning person and get up early.""

>h ttps://hooktube.com/watch?v=XtDc_iJ-j-M

""Hygiene is important. BRUSH YOUR TEETH TWICE A DAY FOR 2 MINUTES, don’t forget to floss. Make your own toothpaste. Get a tongue scraper too. Your tongue should be a nice pink color, not white or yellow. This is not some ancient, long forgotten secret, but its amazing how many people neglect oral health - it’s just as important as lifting. Deodorants containing aluminium salts are toxic, avoid their use at all costs. You can make your own spray from baking soda, water and a few drops of a nice smelling essential oil. This will stop body odour without making you sterile.""

""Lower your carb intake and eat more animal fat. Eat lots of organic meat and fish. The (((food pyramid))) overestimates the amount of carbs you should be eating - stop consuming excessive amounts. Do not eat feminized products soyboy. Treat yourself to an occasional glass of good red wine. Try intermittent fasting, a simple 18/6 routine can work wonders.""

""Do not breed with roasties or THOT’s. Find a wholesome waifu. Do not expect to meet a wholesome girl in a bar, nightclub or university campus. Plan a family. Raise strong men and respectable women who will lead in the race war.""

""Meditate. It calms the mind, builds discipline and is an ancient, tried and tested method of building mental clarity, control and spirituality. Start today, it only takes 10 minutes.""

>h ttps://hooktube.com/watch?v=Q-L2ZKYMsag

""Do not act like a nigger, do not steal, rob or vandalize. Violence should be used sparingly when there is no other option, you are not a monkey. Respect yourself and your race. Don't humiliate your women with the degeneracy of feminism.""

""Stop consuming (((pornography))). Oh, you think that you’re not addicted to porn? Prove it. Try to go without porn or fapping for a whole week. Then aim for a month. Its harder than you think.""

>h ttps://hooktube.com/watch?v=wSF82AwSDiU

>h ttps://hooktube.com/watch?v=7oFVOJf0TzY

""Quit playing video games faggot. Do something productive, write something or build something. Plan your career, climb the ranks or start a business. Learn something useful.""

""We need more strong, kike-free men in positions of power.""

""Now get off the internet, go /out/side and get some sun. Go for a hike. Go camping. Join some wholesome clubs and make some normal friends. Do not reveal your power level to normalfags, drip feed them redpills. Stop smoking cigs and don't do drugs. Don't watch degenerate (((media))) and read some good books. You can easily source used books cheaply from local stores or online.""

>h ttps://w ww.abebooks.com/

""Work towards owning property and/or land. Don’t waste your time and money buying new cars on finance, it is a jewish trick.""

""Save 10% of your income for a rainy day, even a little will go a long way. Stash some money in safe alternate forms, like silver and gold (maybe a little crypto too, but be cautious).""

""Become informed on prepping and homesteading, make sure you’re ready when SHTF.""

""This is your life now.""

>Merely a /sig/ thread based off of the older format previously from the lost outpost. The usual drill gentlemen, useful tidbits, texts and infographs. Any Reddit tier shit can go with the rest of the degenerates elsewhere.

Anonymous 02/27/2019 (Wed) 00:14:49 Id: 706dae [Preview] No.70829 del
Aaaand I fuck up the formating. Just fucking end me.

Anonymous Board volunteer 02/27/2019 (Wed) 03:25:43 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.70831 del
(97.91 KB 850x400 819679.jpg)
Don't worry about it. This is a thread with actual effort. It's what end/pol/ needs more of. Though I disagree with the label "jews within ourselves". There may be vices and weaknesses typical of kikes, but we do not share their parasitic nature. Though it may seem like that as brainwashed footsoldiers do their bidding. As I've said before, pic related.

Anonymous 02/27/2019 (Wed) 19:13:56 Id: be2c85 [Preview] No.70837 del
(164.79 KB 600x600 maslowcolourbig.jpg)
Totally agreed.

Add up the need for belongingness. It is on the 2nd stage of importance at Maslow's hierarchy.

Not fullfiling it is what causes addiction, which is a desesperate attempt at bounding with something. There is a great british writer named Johann Hari, that wrote a book about this. Portugal and Spain applied his ideas to social policies and vanquished with addiction countrywide within an year.

Here is a TED talk of his: h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=PY9DcIMGxMs

Anonymous 02/27/2019 (Wed) 20:59:33 Id: 66ce3d [Preview] No.70838 del
/sig/ threads are always good. Though the entire "fashwave" aesthetic conflicts with our main premise, that being a crusade against our inner degeneracy, with fashwave deriving from degenerate postmodernism.

Anonymous 03/09/2019 (Sat) 03:37:55 Id: 706dae [Preview] No.70881 del
Just some more general tidbits, i'll upload more once I plug the spare HD in.

Anonymous 03/09/2019 (Sat) 03:42:00 Id: 706dae [Preview] No.70882 del
For some reason it's not letting me upload multiple files, is the board bugging out or is it my end?

Anonymous 03/09/2019 (Sat) 11:07:30 Id: 58b819 [Preview] No.70883 del
Very well might be the site.

Anonymous 03/26/2019 (Tue) 22:22:15 Id: 37bc83 [Preview] No.71158 del
OP here, decided to try expand with some concepts and ideas to help any good NatSoc or Fascist on the long path to becoming an overman. There were always a good few questions regarding mindset and how to steel yourself for the coming tide so i'll post something regarding that.

The first thing for any man seeking to improve is to understand the disctinction between motivation and dedication as hinted in the original image. It is the very core of your development. The best analogy I came up with is to imagine a forest and within the said forest imagine a great tree. This regal creation full of verdant leaves and ever expanding branches of noble oak expands and grows forever onwards and can weather come what may. The only way to destroy the oak, much like a man whose heart is filled with fire and dedication, is to fell it completely, to tear it assunder. Much like man, it can weather storms, bear deep scars and face almost anything thrown at it. Only the most cataclysmic event can fell the tree or the spirit of a steeled man.

Motivation, by comparison, is the leaves of this grand oak. They come and go, felled by everything from a breeze to being displaced foraging creature. Much like a leaf, motivation is fleeting in it's nature, a fluid thing that changes form at the smallest whim. This is the defining difference between the two mindsets and must be understood before one is to start upon the road of achieving greatness. Once a man has taken this realisation, he can begin the path to mastering his own fate, free of semetic and degenerate influences. He no longer will require strength from outside sources but can find his own, whether from the drive to protect his family or to becoming a man willing to stand for his people.

Anonymous 03/26/2019 (Tue) 23:08:38 Id: 37bc83 [Preview] No.71159 del
So now we understand the fundamental idea behind real self improvement we move onto expanding upon the topic; the reason to fight. Not merely fight in a physical aspect but in what one could potentially term a "spiritual" way. Allow me to explain.

A man can steel his body, sculpt a perfect example of the European man's true form through hard work indeed. But there needs to be a deeper purpose to it. Merely identifying a deeper purpose is just the first step, it must become an entrenched bulwark for the mind to detect and defend against potential corruption influences (nihilism, ego death etc). Let us begin.

So, let us state an obvious goal we all share; the protection and propagation of the European peoples and their long term survival in a world of chaos and deeply embedded corruption. Now this sounds a rather grand and sometimes almost impossible feat but the truth is it is much simpler than it first appears. The initial routes to dedication must come from personal aspects and expand from that, the roots must be bedded deep as it were. Therefore a wise decision is to attempt to begin with family or a loved one. As a European man, your role, first and foremost, is the protection of those you hold dear. Blood. Ethnic nation. Race. For some expanding this to your entire racial group is fairly easy, for others it can be challenging, hence this approach.

So, how can one protect those he loves? Each person decides different priorities when it comes to this but for the most part in my experience the overarching concepts are;

- Physical mastery. To become strong enough to protect them in case of attack. It does not need to simply be an immediate threat but a long term threat such as encroaching (((diversity))) or some such. Use that initial fear as a drive. Realise this is a fear to be conquered and overwhelmed by your dedication to physical improvement and sheer will. Once you have begun to improve and grow stronger you will find this fear replaced with instinctive awareness and the fight reflex in place more firmly than before. This is just part of mastering your physical world though for you must also remember the world you live in; food may be plentiful but the items of plentitude are rather vile and poor for you. A man can buy a Big Mac for a couple of pound but if he wishes to buy real meat without hormone treatment or factory farmed you'll be paying a fair bit more. As the old adage goes, you are what you eat so if you wish to master your physical aspects you must first understand the fuel you are taking in. I will expand further on this point at a later date however.

- A drive to provide stability. Any man of noble spirit and heart wishes to ensure his family and his people deserve a place to rest easy. We are often deprived of this by the hate fuelled semetic parasites who force the outsider upon us in an effort to drive us to the brink. We are forced to live among Negroes, Arabs and assorted other unwelcome offshoots of humanity resulting in a devastation of the European spirit for it is forced to live in a state of constant threat and unending aggression commited against ourselves. Thusly we must forge new homestead and bastions far from the maddening crowd and in order to do that we must provide both financial capabilities and emotional succor in the interim. As a man this is vital and must become a key aspect to any improvements you make, be it for personal or familial reasons. A man can begin the path to /sig/ but if he is trapped within the belly of the beast he can only go so far in such a vile environment. You must become the unmoving mountain of both physical and emotion aspects.

- Sacrificing the easy. The word sacrifice means to make something sacred. A simple concept is it not. So therefore, despite the association with sacrifice being bad as "muh aztecs human sacrifice", removing poisons of both the physical and mental (e.g. mass media) variety to follow the road of improvement means to literally embrace a path of greatness. You are bombarded at every oppurtunity by semetic poisons, be

Anonymous 03/26/2019 (Tue) 23:10:28 Id: 37bc83 [Preview] No.71160 del
Post got cut off;

- Sacrificing the easy. The word sacrifice means to make something sacred. A simple concept is it not. So therefore, despite the association with sacrifice being bad as "muh aztecs human sacrifice", removing poisons of both the physical and mental (e.g. mass media) variety to follow the road of improvement means to literally embrace a path of greatness. You are bombarded at every oppurtunity by semetic poisons, be them poor food quality (soy used in bread production, chemical use for preservatives etc) to (((media))) in the form of movies and music. "Hey goy, listen to this hot new beat consisting of three notes and a nigger screeching ass into a mic for five minutes, isn't it great?))) is an every day thing which no one outside those waking up to the state of things notices. The worst is subtle corruptions, such as placing Negroes in historical European fiction, making the American Civil War all about slavery, how noble ideals of virtue and honour are "dated" but wanting white women to fuck anything *but* whites or embrace ackbars is great. Seperating yourself from these poisons allows greater clarity, your no longer lethargic due to poor food and no longer mentally subdued due to (((media))) bombardment.

Anonymous 03/27/2019 (Wed) 00:12:38 Id: 5b8415 [Preview] No.71161 del
(93.98 KB 1024x942 D1RQpGDWkAENEzL.jpg)

Anonymous 03/27/2019 (Wed) 02:26:19 Id: 3c77af [Preview] No.71162 del
By soon I meant like tomorrow. Trying to itemise three years worth of knowledge and studies on semite free self improvement information is a tricky thing. I'm unsure whether to tackle the mental or physical aspects of self improvement first. For instance I could explain the rudimentary rules of weight training and cardio or I could move to the subject of reintroducing the concept of honour and nobility within one's personal manner and character, there's a lot to cover. A billion little strands that need tieing together, i'm struggling to know where to begin.

Eh, i'll throw down one last aspect of understanding self improvement before resting, mainly as it's prescient for myself after the gym visit tonight. Do not expect instant results. Assuming one has found his inner fire, his will has been strengthed and has finally chosen to improve, the first few weeks can be a true test of this new mindset. Once a program of fitness has been chosen, whichever one it may be (there are a myriad of approaches available) you will find it to be an uphill battle. I'll share a personal anecdote on this one. When my training began after realising what is required of me I threw myself into it the first week. I watched countless videos, read innumerable blogs, discerned what methods fit with my approach and went into it with a glad heart. It was a slog. Your body, the first couple of weeks, is incredibly tired, you ache constantly. You'll wonder why results are taking so long and the first test of resolve is issued; to stick by or surrender. If you surrender then you lack value, to yourself and to those who rely on you, you demean and shame yourself in this action but may try justify it with nihilism or pithy jokes. Initially, I did just that, it didn't seem worth it, I fell into a blackpill stupor that took some effort to get out of. But if you persist, if you refuse to lay down and die you will find results coming bit by bit. That protruding gut no longer appears a piece of sagging flesh but toned muscle. Your shoulders and arms grow, once shirts tight around the gut slacken and your arms now stretch them to a welcoming degree. You'll feel better mentally as well, gaining pride in what your achieving but that achievement will take some time. It won't be instant, not by a long shot. It'll take sweat. It'll take pain. It'll take dedication. But once your in the rythm, once your body is becoming more receptive it grows easier and easier. Upon getting over the hump you'll find results arriving incrementially over time with each one providing a new push towards the herculean goal of achieving your form. One must remember though, this is but a part of what must be done. A perfect body is lacking if it is not tempered by the sharpened mind in the same way a great mind lacks force if the body is weak and flabby. Achieving unison in both is the goal of the Overman. Most will never achieve it, it is a life long goal but it is the pursuit of it that makes it such a noble ideal. True perfection in that regard may not be achievable but that is what makes the challenge one worthy of any son of Europe, be him in the States, a far flung former colony or within the home continent. The strength you'll gain and in turn share with others by inspiring and teaching as a result of this road is something to behold. It may just be the thing that saves us. Remember always, weak men create hard times. Hard times create strong men.

Anonymous 03/27/2019 (Wed) 17:03:13 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.71164 del
(92.07 KB 1280x720 324.jpg)
>ego death
>implying it's a bad thing
This is the only part I disagree with. Ego psychology is a Freudian concept from jews pushing ego(self) over the collective(people). Your Volk are you. You are your Volk. There is no self. Selfishness has been ingrained in us. Their strategy is obvious. Those who think of self-preservation lose all connection with their people and they're easily manipulated/coerced. Then is when you become so concerned you may even submit for protection or gibs. Don't do this. Focus on everyone which you share ethnic origin with. "You are your Volk" must be battered back into the minds of the brainwashed masses, or there will never be a significant enough uprising.

Anonymous 03/27/2019 (Wed) 22:49:26 Id: 45e367 [Preview] No.71165 del
I wholeheartedly agree, I phrased that poorly. A more accurate description of what I was wishing to refer to was the understanding of what the European man's role naturally is within the realm of his thinking, in this case the unyielding spirit and where it once was within the psyche. I'm unsure the exact term of such a thing though, please accept my apologies.

As an aside, if there is a particular aspects someone would like discussed regarding the macro level considerations of /sig/ please ask questions, it's a wonderful topic and there is no such thing as a stupid question in this subject. If not i'll just continue trying to muddle through the concepts to the best of my understanding as and when I formulate them to a worthy post.

Anonymous 03/31/2019 (Sun) 14:09:01 Id: e60472 [Preview] No.71194 del
This is a great analogy anon. One could also expand on it and claim that the only way to destroy a man, is to attack its roots.

Anonymous 03/31/2019 (Sun) 18:09:04 Id: f2551f [Preview] No.71200 del
Greenland seems unmolested by kikes and has rather nice preserved nature and environment.
I know most people here are cynical and not really bothered by anything, but it would be nice to contribute and try to protect places that still have sovergeinity and racial homogeneity.
They should also pass referendum to become indenpendent, which means that relatively small population can create counter force to fight against the devils.
If anything at least i won't waste my time if i would create snow niggers there.

Anonymous 04/04/2019 (Thu) 21:53:56 Id: 7e1de5 [Preview] No.71257 del
This is surely a interesting place, didn't know about it. Definitely gonna look out for it.

Anonymous 04/07/2019 (Sun) 10:44:02 Id: 5e9c58 [Preview] No.71271 del
Has anyone here quit porn completely?

Let's be blunt, I'm a man and I have needs. I have a need to fuck. I'm not going to stop fapping. I did it for several months before and all that happened was I went really lusty around women who thought I was creepy, had constant awkward boners and jizzed at night during sex dreams so I had to wear underwear to bed. I didn't feel any more energetic or any of that bs, I just felt insanely driven to impregnate a woman.

Having said that, I do look at porn but that's the part I want to stop. Porn is generally quite sickening or just sad. After watching porn I get a slightly depressed feeling from looking at the ugly shit show that is humanity. Porn in general seems mostly driven by exploitation but more importantly there is no love there and certainly no joy. Even my own memories of having sex with women I'm left with a feeling of how horrible they were, like trash, certainly with no real care for me or perhaps even themselves. I go without porn for maybe a few weeks but then my own imagination isn't cutting it and I've forgotten how sad it really is. I fool myself to think I will see something truly fulfilling and satisfying just to scratch the itch and relieve myself but then I see it and by that time I'm already there and mostly finish to a feeling of disgust. I'm plagued by the thought of a better world where these girls could be happy mothers kissing me with deep appreciation.
I've felt this way for years but no matter how many times I walk away from it, I've always gone back. I'm willing to accept this if it's an unavoidable part of my human condition but I was wondering if anyone has achieved permanently quitting?

Anonymous 04/07/2019 (Sun) 11:33:49 Id: 30b94b [Preview] No.71272 del
Grow some discipline then. If you have no discipline you will never make it because you will never be willing to do things which require you to have a strong will. Discipline is the key to a greater future and without it the future will become increasingly bleak. You must increase your discipline stop fapping and stop lusting after women openly. It takes a strong man to moderate himself it takes a great man to overcome himself.

Anonymous 04/07/2019 (Sun) 16:29:12 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.71275 del
I haven't been into that vile shit (hardcore porn) since I was a teenager, which was over 18 years ago. "Softcore porn" such as just naked women to me is art. It's not truly porn unless you view it that way. It was art in the Third Reich and nudist camps were acceptable. Nudity wasn't sexualized after the NSDAP took over. Everything that should be sacred and beautiful is made sexual and degraded through various agendas by the jewish mainstream media, even more through hardcore porn industries which they have controlled for a long time. This is Weimar 2.0. The Fourth Reich will be just around the corner as soon as these kikes lose control of currency yet again.

Anonymous 04/19/2019 (Fri) 08:25:31 Id: dff04f [Preview] No.71530 del
(7.45 KB 300x300 1.jpeg)
I've given it some serious thought and I've decided to concede. Now I'd like to talk practically about it, perhaps get some advice from those already doing it.

Coming off as a horny creep to women is kind of unavoidable, although I will do my best to interact with women as little as possible. I would like to make it clear, I never say anything inappropriate nor make sexual advances but women can just tell when you look at them like a starving man looking at a hot meal.
Having said that I'd like some more practical advice, particularly to erections. The wet dreams are pretty easy, as I said before I just wear underwear to bed and washing myself when I wake up just becomes part of my morning routine. However erections happen pretty frequently, probably a minimum of 30 times a day and I once got an extremely embarrassing erection in front of a teenage girl where she brushed my arm and I bent over with my butt out to reposition it to upright under my belt whilst concerned onlookers were asking what was wrong. The longest period I've gone before is about five months so I don't know if any major changes in this area happen after that, but in the mean time, any advice about hiding erections? I'm seriously considering a male chastity penis cage, pic related, but I'm a little concerned about if I suddenly need to urinate in public and people might think I'm some sort of sex freak for wearing one.

Anonymous 04/19/2019 (Fri) 10:36:49 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.71531 del
Don't go in urinal. Use the stall toilet. I mean, stand like a man don't piss like a woman. Still. I've been using stalls since an encounter in the 90s at the local park where some fag looked over and started complimenting my junk. As for women, don't interact with them less. Do so more. I'm surrounded by women at my job. This made talking to them not an issue at all, especially considering how much of an anti-social freak I was throughout Junior High and High School. Hung out with the jocks but couldn't talk to the girls. Even had them randomly groping me and I didn't respond right. If I could go back in time I'd beat the shit out of myself

Women are not angels. They're the same pissing, shitting, emotionally volatile creatures as everyone else.

Anonymous 04/19/2019 (Fri) 17:21:36 Id: 7398c8 [Preview] No.71540 del
(6.43 MB 426x240 motivation.webm)
Agree with the aspects of motivation. Video attached helped me despite how simple it seems.

Anonymous 04/20/2019 (Sat) 08:53:39 Id: dff04f [Preview] No.71550 del
That's pretty sound advice. Thanks.

Also, I decided I will shop around for a sports cup too, something not too bulky. It may not be as secure as the cage but it might do the trick. I will still probably opt for stalls and secluded urinating areas though.

Anonymous 05/20/2019 (Mon) 01:38:02 Id: e5f515 [Preview] No.71892 del
Op here on the subject of import; understanding the Overman.

>To forge a man of action.

In these chaotic times, true men of action are needed. So often we consider our situation almost insurmountable, the semetic enemies weapons innumerable, their golems plentiful. In order to be a Man of Action, a true European, you must, as i've stated in previous threads and posts, embody the Aryan ideal of the Overman. But just what *is* the Overman?

I could acost you with long winded tales of European heroism and nobility (which is something you should most certainly learn about) but I shall cut to the very heart of the matter; it is you. It is the culmination of wisdom, strength and bravery that lies at the heart of Men of Action. It is one, be him a mighty giant or a short and portly fellow who recognises his weaknesses and fixes it not because he is told to, not because he merely wants to but because it *is* him.

In a manner of speaking it's the realisation of just what you are underneath all the follies and vile degeneracy of the modern age. The Overman is a man who does not merely wish change but simply does it. Some would use a (((Hollywood))) trope from some semetic corruption of the idea but the truth is the Overman is what one could term "true" power. His power is not borrowed but attained by him through strife and struggle.

Knowledge from learning of events from modern (((media))), Reddit posts or shitty 4cuck threads, these are the hallmarks of a small man. It is from reading literature of old, understanding philosophy from Plato to Evola, scouring Historical texts banned or hidden from public discourse for the truths (((they))) seek hidden that one attains understanding at a level he had not believed possible for it is with this knowledge the European Man attained greatness.

An Overman does not rely on protein powders or steroids to gain physical strength and mastery, nor does he seek knowledge from jokes of "martial training" like Kike Maga or Brazillian Jujitsu but gains prowess and discipline through true martial training, be it boxing or a real martial art.

An Overman does not seek temporary relief or succor from things that would poison and weaken such as media or consumption of a product for he can find enjoyment in his own creation, whether through skills such as gardening, carpentry, art or writing. He can break the shackles of the modern degeneracy and in doing so becomes more than a mere man, more than a simple anon on a board. He becomes a true exemplar of what every far flung son of Europe is at his heart; a hero.

Yes this is not a path for everyone. It can be lonely, soul crushing at times. You will find yourself torn, struggling to overcome concepts forced upon you and others by the semetic parasites who have taken your future. Your body will ache, your mind will bend but there is a light at the end. There is a strength you never knew you had, a wisdom you did not believe you could possess and in walking the path you do not merely galvanise yourself against the predations of those who seek your demise but you will become a beacon for fellow Men of Action. A light of hope in a world darkened by blood and treachery. You will become the Overman. The European ideal. Others will tell you it's not possible, to merely surrender to nihilism, to take the path of least resistance. But you are better than that. In your veins runs the blood of heroes, men who fought and forged nations for their sons and daughters. It falls to us to reclaim and build upon our birthright. It falls to us to raise our fathers banners once more against the gloaming morass of inhumanity that seek our eternal downfall. We walk this path together, even now with oceans seperating us. Division must end for only in unity can we defend against the coming storm, only in brotherhood can we stand shoulder to shoulder. This is our conflict, a battle for the very soul of our people, there is no retreat for we are the very bulwark that will protect our race from becoming the dust and echoes our enemies wish it to be. We will r

Anonymous 05/20/2019 (Mon) 01:41:16 Id: e5f515 [Preview] No.71893 del
Post got cut off

Yes this is not a path for everyone. It can be lonely, soul crushing at times. You will find yourself torn, struggling to overcome concepts forced upon you and others by the semetic parasites who have taken your future. Your body will ache, your mind will bend but there is a light at the end. There is a strength you never knew you had, a wisdom you did not believe you could possess and in walking the path you do not merely galvanise yourself against the predations of those who seek your demise but you will become a beacon for fellow Men of Action. A light of hope in a world darkened by blood and treachery. You will become the Overman. The European ideal. Others will tell you it's not possible, to merely surrender to nihilism, to take the path of least resistance. But you are better than that. In your veins runs the blood of heroes, men who fought and forged nations for their sons and daughters. It falls to us to reclaim and build upon our birthright. It falls to us to raise our fathers banners once more against the gloaming morass of inhumanity that seek our eternal downfall. We walk this path together, even now with oceans seperating us. Division must end for only in unity can we defend against the coming storm, only in brotherhood can we stand shoulder to shoulder. This is our conflict, a battle for the very soul of our people, there is no retreat for we are the very bulwark that will protect our race from becoming the dust and echoes our enemies wish it to be. We will retake our future.

Hail our people.
Hail Victory.

Anonymous 05/20/2019 (Mon) 18:35:46 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.71899 del
(997.73 KB 2500x1564 3453.jpg)
You really should consider public speaking. Gather a few like-minded individuals, prevent jews from ever joining the movement, and consistently gain attention from the jewish media as they open mouths-insert foot. If you think your voice is up to sound commanding. If not, I have advice.

Anonymous 05/23/2019 (Thu) 16:24:44 Id: e480ef [Preview] No.71953 del
Anyone know some good weight loss routines?

Anonymous 05/23/2019 (Thu) 16:28:08 Id: e480ef [Preview] No.71954 del
I can't trust any "weight loss guides" as far as I can throw them. I need some advice for a solid regiment to start with.

Anonymous 05/23/2019 (Thu) 17:03:46 Id: dca3cd [Preview] No.71955 del
Kinda depends on how much time you have. There's no quick way to doing it and everyone is different. Whatever you want to do you have to approach it with balance. If you have no equipment, you can do pushups, situps, pullups and squats. Do the latter on a seperate day. For each of these, especially with squats you want to push yourself. Unless you're completely sedentary your legs are probably a whole heck of a lot stronger than you give them credit for.
Mountain climbers and running are good for building up a sweat, do these on the days you don't do squats or you're going to be harshing on your legs.
As for diet, it depends on what your goals are. If you can cut back calorically you'll lose weight. Things like pop and fast food are horrible for your diet because they have an excess of sugars, salts and oils, to keep it simple. They're also the most common dietary vices. The more you can cut down on these the better. I'd recommend trying to make simple, attainable changes, before trying to go full Spartan warrior mode as you'll like get burnt out and just end up despondent.
From there if you want to get more serious, I'd recommend checking out the /fit/ boards of 4chan, 8chan, and 7chan. They should have some cumulative amount of resources to at least point you in the right direction to get some better information or give you an idea ultimately of what your ultimate goal will be.
There's a board here >>>/ath/ that has some good write-ups on the science behind building muscle. But the important things to me are always mental, like you said you need a solid regiment, espcially when you're starting out that you can at the very least maintain, so it needs to be realistic.

Anonymous 05/23/2019 (Thu) 17:32:37 Id: 7e1de5 [Preview] No.71956 del
Cut artificial carbs and sugars such as soda, cake, bread...

Anonymous 05/23/2019 (Thu) 18:17:28 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.71958 del
(62.03 KB 780x412 34.jpg)
Soda cleanses the vitamins and minerals you've taken into your body. I didn't save the article I read which says that because I don't give that much of a shit.

Anonymous 05/24/2019 (Fri) 14:05:15 Id: e19eac [Preview] No.71962 del
It also changes the neurological wiring of your brain's sensorial receptors. Diet ones are no different.

Anonymous 05/24/2019 (Fri) 23:30:18 Id: 2eecf4 [Preview] No.71975 del
You do me great honour by speaking so. There will come a time to lead, the horrors upon us are beyond comprehension at this juncture, from the invasion of our nations by innately hostile golems, the stripping of our cultue and spirit to the mutilation of our children by "social justice" lunatics, the tally grows ever taller. It will fall to us all to be the men our people demand us to be but the question is always when. Wait too long, it will fall apart beyond a fighting chance. Too early you get shut down instantly like many modern movements.

I apparently do have a certain cadence to my voice (a subject of chagrin for my wife who claims I sound akin to a World War 1 officer) but from time to time I struggle with addressing larger groups which has cropped up on occassion in my field of expertise. Sometimes despite my ability to speak eloquently with a handful of people I trip over my tongue with more so any advice would be warmly welcomed.

Anonymous 05/25/2019 (Sat) 00:36:40 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.71976 del
(283.87 KB 1920x1080 0.jpg)
My career path involves public speaking to large rooms of university students by request. I'm aware of the tongue-tying when attempting a long speech. At first there is eloquence, then gazing out at the audience causes stammering and struggling over the words. It's all in your head. The common advice is to picture them naked. Don't. All you have to do is imagine the audience isn't even there.

Anonymous 06/01/2019 (Sat) 00:26:44 Id: 73470a [Preview] No.72042 del
Everyone, what's your take on wine? Healthy or unhealthy?

Anonymous 06/01/2019 (Sat) 08:40:38 Id: 5d75c4 [Preview] No.72044 del
Low-alcohol wine is okay on occasion, but don't drink too much of it. It's way better than beer, however, since that's very estrogenic.

Anonymous 06/01/2019 (Sat) 12:07:49 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.72045 del
Obviously drink in moderation. I heard Italians start at age 8, having wine with every meal. I hate it. Tastes like rust to me. One of my highschool girlfriends is a heavy wino. She used to be beautiful. Now she looks like the trainwreck in a Meth before and after picture.

Would rather have a bottle of Morgan. Actually, no. Can't do that anymore. I just looked it up. Seagram CEO Samuel Bronfman. Fucking jews. The goddamn parasites are everywhere. 2% of the population my ass.

Anonymous 06/01/2019 (Sat) 12:50:35 Id: 5d75c4 [Preview] No.72046 del
Rothschilds are known for running breweries, so it's preferable to brew it yourself. Or even better, just have non-alcoholic grape juice.

Anonymous 06/04/2019 (Tue) 07:35:00 [Preview] No.72066 del
Alcohol in low amounts is apparently healthy for you. Personally, I live by this:

"Everything in moderation. Including moderation."

Last part meaning that occasionally it's OK to let loose and relax a bit but be mindful of not doing it too much.

Anonymous 06/07/2019 (Fri) 12:31:04 Id: ce3ded [Preview] No.72080 del
OP here again, wishing for to discuss a little on the subject of the groundings of a leader.

In Revolt Against The Modern World, Evola mentions one of the key things for a leader to have is something akin to a divine right. The purpose of this is to cement his leadership beyond what one could possibly term the "physical plane" (I am loathe to use that phrase as it mostly corresponds to modern corruptions of spirituality but it's the only analogue I can think of at this moment). I can certainly see the appeal in this for the modern man is severely lacking in anything beyond the material, the consumption based lives they lead hollow and vaccous so offering something higher could be appealing if applied right but the question is how could such a concept be utilised beyond the classic trappings of modern semetic Christianity or one of it's more openly vile cousins.

This "divine right" can take many forms, be it an origin story (see Wotan/Odin and so forth for examples) or some claim of direct communion with a higher power (see modern semetic religions as examples of this) so if one were to contemplate on how to adapt it, what would be the most effective method. I've heard it argued that Adolf himself, while not using this method directly, was considered a man worthy of adulation despite being merely an average gentleman in appearence so one must ask if it was his oratory that led to him being held in such high regard. If one reads his speeches with the correct translations it can be clearly seen his words have a power to them, include a passionate delivery it becomes obvious how it could illicit greatness in the hearts of men and thus it could be argued this was his "divine power" as it were, to lift the soul. I however believe there is something beyond this however. A glance over National Socialist propaganda shows it did not focus on him as a great leader nor any specific of the party itself but of the unbending will of his people, inspiring images of men building and creating, women being the matriarch and providing succor. It could of been easy to paint him as some grand hero in the public eye, warp him to a facsimile of a truly powerful Germanic male and yet in paintings of him it is not power that is portrayed but simply a man of decent bearing. Therefore we must look beyond the singular confines of what we percieve to be leadership in this current epoch which would be a focus on a mere man (Trump is a recent and ill fated example of this) and consider what the man himself is doing.

Anonymous 06/07/2019 (Fri) 12:31:53 Id: ce3ded [Preview] No.72081 del
If one were to apply the concept of "divine right" while considering all of this I believe the success of Adolf and his message was infact perhaps speaking not merely to the people but speaking directly to the spirit of them or the volk as it were, bringing them together to form not merely a "faith" of what one commonly considers to be a collection of rules and obedience to a single entity but something a strata above that. This is the tool for which any budding leader of men must utilise. Many current "thought leaders", if you can even offer them such a grand term, attempt to do this, speaking of solidarity between the European peoples, speaking of uniting together and yet none can openly offer *positive* change. Oh, of course you'll get the usual "to survive" which is a vital reason but that is a defensive term. It is an attempt at a bulwark but not a vector of pushing forward. What a true leader of men must encompass is not reconfiguring the existing system but an entirely new system with an objective that transcends mere survival. I have written on various occasions on the importance of hope and that is what a positive objective must embody. Without a forward motion our people and our goals can never come to fruition for such a position is static, it is merely holding back the tide, not actively pushing it back. It offers respite, not hope or faith. Any new leaders words must speak directly *to* the European spirit, the grand mass of our people rather than focusing on small pockets of resistance or small objectives. Had Hitler focused efforts solely on ultra nationalists it's likely his movement would of struggled even with the horrors of Weimar, his encompassing of a dream for his people spoke not to them on a personal level but to the spirit that had been shackled by traitors and parasites. In speaking to the spirit of the European peoples this leader does not aquire the "divine right" in himself but creates it within the very people themselves with the leader himself taking the role of awakening it from it's long slumber within every man and woman seeking a future. This must be a lynchpin for any who seek to forge a path, it must be the core tenant at the heart of not merely White wellbeing but to building a future worthy of our people.

There is no retreat, no bastion that can hold forever. We must always push forward and to do that we must embrace the Spirit of ourselves and our people to do so. We must never rest nor stop, upon victory we must find new challenges and new goals for rest and becoming static will merely allow for the degeneration to repeat and for more atrocities to be put against us. Our children have been brutalised and raped, our women degenerated and used as puppets, our men stripped of nobility and pride. The enemy has attempted to strip us of all hope and crush our spirits, only offering kosher religiosity and "new age" spirituality to flourish for they are easy to control. The true Spirit of Europe must be awoken for only in faith in ourselves and our people can victory be won and a future made manifest.

Anonymous 06/07/2019 (Fri) 19:11:42 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.72084 del
(358.59 KB 1898x626 Evola was a faggot.jpg)
(90.94 KB 621x464 Evolas bullshit.png)
(34.78 KB 640x481 1.jpg)
>In Revolt Against The Modern World, Evola mentions
Admiration of Evola does not belong here.
>Adolf himself, while not using this method directly, was considered a man worthy of adulation despite being merely an average gentleman in appearence
>so one must ask if it was his oratory that led to him being held in such high regard.
That belongs here. The rest of that..
and this, I agree with.
>Had Hitler focused efforts solely on ultra nationalists it's likely his movement would of struggled even with the horrors of Weimar
True. It's often a false statement that Hitler believed in "the master race" when the only time he ever mentioned it was to label jews. Hitler was for the German people, not the usual fake "blonde hair and blue eyes only!" narrative. The Hofbrauhaus, Friday the 15th on August 1920 was were he said, "Here everyone works exactly according to the instincts of his race, because the race, or should we say, the nation and its character, as the Jew himself explains, lies in blood, and this blood is forcing everyone to act according to these principles, whether he is the leading mind in a party that calls itself democratic, or calls itself socialist, or a man of science, literature, or just an ordinary exploiter. He is a Jew; he works aglow with one thought: How do I get my people to become the Master Race."
>There is no retreat, no bastion that can hold forever. (etc)
Yes, I read the rest. What we need though is a leader who's willing to step up and accomplish all of this. Not that I haven't been trying. This jew infested world is a pain in the ass when it comes to making an attempt at gaining a foothold. At least he came across six others who believed as he did, of the German worker's party. I'm constantly unindoctrinating others as they then take flight north when the realization hits.
>"to survive" which is a vital reason but that is a defensive term. It is an attempt at a bulwark but not a vector of pushing forward.
That works metaphorically. Let's talk literal. If survival was top on Hitler's list, Germany may not have lost. I admire the man for the true inspiring leader he is, but I must also admit the two faults he had. Not setting up extreme defense for his nation, and believing in the kike doctor Theodor Gilbert Morell's prognosis that his "light would go out at any minute". This put survival the furthest from Adolf's mind. What Germany needed was heavily militarized border and coastal forts, anti-aircraft and anti-tank gun emplacements everywhere. What he did was set up German soldiers in defense of other territories to prevent Bolsheviks from invading them. Numbers of soldiers were stretched too thin to defend Berlin, with massive amounts of cowardly faggots from Great Britain, Russia and America ganging up on a nation barely larger than Idaho. In the end, it was a jew's vile propaganda that did him in. That destroyed Germany and they continue to taint Hitler's name with their repulsive lies to this day.

dumb Anonymous 06/08/2019 (Sat) 11:35:24 Id: fe431c [Preview] No.72093 del
<national states in the current year

Anonymous 06/17/2019 (Mon) 11:14:26 Id: c6e3d6 [Preview] No.72154 del
>Admiration of Evola does not belong here.
I agree with your stance on Evola's personal thoughts on the Reich but it would be foolish for us to ignore his analysis on how leaders are formed. They make for a good basis on which to work from in an effort to evolve the concepts in an effort to ascertain a model that would work in this modern era.

There's a delicious irony concerning Evola actually, a good portion of his work tracks and teaches of the tools and requirements of a leader and how the world is degenerating and yet when facing the nest of liars and manipulators of the post war period he acted the coward by claiming essentially "I am not a fascist like these other fascists, I am above them all" after which he then lived in obscurity as he allows his work to be mostly forgotten. Seperating the man and his work can be useful as his work is insightful, it's just ashame he doesn't practise what he preaches. I like to think of his work on this topic as a passion project from a man who thought himself brave and went out to learn bravery in it's totality only to find when challenged he could not emulate those he sought to understand.

>That works metaphorically. Let's talk literal. If survival was top on Hitler's list, Germany may not have lost.
I agree but only partially. The war Hitler fought was in a time where men, at least some, understood concepts of honour, duty and valour. Many believed in such things even during the first war when even on Christmas day, despite the blood letting, arms were lowered and men joined for a friendly game of football. Modern, underhanded semetic tactics such as infiltration and subversion were not practised by the common soldiery and thusly I think Hitler still operated on the concept he was dealing with actual European leaders, not their parasitic puppet masters. He thought they would see reason and join him in preparing the for Communist forces invasion of Europe. Had he known the truth of how far our nations had fallen, one must wonder how his plans would of changed.

The other issue is the battle we fight now compared to the battle of then. Both are against a corrosive semetic influence but the battle lines are vastly different. Back then, when the war began Hitler mounted a counter attack that while ill fated and stretched his forces, proved successful, we are in a uphill battle from the outset due to the nature of our conflict compared to his. We have been born into a battle we didn't know we were fighting, the subversion rooted deep. We've been relying on speakers and fringe politicians who fight against it in the open only to see them fail due to the cultural monopoly the parasite has. None of these modern leaders even come close to the men of the past such as Rockwell, Pierce or even Mosley. They shackle themselves out of fear, embarass themselves by lacking credulity. This is why it's important to understand the environment from which a leader can emerge and for us to go on the offensive to help *create* it, that must be our goal. Our message must reach those who have suffered at the hands of the beast, be they the lowly man working in a shoe factory to the highest echelons who have watched their surrounding community and culture die. It is from these ranks the men we need may arise but only if they know what is needed. I can even cite two modern example of this, ableit a poor one and an adequate one.

Let us look for a moment at National Action, the ill fated and sadly anti life movement that emerged in Britain. It held rallies openly naming the tribe and recruited directly from the working class, their ranks swelled quite a bit considering. They proved successful to a degree in rallying, however they also had multiple serious issues, the first one being a completely controlled organisation. Now I know some like to claim "no man, we werent controlled op, we were legit m8". Let me make it abundantly clear, they were not a natural movement. Every member found themselves on a list, *every* member. The second issue with them, as if the first main one isn't en

Anonymous 06/17/2019 (Mon) 11:14:58 Id: c6e3d6 [Preview] No.72155 del
>Post got cut off
Let us look for a moment at National Action, the ill fated and sadly anti life movement that emerged in Britain. It held rallies openly naming the tribe and recruited directly from the working class, their ranks swelled quite a bit considering. They proved successful to a degree in rallying, however they also had multiple serious issues, the first one being a completely controlled organisation. Now I know some like to claim "no man, we werent controlled op, we were legit m8". Let me make it abundantly clear, they were not a natural movement. Every member found themselves on a list, *every* member. The second issue with them, as if the first main one isn't enough was their focus on the nihilistic nature of the movement. They wanted change, of course. But what they presented had no method of doing so. A brief look at their imagery or appearence reveals much, the stylised symbol of the movement, the corruption of Mosley's smartly dressed Black Shirts into hoodies and black jeans, their entire appearence was the corruption of positive aspects. No Men of Action, only Men of Death. They had an ideal of giving Britain back to the British only they failed to understand that their appearence and actions was merely a tool for the parasite to use to *supress* such a thing. But people kept flocking any way as they were the only group at that juncture doing it. Young working class men had something to believe in, they had a goal that aimed around doing something even if it was nebulous and unfocused beyond "fuck kikes". Had they the foresight to realise they were becoming puppets, well, let us just say hindsight is always 20/20.

Now to compare to another movement, namely Scottish Dawn. It is claimed that they had ties to NA, something that would allow the parasite to deploy the system into full shut it down mode however they had a few marked differences. Initially SD utilised a system similar to Golden Dawn with voluntary community improvements such as clearing the countryside of garbage and various other local projects. At first, it began with a few hundred and gained momentum in a short time among the working class in a similar vein to NA only with a focus initially on Scottish nationalism. The very sybmol they used was the life rune, a reflection of these values. However, much like most modern movements, it seems to of been infiltrated and eventually became NA lite. A brief look at this video is a good demonstration what with the moody visuals, the forboding music and the "FCK ISIS" hoodies. It was a devolution into the anti life nihilism of NA.

h ttps://w ww.bitchute.com/video/OTMlklCnkfTh/

When considering both of these movements there is a clear demonstration there are those willing to stand and to make a change. The issue is the need for a true leader for them to rally around which is why I promote so heavily for a informational offensive that would get the truth of the situation in the hands of these men and for someone with the wisdom, Will and foresight of what is needed to lead them from a higher echelon. Someone who understands the dangers of negative imagery and nihilistic rage and can turn it into a positive change for which men can follow to victory and glory. If you offer these men mere survival some may see that as something impossible as your merely resisting. But to offer not merely survival but an objective goal at changing their fates, well, then you offer them something more. There is little glory in survival, of course there is a nobility in the concept of sacrifice to make it happen but men yearn for something beyond being remembered simply for that. They want to know they made a tangible change to a dying system. We must offer them that.

Anonymous 06/17/2019 (Mon) 16:37:49 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.72156 del
(1.34 MB 3000x2055 2737.jpg)
(202.08 KB 1317x442 sclerosis.jpg)
(383.49 KB 800x422 622.png)
(42.58 KB 500x488 51916.jpg)
(3.26 MB 3200x2000 61798.jpg)
>"I am not a fascist like these other fascists, I am above them all"
>after which he then lived in obscurity as he allows his work to be mostly forgotten.
Makes sense. If he didn't raise or participate in a group of people, he was never fascist. Because that's actually all fascism ever was. Groupism.
>Hitler still operated on the concept he was dealing with actual European leaders, not their parasitic puppet masters.
Hitler spoke frequently of their jewish puppet masters, especially involving America. He was well aware of international jewry. I respect Scottish Dawn, mainly because I'm a Scot by blood and it disgusts me to learn what's becoming of Scotland. National Action though, anyone named Benjamin (his last name Raymond) I do not trust. I agree with the majority of your message. National Socialism has been aligned with false images of darkness and false accusations of violence and atrocities for too long. The message needs to be positive. Anyone shilling violence and "terrorist actions" needs to be shunned completely. If Hitler is permitted to be viewed in classes or the public eye, it's always untranslated German which the masses don't commonly understand and when he was furious. It's never when he spoke calmly. His messages are not permitted publicly because they're afraid. Millions of Germans did not follow a "dark, brooding, angry leader". They followed a man offering positive change. One who actually made that happen and was appreciated by the German people. This type of event hasn't happened since. I'm reminded of Patrick Little who claimed he was running for the Presidency. Though his entire message was always true and pointed out kikery to the public, he gave up, whined about his wife (kissed Putin's ass) and forfeited his run. We need a leader with an indomitable will offering the positive, not a furious mob of rage fueled calls to violence which are easily villainized by the mainstream media, banned and discarded.

Anonymous 06/23/2019 (Sun) 00:25:31 Id: 17280b [Preview] No.72184 del
>I respect Scottish Dawn, mainly because I'm a Scot by blood and it disgusts me to learn what's becoming of Scotland
The situation facing Scotland is quite dire, I retreated to a more secluded forgotten spot in the south west of these darkened isles but i've been keeping up with what affairs I can. Scotland, as it stands, has condemned itself. It's choice is either stand with the SNP who are insistent on joining the EU and we all know how diversified it will find itself in that event thanks to the cash for migrants deals the semites will push (not that Sturgeon would need pushing). The other is follow Westminister who will do to the Scots what they did to the English; complete identity erasure. It's only a matter of time until Robert the Bruce or some such figure is hung from the branches of equality as a heretic. Also the state of speech up there is appalling from all reports, arrests for merely revving an engine "threateningly" at a Muslim and such. Throw in the finances being centralised to Edinburgh and it's a real shit show, most villages and poorer suburbs are now either being abandoned, filled with migrants or drugs or both in many cases.

Wales and N. Ireland seem fairly forgotten compared to Scotland in all of this but thats hardly surprising. Considering how industry was executed in Wales, all thats left is rotting small villages left to suffer or a blood rivalry in N. Ireland fermented by traitors on each side. Mixed in between all of this is groups of "Loyalists" beseeching for unity under the banner of the Union Jack who fail to understand the Empire lays dead and we will too unless we reforge either as brothers in a united cause (actual brothers, not singular control from the cesspit of London) or individual countries finding their own future. I would rather unity with true power sharing rather than singular power but I know I am an outlier with such thinking thusly I would happily settle for complete dissolution. I know the wounds run deep and the sins we English carry are indeed heavy, trust must be earned by a hand of friendship rather than the bloodied blade our "leaders" once enjoyed. Whether we can either regain our honour and nobility to earn such trust for a truly unified Britain is a question i've not been able to answer for some years now.

As an aside, a mans blood will always yearn for his far off homelands and you honour your lineage by respecting it as you do. I do not know if it helps but I will be visiting some of the western islands of Scotland later in the year (Jura etc), if you so wish I can leave a message or a marker on your behalf (I would advise it be ambigious) in a region. I know in these dark times we can feel isolated from our history so if you would like something recorded and placed in a quiet corner I will endeavour to do so. All I ask is if you do wish it, it should be something not identifiable directly. Even the most careful of men can be caught out with a single careless word or item.

Anonymous 06/23/2019 (Sun) 01:30:17 Id: 874961 [Preview] No.72185 del
While I normally post more in depth views on /sig/ and so forth, for tonight I shall be sharing some recipes for a more light hearted offering. I am still unable to post images so instead I shall share the old fashioned way. These are some special ones I recovered from some archival old Vienna gourmets cook book from around a century ago, both of which are rather tasty as a pleasent treat. Do enjoy and remember; you are what you eat so avoid the modern poisons and savour the best you can get. These are good and hearty dishes and chosen specifically for the simplicity of them (for gourmet cooking their simple), if it's of interest i'll gladly share some of the more in depth ones at some point also.

- Viennese Goulash (Wienersaft Gulyás)
Crush together 2 teaspoons marjoram (failing that oregando will suffice, 2/3 tablespoon of oregano equals 1 tablespoon of marjoram) 1 teaspoon of caraway seeds (if lacking this try anise or fennel) and finely chopped lemon rind and 1 clove of garlic. In a large saucepan combine 3/4 cup of butter, 1 teaspoon of tomato paste and the crushed seasonings.

Add 2 pounds of peeled onions, sliced, and sautee them, stirring constantly until golden. Add 1 tablespoon of sweet Hungarian paprika (it's like regular paprika with a touch more sweetness) and cook the onions, stirring constantly, for half a minute more. Add 2 pounds of beef -chuck, rump or round- cut into large same sized chunks, 1 cup of water and a pinch of salt. Cover the saucepan tightly and let simmer until the beef is tender, about hour and half should do it. Add a little more water during cooking only if needed.

Just before the goulash is done, add 1/2 cup of water and let the sauce boil up once. If more sauce is preferred, sprinkle it with 1/4 cup of flour just before the water is added at the end and add 1 more cup of water.

- Ham Pockets (Schinkentaschen)

Sift 2 cups of flour with 1/4 teaspoon of salt onto a bread board. Make a well in the center of the flour and in it put 1 cup of butter, 1/2 pound of creamcheese and 1 egg yolk. Work the center ingredients into the flour to make a smooth dough. Chill the dough for one hour.

Sauté 2 medium onions, finely chopped, in 1 tablespoon of butter. Remove the pan from the heat and mix the onions well with 1/2 pound of ham, chopped, 2 tablespoons sweet pickle relish, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of mustard, 1 teaspoon of paprika (hungarian or regular) and 1/2 teaspoon of pepper.

Roll the dough out 1/8 inch thick on a lightly floured board, cut it into 2 inch squares, and on top of each square place a teaspoon of filling. Pinch the corners of the squares together over the filling and press together the edges of the dough to seal them. Bake the ham pockets on an unbuttered baking sheet on a moderate heat (350f/180c) for 15 minutes or until the pastry is nicely browned. Serve hot. Makes for about 6 dozen.

Are these dishes particuarly good for gains? Not entirely. Are they particuarly bad for you Eh, carbs in the Ham Pockets but y'now. Do these make for a pleasent occasional treat for a man on the path of /sig Most certainly. Challenging yourself not just in body, spirit and mind is important and thus learning skills such as preparing a meal worthy of yourself is just as important. Remember, it's the effort you put in that makes the final results all the better in all things, having a fine treat once in a while can lift the spirits of any man.

Anonymous 06/23/2019 (Sun) 05:27:39 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.72186 del
You have the sort of intelligence this board could benefit from. I'm not sure it would matter if you placed markers across western islands of Scotland. What would be of more benefit is reporting back here with any news of non-immigrant locations. I long for my ancestral homeland, but then there's the Public Order Act of 1986 holding a 7 year prison sentence for "hate speech". I very much doubt native Scots are protected under the law. It's to punish those who wish to have their land for their people. And I'm incapable of not revealing international jewry for what it is. When America's 1st amendment is finally pozzed and people are being tossed in prison en masse, that's about when I'll give up and move to Scotland. The entire world will be ruined by then. Not that the U.S. isn't a grand display of ruin already. When the eventual removal of our freeze peach happens as it has across European nations, there will be no reason to speak out anymore. At that time I might struggle to keep my thoughts to myself and settle down, waiting for the door to door guillotine service for not accepting the mark of "David". Saturn in ancient cuneiform, Remphan, Chiun, Moloch, etc. Beast gods of human sacrifice. Fitting

Anonymous 06/23/2019 (Sun) 23:28:56 Id: 35c62a [Preview] No.72191 del
There are some pockets of untouched populations, all of which follow a similar theme to what can be found in both England and Wales, namely financial barriers. The more affluent villages (usually made affluent by higher end farms breeding specialised cattle and so forth or have a unique tourist trait) have house prices usually around £300,000 and above which coincides with very close knit communities all of whom own decent chunks of the surrounding land, this all acts as a bulwark, at least for the most part. Up until a few years ago some of the western Scottish islands were relatively untouched, they did suffer from poor economy however the geographical isolation meant very limited access for drugs and other corrosive elements. They were mostly older people with the young flocking to the cities at around a 50% rate I think it was, give or take. It wasn't enough to maintain the smaller towns but if careful planning had been done by local councils it could of actually been made to work by simply downsizing however the SNP and Westminster at the time pushed for something different. What instead happened was a dumping of several thousand migrants in these smaller, outlying towns and villages of old Scotland which mostly consisted of older people.

I remember one particular one was Rothesay. A small island, not much work as most of the people were of an older generation but relatively peaceful, it wasn't particuarly affluent *but* it did have a community. A friend of mine had family there and recalled many a summer where he would visit his grand parents, it had poor weather but the people were content and despite being out the way they had eachother. Well, in 2015, three thousand "Syrian refugees" were dumped there. On this small island. With a small community. The results? Well it's the same tale as so many once peaceful pockets; it fell apart. It began slowly from all accounts, some discontent, some arrests for "naughty thoughts" being posted as is now the standard in these darkened isles. But as time went on, so did the poison. It began with some sporadic robberies, a violent attack once in a while but soon, mysteriously, drugs arrived in significant numbers, more than had been recorded previously. Discussions on this were scrubbed around 2017 when it came to light, mostly in comment sections now moderated to the extremes but it painted a dark yet familar picture. You see, the migrants got bored. They expected, as the semetic parasites had promised them, entertainment, a free ride. Only instead they found a small, quiet community composed mostly of the elderly wishing to live out their lives in relative peace. Thusly, these people found themselves at the mercy of these "migrants". These same migrants even got hand outs the locals had no access to, special treatment in the form of free cash lump sums, even a small "music festival" was arranged to buy these people, I joke not, new iPhones. All of this, in a community that had been three thousand people, most of whom were elderly, all of which were "easy pickings" for these deranged, incestual golems. What is Rothesay now? It's hard to say, much like any place that has had "vibrancy" inflicted upon it the story remains untold. The last I heard it had degenerated further but most of it is swept under the rug. This is sadly a tale not isolated to this community. It has happened again and will keep happening until men find their Will once more.

Anonymous 06/23/2019 (Sun) 23:29:18 Id: 35c62a [Preview] No.72192 del
So, where to secure a location. At this juncture, your best bet for a hold out in my opinion is;

Scotland - The rugged Highlands. Just above Fort Augustus there are a myriad of smaller lochs with a number of small hamlets. Building out in these areas can prove difficult however with a moderate budget it is feasable if you cannot find available locations. The best advice I can give is to seek somewhere with an exceedingly small population with very limited external connections. It will make some purchases and logistics strenous but the payoff is isolation in which you can operate as you wish. There is many a nook and cranny a cunning man could live and even build anew within. Knowing Gaelic can be a bonus the further north you go as it's more prominent (as it should be) but it is not an overt requirement. One thing of note I would add is thanks to media, many Scots when they hear of an American who has Scottish heritage may roll their eyes. This is mainly due to the deluge of "comedians" who the parasite has employed to ensure no brotherhood can be formed (the same is employed to ensure division among internal groups in Britain as well, such as north and south of England etc). Americans as an example are presented by (((Scottish))) comedians as "fat and lacking culture so they come to take ours" along side usual caricatures of a fat man wearing a Haiwain shirt with a fanny pack and a camera. The key to counter is simply to act and present yourself in a respectful way (but I think anyone reading this already understands such things, this is merely for anyone passing by wondering the situation).

Wales - Wales is a sad story. Many of it's once proud and welcoming villages lay precariously between poverty and ruin. However it is in the more northern and northwestern coastal regions one may find a pocket with some life left in it to make a stand, the coast by Snowdonia is most beautiful also, a man could find peace there. As an Englishman I have always had a budding respect for those I would call brother and the tale of what was done to Wales by a country who should of been it's kin is a shame that weighs heavy. They are a noble people we abandoned and a very proud people still. If anyone does wish to move there I would advise learning Welsh both as a sign of respect and for sheer utility. I know the respect part is not really needed to be added but it's just for those unaware of the importance of their language to them and for awareness of avoiding insult to anyone unfamiliar. It is used quite widely in street signs and general conversation and is quite a pleasent language to know.

Anonymous 06/23/2019 (Sun) 23:29:48 Id: 35c62a [Preview] No.72193 del
England - My homeland. A land beset by conceited hatred of brothers enforced by Westminster, corrupted by the disease of unbridled finance from London yet somehow it grew to forge an Empire. An Empire dead by it's own greed and zealous self hatred of it's own kin driven by parasites and their lackeys. There are a few hold out areas, oddly the Scottish and Welsh border regions offer some pockets of defensive locations. The north of England suffered much like Wales did when it's industry was hung by Thatcher after the unions were infiltrated by semetic gaunts however there remains areas just north of the Yorkshire Dales one can find villages relatively peaceful. Just above the Northumberland National Park there are also some good locations worth securing also, old forgotten pockets of England. If one were so look south the areas to the north and west of Dartmoor make for good spots. Areas around Exmoor can also prove to be sparsley populated which can also provide a haven as well as offering significant access to cultural history.

Northern Ireland - A land I am sadly lacking in knowledge in "diversity" wise (although their folk tales are magnificent). What limited knowledge I know suggests areas just west of Lough Neagh can make for a decent retreat. The disease spreading through N. Ireland according to colleagues is focused out of Belfast but i'm afraid my knowledge is sadly lacking.

As a general rule of thumb when assessing where to move I would advise the following options;

- Seek geographical isolation. It makes the job harder but it also makes for greater odds of avoiding both the disease of "diversity" and it's proponents.
- The further away from a significant hub, the better. You'll be hard pushed to not find a large mosque and shitskin section in any city within Britain. Consider this patient zero in an infectious disease situation. The further you are from a mosque the better. The same rule applies for a synagogue or local jewish place of worship, if they are present it's always for a reason. In the infectious disease situation they are the virus turning the patient into an animal.
- Be sure to have rudimentary skills concerning house maintenance. You do not need a full understanding of every facet but basic skills concerning repairs electrical outlets and plumbing can be exceedingly helpful in isolated areas. Isolation has it's pro's but it also has it's cons and this is one of them.
- Prepare to get dirty. Gardening can be a wonderful skill and basic skills concerning growing simple crops, while not vital, is *always* a good thing. It grants you pride in your achievements and means you can be at least partially self sufficient, a most definate useful skill if you seek to isolate to a significant degree.

Anonymous 06/23/2019 (Sun) 23:39:40 Id: 96a842 [Preview] No.72194 del
Ah, a correction must be made concerning Rothesay. It was reported as 15 families which is correct but it also failed to report the other 900 individuals which bought the grand total to around 1,050 to 1,200 at last estimation onto an island of 6,500 with unconfirmed reports of several hundred more being moved there a year later according to rumour, the three thousand figure was a mix up by me. It should also be noted upon arrival the refugees were granted the main church hall of Rothesay as a migrant center and in an ironic twist the SNP actually initiated further cuts to the local infastructure supporting the elderly population after this event.

Anonymous 06/25/2019 (Tue) 02:16:23 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.72202 del
When you said affluent villages have house prices around £300,000 (and above), that's hopeful. It's equal to $382,504 and 50 cents. Affluent houses in America cost in the millions. Though the idea of building my own home in a small loch is more appealing. Some cozy cabin design, possibly adding a gathering hall near it later. I'm familiar with woodworking and gardening. My youth was in putting up sheetrock by measurements, spackling and working in a nursery (for plants not babies). Not tree felling though, nor electrical or plumbing. Might be a good idea to try trade schools on those first, as well as learn Goidelic Gaelic from a tutor. An empire dead by greed, self hatred, parasites and their lackeys is the very definition of the USA as well. Seems the entire world is in the hands of jewish bloodsuckers, yet most pockets of resistance are controlled. There needs to be one that isn't, yet grows exponentially similar to how the NSDAP did. The old methods should be applied to modern times, but never strictly online. That achieves nothing, as I've long known.

Anonymous 07/05/2019 (Fri) 10:17:55 Id: 427292 [Preview] No.72237 del
America may be now a corpse puppet much like Britain but it was a nation forged by heroes. Men of unyielding Will that charged bloodied and harried into a wilderness hostile to their very being with pockets of natives who when not consuming psychedelics enjoyed rape and butchery of local wildlife. No matter what the tribe and their lackeys do, never let that be taken away from you. Modern America may be dead but the forging of an entirely new nation from dirt and heroism is one of the noblest endeavours any wayward son of Europe has ever achieved. Things may be grim but the true spirit of America and those who forged her can never be truly crushed.

As for groups however, it is a tricky thing.
NSDAP had an advantage in that media was a lot more limited in it's influence so that people would see the degeneracy but the media spin was fairly isolated to print. It was certainly still present, the parasite still manipulating where it could but it did not permeate every corner. What we face now requires true Men to stand, the who and how of it is... elusive. Our foes also have a myriad of tools, the key I believe is to deprive them of these, to remove them systematically to force a confrontation on the terms of whatever group takes a stand. The online component as you rightly point out is indeed static thusly is highly limited in what it can do and limiting to the individuals who partake, it's why /sig/ and any pro active components are so vital to building a foundation for Men of Action to emerge.

As an example of pro active movements the Rise Above Movement while indeed related to the alt kike and likely infiltrated seems to of had the hammer dropped on it far harder than other alt kike components which demonstrates the innate fear of sons of Europe aligning with positive goals in mind. A more refined model of them could potentially prove useful if utilised in a wiser and subtler fashion. Preferably without the latent failings or homosexuality of the RAM group. Mayhaps make the group a simple concept, improvement based upon the European ideals. While it would indeed "catch flak" for merely being *based* upon European ideals by the parasites media entity it has enough wriggle room by it's nature to lay foundations in a similar vein to the now cuckolded medieval fighting clubs. Of course it would need to be far less LARPy and present itself in a respectable manner but it could be a good breeding ground for men with similar ideals. There is issues with this however, namely finance and the ability to actually have a working group of trustworthy men, something exceedingly hard in an age where the parasites way of living by subversion and cowardice is becoming a recognised standard of living.

Anonymous 07/05/2019 (Fri) 23:59:58 Id: a52c14 [Preview] No.72251 del
>but it was a nation forged by heroes.
The germanics and anglos who settles in the American continent were heroes. The state itself was never good, however. The founders were masons and the (((republic))) was built on (((enlightenment))) values. It was a revolution just like the one in England and just like the one in France, all orchestrated by their kikes masters. American patriots are not on our side full-stop. America has been the strongest and most obedient golem for world-jewry and needs to be dismantled. If you identify as anything but your face, you aren't a national socialist.

Anonymous 07/06/2019 (Sat) 06:23:04 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.72252 del
(381.43 KB 928x845 jews expelled 6.jpg)
(19.61 MB 854x480 48.webm)
I don't "identify" as a Scot, myself. I am Scottish by ancestry. I'm also a devoted National Socialist. As far as the term American, that's what websites and newspapers are pushing off as a race these days. Don't forget, Christobal Colon, white-washed as "Christopher Columbus", was "sailing the ocean blue in 1492" the same year as kikes were expelled from Spain for being the destructive parasites they are. Other than that, yes, even though I live in America, fuck this nation for being the obedient golem to international jewry it is. Living here, I can tell you first-hand it's a fucking cesspool of degenerate bullshit and race-mixing everyone. Let it collapse.

However, you can't excuse Europe for doing the same. I don't. My ancestral homeland is fucked up thanks to kikes. Much of Europe is. The problem exists worldwide.

Anonymous 07/15/2019 (Mon) 10:56:17 Id: dc75e2 [Preview] No.72316 del
OP returning once more, apolagies for brief absense after July 4th. Upon the subject of hope and faith.

Hope is a subject of contention more often than not. To dare to hope, to dare to believe is often one of the most cruellest things for hope by it's nature is transitory. It can be struck down by a single flip of the coin and be used to sunder the soul of the strongest man by those with vile intentions. We have all, at one point or another, had our hope stricken and decended into the "black pill" as it were, ensconsed within the grim cage of nihilism as the will to fight turns to dust and our very spirit lay broken. The weight of it all stays our feet, the shimmering flame of resistance faltering as gusts of chill wind runs through our very core. It feels pointless to stand, our vision blurs as we try to find a new path forward only to reveal naught but more darkness. This is the cruel nature of hope and it's innevitable loss.

This is why a man needs faith. Not faith in the guise of religious dogma nor blind adherence to a singular entity but faith in both ourselves and our people. Faith simmers hotter than hope, it can grow from a mere flickering flame to a blazing inferno that can warm the spirit of the man who holds it even in the coldest and darkest of nights. Oh, of course it can be broken, it can be destroyed but *only* if the faith is placed wrongly. If one carries faith based upon something disprovable it is bound to end in disaster. But if faith is placed not merely in a deity or a single idea but rather into something real, something demonstratable, then it can achieve great things. This is why faith is needed not simply in our people recognising the threat to themselves but rather in ourselves and those who understand our struggles, those brothers in far off lands who despite the parasites propaganda and machinations still embrace those who stand with them whoever they may be. We have believed in ourselves as Men. We have believed in ourselves as Europeans. I have said before and I will say again, we have before us the greatest battle any sons of Europe have ever faced, a battle that goes beyond mere bloodshed, it is a battle for the very soul of our people. Every day the struggle grows harder, our enemy close in on us seeking to silence for any man with the Will to stand, any Man willing to make his voice heard in protection of his people is a threat of incalculable proportions to them. The parasite knows one man can change the course of a nation, can change the course of history. It is with the strength of faith in ourselves and faith in brothers forged upon the anvil of this age we can build anew.

Anonymous 07/15/2019 (Mon) 10:56:40 Id: dc75e2 [Preview] No.72317 del
It is frightening. It can be overwhelming. You like I are deliberately isolated and made suspicious of eachother and have doubt in ourselves for the parasite is skilled in dividing and corrupting. But there is a counter to this. You, the few men who read this and understand of what I speak yet sometimes falter for fear takes you, you are the men who need faith, this Will. There are many here who no doubt understand all this already but there are even more who do not. There is a reason Christian faith wanes in this modern age within the European man for his faith is unrewarded, he seeks succor yet is only offered "embrace the negro" or "wash the third worlders feet as you are kind" by their leaders within the church. He is lost for he knows this is wrong but he dare not speak for he fears his tongue will be removed should he. It is why we must believe in ourselves and those like us to stand amid the ruins of this decrepit age. It is why we must never lose faith in what we can achieve for our goal is, to use a slightly religious term, "righteous" for it is nothing less than the survival and unification of brothers against countless forces. Finance. Media. Politics. Even kinsmen who have been lost completely to the parasite. By knowing what must be done, by knowing we can never cease, never rest, by accepting that gladly within our hearts we must accept that this burden requires more than mere determination but a complete and resolute faith that *you* and those like you have the strength and will to do what must be done and speak what must be spoken. There will be some who fall by the wayside. Some who lack the strength or Will to fight, who give in to the darkness. But if you build a wall of faith strong enough against the forces of despair then much like as I spoke of inspiring men to stand in a previous post, you will give those around you faith in themselves, that they can embody the same thing you do.

Have faith in your honour. In knowing you are a protector, a bearer of a truth unknown and despite our enemies we will succeed. There is no other choice but to succeed. You are the vanguard and the rearguard. There is no tougher challenge and no greater honour for any man willing to take that stand.

Have faith in your strength. Strength to not merely fight physically should a need arise but the strength to carry on should all seem lost, to carry the burden where other brothers have fallen. Have faith in yourself to do this, that you can achieve the herculean tasks before you for in doing so the parasite can never slow you down.

Anonymous 07/15/2019 (Mon) 10:57:08 Id: dc75e2 [Preview] No.72318 del
Have faith in your nobility. The European Man is an exemplar of what an unbridled spirit can achieve. Forging nations anew. Scientific feats thought impossible. Turning dreams to reality. We are the sons of men who fought and survived countless dark hours. You may believe yourself weakened or corrupted in some form by this modern age, mayhaps have surrendered in one aspect or another to modern degeneracy currently or in the past. But below that hidden away is the spirit of European nobility. Take heart in that and hold faith in that part of you for it is that faith in yourself and your forefathers that can help you conquer any semetic poisons inflicted upon you. Be noble in aspect and spirit, embrace it for that is not merely your birthright but your very nature.

Have faith in your brothers. You are not alone in this conflict even if it can feel so. All around Europe and her far flung colonolies there are men much like you, seeing the stagnation of our future and the tendrils that are burrowing into it to poison it further. Together we will build a new tomorrow. Every small action, be it a simple meme on social media or a propaganda sticker in a bars lavatory, builds the tiniest bit of momentum. Some have moved past that and are attempting other things but every action of resistance shines a light towards truth and thusly it should not be discouraged. We will march on, alone for now but soon arm in arm. Our aim, European brotherhood, demands we strive. Demands we struggle for the very lifeblood of our people. Together we will build a future worthy of our sons and daughters. Together we shall retake our destiny and build a better tomorrow, this I *know* for history has told this story before. The players are different and the enemies tools are changed but there is one thing that is the same; Us. We of the lost generations march on, we have watched our nations and civilisation die ignobly. It is time to regain faith in ourselves, the brothers who walk with us and in the spirit of our people.

Until victory be won.

Anonymous 07/15/2019 (Mon) 11:29:27 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.72319 del
You have the sort of mindset to give public speeches, to start off small and increase in number. You could begin a movement and ensure it isn't pozzed at all like the jewish-ADL financed German American Bund or Frank Cohen+Dan Burros American "Nazi" Party. Simply by not permitting any jews at all, ever. No exceptions. Train your vocal chords every day, and everyone will cease their conversations as you speak aloud. I have done this and I'm asked to make public speeches for my job from time to time. What I lack is the swift memory of youth. Everything I provide on this board is from saved texts and site links that took some digging through all the deceptive jew bullshit. I can find what to say through those, as I'm given more than enough time to do so. In person, my memory has waned. A leader of such a movement that might potentially bring our people out of the jewish quagmire should be able to call up inspiring speeches such as yours at the ready.

Anonymous 07/29/2019 (Mon) 23:58:29 Id: ce3ded [Preview] No.72439 del
Forgive my late reply, summer time is proving chaotic and what few hours I have spare are often engaged with family activities.

You continue to grant me honour with such praise and it raises ones spirit to know my words speak to the soul. Within the grim lands of Albion I have... struggled to find men of a solid stock in these dark days. The British people as a whole have become despondent and lackluster. The fire that once forged an empire has died and the inheritors of the ashes have become either fat through self indulgence and apathy or blinded by the unending media of the parasite. In truth I am finding myself becoming apathetic towards them and repeatedly forcing myself to gently nudge what few I believe may have some steel towards truths they know but are unwilling to admit is beginning to grow tiresome. I shall march on regardless, as we all do, there is no retreat nor respite but the soul grows weary. One can only listen to the adulation of "Based Boris" and repeat for the umpteenth time if he is indeed "based" then why did he call himself an "ardent zionist" and offer amnesty to the morass of third world creatures that stormed in without even the usual pretense of "legal immigration". I believe I may take a break from dealing with them and focus on the concepts I share here, mayhaps it will allow some self reflection and insight by externalising the process in text form.

There is one avenue I am considering though of potentially scouting some "nationalist" meetings within our shores but I am doubtful to find anything beyond MI5 and alt kike shitposters. It would also mean breaking cover which is distinctly unappealing for such a poor trade off. No doubt it'll happen eventually, I would just it rather be for our cause than for watching Degenerate Woes announcing he's now the first alt kike lgbt activist or some such. I am sure among the line members attending there are elements which are sincere and perhaps worthy of attention but it's hard to tell often, especially in a nation where it's people are so hesitant to name the parasite. Maybe I'm being too harsh on them though. My gut however says it would achieve little.

Anonymous 07/30/2019 (Tue) 01:59:35 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.72441 del
>It would also mean breaking cover which is distinctly unappealing for such a poor trade off.
I have done so many times, and received little or no reward. My intention was always to free their minds from parasitic indoctrination. However, as I thought my work Gmail account was terminated due to it being linked to strikes on YouTube videos; on further reflection I'm beginning to suspect a coworker I thought I woke up as a traitor. The disgust on his face was more genuine than his honeyed words of passive agreement. The reward I kept seeking has been connection with a small amount of individuals capable of maintaining mindsets against the tribe. What it actually results in is white flight. Maybe they feel as I do and are spreading the message. I can only hope. Meanwhile, I'll keep trying to find enough people to start a movement. All that's needed is to gain the slander of the local press, and more will join. The larger we become, the larger the press slander, until reaching the pinnacle. Some problems exist. I could be terminated by mass media demand, either my profession or my life; I may be arrested on trumped up charges by ZOGbot police; or one of those FBI raids where they kill everyone and insist it was "terrorism". I understand your complacency and feel the same way sometimes. It's hard to bring forth strong feelings about fighting back when international jewry has such overwhelming control. When every time I attempt to release someone from their brainwashing outside of imageboards, they flee to protect their future or stay and refuse to accept the truth. It's tiresome.

Anonymous 07/31/2019 (Wed) 01:20:00 Id: 4dca84 [Preview] No.72450 del
Would you guys recommend the carnivorous diet?

Anonymous 07/31/2019 (Wed) 17:31:01 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.72454 del
I do not recommend the raw meat diet due to there being blood-borne contagions and even animals have their versions of immuno-deficiency viruses. However, during an archaeology course I took, they compared the remains of three ancient civilizations. This was in 2010. I don't even remember the details anymore, just that those with pure plant-based diets (by necessity) had the most skull lesions which was a sign of malnutrition, those in locations where they'd get partial meat and partial vegetation were less skull lesions and the primary meat eaters had the least. Of course these days we have vitamin supplements. I don't care whether you're a vegetarian like Hitler or a meat eater, personally. To each their own diet as long as it's not in excess towards grotesque obesity.

Anonymous 08/01/2019 (Thu) 00:38:56 Id: 2eecf4 [Preview] No.72461 del
Of course I posted the one with poor editing. Delightful. Regardless, I do hope my message gets through. We often forget women, unlike men, lack our resolve and our will. We must protect and in turn let them temper our fire when it threatens to consume us. Only in understanding this dynamic can a man truly find a woman to build a future with.

Anonymous 08/01/2019 (Thu) 01:00:48 Id: 2eecf4 [Preview] No.72462 del
Would a mod be kind enough to delete;


I'm very unsatisfied with my editing and I feel it loses much of the importance of the message within.

Anonymous 08/01/2019 (Thu) 01:03:06 [Preview] No.72463 del
>Yes, some women are truly despicable, corrupted beyond hope.


>But most? Most just want a man who can protect


Anonymous 08/01/2019 (Thu) 01:13:20 Id: 2eecf4 [Preview] No.72464 del
You are only as corrupted as you allow yourself to be. If you allow the parasite to manipulate you then it follows you fall to their ways. Assuming you understand their methods and their reasons then it becomes fairly obvious as to how to rise above it. Is it easy? No of course not. But nothing worth doing is ever "easy" is it.

If you give in, if you refuse to fight then you are already dead inside. You do not have to accept such a fate. You must merely make the choice to forge your own path in place of the one offered.

Anonymous Board volunteer 08/01/2019 (Thu) 01:42:09 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.72465 del
Deleted, but screen-captured in case it's not posted again. I disagree. Your editing didn't seem to lose anything at all. Those were welcome messages of inspiration. More of what this board needs. Feel free to post them again.

Anonymous 08/01/2019 (Thu) 01:43:18 Id: 2eecf4 [Preview] No.72466 del
(158.33 KB 859x1600 beautiful.jpg)
Thank you kindly to the mod who deleted the posts requested, it is greatly appreciated!

Upon the topic of the fairer sex; Women.

In this dying age of degeneracy and misery, Men have forgotten the true role we hold within the dynamic of relationships. Our duty, our place, is that of the stalwart guardian and the guiding hand. Despite what modern women would have you believe, they are vulnerable, terribly so, within both the physical and emotional aspects. They do not always wish trinkets nor material desires but rather a much simpler proposition; someone who sees their weakness, understands it, and be willing to protect them. They may play the strong, the whorish, the tomboy, but at heart all proper women are the same, they seek a bulwark against those who would prey upon them. Women, like the wounded and fearful MGTOW, have been victims of the parasite, their role in balancing a Man's strength and drive blurred by subversion within popular media and culture. Gone is the pride of family, of love for her kin and a yearning for offspring, in it's place is confusion and a petulant rage at perceived slights endorsed and supported by the semetic powers. There is no greater community for her to be a part of with other families, there is no protector for her or for her to offer kindness and succor to (the tempering a mans wild heart being a core tenant of female ideals), all that is left is self adulation and whoredom and when a woman walks this path she fills the unending loneliness and emptiness with more and more degeneracy only for her to become miserable and hollow as time runs on, the lie of hedonism revealing itself fully.

She is lost and alone in this epoch for she has been told not to seek men who would fulfill her, to find completion with, instead she is guided to the basest of existences only to find herself broken as time waxes on, fulfillment forever out of reach. In it's place she witnesses the withdrawn MGTOW, the bearded man children within media, the vain and vacous "chads" and the adulation heaped upon shitskins and negroes by media leading to finding herself confused as so many have for the Man she truly seeks she cannot find within the world she is offered. Thusly we must lead by example regarding our fair sex. We must lead with strength, nobility and honour in our actions for that is what they *need*. Only in doing so will European Men not merely find the woman they seek but can find peace in a time of strife, finding the true warmth of love and the strength it can grant. Do not go hunting for just any woman though but seek the *right* woman. It will take time, years perhaps but as long as you can demonstrate that you are a guardian against her fears when you find her then she will love you truly. The MGTOW will tell you she is not worth it and to just self indulge and be hedonistic. The semite will tell you idolise the outsider for finding beauty among your own is evil. The pick up artist will tell you their all whores and to just fuck as many as possible. They are all liars. They just need you to be strong and wise within your interactions. Of course a woman can love certain aspects of ones personality but these aspects must be rooted within an iron Will and demonstrated with plans and actions towards a future goal. If a man has these then she is far more likely to stand by him for she understands come what may, the man will never buckle, never laze around on his laurels and in turn she herself has a drive to be part of that future, the paths intertwining forever more.

Anonymous 08/01/2019 (Thu) 01:44:26 Id: 2eecf4 [Preview] No.72467 del
(1.07 MB 2216x3000 understand.jpg)
One more thing to help you understand what heights you may acquire by taking to heart what I have said here, this is assuming you understand the heart of the woman you love and know she is true to you fully. There is no greater pride than the moment you first hold your child in your arms. In their face you see your future, your legacy. You see your peoples existence fortified just a little bit more against the forces arrayed before them. There is no greater love than holding your wife as you both share that moment of looking at your child for the first time and finding your heart swelling with pride, for the woman you love and the new life you have created together. It is a moment that can never be forgotten nor stolen for it stands as a monument, a summit upon which stands a symbol of a Man's greatest achievement. It grants strength untold in that moment, it truly does.

Please. Do not forsake all women for they are just like many of us can be. They are afraid, far more so than we understand. Only the bitter and the hateful would claim otherwise. Yes, some women are truly despicable, corrupted beyond hope. But most? Most just want a man who can protect, who represents what a Man truly is. Not some soy fueled man child, not some mid 20's layabout sitting in his pants watching super hero movies and playing video games all the time. Reflecting upon all of this, it makes one think on the old truism of women being like children and how it is partially true. She needs you to be something beyond just a man, just a standard figure. She needs you to be her hero, much like when a little girl hears in a fairy tale with knights years later as a woman she still hopes and dreams of finding for her love embodying those virtues. She needs you to be what you should be. A protector. Her champion. She needs you to embody all that a true Man is. Not a subservient simp or a weakling self indulgant layabout but a true Man of Action.

Anonymous 08/01/2019 (Thu) 01:47:58 Id: 2eecf4 [Preview] No.72468 del
Your most kind, I think it seemed somewhat disjointed as I read it, overuse of certain words as well also made it feel a bit off. I sometimes fire off a post before fully re reading and mayhaps I was overly critical in a way of it, I think it's due to the importance of the subject I get concerned over how I present the point. There's a lot of semetic conditioning in people to try and counter and I want to try grab them best as I can when I post if that makes sense.

Anonymous 08/01/2019 (Thu) 22:57:58 [Preview] No.72478 del
Gay. You're gay for doubtng yourself.
The short bit about humanity was the best thing I have read all year. Don't run it through a gay filter. Post the raw bits again. I think it was in the post where you said the writing was sourced from you.
I came here to read it again and it is now ded.

Anonymous 08/02/2019 (Fri) 00:16:05 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.72483 del
Again I disagree. That anon's message could stand to be more watered down for nor­mies so they wake up gradually. We're already aware. By "we" I have no idea how aware you are, but there's some here who are.

So there was a part about shitskins and negroes. I know when the old holocaust-is-a-hoax thread was shown to a member of my family, they freaked the fuck out about the word "kike". Nothing else was in that thread to trigger them, yet they wouldn't accept a damn thing. Nor­mies view the truth differently. Falsely. They're sensitive little bitches. You have to treat them with kid gloves or you lose trying to unindoctrinate the retards. What was beautiful about your message was how it could appeal to the masses. I admire Hitler, obviously. Though with your previous post before the images were changed, one look at him and they'd shit their pants uncontrollably due to the bullshit they've been brought up to believe. The message is already known to us. The intent needs to be to wake up more people. Gradually the nor­mies can come to realize Hitler was a great man after they accept other truths.
The trouble is Strasserists. People exists who are aware of jews responsible for this or that, but then a Strasserist comes in (who's just another Communist) and subverts those who don't know shit about Hitler. Painting him as a traitor, claiming Zionists and National Socialists loved each other, all kinds of stupid BS. It's difficult enough to bypass all the other lies without those asshats throwing a wrench in everything. The jewish goal of de-nazification continues through their 7th decade of nonstop subversion and blindsighting. We all need to wake up as many people as we can.
I believe this message could be an excellent start towards waking people up, if spoken publicly yet with nothing to trigger the brainwashed. If enough women read this without anything to set off their Pavlov conditioning, I'm sure they'd swell with pride enough to spread the idea. Women love to talk. The problem they're facing, as I've noticed, is that this half-assed dream of feminism is strangling them. The conditions they're subjected to are not under providers or defenders. They work long hours, leaving their children at home to be programmed by the idiot box and in schools of pure propaganda. Men rarely bring home the bacon entirely anymore. Women are forced into this equality narrative that completely disregards their biological needs. To become mothers, to actually raise their children and feel supported (I'm not talking emotionally) by their husbands. My profession is social. I've spoken to a few about this situation. They're not happy, and it's easy to understand why. This society has been degraded by jewish intervention, as have previous empires they've subverted.

Anonymous 08/02/2019 (Fri) 17:26:54 Id: 555f19 [Preview] No.72492 del
Normalfags are the and descendants. They will go with whatever is the main cultural force. There is no point in trying to "wake them up." They don't really have consciousness in that sense.

Anonymous 08/02/2019 (Fri) 17:27:30 Id: 555f19 [Preview] No.72493 del
are the descendants of plebians*
Don't know what happened there.

Anonymous 08/02/2019 (Fri) 18:48:12 [Preview] No.72500 del
(23.78 KB 574x391 new.jpg)
idk what the other parts were about so I trust the stated reservations on accuracy, effectiveness, and quality. However, the few strings on humanity, where maybe Anon loosely described a process of degeneration as applied throughout humanity now, followed by the rise of man, is what I am looking for.
I just want those feels again.

Anonymous 08/02/2019 (Fri) 19:48:07 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.72502 del
Being descendants of "the lower class" (plebeians) has nothing to do with it. Many kikes are upper class and the world's top billionaires. It depends on the (Gentile) person. I've been an indoctrinated idiot in the past. I woke up. I know it's possible to do the same for others. I've awoken a few nor­mies. Always, it only worked by first starting with kid gloves on. Like walking on eggshells. I have also failed a few times. When it was family, that was like a kick in the gut watching them spew their Pavlovian ZOGbot conditioning. Can't win them all, but you can win over some. It's worth it to try.
I too wish to see the day when the rise of man above the parasites happens yet again.

Anonymous 08/02/2019 (Fri) 20:31:13 [Preview] No.72506 del
(48.90 KB 416x608 women.at.work.jpg)
>starting with kid gloves
I just go straight for "jews did 9/11".
Works every time.
And for people who ask "how do you feel about rayciss trump ?!?". I tell them trump is a jew and surrounds himself with jews. People eat that stuff right up.
Same with "puuuuuuuuritans !!!". I share the origin, Purim, and then the anti-religious energy is redirected from the American settler to the stinky jew.

I do have trouble with gas chambers, though. People want to believe Germans did such a retarded thing, even after pointing out the lice and typhus and the doors and the japanese and german "death" camps made by "allies lol" and the numbers and the fake pictures on the jewsenthal site and all the other "jews are bad" arguments that they agree with. And most people are too npc to be moved along a line of logic using the socratic method of asking questions that they answer themselves. Life is easy but unwashing the masses is hard.

Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 04:09:08 Id: 947db7 [Preview] No.72553 del
Lol u guys have to be told how to brush ur teeth and apply deodorant like it's not the bare minimum of being a normal fucking human. No wonder ur all so pissed off at the world 😂

Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 04:26:00 Id: 9036e5 [Preview] No.72556 del
Where are you seeing that?

Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 06:24:39 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.72584 del
Are you our first subversive from the exodus? Aww. Are you a little ZOG puppy? That's too bad. Please, go on. What exactly is wrong with us? What makes us "abnormal"?

Anonymous 08/06/2019 (Tue) 11:30:17 Id: 895acb [Preview] No.73003 del
It is not so much self doubt but doubt about presentation. In my personal view, when discussing something of weight, you must strike hard and strike true lest you get bogged down in the semetic "concepts" entangling most topics that deliberately blur the heart of an issue. Poor wording or formatting can cause the blow to be misaligned or to miss entirely, hence my trepidation.

The use of these words is a tricky thing, I ended up ingraining them into my posts some time ago back when Christian Identity attempted to subvert 8pol some years ago, it was the only way to scare the Nick Fuentes types back into their little pit. I aim these at anons but your quite right with the idea of forming them for more open consumption, striking a balance between board culture and the core of a message can be a tricky beast to tame. You also raise a good point on the images, in truth I... I actually do not know why I changed them. I wanted to reflect the values spoken of with a man who embodied them in his actions but as you point out the public perception of reality is warped beyond sane comprehension. I have considered formulating a PDF of a more "user friendly" version replacing the use of the harsher words while retaining a clear indicator of the parasites alterations to our culture and it's use of their golems but there is still a vast amount of /sig/ concepts that need to be covered before I undertake that project.

You are correct in a manner but you cannot see the wheat through the chaff. We will never win over everyone, that is a pointless goal. However we do not need to win them all, we merely need to forge a path for those with the Will to stand, to show them there is a path through the dark. Each of us marches on, coming to the truth in a myriad of ways, moments of clarity bestowed by both experience and knowledge. The goal must be twofold, to show the parasites machinations and to demonstrate it can be broken, that is the purpose we must have.

Anonymous 08/06/2019 (Tue) 11:34:35 Id: 895acb [Preview] No.73004 del
That "feel" of the rise of Man as you put it, while it may seem to be extinguished is in fact still ever present within you. It is subdued and understandably so, the situation seeming ever dire as the parasite continues it's unending gorging of money and blood. However, despite the grasp of the semetic manipulators being vast, it is also quite tenuous. It seeks control, more so than it currently has and grows more rabid with each passing day. One must remember however a man tortured and brutalised day after day will only endure so much. They wish us fattened and weak, the carrot of unending consumption and demoralising media combined with the stick of tearing out the tongues of Men who speak against them, these tools are slowly being eroded as the civilisation they infested begins to buckle, the fetid corruption making it brittle and unwieldy. There always comes a point where a Man will rise, take the stick from the parasites hand, break it over his knee and beat his opponent with the remains. People are noticing the cracks slowly, at least in my view, causing one of two reactions; a pursuit for truth or a pursuit for comfort, said comfort being self destructive and a mere illusion. We few here, we understand our history, our people and our nature. We steel ourselves because we have to lest the shadow consume us, the yearning for a rise from the ashes dim but ever present. However a true rise cannot occur until the stick is taken from the parasite, it will try and distract with changing the carrot from time to time but they will not change from their goal thus nor shall we.

I would also point you to our people as a sign that a rise is not merely needed but inevitable by both our words and actions. Look upon what they have become, satiating themselves, numbing themselves to escape the horrifying miasma that has been created. The young crying out for a future, for a dream that was promised them by their grand parents only to be betrayed and lost to nihilism and darkness. Every blade ran across a vein in a moment of misery, every soul ending their own suffering in drugs and degeneracy, every vice that they use to numb the pain, it is a cry for help, a cry for a future they have been denied, the despair and sorrow unending. It falls to *us* to give them back that future. It is a burden to bear, a weight that tests the Will of every Man that carries it but it is a burden we carry none the less for no one else can. We must be the ones to clear the path for the Rise of our people, to give what has been denied by leading by example and inspiring them to something greater. When it all collapses, and rest assured it will for no amount of propping up can maintain it, it must be us who raises our banners among the ruins, who lights the path beyond leading our people from the death and degeneration surrounding us in the gloaming twilight of this era. Each step, each word spoken in resistance to this grim world, is a step towards us rising. *We* are the speartip of that rising, take heart in your brothers and find faith in your blood.

Anonymous 08/06/2019 (Tue) 11:45:35 [Preview] No.73006 del
(((Maslow))) was a kike.

Anonymous 08/06/2019 (Tue) 11:48:05 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.73007 del
> I have considered formulating a PDF of a more "user friendly" version replacing the use of the harsher words while retaining a clear indicator of the parasites alterations to our culture
>and it's use of their golems but there is still a vast amount of /sig/ concepts that need to be covered before I undertake that project.
You should. It would be an important undertaking. You have a way with inspirational speeches. One more thing. Don't let those who wish to do nothing but sow division on this board in the recent exodus bring you down should they choose to. I can already predict the foolish accusations. "Blog posting", when before it was "autism", before that "tl;dr". Those that hate reading are too dumb to change. Usually, they have an ulterior motive on the side of the parasitic enemy or they're actually of the tribe to throw insults your way anyway.

Anonymous 08/07/2019 (Wed) 10:13:47 Id: 3327c6 [Preview] No.73298 del
Puritans and Purim are related?

Anonymous 08/08/2019 (Thu) 23:39:08 Id: de7434 [Preview] No.73641 del
I've met such replies before on occasion, it troubles me not. If one wishes to live in stagnation without understanding he is allowing himself to be a mere puppet I usually lack sympathy. It is their own future they forfeit. Even if it is just a handful of men who take heed then it is more than I achieved before I broached each topic.

Now for a topic of great importance; Understanding the Battle.

Often, in my posts I speak of solidarity between those with the wisdom to see how dire our situation is. The parasite is cunning in it's ways, engineering events at an accelerated rate, it's push for degeneration and subjugation ever increasing. An observant man may note however, the poison of degeneracy, nihilism and hedonism seem to repeat throughout European history. Men of bravery and valour find themselves sublimated by the weak and the duplicitous for men grow old and when they do their wisdom is not always heeded by the inheritors for sometimes an outsider comes offering shiny baubles in the stead of wisdom and dignity. I could cite the now overly remarked upon Rome as an example of this (and a fine example it is) or one the countless stories of fallen empires however I will not belabor the point; the system as it stands now cannot be changed, only slowed. It has grown fat and cumbersome, the founding principals of all our nations forgotten. Not merely that but it has been corrupted to the point of being inimically hostile to it's own founding populations, each "democratic" systems supposed positives morphed into a vile mockery of it's previous form. Thusly the battle we face isn't just for the immediate but for the after as well.

I've often heard an accelerationist say "yeah I agree so let's crash it" but such thinking is often lacking nuance. Let us say for instance, using a common piece of "fear porn", an EMP is discharged that immediately disables all electronics in a country. Now, despite the modern semetic concept of "it'll be chaos, rapes, murders, warlords, goyim it'll be horrible!" I would posit it would be more confusion for our people specifically. Undoubtedly the "diverse" population would, as is seen not merely in crime statistics within our own countries but within the nations they come from, rather rabid. But we sons of Europe? It would be confusion. With the suppression of community and family the lack of unity would illicit not a short sighted goal of "grab all you can grab, fuck dat bitch and load the gat" (or machete if within Europe) but rather questioning of what to do. It would be that confusion in the fog of ethnic chaos that would cause incredibly severe losses to our populations. It would grant the parasite it's goal with only some pockets of our people surviving if at all if things accelerated in such a manner. The battle for today is not merely to unite under a single goal of European survival but to forge the Men needed to do just that, and such a forging takes time. Time we already do not have. This battle, this war, it cannot end until one group or the other is expelled from the lands, ideally peacefully but the parasites machinations of inciting hate against Europeans is lowering that margin considerably.

Anonymous 08/08/2019 (Thu) 23:39:43 Id: de7434 [Preview] No.73642 del
The trite idea of coexistence is a pleasant, perhaps even hopeful concept, however reality is far from it. Yes some peoples can find joint causes with cultures of a similar vein (the Japanese concepts of honour, while partially alien, make an interesting cousin to traditional European honour) but to mingle populations is impossible as despite the cult of "modern science" ignoring all medical, sociological and cultural difference, the claim we are all one people is laughable and built upon a lie that ignores two centuries of scientific study on it. Simply put we are not "one race" and nor should we be for we are observing the results of such a sadistic concept in practise. Not merely this but when one group is deployed as a golem to not merely harass but to crush another, it is inevitable that at some point the targeted population will cease to be, either through bloodshed or self destruction. There is a reason the concept of the "well integrated" stranger is sold so often, it is to hide the bloodied shells our cities have become at the hands of the rest of the "based" strangers people. Our children violated, lives destroyed for the sin of being White in their own nations and the betrayal of our governments who hid the truth for the parasite. The rape of our very soil for those who claim it with nought a word of resistance being offered by those who should of stood against. Entire swathes of our homeland merely set aside for those who seek to offer only misery in return while still daring to ask for more. Meanwhile our future? Distilled only to consume and ask no questions and seek nothing further for it no longer belongs to you.

I cannot lie to any of you reading this. Our situation is indeed most dire. It is an end of this epoch, the dying gasps of a body no longer able to hold on as poisons riddle it's veins. But we can and must slow down the rot as long as possible to ensure as many Men of Action are forged within the time we can amass. The darkness we face now will pale in comparison to the shadows that are forming just beyond our sight. The parasite knows what is coming otherwise it would not attack as openly as it does now, it seeks acceleration so it can have the excuse of forming new ways to suppress us before we are ready. We must slow the parasite as our immediate goal and forge ourselves and those like us into the Men we need to be. Though we are scattered individuals there is something that binds us as brothers. We have come to believe in ourselves as Men, we have come to believe in ourselves as Europeans. It is in our blood to face such darkness and never flinch, never falter. We know we must survive not merely to fix this sad state of affairs but to let it crumble so we can build anew, build something worthy of ourselves, of our people. All the things arrayed against us and yet we still live, we still resist the torment and the misery. We resist it because we can, because someone needs to bring light not to just today but to tomorrow. That is who we are and there is no one more worthy of such a battle.

Anonymous 08/09/2019 (Fri) 00:32:48 Id: f6447f [Preview] No.73646 del
(19.67 KB 400x267 image.jpg)
What does it mean if you get a feeling of fear when you try to meditate?

Anonymous 08/09/2019 (Fri) 00:42:13 Id: f6447f [Preview] No.73649 del

Sure, but nothing about glowing neon grids and marble statues is inherently degenerate.

Anonymous 08/09/2019 (Fri) 02:46:37 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.73664 del
>Let us say for instance, using a common piece of "fear porn", an EMP is discharged that immediately disables all electronics in a country.
>Now, despite the modern semetic concept of "it'll be chaos, rapes, murders, warlords, goyim it'll be horrible!"
>I would posit it would be more confusion for our people specifically.
Markets would crash. Given that the majority of currency is absolutely nothing, not even paper but digital numbers in banks that only have to hold 3 to 10 percent paper money in reserve, a whole lot of people are going to go broke if not everyone.
>It would be that confusion in the fog of ethnic chaos that would cause incredibly severe losses to our populations.
True. It did so within Germany after hyperinflation. Over 7 million suicides in I believe an overall population of 67 million.
>It would grant the parasite it's goal with only some pockets of our people surviving if at all if things accelerated in such a manner.
I'd like to say it could also grant the goal of National Socialism rising, however, mistakes were made last time. Though it was a beautiful result, it was short lived. The longterm goals of the parasite came to fruition. In such a scenario of acceleration, the next to step up as leader should learn from past mistakes. It is during this time of lack of currency that the jew loses power of his deceptive influence to true and wise recognition. When none can be bribed, none can be bought.
>This battle, this war, it cannot end until one group or the other is expelled from the lands,
>ideally peacefully but the parasites machinations of inciting hate against Europeans is lowering that margin considerably.
I believe that is the most important point.
And I agree with this entire message. Well said. Consider public speaking, training your voice and attempting to reach those who would listen. I'll screencap this speech along with the others. This board is just a think-tank. Continuing to post here gives others of us who are like-minded ideas. We don't reach the masses from here.

What's needed is a plan to do just that. Get these types of messages out.

Anonymous 08/09/2019 (Fri) 09:29:06 Id: 9e50e4 [Preview] No.73708 del
(451.63 KB 1120x697 arno_breker.png)

Anonymous 08/10/2019 (Sat) 06:22:43 Id: bdcdbf [Preview] No.73825 del
do bodyweight, lads!

Anonymous 08/10/2019 (Sat) 06:24:34 Id: bdcdbf [Preview] No.73826 del

Anonymous 08/30/2019 (Fri) 08:55:14 Id: 895acb [Preview] No.74554 del
Are we back?

Anonymous 08/30/2019 (Fri) 08:57:28 Id: efe765 [Preview] No.74555 del
No, go back to Discord

Anonymous 08/30/2019 (Fri) 09:29:33 Id: 895acb [Preview] No.74557 del
I would but until the Federal honey pot of 8ch returns it is likely quiet on most discords.

I jest, I just wanted to check if my links were still working. Just glad we're functional again, things to catch up on and some new /sig/ subjects to post next few days.

Anonymous 08/30/2019 (Fri) 09:36:11 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.74560 del
We are.
Who knows why this anon is so pissed off. A simple question attacked.

Anonymous 09/01/2019 (Sun) 09:09:56 Id: 7b23ae [Preview] No.74694 del
(39.37 KB 333x500 51U89SxGp-L.jpg)
Anyone know anything about that bronze age mindset book that's been memed about lately? Can't find a free epub copy. Am hesitant to purchase it legitimately, feel like it'll get a box ticked somewhere in a memetic susceptibility form in a government office somewhere.

Also requesting it if anyone does have the epub laying around.

Anonymous 09/01/2019 (Sun) 17:45:55 Id: 691320 [Preview] No.74709 del

Anonymous 09/02/2019 (Mon) 03:24:05 Id: e81d96 [Preview] No.74722 del
(148.96 KB 1000x1000 Hammerton Manners.jpg)
Unrest. You have been in a prolonged period of alertness for potential threats and the concept of separating your mind for a brief measure of respite automatically triggers a fight or flight mechanism. It does necessarily need to be an immediate threat also, merely something impending is enough to cloud the mind. Even in a conflict as gargantuan as what we face a man must find respite, I would mayhaps suggest taking a brief period for yourself. If I find myself troubled deeply I will sometimes merely take a walk alone for a few hours somewhere isolated or listen to Clair De Lune (or an alternative you enjoy) with no distractions such as a computer or tablet, letting yourself float for a brief moment upon an ocean of serenity. It should help alleviate troubles, if only for a time.

As an aside i'm hoping to have a special gift for you fine gentlemen in the future, I've ordered a scanner for recording some of my older books concerning /sig/ related topics, namely physical fitness, cooking (although their not exactly "keto" as that seems to be the in thing, they are most assuredly enjoyable to cook and hearty dishes for men on the path to improving) and an assortment of pieces concerning European traditions from Hammertons Manners and Customs of Mankind (cover included as image for those curious) in an effort to offer grounding for any and all far flung sons and daughters of Europa. It will likely take a while to get the time to scan the books so do not expect anything fast though i'm afraid.

Anonymous 09/02/2019 (Mon) 08:09:23 Id: 7b23ae [Preview] No.74731 del
thank you. have you read it? Why do you say it's shitty and the author is a faggot?

Anonymous 09/03/2019 (Tue) 00:39:47 Id: 6f2c32 [Preview] No.74750 del
>Why do you say it's shitty
lots of homo seks and glorifying the most brutish parts of ancient civilizations. It's pretty much

>we want a traditional life but not put in any of the effort to change it

>and the author is a faggot?
50/50 on this. Some of his content is okay but he's pretty much a nihilist YOLO degenerate type of person.

And some of the content he posts is too obscene for me tbh

Anonymous 09/03/2019 (Tue) 07:44:18 Id: 7b23ae [Preview] No.74762 del
I read a little bit after you linked it, he has a lot of typos, and says stuff like pussy. I don't know, kinda unnecessary shit memey shit. I'll give it a read but it really doesn't seem like anything groundbreaking at this point, guessing it's some sort of psyop or way to get alt-right memers to out themselves.

Anonymous 09/04/2019 (Wed) 16:14:44 Id: 321af8 [Preview] No.74782 del
(107.23 KB 960x418 Blk.jpeg)
Here's a really good book: Meditations by late Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

Covers the basics of Stoicism and teaches one to handle life under immense pressure. Highly recommend

Anonymous 09/04/2019 (Wed) 21:13:28 Id: 691320 [Preview] No.74799 del
(127.39 KB 1200x873 D4Ab1uAUwAEmx8O.jpg)
I've read a quarter of it before getting so bored of it. From the parts of the book I've read, he's trying to convince gay people that they're not gay while claiming that the Greeks were more western than eastern. It doesn't help how his Twitter posts are retarded, he posts swole beach dudes on some thursdays and even tried to get Ben Shapiro to respond to him trying to make Ben look like he's into gay cuck porn fantasizing and insinuating that Ben wants people (people like BAP) to screw him but does it via his wife and to admit he's gay...that seems very gay of BAP to do that. It's basically the lol I'm retarded trolling by actually being a closet retard who wants to be known as a retard gets called out as a retard and no one respects him for doing so.

Anonymous 09/16/2019 (Mon) 00:18:34 Id: 7fd1e0 [Preview] No.75032 del
(1.20 MB 1920x1080 g.jpg)
So, i've done a good portion concerning mindset, rather than focus on that tonight let us talk practicals. The first step is always the hardest so let us start simple and build up to the more advanced aspects.

Firstly, I would ask any of you considering /sig/ but feeling daunted by the myriad of tasks to simply look around you in your room right now. What is it that surrounds you? For most (but of course not all) it will be plain walls maybe adorned by some generic Argos or Walmart art or even a movie poster, maybe a few objet' dart concerning some TV series or movie, perhaps even an action figure of some sort, maybe a few books of no real note and furniture-wise all generic, straight out of the catalogue items. You are, in essense, a mere cog, a mere speck upon the current tapestry of life in this dire era. All around you has no personality, no soul, no character, it is all mass produced tedium. You yourself are hardly to blame for this, it is all you know after all, bland hollow things to fill a space. It doesn't feel like a home does it? Not truly. This is where your journey to growing begins, breaking the confines of this mediocre cell and all it requires is the simplest of steps.

What are the integral things to the European spirit beyond truth, honour and dignity? Nature. Nature is a key component missing from many a life. It is abundant and simple yet so often forgotten about. So this is where to start. Bring some life into your home in the form of plants. It need not be some prissy thing requiring specific watering days and unique minerals mixed in, it can be simple. Simple as say a Spider Plant. Low maintenance, can grow to a decent size and it happens to be good for air quality, something especially useful if living in a city or a smoker. Cheap too! Want a touch more colour but still something fairly straight forward? Consider an Orchid, they can be fairly pleasant and spruce a corner of a dull desk or table up in a pinch. Aloe Vera plants are also fairly pleasant if a touch bland, they also hold some useful application if used right which is something to bear in mind. Having some nature in your living space can do wonders for morale and is a cheap and efficient way of doing it. It's a simple first step is it not? So what are you waiting for, have a shop around, online or a local garden store, it's such a simple thing.

Anonymous 09/16/2019 (Mon) 00:19:15 Id: 7fd1e0 [Preview] No.75033 del
(466.90 KB 1007x600 drift.jpg)
Now, let us say you completed this small task, what next? You feel partially motivated but what else can be done that's easy to keep the momentum going? Beauty. Beauty is what is missing. But mayhaps one asks, where can I put something beautiful? Walls of course. Take down that tacky movie poster, dispose of that generic mass produced picture of a sunset and seek something beautiful. But what do I mean by that, are sunsets not beautiful? They can be but they hardly represent true beauty or greatness in picture form when one has a window to look out of to see the real thing, it is a poor and very semetic simulacrum of what you already possess. You can often find framed art cheap in a variety of places be it in print or real replicas. Charity shops can sometimes yield something beautiful if you shop around and often at ridiculously low prices (at least in the UK they can, British Heart Foundation etc are places you can locate some art fairly cheaply at, I should think there is an analogue in the US for such shops). But let us say you have no shops like that close, then consider looking up specific framed prints on Ebay (yes I know it's a giant flea market but it is a useful avenue in this regard). As an example i've included a picture with this post demonstrating a piece I ordered via Ebay of the Battle of Rorkes Drift, a snapshot of heroism in the face of horrifying odds. This is but one avenue for you to consider however, there are so many beautiful moments of European history, heroism and culture captured in art (I find the Romantic style most appealing personally), it is these things that inspire that should ordain your walls, not the vacuous things reminding you of how hollow this age has become. What has a deeper meaning, Robert Downy Jnr wearing a tin suit pretending to be a hero or the Birth of Venus by Botticelli? Which one has a more intrinsic link to your being, to your blood? A gimp in a silly suit or a reminder of the beauty made specifically for you to inherit as part of your birthright?

These are but two examples, there are so many more. Looking for proper furniture can be good, I know it sounds trite but for instance if you need a desk rather than Ikea, for the same money and with patience you can find a beautiful oak desk in antique shops etc, something solid and grand rather than the tedious toughened glass desk or the cheap chipboard rubbish so often sold. The key is to rise, rise above the mire and embrace things that are beautiful by nature, not the things that your told to like by (((media))) and the mass produced garbage of this age.

Anonymous 09/16/2019 (Mon) 00:20:04 Id: 7fd1e0 [Preview] No.75034 del
(133.49 KB 1130x700 alexander.jpg)
These are physical aspects however, what of the mental. One can create beauty in their living space but it means nothing if the mind is still made ill. To this end, I keep it simple as possible; if you watch TV, just turn it off. Skip the soy filled comic movies, abandon the degenerate "buddy" comedies where retards get into trouble by being retards, it's all a demonstration on how to live a ruined life anyway, what do you lose. The semetic power fantasy of magically being given power, not earning it or the entertainment of some fools trying to mount some prostitutes and getting drunk on a road trip? The entirety of modern mainstream media, in case you had somehow missed it, is designed to destroy your will and spirit. It's just as bad as the modern news cycle which most avoid, it's selling you self destructive ideas just in a subtler form. Same applies to online, it's all well and good watching some Lets Play or some idiot discuss his favourite character in a game or something, it's also incredibly hollow. It's a reflection of what you're trying to break free from thusly by consuming such media you become trapped in the cycle. Break that cycle. Even if you think you know the games being played and wish to watch it with a critical eye, it's still entrapment, those ideas are still being pushed on you even with the cognition to recognise it. It will still sap your spirit, mayhaps even more so as you know what it's goal is.

Now the big push for most, you have identified the areas in your immediate space and life and required change and began working upon it but something hangs over you. Take your shirt off and go look in a mirror. What do you see? Do you a see a paunch middle aged man with a protruding gut, mayhaps a late teens gangly form lacking definition and shape, maybe something in between both examples. Most men come to /sig/ wishing to reform this without ever understanding the underlying psychology behind how to become permanently stronger. Most will get physically fitter for a brief spell until they get out of the habit and slip back, their Will sapped. This is why I have spoken so strongly on the understanding of what it takes to define your form for if the body is to be reformed then the spirit and mind supporting it must be built to withstand the dedication it requires. Only with the strength of the spirit and unbending Will can lead you to a point where you feel truly content in yourself. I won't go on too long about these ideas, I would direct you to these if you seek understanding;

>>71160 (and >>71164 >>71165 for supplementary)

So where to start? First, you must bite a bullet and find a local gym. Now there is an addendum to this and that is find one with minimal diversity, even if it means going further afield than your comfortable with. The reason beyond the obvious is quite simple, in a gym environment some feel more at risk or fear of judgement than usual, having the risks of diversity nearby will only make the experience unassailable. Don't consider this an excuse though, you *must* find a gym if you want to stand the best chance at dedication due to the variety of equipment offered, don't fall for the picking up cinder blocks in the back garden crap you'll sometimes see on /fit/, no one ever does that beyond those already deep into /fit/. Identified a gym? Good. Now force yourself to sign up, don't stall and say you'll do it later, just get it done and out the way then go buy cotton shorts and a light t-shirt, none of the plastic sportswear of the ridiculous underarmour unless your now pretending to be an athlete. Also make sure not to get those useless extras gyms offer such as free juice or personal trainers and so forth, you can research technique and routines online easily.

Anonymous 09/16/2019 (Mon) 00:20:55 Id: 7fd1e0 [Preview] No.75035 del
(489.42 KB 1800x1406 will.jpg)
Start with simple things, don't go doing full out training regimes and pace yourself. I say force regarding signing up as let us be honest, while we each claim we will just buy weights and do it at home or jog around the block, these things can often be pipe dreams, you *need* to be tied into it in order to have the push to do it. Yes, gyms are annoying at times. It can be busy, the music and TV's always blare out degeneracy and shrieking music videos of negros lusting after white blonde women, it is designed that way very deliberately in this modern age. It has become an environment for the empty headed 'chads and stacies' as their known, a shrine for the vanity of the modern man or woman and designed to make them idolise both themselves and the outsider. You are entering the belly of the beast in that regard but the reward for such a thing is great. Pride. Achievement. Victory. These are the things you can attain. It is a test of your resolve and your success or failure rests squarely upon your own shoulders. There are ways to alleviate the negative aspects however. A brother to go with is always a welcome companion on the path but if you do walk alone simply headphones and appropriate music will do, it separates you from the degeneracy and allows greater focus. Also never allow self judgement to stop you, it does not matter how small and skinny your frame nor how corpulent and obese you are as long as you understand that your body is transitory, you are going there to fix it, to reshape it bit by bit. Yes there are muscled pseudo men of questionable sexuality and sometimes women of fair beauty but they care not for you or your form, they only care for their own empty lives and having a hole to fill or be filled by some whore of the male or female variety. You are better than them by your very nature and your challenge is greater than they shall ever know. You are there to conquer it, to face a battle with yourself, it is in such conflicts we build ourselves anew. You merely just need to drop the shackles the semite has placed upon your spirit and face it.

As I stated in >>71162 it is the first few weeks that are the killer, they are the hump to it. After climbing that though there are minor bumps along the way such as holidays etc, sometimes the motivation to return to the routine can be tricky, the comfort has made you soft. The key is remembering your purpose, your cause. It is to attain greatness, to build the form fitting for your spirit and mind. Even if it means walking through the pouring rain or snow on a day when you feel despondent, it is merely another aspect for you to push through, to conquer. Each step is a step forward, always remember that. You fight for your future in becoming a better man in all the aspects I have listed thus far, embrace it.

Anonymous 09/16/2019 (Mon) 00:23:51 Id: 7fd1e0 [Preview] No.75036 del
(139.89 KB 1200x930 fight.jpg)
This is for all of you on the path to /sig/ but are struggling or have struggled in the past. It's a lonely path we walk isn't it? The weight of the world can feel crushing at time, the loneliness, the despair, it hangs heavy upon you. We feel alone and abandoned. Boards slowly get subverted or outright removed, our tongues lashed as we watch those we fight for and live for fall by the way side. It hurts. We all feel it. But no son of Europa has to bear this burden alone. We persist not because it's all we know, not because we are merely waiting to die as time moves ever forwards but because it is our nature to survive, nay thrive. But in this miserable time thriving is no longer an option open so we survive, hoping one day something will arise, something will awaken. That faith will be restored to us, in our brothers, our sons and our people at large. To this end I write what I write not because of a need for recognition in my words or a need for fame for no one will likely ever know my name and nor should they. My words are not even mine in truth but our own, the things we have all forgotten in this time of shadows. I write these things because I love my people, I love each and every brother who makes their own stand among these ruins for they are the men who I will always believe in. It is *you* reading this who I believe in. I count each man who walks with us as the last defenders of Europa and will always find pride in knowing out there, among the chaos of this time, are men who I have helped find their way in the same vein as others who helped me. So don't ever feel alone in this. None of us are alone for we carry the fire of Europa in our hearts and the Will to fight in our spirits. We'll make it together.

Anonymous 09/16/2019 (Mon) 04:26:24 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.75044 del
After the couple of rambling, incoherently deranged posts I've seen today, to read intelligently put information such as your messages is a welcome change. Along with joining a gym, your advice to avoid one that's diverse is paramount.

Anonymous 09/26/2019 (Thu) 15:00:59 Id: 1d0f4d [Preview] No.75336 del
Nutrition: Vertical Diet

Training: Study John Meadows, Dorian Yates, Tom Platz

If you guys want I can write a really detailed post on training (bodybuilding style). Its more for intermediate and advanced guys though.

Anonymous 09/27/2019 (Fri) 02:02:00 [Preview] No.75354 del
Please do.

Anonymous 09/27/2019 (Fri) 14:56:52 Id: 1d0f4d [Preview] No.75371 del


It's important to note that in order to reap the rewards of hard efforts in the gym proper recovery must be in place. This means getting enough quality food and enough sleep. You can only train as hard as you can recover from. Get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep, keep your alcohol consumption to the absolute minimum as this inhibits muscle protein synthesis, eat at least 1.5g protein x bodyweight in pounds, consume 8g total of iodized sodium throughout the day, spread your food out through at least 5 meals a day which will allow you to have a constant supply of aminos in your blood stream. I also would recommend takin an intra-workout supplement (anything with Essential Amnios and a fast acting carb source like Branch Cyclic Dextrin). This will allow you to get nutrients to the muscle while you are training and promote faster recovery and less muscle soreness. You don't want to train on an empty stomach as you will have 'empty blood'. We want blood that is full of nutrients, especially when training.

The Split

This split is rotational and allows you to train each body part 2 times within a 7 day period and gives two days of recovery in each 7 day period. Even if you feel ok to train again it is still important to use the recovery days as assigned. If you feel beat up it is ok and even encouraged to take an extra day off..
The sequence is

Split Layout

Shoulders / Triceps / Traps (can be put on back day instead)
Back / Abs
Chest / Biceps
Legs / Calves

I would also recommend at least 15-20 minutes of cardio each day. You will need to have a minimum level of condition to even be able to complete these workouts especially when it gets into drop sets, extended sets, etc.

Anonymous 09/27/2019 (Fri) 14:59:48 Id: 1d0f4d [Preview] No.75372 del

Exercise Selection and Sequence

There are 4 phases of training that we are going to use. They are Activation, Maximum Force, Super Pump, and Loaded Stretch and they work in that order. Personally, I think activation is more useful for body parts you have a hard time 'feeling'. So, if you can't feel your lats it's good to do an isolation exercises with lighter weight higher reps to build the mind muscle connection before getting into a moderate rep range with heavier weights to generate maximum force.

Sample workouts

Shoulders / Triceps

1. Shoulder Press. Goal = train explosively. Do a few warm up sets and then get into your working sets. Do 3 sets with ascending weight. Example, 135x6, 145x6, 155x6. The last rep of the last set should be hard to the point you probably couldn’t do another.

2. Over-and-backs. Super Pump / Time under tension. Simply take a barbell in the front rack postion and lift it over your head from the front position to the back position. This is one rep. Do 8-12 reps working up in weight with each set. 3-4 sets.

3. Lateral delt raises. Goal = Super Pump. Do standard lateral raises here. Like always we are going to be working up in ascending weight. I like these in the 12-15 rep range. Make sure you’re keeping tension on the delts and not the traps which can happen if you go up too high or aren’t controlling the weight. Feel free to throw a drop set in here too.

4. Partial Dumb bell lateral raises. Goal = overload / Super Pump. Simply grab a dumb bell that’s maybe 20 pounds or so heavier than what you were doing your lateral raises with and do partial reps with it. You’re probably going to want to use straps for this. Do 3-4 sets in the ~20 rep range. As you get tired your range of motion will decrease just keep swinging but maintain control, don’t stick your neck out and tweak it.

5. Close Grip Bench Press, Machine Dip, JM Press, take your pick here. We want a lift that’s a bit heavier here and go for a moderate 6-8 rep range training the triceps explosively.

6. Close grip cable attachement tricep pushdown. We are going to target the lateral head here. Do reps in the 12-15 range and really keep tension on the triceps getting them full of blood.

7. Behind the head tricep extension. Now that the muscle is loaded with blood we are going to stretch it out. Take your pick here, could be a standing or bent rope extension on a cable machine, a behind the head extension machine, or seated dumbbell extensions. Lots of options here. Make sure you’re going nice and controlled and on the last rep of each set hold the stretch positon for ten seconds.

8. Rear delts. You can use a reverse pec deck or bent over dumb bell swings with a palms facing down grip (neutral grip is ok but not as effective). I want 3-4 sets of 20-25 reps here. If you are using a machine then hold the last rep in the contracted position for 10 seconds on the last rep of each set. These get tough, just keep swinging away. Range of Motion is less important here as the set continues.

Anonymous 09/27/2019 (Fri) 15:01:24 Id: 1d0f4d [Preview] No.75373 del

Back / Abs

1. single arm cable row. goal = activation of the lats. 3x10-12 with ascending weight. use a. good squeeze in the contracted position. Leave about 3 reps in the tank here.

2. single arm row variation. There are so many different row variations, find one you like. Some of the ones I use are Meadows Rows, 1-arm barbell rows (done on the t-bar), dead stop dumb bell rows, and Hammer Strength Iso Low Row. Remember to always pull with the elbows and not the hands/wrist. Work your way up to a hard set of 6-8 reps here hitting failure on that last rep. Example, 30x8, 50x8, 60x8, 70x7. Goal = maximum force

3. Dorian Deadlift (3.4ths deadlift). You can either do this from the floor or in a rack. Once you've got the bar in a locked-out position like you would in a deadlift lower it to about an inch or 2 below the knee, or to mid shin, now explode the weight upwards. Do not hyper-extend your back when you lock out, do not go past a neutral spine. Work up to a top set of 6-8 and then take a plate off each side and shoot for another 10-15 reps. Stop 1 rep short of failure, you don't want to get hurt.
Example, 135x10, 225x10, 315x8, 365x8, 405x6, 315x15

4. Chest supported row. Use a slightly wider than shoulder width grip here. The goal is to hit your rhomboids, mid back, and some rear delts. Keep your chest planted on the pad and give 10-12 reps squeezing hard. On the end of each set let the weight pull you forward stretching out your back and hold it for 10 seconds. Goal = Pump and stretch

5. Horizontal pulldown. This could be a lat pulldown or a machine that is similar to it. Keep a slight arch in your back and drive your elbows into your back pockets. Get a good contraction here. do 3 sets of 10-12 here getting the lats nice and pumped.

6. Pullover. If you have a pullover machine use this, Nautilus and Hammer Strength both have one but they are rare. If not the second best option is a banded pullover. If you don't have bands, you should get some at some point but for now just use a regular dumb bell pullover. Bring the weight only to your forehead if you don't have a band on it. Don't worry about the stretch depth the first couple sets / reps, they will get progressively deeper as you get loosened up. Goal = train the muscle from a stretched position.

7. Abs, 3-4 sets to failure. I use either an ab wheel or do roman chain leg raises. Do something that doesn't stress your lower back.

Off Day.

Anonymous 09/27/2019 (Fri) 15:04:55 Id: 1d0f4d [Preview] No.75374 del

Chest / Biceps

1. Incline Barbell Press. Work you way up to a top set of 6-8 reps here going to failure. Use a spotter and if you can get a couple extra forced reps that's great too. Remember to lower with control, and explode up, think about lifting fast and generating as much force as possible even if the bar doesn't move fast. Bring the bar a couple inches above your chest as to save your shoulders. Goal = maximum force

2. Machine bench press. I like using machines because they allow one to go to failure in a safer way, especially if they don't have a training partner. Use whatever machine gives you a strong contraction and best mind muscle connection without hurting. 3x10-12 here

3. Decline variation. Personally, I use a hammer strength decline bench but a dumb bell on a slight decline is good too. This will allow you train that outer and under portion of the pec, try to feel a good stretch here.

4. Incline pronated grip (palms facing away) dumb bell chest fly or a regular pec deck.
If you choose to use a dumb bell fly do not lock the reps out as this will take tension off the pec. If you are using a machine fly, feel free to lock out and squeeze the contraction. Add in some partial reps on the bottom portion of the exercise too if you'd like.

5. Hammer Curls. Work up to a top set of 10 reps here. This trains the Bicep Brachialis which is the muscle on the side of your arm and will give the arm a more full and thicker look.

6. Curl variation of your choice excluding preacher curl or variations. Make sure you are keeping tension on the biceps and not cheating too bad by using shoulders and back to swing it. There are some advanced techniques that call for this but you aren't there... yet. Generate maximum force, squeeze the contraction, and lower with control. Flex the bicep the entire time and squeeze the shit out of the barbell / dumb bell / whatever.

7. Preacher curl, or incline dumb bell curl (about 15-20 degrees incline) Nice and slow lowering, keep palms facing up the whole time, get a good contraction and let your biceps stretch out. 3 sets of 10-12

Anonymous 09/27/2019 (Fri) 15:14:58 Id: 1d0f4d [Preview] No.75375 del


1. Single Leg Hamstring Curl or Seated Hamstring Curl. Do a few sets of 15 here superseded with your Squat variation of choice in exercise 2.

2. Squat variation. Personally I like to use ether a power squat machine or hack squat. If you use a hack squat keep your feet at the bottom of the platform, closer is better but being at the bottom is more important than width. Work up to a top set of 6 reps. Get some rest, take the weight down to something you could do for about 12-15 reps and get 20 with it.

3. Leg Press, you only need 1 or 2 warm up sets here, work up to a weight you can barely get 15 with. Do your set, rack the weight and rest 30 seconds, do as many reps as you can in one go and then rack the weight again and rest another 30 seconds, unrack and go again. As an example 15, 9, 5. This is called a cluster set.

4. Leg extensions. 3 sets of 30 reps with a 30 second stretch on each quad after each set

5. Lying Hamstring Curl. Work up to a good weight and do 3 sets of 10 with it. On the 4th set do a drop set with 2 drops. Example work up to 100 on weight stack. 2-3 sets with it of 10 reps. 3rd or 4th set (last set) 100x8, 70x10, 50x10

6. Stiff Legged Deadlifts. Barbell or Dumb bell, work up to a top set of 10 reps. Go down nice and controlled. Think about pushing your butt back to lower yourself rather than putting your chest down.

7. Calve machine of choice, keep weight on big toe / ball of foot. Do not roll foot outwards. Hold each rep in the stretch position for at least 5 seconds. Get a total of 100 reps in any fashion.



Add deload weeks as needed, usually every 5-6 weeks. During a deload week try to use about 80% volume. No drop sets, don't go to failure, don't use bands.
This is just a sample, Adjust as needed. Add variation as needed. Try to add weight / reps each week. When that stops working you can start adding in more intensity techniques like drop sets, cluster sets, forced reps and accommodating resistance like bands and chains.Your training should be hard but not so hard you get hurt and not so hard you can't recover from it. Again, adjust as needed. Train hard but train smart. Take additional off days as needed, drop volume or increase volume as needed. Nothing is set in stone. If you feel like another rep / set / whatever is going to lead to injury just don't do it and live to fight another day. That one rep isn't going to make you huge but it can fuck you up for a very long time.

Anonymous 10/03/2019 (Thu) 12:26:50 Id: 2eecf4 [Preview] No.75712 del
(272.07 KB 2800x1440 customs.jpg)
Upon the topic of conditioning; reforging ones self against the corrosive self flagellation.

With the mere mention of conditioning no doubt many a reader will have the image of the rotund yet oddly still muscled form of Alex Jones ripping off his shirt in a fit of inarticulate scripted rage. To a degree he does have an understanding of what conditioning is but fails to see the degenerative seeds from which it has grown. When I refer to conditioning I do not speak of the push for "accept the mentally ill's justification of self mutilation" nor the "race mixing is great goy" for both can be easily dispelled with a mere glance at scientific data by the common man, rates of crime or mental illness or research into these subjects showing clearly the lie (even if the semetic powers are attempting to suppress such information it is still fairly well documented). No, what I refer to is our hijacked sense of altruism. In the European Man's very building blocks is the gift of altruism, it is a key component that helped lead to the formation of healthcare, public works and areas of great beauty such as monuments and public parks, the creators of these monuments leaving something for the generations that will follow after akin to the ancient Greek proverb of planting trees you yourself will never see. It is a key component to our ability to empathise, a more unique trait to our kin, one clearly lacking in the semetic, negroid and arab offshoots. One could even argue it is a part of our very 'soul'. It has also unfortunately become a tool for the semites to utilise our own downfall, it becoming warped into acceptance of all that is corrupt for "you should be tolerant, don't you empathise with your 'fellow man'" and "doesn't this stranger deserve the things you have, have you forgotten your blood libel, sorry, sins of colonialism" have become the standards of this corrupted form of altruism. The fool argues for these things, the soul darkened by hatred will argue that we should completely dispel the thoughts of altruism, I however would argue for a third position. That of reinvigorating it within our own people. I do not necessarily suggest you build monuments nor parks you will never see but a much more simpler approach. Support your own kin in the simplest form and offer nothing outside of it.

Let me offer the simplest of examples. Let us say you are getting a taxi. The driver that arrives is of arab persuasion. It is common place, at least within these grim shores of Albion, to offer a small tip at the end of the journey. Simply do not offer a tip. Now let us reframe, the driver in this case is a fellow countrymen or even just a general European. In this event, you do offer a tip. It sounds ludicrously simple does it not. You favour your kin and withhold favour to the outsider. I know this will seem obvious to some but for others, this is a point that they never quite realised they could do for they merely accepted it as common courtesy. This is an example of the inbuilt altruism, it has granulated so much that even a thing such as this is an act of rebellion, ponder that for a moment. We have become so used to this social interaction many rarely question it. It is one thing to offer jobs to brothers quietly or show support for White European identity in her homelands and her colonies but it is another to practise it in all it's forms. The same thing can be expanded to not just this minor interaction but to restaurants (although if you do indeed visit a restaurant ran by a non white it may be prudent to always check health certifications beforehand if it cannot be avoided). Only tip your waiter if they are a fellow countrymen, even if they are a degenerate with pink hair for despite the malady gripping at that moment they are still kin and mayhaps one day, when the dam breaks, remember your kindness.

Anonymous 10/03/2019 (Thu) 12:30:54 Id: 2eecf4 [Preview] No.75713 del
(67.49 KB 610x483 manners.jpg)
Let us look a bit more macro rather than these single incidents of social politeness however, let us expand a little further. For the sake of the board being mostly brothers from America I will use an example I believe most of you will be familiar with; convenience stores. It is a common trope that most 7/11s within America (known as corner shops in the UK and most European nations, they also fall into this trope) of being ran by non whites, mostly Indians or Arabs. They are usually not far away, easily accessible and offer basic amenities. They are, as the name suggests, convenient. This offers two serious issues however. Firstly, you are supporting the business of someone who has no right being there, some may make feeble arguments saying "well their not all bad" etc but make no mistake, they know and you know the very soil they stand on is not theirs nor should it be. The second is the weakening effect of convenience. It has made us soft, this easy access. One seeking supplies need only walk five to ten minutes to foreign owned shop, buy a subpar item of poor quality then waddle home giddy at his sweet treats and chemical slurry known as an energy drink. This is the pathetic state of modern man, one that should be countered and can be with the most simplest of mindsets; find an independent business owned by a brother and frequent there. Failing to do so due to diversity, simply find a chain ran by a brother European and be picky about what you buy. You tackle two birds with one stone as the adage goes. Firstly, you withhold support for the stranger and if a White European owned business offer support to it and secondly you help shake off the weakening effect of convenience, even if only mildly.

Indulge me if you will on sharing a fundamental reasoning for this which can be observed by any man who has visited a heavily "diverse" city or location. I was taught from a young age the importance of manners and good form, that is to say pre emptively open a door for a lady politely if you see them coming, hold open the door if there is someone coming through after you generally, address people politely and with respect, never beginning a meal before the host has been seated and so forth. I am no highborn, quite the opposite but I was a keen learner as a child and was taught well. Now when visiting smaller towns with mostly White European populations such manners are met with reciprocation, the elderly lady will thank you and perhaps comment how there aren't many people like you left or the gentlemen behind you will say "cheers pal" as he follows through and shop keepers and pub landlords will always be warm in their dealings with you. As an aside I have always found they at first would be puzzled due to my stature and demeanor but after realising I am not a threat to them they always seem to warm up. Now such a thing is not a uniquely British trait despite our proclivity for being anal in our social interactions, it has always been a common courtesy for most Europeans. If one were to watch 1950's American TV one would witness such things as standard, the social contract between kin being one of reasonable respect, the same goes for every European nation and culture prior to the semetic subversion of our media. Now, if one were to do this in a diversified location and observe if it is returned, well, one finds the nature of the beast is truly revealed. The negro will flounce through nary a word of thanks, the third worlder will ignore your courtesy and remain haughty and vile, simply put despite the concept of the "integrated" individuals among them, by and large these groups simply do not see value in such things and prefer to live as close to barely above bestial as possible akin to their homelands.

Anonymous 10/03/2019 (Thu) 12:32:07 Id: 2eecf4 [Preview] No.75714 del
(1.77 MB 4042x2968 noble aspect.jpg)
They do not think like we do, their natures diametrically opposed to what one could term the European standard. It is with this in mind thusly we should withhold our courtesies to these groups, they deserve not our method of society for they can never grasp it, at best they can form a degenerated simulacrum of it which perpetually falls apart when among their own. Reserve your respect and kindness for your own only, even at personal cost, for if we are true to our words of having faith in our people we must treat them akin to how we wish to be treated. We must escape the trap of treating the invader and the stranger as kin while deftly jumping over the nihilistic pit of in turn becoming like them that so many of our brethren have fallen in to.

While on this subject allow me to counter a common argument against this which is "hurrr well look at our people, they take drugs, watch soy shit and fuck niggers so their just as bad as the migrants". Yes, I will not deny you speak truth in that statement. I will not say treat our worst as brothers for despite being kin some have fallen too far from the state of the European Man to be recovered but I will say some among them may one day be salvaged. It is only due to the fact they *are* kin that I even hold that concept of redemption for the sad few who surrendered, mayhaps it's a weakness of my own I have yet to purge or perhaps I see a part of my old self in their self inflicted suffering. An ignorance to a better way, attempts to fill an empty spirit with the poisons that will only cause more misery. I cannot abandon them all and nor should you. The simple act of treating those wounded as a brother can sometimes give them a life raft to cling on too, never forget that.

So to summarise; exclude those not of your own kin from your altruism and embrace your people for they are *your* people. Withhold the spirit of European kindness from the stranger whenever you can for even this simple act can send a mighty message, one of defiance in the face of societal collapse. Uphold the greatness of your nature and never allow it to become denigrated for the sake of nihilism or hatred. It is this that made the semite and it's compatriots so afraid of our nature, the nobility of ourselves and these values. They sought to corrupt it, to make it as grey and vile as themselves. We must seek to repair it and embrace it in it's true form once more. If we were to lose this piece of ourselves, if we were to cut away this part of our nature then we would lose one of the most important aspects to ourselves and such a sacrifice must never be given, must never be offered lest we become the very things we are fighting against. No more hesitancy, no more cowardice. This was our way long before the parasite and shall be long after it is removed from our domain.

Anonymous 10/03/2019 (Thu) 17:37:29 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.75729 del
I agree whole-heartedly with not abandoning altruism, however, we must also fight the enemy at their own level. Selfless concern for our own people, not for the parasites.
Non-whites running convenience-stores (or "ice houses") isn't a trope nor figure of speech. I've been in America for 38 years. I have only once seen a white woman behind the counter. She was a registered nurse coworker so had enough money but also had jungle fever. She moved to Hawaii so she could go to town on brown. I tried to convince that interracial skank of the error of her ways. It was like talking to the faggots that spam this board. No good results. I have never seen a single Arab at a convenience store. Only once in University many years ago. They're mostly Indians, Mexicans and negroes.
>find an independent business owned by a brother and frequent there
Therein lies the problem. There are none. We can thank Wal Mart for that, how they've moved in and muscled out small businesses.
>pre emptively open a door for a lady politely if you see them coming
Everyone does that for everyone here. It means very little. The elderly will thank you here as well. There seems to be a high population of other white people who are also elderly, which is strange given the extreme rarity of youths of the same skin tone.
>They do not think like we do, their natures diametrically opposed to what one could term the European standard.
Precisely. Neither the negro nor the mulatto white/negro mix understands mutual respect. There are many women of our displaced European blood guilty of constant nagging and disrespect as well, though in both cases they were not taught values growing up. The situation is that parents both work as the child is raised partially by jewish television propaganda. The other part by jewish educational indoctrination and falsified histories. Family values are not encouraged. Entertainment is. Laugh-tracks for unfunny unwitty bullshit sitcoms half filled with jews are the encouragement.

Anonymous 10/04/2019 (Fri) 09:56:49 Id: 895acb [Preview] No.75749 del
You are correct on all fronts but I have to say I could not of put your summation of the machinations targeting the young any better;

>The situation is that parents both work as the child is raised partially by jewish television propaganda. The other part by jewish educational indoctrination and falsified histories. Family values are not encouraged. Entertainment is. Laugh-tracks for unfunny unwitty bullshit sitcoms half filled with jews are the encouragement.

Many often try and pass off the effects of the subversion citing men who come to find the truth as examples that breaking the hold can be done by any but what they often fail to understand is the sheer struggle many a man has to endure as he comes to terms with the realisation of how dire the situation is, either buckling to nihilism or suffering through, wounds and cuts to the spirit marking each man as he comes understands the gravity of the battle we face and the scale of the lie perpetuated. It is a hard path, one that can break a spirit or harden him beyond all empathy to the kin who share his burden. Hence the push for altruism within our own kin, I know it's tradition to treat our situation with mockery and diatribe (which I cannot deny, has it's uses) to numb the pain and fears but I prefer the holistic approach, something I believe you yourself also favour from your viewpoints.

Anonymous 10/05/2019 (Sat) 01:43:19 Id: d9dca0 [Preview] No.75759 del
Everybody interested in self improvement should read Marcus Aurelius' Meditations.

Anonymous 10/06/2019 (Sun) 05:47:37 Id: ea249d [Preview] No.75772 del
Fuck off with your disgusting chastity device fetish, faggot.

Anonymous 10/07/2019 (Mon) 20:55:16 Id: a28071 [Preview] No.75805 del
Qigong is the superior form of meditation.

Anonymous 10/08/2019 (Tue) 03:48:50 [Preview] No.75812 del
Care to supply information to help us get started, then?

Anonymous 10/08/2019 (Tue) 04:11:08 Id: a28071 [Preview] No.75813 del
You don't need very much to get started.

I began with the accordion exercise;

"1. Close your eyes halfway. Clear your mind and concentrate your attention on your palms.

2. Allow your breath to become slow, easy, without force. In a way, you are creating the very lightest trance.

3. Bring your hands together, palms touching and fingers pointing upward. The palm chakras, called Laogong, located in the center of the palms, should be touching. These chakras are areas where Qi can be felt emanating from the body.

4. Slowly move your hands, keeping the chakras aligned. When they are about 12 inches (30 cm) apart, slowly move them together using the least amount of physical effort possible.

5. You will be compressing the air between them like an accordion would.

6. Feel a warm or tingling sensation at the Laogong points on your palms.

7. Move your hands slowly back and forth, varying the range of the bellows. Repeat the accordion technique in different directions: horizontally, vertically, and diagonally."

Do that for fifteen minutes a day and your life will genuinely change forever. After you get the hang of it, your technique will naturally develop. I only really use the accordion exercise to measure specific internal exercises and know when it's no longer necessary to keep going. Just remember, the development isn't your skill of the exercise but more your understanding of self and the universe.

Anonymous 10/08/2019 (Tue) 05:40:26 [Preview] No.75817 del
Got any more where that came from, or better yet, a pdf?

Anonymous 10/08/2019 (Tue) 05:54:28 Id: a28071 [Preview] No.75818 del
Here's the source for the text I copied and pasted: https://upliftconnect.com/6-qigong-exercises/

There aren't any pdfs that I know of that aren't riddled with new-age disinfo. What I learned from Qigong I corroborated with my trainer and other practitioners.

Anonymous 10/08/2019 (Tue) 18:31:55 Id: ea249d [Preview] No.75828 del
Stop eating.

Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 00:50:30 Id: 895acb [Preview] No.75848 del
(162.28 KB 961x724 energydrinks.jpg)
I am still formulating how to explain honour in an honourless world so as a break from expounding on that topic here are a few brief tidbits concerning a classic /sig/ staple; food.

Ah, a good meal, there are few things better than a hearty home cooked dinner on a chill autumn night, although maybe the feel of the first splash cold mineral water hitting the back of your throat on a hot summers day is a close second. So then why do so few enjoy a properly cooked meal or good drinks, why do they go straight for something slathered in preservatives or in permafrost from the back of the freezer? Two factors, convenience and a lack of knowledge. Now, this being a /sig/ thread I do hope I don't have to expound on the weakening effects of convenience for it is the bane of any man seeking drive so the second part, knowledge, is where I shall focus my efforts on tonight.

So a general overview. We all know the classic phrase "you are what you eat". Well, it is basically true, you *are* what you eat, if you devour preservatives, injected chemical slop, starchy carbohydrates and poor fats then you in turn will find yourself sluggish, lacking in clarity of mind, likely overweight and most certainly of poor skin complexion and possibly close to diabetes. The modern diet is a true representation of this miserable age, it is unfulfilling and frankly poisonous. So how does one break out of the cycle?

- Firstly, drinks. Have you ever had a glance at the content of those foul energy drinks that so many seem endeared too despite them containing less caffeine than a black coffee, more chemicals than a meth lab and the supposed boost of vitamins? Or perhaps wondered about just what allows Cola to clean coins akin to soaking them in vinegar? Now good friend, consider just what these drinks are doing to your insides and your health overall as your body absorbs them. Full of synthetic ingredients and countless additives (yes that includes the sugar free ones, your still tricking your brain into thinking it's receiving sugar with those), they reap a tally on a mans body causing anything from caffeine withdrawals, vitamin imbalances, drops in mental acuity with the more sugary or chemically endowed ones, increases in body fat as the sugar is unable to be processed and a myriad of other problems. However in this age of boundless consumerism where everything is a commodity what does one do? Simple, you return to the basics. Those bottles of cola or whichever drink you enjoy on a daily basis, switch it to mineral or spring water (anything not listed mineral or spring is basically tap water, do not bother with it and be sure to check the waters source location). It is often cheaper, readily available and despite popular opinion, after a while of drinking it you'll notice different brands do indeed taste different. As an aside I personally favour San Pellegrino, it makes for a nice treat. If you struggle to surrender the requirement for a carbonated beverage then switch to carbonated mineral/spring water in it's place as a good first step, it helps trick the minds expectation of the usual fizzy chemical slop. Need a pick me up with a bit more oomph than a refreshing mineral water, well, black coffee makes for a great start, just remember no sugar. While yes there is a good argument for dropping caffeine all together such a step is a large one therefore offering an alternative to your average can of Monster or Red Bull is useful until a man reaches that point (I would be remiss if I did not admit that I have yet to quit it myself). Oh and do not fret about potentially losing those "vitamins" in these drinks as unbeknownst to most you urinate a good portion of them out, you'll get most required vitamins from a good diet.

Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 00:52:38 Id: 895acb [Preview] No.75849 del
(424.53 KB 1500x1271 disgusting.jpg)
Oh and to "head it off at the pass" as they say, yes be mindful of the brands of water you buy due to the plastic bottles holding them (although this rule applies to *all* bottled drinks generally). Nestlé had a brief stint of fame for their bottles literally rotting into the fluids on store shelves and I shouldn't have to tell you of the dangers of plastic fibers within a human system. Yes, I know *all* plastic bottles pose a problem however buying mineral water in glass bottles is prohibitively expensive therefore unfeasible for most. We must operate within reality, not a fantasy where one can buy fourteen liters of Voss water a week. Oh and never buy "artisinal" mineral water, it is literally a meme designed for the stupid and those with too much money.

Milk is and shall always be excellent for you and if you can find it, unhomogenized is most excellent indeed. Needless to say, the homogenized and pasteurised milk most places stock is a rather far cry from the proper stuff which makes any benefits from it far more limited than what one could consider closer to the source. Also do not buy the half fat or minimal fat milk concept, it's essentially the watered down version, you want full milk with the least tampering possible, even if overweight. I do know the argument against milk is fairly well presented and if you do have a counter do not hesitate to share but as a general rule I have few qualms with it on it's own, as in everything drink in moderation. Yes our bodies *can* struggle with it depending on certain issues but it's benefits at this juncture outweigh the negatives for most.

Fruit juices are moderately passable however you must bear in mind two things. One, they are full of sugar, often more than most carbonated beverages and secondly your natural diet would not have access to all fruits all times of the year, while they can be useful to supplement diets with vitamins and other benefits they are not a crutch to rely on. Downing a liter of Orange juice a day is not a healthy diet, it is merely an alternative to downing that two liter bottle of coke.

Regarding alcohol, beyond the vital rule of moderation, there are a few things to remember. Firstly, if you do not enjoy alcohol or just drink to be social then just skip alcohol all together. There is no purpose to it and it is far too easy for a good man to fall to it's numbing effects, it is a burden more than a joy for most. It is a greater man who rejects it outright than a man who raises a glass just to fit in.

Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 00:53:25 Id: 895acb [Preview] No.75850 del
(63.13 KB 1020x574 chicken.jpg)
But for those who partake of these beverages, let us begin. Beers, IPA's and the like are indeed poor for you. The "man breasts" from certain chemicals does hold a modicum of truth to it and generally they are just hard for you to digest. It would be worthwhile just removing them all together if you intend to go full /sig/ but for some it is a small concession to enjoy a cold beer after a long day so I won't go too hard on it. Unless of course it's cider in which case unless your living a very active lifestyle and able to burn calories at an expedited rate you should just avoid. It's pure sugar and to be honest good ciders are just so hard to find these days that it's worth just cutting them completely. Most grain based beverages as a general rule are not the best for you which indeed includes the ever popular whiskey but very careful moderation means you can mayhaps have them once in a while but if you have regular social gatherings it is wise to just avoid all together. "Good" alcohols, or rather those with the least detrimental effects, would be Brandys, Cognacs, Red Wines (not the cheaper ones though bear in mind), certain Vodkas. My advice overall concerning alcohol is simple; do not drink to fit in nor to forget, if you wish to imbibe it just buy a middle to high end bottle of something nice that doesn't turn once opened (I personally enjoy a nice bottle of Augíer brandy that lasts a couple of months) and maybe have a glass every friday night, just one to savour as you unwind. Something to drink slowly, not something to down to drown out any concerns you may be having. It is too easy for a man to fall into this trap and frankly I feel uncomfortable even discussing alcohol but it is a subject sometimes touched upon in some circles.

There are other drinks which can be suggested beyond this basic primer, for instance I recall a discussion on Kefir which was interesting with it's gut bacteria and the ability to homebrew quite easily but that's out of my area of expertise so if anyone has a screencap of those kind of recipes of suggestions it would be helpful.

- So now we move onto the more malleable section, food. This in an ironic twist is far more simple; actually learn to cook. Now I do not mean learn some fine French cuisine or mastering some complex dish but rather advocate three simple rules;

Use fresh ingredients
Make the dish simple
Do not be afraid of failure

Now often you'll find when a man finishes work or seeks a quick snack he will seek the simple and easy, he has become accustomed to being lazy and will gladly devour any reprocessed garbage from a plastic bag no matter how disgusting it is. He lives in what one could term a "hyper reality" where instead of looking at the chicken tendie or nugget as the poorest cuts of meat from a hormone injected chicken mushed together with countless other chemicals then coated in cheap fats and breadcrumb, he will instead see a delicious piece of golden chicken and his gormless mouth will open and devour it, offering praise to his semetic overseers for such a fine offering as he was told he would get in their advertising. This is the bane of the modern mans diet, this illusion. True food, real food, must be crafted by yourself. So where to begin? Should you throw out everything in the freezer and make your own garden patch where everything is fresh and proudly tended to regularly. Well, yes, but let us be realistic here, only a few will go that far so a balance must be struck for those who will not (although you really should, it is quite a pleasant sensation cooking your own home grown ingredients).

Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 00:54:04 Id: 895acb [Preview] No.75851 del
(55.67 KB 640x432 enjoy.jpg)
So firstly dispose of any and all snacks which are processed from your diet. Yes I do mean all. Crisps (or chips as their known in the state), bars of chocolate, those little packs of cheap cooked "meat" that are easy to eat through, remove it all. Beyond the clear nutritional problems these things cause, you have the fact that they are *too* easy to eat, they are too tempting. This goes for whether you are fat or slim, they contain very little good for you beyond maybe some protein in the meat and even then they will usually contain other negative attributes that counter that. Luncheon meats such as pepperoni and chorizo are passable to keep but even those must be eaten in moderation.

Moving onto the main components of a dinner, you also need to drop *all* processed meats, all of them. If you wish to eat meat then buy fresh, it's quite simple really. A good bit of chicken or beef will last a few days in the fridge and can be easily prepared within under half an hour with your own seasoning and garnish. There are a great many perks to switching to fresh, firstly nutrients will be higher, secondly you know the process of preparation for you yourself are doing it therefore no additional additives or chemicals, thirdly cooking is a vital and easy skill to attain. Yes one must be mindful of the type of fresh meat he buys for even this can contain hormone injections and the like, a good method is to bite the bullet and seek grass fed or organic meat. It is a bit more expensive but then this is a proper meal, you *must* get out the mindset of cheap and easy for that is what is trapping you. If your working on a budget a good method I used to use would be visiting the supermarket rather than a dedicated butcher an hour or two before closing when the remaining good cuts or packs are reduced, buying a decent amount of the good stuff, storing enough in the fridge to last a time then freezing the rest for later, it saves money and saves further visits to a supermarket. If your finding meat is close to going off consider a stew and leave it to slowly simmer over night or some such, there are many inventive ways to use meat even if it's just before it's going to turn. Also when cooking meat while oil is fairly common consider switching to either extra virgin olive oil or a decent quality butter (actual butter, not the horrible pretenders you get in supermarkets). Both have higher burning points and more nutrients in the case of butter. Rapeseed and it's cohorts is a hipster meme, don't even bother with it.

Fresh vegetables are usually a fair bit better than frozen but the frozen can work decently if in a pinch, they sometimes lose their flavour and nutrients a tad in the time between chopping and freezing in the factory compared to freshly cut ones but for the most part they *should* be untampered. I use a fair bit of frozen garlic and onion for my cooking due to the expediency and the fact it has nothing added, it's a good choice although I find the garlic can lack the oomph of freshly crushed.

Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 00:54:19 Id: 8d531e [Preview] No.75852 del
I'm still hesitant about energy drinks. Used to drink 1-2 a day. They did nothing, seems like it's all marketing hype bullshit.

Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 00:57:32 Id: 895acb [Preview] No.75853 del
(535.30 KB 900x600 delicious.jpg)
No doubt some will be of course craving a sweet treat as a dessert or maybe a snack, this is often a stumbling block for those who seek to lose weight. The temptation and habitual gorging of chocolate can be a hard beast to tame but it is possible, you merely need to be smart about it. Try switching to a fruit at first, any fruit, just to get used to moving from the overly sweet sensation of chocolates or candies. Now no doubt a nutritionist is reeeing as he reads that but allow me to continue as he no doubt will understand my next point. Now you have become adjusted to fruit, move from what I would assume is a high sugar one such as apples, grapes or bananas to one of low sugar such as watermelon (cue negroid meme in response), peaches, oranges or lemons. Slowly, over time you will begin to become adjusted to these lower sugar alternatives and find yourself no longer craving the high fructose, high calorie sugar you did previously. If you *must* have some chocolate then consider a dark chocolate with a high cocoa percentile, while still not exactly wonderful for you it is better than the milk stuff.

So these were just as stated, a primer for the arena of food and a very basic one at that. There are far more avenues to cover such as changing from plastic cooking utensils to cast iron, recipes, cooking advice, avoiding meme diets and so much more including things I have probably missed in the primer. If you take nothing else from this, at least take this away; there is a reason the poor quality food is in abundance and the items actually good for you cost more. They want you fat, lazy and unthinking, they consider you a unit to consume more and more. Like as in all things of this age you must find a way to rise above it and food is one of the most important aspects of it for it is literally our fuel. Take great care of your body and it will take care of the mind that inhabits it.

Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 00:59:44 Id: 895acb [Preview] No.75854 del
Your right to think that, their essentially just chemical garbage with less caffeine than a coffee with a significant amount more garbage in it. It's like the meme of taurine, there's been no proven positive effects yet people still drink it like their lives depend on it. I used to drink them myself when they first got introduced, stopped after a while as I realised it tasted like lighter fluid, vile stuff.

Anonymous 10/10/2019 (Thu) 11:53:03 Id: 668c1c [Preview] No.75895 del
(410.56 KB 974x570 makenomistake.jpg)
Upon a topic that all should take to heart; the subject of understanding the opposition. I shall not be looking at the matter of "crying out as they strike you" or of pilpul as they have been covered extensively elsewhere.

A term often thrown around is the "End of History", a popular concept within the sphere of European well being. More often than not it is packaged as the idea of history no longer being relevant just after the fall of the Soviet Union, the "last big threat" to the world falling as the "Democratic" and "Enlightened" nations cheered on despite it's own peoples subtle enslavement and unending ignorance of the fates bound to them being a distorted mirror of the more overt semetic Communist concepts of the Eastern bloc. It is a queer thing is it not, to reflect upon these things. Especially when one looks at where things have arrived now, an age that sought to use Weimar as a template has not merely done that but surpassed it in various ways with nary an efficient push back nor victory by the supposed opponents of this degeneration. Oh, we all know why, the semetic puppeteers ensuring both sides dance to the rhythm of ethnic self hatred and self destruction, poisons so foul and permeating everything that those who seek to rid themselves of it still must wallow in their shallows to a degree as it erodes every last island of nobility and sanity in our dying civilisations.

Many know this but for those who do not, this is the reason for the destruction and dismemberement of our history for in that, in epochs now passed, we have sought hope and inspiration from heroes and their teachings so that we may follow in their footsteps and that we may not merely become them but if possible surpass them while honouring their ideals. This is why in place of these Men we are offered the pathetic and corrupted simulacrum of greatness in the form of the modern "hero" be him clad in spandex or a vacuous action "hero" but also why for those seeking real leaders you will only find either approved psuedo Communist "revolutionaries" or supposed "thought leaders" offering only meekest and most kosher ideals available for public consumption for anything outside these bounds is "undemocratic" or "can't work". Thusly we must understand it is not merely the End of History that is sought but the very death of it, all that is to remain for most of our people being a brief epitaph upon a neglected memorial should the enemy complete their work.

Thusly the parasite, has in essense, perfected the drone. Oh, it is not purely done by history erasure of course, there are many more steps to such a thing but our history is a pivotal cornerstone to a man understanding his place within the world, shatter it and you make him malleable to all the other foul schemes you have in play for he no longer has his true identity, only the faux ideals you force upon him. Now this drone, this "last man" if you wish to employ Nietzsches concept, is a simple beast. Consume, submit to your own degradation and offer tribute. His nature is that of simple, rationalized machinery. Oh he will think himself "unique", an "individual" as he consumes and submits like his surrounding kin, all his protestations to the contrary hollow much like his soul. This is the fallen state of the European Man. This humiliation of our people by the semite is a very deliberate act you may notice for they will nary en mass partake in what they deem "good" for our society beyond an occasional "sacrificial lamb", most rather sell it then sit back laughing as they watch our fall from grace and their vile elevation to power brokers and masters. It is almost akin to the disgusting BDSM rituals where a "slave" is "broken in", their will subsumed by that of their abusers. Make no mistake, for them, this act is both sanctioned by their own texts and embraced as their racial norms despite the protestations of "based" semites decrying it. This is the very reason they call us "goyim".

Anonymous 10/10/2019 (Thu) 11:53:41 Id: 668c1c [Preview] No.75896 del
(134.03 KB 738x375 degeneration.gif)
Now this drone, despite being a simple creature, is multifaceted in that it can not merely be used as a source of sustenance in both the financial and physical form (if you wish to know the physical please seek information regarding the Israeli sex trade, the financiers who partake in the vile act of child abuse and certain Talmudic rituals concerning blood) but also in the form of a weapon. Many view groups such as Antifa and their ilk as nary but "brainwashed liberals" which while not an inaccurate observation it does lacks understanding. They are what one could term "true believers" by and large, drones so reliant upon the semetic poisons offered that to exist outside it is akin to death. How many times have you heard of some "open minded backpacker" who was raped and mutilated in some backwater desert wastes because they were told "were all one race, the human race", how many times have you witnessed the soulless eyes and motions of these creatures as they parade through the streets, all cognition beyond their diseased false reality ignored as they believe themselves to be right even in the face of their own puppeteers and abusers tell them to hate themselves. In times past these men and women may of been shown a better way, a way to truly live and to serve a greater purpose but now the indoctrination is so great that to break them out of it would be to shatter their now darkened souls for they know nothing beyond the semetic illusion they live in.

We must consider the greater ramifications of what has been done to these people however. Their existence is what one could term a heightened state of blissful ignorance when imbued with a false sense of power and righteousness. Power for they will not be stopped by corrupted and malignant state, righteousness for they do truly believe the illusion they live in. This is the ultimate humiliation ritual by the semite. To turn brother against brother with a lie is one thing, it weakens the bonds and weakens the bulwarks of unity, to instead reshape the mind, body and spirit to a lesser form is the ultimate form of degradation. Some believe the rape of our innocent and the selling of genital mutilation to those unable to defend themselves to be their gravest sins but I would posit that these acts are more spiteful and fueled by their own doctrines, the far greater horror lies within the ability to break our people down to become such vile animals serving their every whim. A rape within their key domains of power or the violation of sexual organs and sexual identity, while truly disturbing are only part of the overarching picture. To destroy a person into loving their abuser, this reaches far further than those actions (that is not to say these acts are any less an atrocity but we must remember to tally every count done against us and understand the threats accordingly).

Yes, there is a significant increase in those waking up to the perpetrators of these acts, the internet has allowed the free flow of information (something they are desperate to stem the flow of) however the opposite is also true, the indoctrination within academia and media is degenerating more and more of our kin. An invisible line is being drawn in the sand, upon one side is us, the Men of Action willing to defend our right to exist, upon the other is the semite and his puppets and upon the line itself is the remaining confused masses, swaying back and forth until finally choosing to resist or to submit. Both sides will reach a critical mass at one point or another and when that mass is reached then the Steel of our spines and our Will shall be truly tested against the parasite and it's golems.

Anonymous 10/10/2019 (Thu) 11:54:15 Id: 668c1c [Preview] No.75897 del
(97.87 KB 800x600 stand.jpg)
They know we love our kin and will do what it takes to save them, this is certain and this is why they fight so desperately to denigrate them and reforge them into lesser being. They are human shields for the parasite and have been manipulated into believing this purpose is a "good thing". Alongside them are the golems imported from far off lands, barbarous people presented as "the same as you" despite their natures and actions against us, more subjects to offer tribute to puppet masters who they claim to hate yet suckle at the teet of, their insatiable desires used as a tool get them to attack the native peoples of Europa. The negro desires more welfare and more fatty foods, the arab and his kin desire more debasement of host populations and more entertainment, I could go on but I shan't belabor the point.

Make no mistake, they hate you. They hate everything you represent for they resent that their foul nature cannot emulate it thusly they must tear it down or corrupt it. This is why they fight us so, why they act only in cowardice and treachery. They wish to reforge us in their own image, submission to them is akin to death of the spirit. But we must remember we are above them, we are not kin to them and must forever resist lowering ourselves to their level. We must embody all that makes us unique as the sons of Europa, all that makes us noble and above their machinations. One could almost pity the parasite, such frothing hatred at those who could create while they could only subvert and corrupt. Almost but not quite.

Anonymous 10/11/2019 (Fri) 19:27:38 Id: ea249d [Preview] No.75923 del
Found some recipe for kombucha I screencapped a while ago. Might be interesting to you since you mentioned kefir. I could give you instructions on how to make milk kefir if you are interested.

Anonymous 10/12/2019 (Sat) 03:40:25 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.75924 del
(36.36 KB 178x264 1400.jpg)
Decent posts, yet again. I hope you're spreading this message across multiple locations. As many have complained and I'm willing to admit, this board has minimal traffic. The shills must be outed even when numbers dwindle. There's no way around that, otherwise the board falls to degeneracy.

On the subject of he who believes himself unique and individual, I believe the concept of the parasitic psychiatrists pushing the ego is a major problem with that. To counter it, these drones as you called them need to be re-taught that they are not just a "self". Our people are us. We are our people. That there is no good to come of separating from our ancestral backgrounds and denying our heritage.
Antifa as reliant drones, yes. I have had conversations with Communists. They don't believe as we do that they're subversive, hateful, destructive footsoldiers of ZOG. In their minds, they believe they're "doing the right thing". In Universities where Communist professors are indoctrinating impressionable minds, the often-times jewish instructor impresses on them that the system is bad and there must be a revolution to fight it. The enemies they're taught to fear of course, are "Nazis" but they've no idea what National Socialism even is. There's only a cloud of lies to fuddle their minds with. They're taught "history has lied about Lenin he was really a good person" bullshit and the same about Karl Marx. Should the indoctrinated youth discover the fact that the last Tsar was brutally butchered by the Bolsheviks along with his entire family and servants, he or she is told that the Tsar was an evil man and there "had to be collateral damage". The mass starvation of Holodomor lied about as a "famine they had no control of" etc. Excuses abound. Constant semetic interference with every breath the parasite breathes into words being lies, but lies which (you're right) they do shape their minds, bodies and spirits towards the foul Communist way of thinking. I have converted a few. The way to reach them is not to declare the most logical choice of loyalty to National Socialism. That must come later after the light of true words shine through into their poisoned minds. I have attended Universities under Marxist jewish professors and passed through the fire of their deceptions. Can't say I came out unscathed. More that I came out furious at the filth being peddled. As you said, both sides of those aware vs. the parasite and their puppets will reach critical mass; I believe it will happen only as a mirror of the history of the Weimar Republic before Hitler took power. When no-one can buy bread and the rich no longer have any control due to the paper that is money finally devolving into what it always was. Nothing but garbage. The frog in the pot analogy. Gradually increase the heat, and the frog cooks alive. When heat increases instantly, it jumps out. The same will happen towards those whom instantly lose their luxuries and can't afford to survive. They'll be pissed. Following the illusion of semetic lies will no longer be a solution to them. Survival instincts should lead them back to proper thinking. I'm not promoting accelerationism here. I'm speaking of inevitability. Critical mass is bound to happen, as it has throughout history when the tribe has been involved. Nations have always eventually grown wise to their tricks and cast them out.
Nobility has it's place, but the meaning must not be misunderstood. One who is noble cannot hold onto their kingdom and people by letting foreign invasions tread on their lands. Nobility, historically, never survived or conquered without wise strategic maneuvers. Some lone shooters here and there dispatching very few of the low-hanging fruit of common negroes in shopping malls, arabs in mosques and parasites in a synagogue are never planning for the bigger picture. The larger prizes. All they're doing is allowing ZOG to increase their stranglehold through mock calls for sympathy of their kind against both European and displaced European American citizens.

Anonymous 10/16/2019 (Wed) 10:32:45 Id: 895acb [Preview] No.76022 del
This kind of thing is always useful, that was actually what I was thinking of originally but couldn't recall the name of. Instructions on how to make Kefir would be most welcome if you have the time!

>As many have complained and I'm willing to admit, this board has minimal traffic. The shills must be outed even when numbers dwindle. There's no way around that, otherwise the board falls to degeneracy.
Minimal traffic is something I think the few 8ch refugees after it's last fall who had a clue is something that is welcomed. A lack of the adulation of CIA assets and plans is a welcome thing for most I think. I have not been spreading the concepts discussed much as honestly at this juncture I cannot think of many places beyond maybe Neinchan (or rather fedpostchan) and maybe 4ch but I fear if I went there it would be deluged in a series of negro penis images. I had considered seeding it among some of the alt right groups but there's so many sub groups I don't know where to begin.

>The frog in the pot analogy. Gradually increase the heat, and the frog cooks alive. When heat increases instantly, it jumps out. The same will happen towards those whom instantly lose their luxuries and can't afford to survive. They'll be pissed.
Exactly right, it is this very aspect that gives us a chance. Convenience has made them weak, look at the boomers with their infantile attitudes, they embody just what a pampered soul becomes. Lazy, self indulgent and shiftless. We must re-purpose the anger our people feel into a fuel, an energy that propels them towards greater heights and greater goals, it is the only way we can survive what is coming.

>Nobility has it's place, but the meaning must not be misunderstood. One who is noble cannot hold onto their kingdom and people by letting foreign invasions tread on their lands.
Quite true, people too often conflate the noble with "being kind and fair" but it goes far beyond that. It means when in times of crisis being unflinching in your resolve to achieve something, keeping faith and Will even when all around you is chaos. A noble ruler may need be unjust at times, even callous, but as long as it is in pursuit of the greater goal the action is no less noble, mayhaps it is even more so for he is more likely to understand that he himself may have to become a monster for a period and shoulders that responsibility without fear regardless. He accepts these burdens without complaint and does what needs to be done. Upon the other side of the coin, as you rightly mentioned, the "lone wolf" types who often believe their cause just which in a fashion can be perceived by some as that but they never have the wisdom or foresight to see the outcome of their actions as you rightly point out. Their concept of nobility is a warped one, one lacking the true gravitas of the idea, it is entirely based upon the now, never the tomorrow. There is no greater plan than "shoot now", the bloodshed and horror caused only serving to tighten the parasites grip upon our throats. They react to the pain in an animalistic fashion, uncaring of the results from trying to alleviate it in the worst possible way. Yes there may come a time of blood, the parasite is ensuring it will be so, but needless murder for the sake of unfocused rage will only hurt those they claim to fight for. Wounded men that could of had a higher purpose, that *sought* a higher purpose, only to be consumed in their own pain and hatred. It is a sad sight.

Anonymous 10/16/2019 (Wed) 12:30:04 Id: 394d67 [Preview] No.76023 del
I have to re-read this thread once I have time, but comfy posts to say the least. I have to confess I like to read it because they share a sense of belonging I cannot find in any other place.

I'm surrounded by antifa/sjw, communist teachers, antifa, my brother seems to have converted to judaism, when did everything gone to shit? Or they are pretty good at convincing me it has.

The main problem with this sort of people is that once you tackle them or let's say, they embarrass themselves, instead of have them changing their mind, what you get is retaliation of the worst kind, really vile shit. But if I do anything drastic, I will get my entire family against me and I can't afford it right now, since I'm having health issues. It is just something you have to deal with it, even keeping my sane distance is making people frown at me once I resurface. It is what it is, I'm focusing on my health.

Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 10:51:56 Id: e5f515 [Preview] No.76259 del
(125.33 KB 520x708 united.jpg)
Upon a topic that has been preying on my mind as of late; the importance of unification of purpose. I have little doubt most present here understand this issue but many do not hence I believe it has a need for exploration.

We are a proud race and rightly so. We have achieved much, our history and development stretching far beyond what most can perceive of our history. Each unique culture and nation born from the peoples of Europa has a different character that compliments one another in a myriad of different ways creating a tapestry of such grandeur that it is no wonder the semetic tribe seek it's destruction, their darkened hearts filled with loathing for such a thing of beauty. Oh, it is most certainly true brother beset brother long before the parasite lurched it's way towards our shores, battles over resources, barbed words and religious schisms. But unlike those not of our ilk, we knew when to stop. We knew when enough was enough and returned to our homes to continue our lives anew, our teeth sharpened within the fires of conflict, those standing after it creating new generations of hardier men while cowards lay scattered and forgotten. Atleast until the age of unfettered semetic commerce and the seeping corruption it brings that infested the hearts of Men who should of represented our finest, their succumbing to the lust for gold inflicting a disease we have suffered for over a century. The times of those blood lettings have long passed however, and in it's place instead of a budding respect or a unity of purpose we instead find internecine conflict, what once was light comradery morphed into barbs of "le 56% face", "the eternal anglo", "cucked canucks" and so much more. Without question the source of this thinking was of a much more sinister nature than most know but the effectiveness of this sowing of hatred proved itself with the disunity common among brothers who share the same battle. Men we should be standing shoulder to shoulder with instead passing blame to everyone around with scathing tones.

There is but one real way to counter this shameful conduct. We must each recognise the nature of our own subset of people and how it has been manipulated. I will offer my own as an example, that of the sons of Albion. We are a haughty people. We are obsessed with protocol, we can be uptight as anything yet by the same token distinctly unbecoming in conduct at other times. We can be welcoming yet quiet when offense is taken, the anger simmering until it is finally released in a wave of fury. We have grown arrogant in our perceived "superiority", the allowance of "British pride" being only in things that have served the parasite, be it the vile treachery of our leaders during World War 2, our cumbersome and crumbled Empire, our "humble acceptance" of "colonial subjects" into our lands or pride regarding the "power of London", an adulation of the most fetid and vile city imaginable, a nest of vipers and traitors. This unwarranted sense of pride in the false is what has set us apart from kin for so long, gone is the brotherly relations between the Germanic and British powers of the 19th century, instead we self segregate into pedantic mockeries such as /britpol/ (which in truth is little more than an English enclave), the degenerative self adulation never ceasing as men who should be standing with us instead utter the word "lad" after every sycophantic congratulations of the most trivial and pointless of discussions.

Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 10:53:24 Id: e5f515 [Preview] No.76260 del
(80.71 KB 768x602 conflict.jpg)
Some attribute such a thing to a desperate need to have some "British identity" yet they fail to understand the greater ramifications of their actions, an abandonment of those we owe a debt of brotherhood to and the illusion that our identity is nothing else. There is no remembrance of Alfred the Great who forged a people anew, there is no pride in our ancient traditions and folk tales, at best I witnessed the joke of "druidpol" larping as neo pagans but never sharing deeper insights or teachings into the traditions of our people. The Scots, Irish and Welsh have managed to salvage some of their tradition but far too many have either had that identity hijacked from adulation of their history and culture into hating the common English (a subject I touch on a little more indepth here >>72192 and in further posts offer examples of the deliberate manipulation of the peoples of Britain. We are not innocent but nor are our current people to blame) or have fallen into the same trap as the English themselves and hum the same merry tune of adulation of this Age of Misery rather than embracing the truth of their identity and an acceptance of the burdens we must bear. We must recognise this error and correct it. We must move from hiding behind our shields and embrace that challenge, clasp the hands of our brothers and understand the wrongs done to them by our leaders so we can thusly hold the line with them lest we all be lost. It is only through understanding our purpose as the guardians of Europa that we can truly make right the wrongs committed, even if they were committed in ignorance of truths that were hidden. We have been isolated too long and I would ask any son of Albion who claims he is true to his people to follow such an example for they are our blood. Honour must be restored for otherwise the parasite will forever divide us and complete it's vile task.

This however is a story not unique to the British people but is echoed throughout in different ways and by different means. While this particularly brief exploration of the modern British "nationalist" identity may offer some insight into where this particular group has gone wrong many other groups are inflicted with deficits forced upon them from the parasite also. We all in some form or another have developed conclaves, temporary bulwarks set in sand as we ignore the cries of our brothers, their lands beset by animals raping their children and defiling their women. In place of anger at the injustice done to them some sit back and mock. "Oh the effeminate Swede, we wouldn't take that". "Oh the cucked German, serves them right for accepting Merkel", it is all a mirror of the arrogance of the British as I mentioned before. Yes it may be done from a different perspective, for instance some consider it "tough love", hoping the brutal mockery will illicit some anger or reaction but when it is their own brothers enmasse doing so they feel defeated and abandoned for there is no one at their backs offering help.

Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 10:54:05 Id: e5f515 [Preview] No.76261 del
(162.77 KB 750x630 as one.jpg)
The true irony is that these things are already happening in the lands of the accusers themselves, the parasite already has in place what it needs to ensure every nation of Europa and her colonies will suffer the same fate. This is the inherit danger of the parasites machinations, to force us to mock in place of help, to distract us with our brothers dire situation in nihilistic delight so that we may ignore the atrocities happening in our lands for "something worse is happening to someone else haha". It is truly despicable. We must accept the things happening are not unique to our particular region but is part of a greater scheme and thusly each and every count must be taken, not just those done to our own. The crime done to one nation of Europa or her colonies is a crime done to all, this must be our mindset.

We must purge ourselves of these forced concepts of separation if we are to unite as a people, we must at a fundamental level understand and value the fact we are all European. We must stand tall and proud as exemplars of this and lift our brothers up no matter where they be. We must reinforce where they in particular are weakest and accept their aid where we need help none of us fight alone. The few of us here who understand Unity, we will raise the battered banners of those who fought before us and carry them to the end of the line no matter the cost even if it seems meaningless to some for we stand for every one of our people. But we are few and need brothers to help lift our standards higher so more may see there is still Men holding firm, that there is still a battle to fight. At this juncture, in this time of turmoil, it is not your money nor your materials we need to win this fight but your faith and your strength. The strength to raise your voice in unison with your brothers in saying we will not fall and the strength to lift him back to his feet when he is wounded. Your faith that the man by your side will stand with you no matter how dark the hour grows and that each of us will see this conflict to it's conclusion. With one voice we must speak, with one purpose we must fight.

For all the peoples of Europa we march, unbound and unshackled until victory be won.

Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 12:20:43 Id: ad558d [Preview] No.76262 del
Observer the nine principles: https://youtube.com/watch?v=AxM287Dxs-M [Embed]

Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 14:55:16 Id: c85d9f [Preview] No.76264 del
Stop shilling for the race mixing Spicgustus who most likely is a pedo. (((libertarian))) faggot

Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 15:07:48 Id: 8f1d15 [Preview] No.76265 del
I am going to post a mix of some easily digestible/spreadable information about improving ones self by either means of diet/exercise, or simply survival knowledge as i believe being able to survive makes one not only an improved person by directly being better at surviving, but also it makes one more confident.
some of these are old, and most of them are from the days of innawoods threads. but i felt this thread was lacking them.

is anyone lurking? does anyone have any specific requests?

Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 15:14:53 Id: 8f1d15 [Preview] No.76266 del
(25.18 KB 600x321 1441890236165-1.jpg)
(66.96 KB 736x552 1441890236165-2.jpg)
(469.18 KB 700x2622 1441891915832-2.jpg)
(797.09 KB 1280x1484 1441890236165-3.jpg)
(463.79 KB 572x2975 1441898942789-3.jpg)
>none of the pictures i attached posted
off to a great start!
let's try again.

Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 15:20:49 Id: 8f1d15 [Preview] No.76267 del
(468.96 KB 628x834 1452177595056-0.jpg)
(420.03 KB 600x800 1441890107275-2.jpg)
(110.36 KB 996x1195 1413380666817-0.gif)
(367.86 KB 1000x1200 1441890318923-4.png)
(478.33 KB 1000x1200 1441890318923-3.png)

Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 15:26:21 Id: 8f1d15 [Preview] No.76268 del
(427.76 KB 1000x1200 1441890668764-2.jpg)
(256.20 KB 1024x768 1441890485781-4.jpg)
(1.03 MB 1732x4724 1441890668765-3.jpg)
(469.18 KB 700x2622 1441891915832-2.jpg)
(911.88 KB 2100x2856 1441893125212.gif)
i dont have it anymore, but its easy to find. look up how to make distilled water. you probably have everything you need. just 2 pots and 1-2 lids. you basically put the small pot in the larger pot. small pot is empty. fill big pot with the water. then put a lid that covers both upside down so that as the water in the big pot heats, it makes steam, the steam attaches to the upside down lid and because its concave (while upside down) the steam will run towards the middle. this will fill the middle pot with distilled water.

dont let the water completely boil out unless youre desperate because you dont want the remaining stuff to cake to the bottom of your big pot.

Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 15:32:21 Id: 8f1d15 [Preview] No.76269 del
(1.31 MB 640x3316 1441893211952-2.jpg)
(489.87 KB 600x3860 1441893719734-1.jpg)
(200.66 KB 1118x754 1441893891295-1.jpg)
(535.85 KB 1151x1579 1441894686441-4.jpg)
(1.34 MB 1504x2964 1441894953463-3.jpg)
>last image
if you dont want to read all that and the underlining wasnt narrowed enough: BIC LIGHTERS ARE MORE VALUABLE THAN GOLD.

Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 15:36:13 Id: 8f1d15 [Preview] No.76270 del
(140.56 KB 450x662 1441895579169-1.jpg)
(1.67 MB 2508x3762 1441897423290-2.jpg)
(522.40 KB 904x1355 1441897640650-4.jpg)
(188.83 KB 550x1638 1441899578052-0.jpg)

Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 16:54:29 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.76274 del
Going to need some sources on that claim. This is the first time I've heard of this modern Invictvs.

Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 17:05:26 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.76275 del
>optional supplies:
>"Israeli bandage"
Well, I guess you may need diapers if you eat the wrong food in the wild and suddenly start shitting yourself.

Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 17:16:43 Id: 8f1d15 [Preview] No.76276 del
its just another name for emergency bandage.
theyre not even made in israel, i have no idea why they call it that. i dont even think they developed it either and it was first used in bosnia. its used for quickly patching a hemorrhaging wound.
its a combination of heavy duty and water proof so it makes a bit of an air/liquid tight seal. it also comes in sterile packaging so it can be applied directly to a squirting wound.

Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 17:21:00 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.76278 del
>i have no idea why they call it that. i dont even think they developed it either
Because jews create nothing of their own so they steal everything.

Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 22:54:42 Id: ad558d [Preview] No.76297 del
Use what words we can, we never say anything more than what we are.

Anonymous 10/25/2019 (Fri) 18:34:48 Id: 8dfa3c [Preview] No.76374 del
Lil fixed

Anonymous 10/25/2019 (Fri) 19:46:41 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.76379 del
Now it's fixed.

Anonymous 10/25/2019 (Fri) 21:19:32 Id: e98f5b [Preview] No.76382 del
So tonight is a somewhat melancholic topic inspired by another thread upon this board. Upon the subject of finding comfort, or more precisely that feeling of home.

It's a simple thing isn't it, recalling the last time you felt truly at "home", truly comfortable. No concerns, no worries, just the simple warmth of believing all is right with the world. Any man who claims not to miss it is an outright liar for every man desires peace in his time for both himself and those he loves. He desires the warmth of a comfortable place he had once called his own, be it memories of his childhood home, a place he spent most of his younger years with his friends or the simple feeling of love at close grandparents or family members. It all seemed so simple then did it not? I recall even in my own childhood looking from my open bedroom window of the seemingly endless vista of London and in my innocence thinking "I'm glad I'm home". I would sit on my bed with a glass of coke, maybe play the playstation a little before turning on the radio and listening to evening call in shows while the sun set over the metropolis before me. Even on the chilly nights I'd leave my bedroom window open, listening to the distant city for it's noises comforted me. In a way I still miss it to this day. Oh, don't get me wrong, I absolutely despise the city of London, what it has become and was probably already becoming back then with it's degenerative undercurrent, it's a pit. But in my young mind it was home, the sprawling suburbs where I'd meet with friends, play some football (or soccer as it is also referred) even though I was terrible at it. All of it gone now. Memories of a simpler time always seem so beautiful don't they?

There in lies the issue though. They are just memories, moments gone. In desperation some seek to keep in that feeling, holding onto those brief moments in the hopes that even for an instant they can feel that again but truthfully it can never be done much. It always puts me in mind of a man looking back upon his first love and asks "what if" as if the thought of it will offer that feeling of fiery love once more. There's a particular phrase that comes to mind concerning this, "You can never go home". In essense this is true, we can never go home for home isn't there any more. Whether like me you saw your city engulfed in the unending torrent of diversity and it's ensuing corrosion, whether you grew up rural and seek revisit a place long abandoned, nothing ever feels as it did back then. The walls crumble, the people have left or passed on, the shell of it is just a sad reminder of all that has been lost. Even the strongest of Men feel a pang of melancholy at such things.

Anonymous 10/25/2019 (Fri) 21:21:53 Id: e98f5b [Preview] No.76383 del
For some this feeling, this need for the warmth back, it stifles, it hinders as you grasp around in desperation for that brief moment of reprieve, for just a mere moment of it back but it can never been found, not truly. This is something we must not merely accept but understand. For most of us, our family homes are long gone and the places that gave us that feeling forever lost. Once upon a time even when he left home, a son of Europa would still feel at home in his lands for even as a stranger he could still find belonging, still find a quiet corner to make his own, raise a family to share his love with and create this feeling anew. We have been deprived of this, this comfort, for our lands have been taken and given to all. Our communities dying, our people shiftless and lost in the misery of this epoch, it is no wonder the warmth of our people is replaced by the soulless, wretched commercialism so prevalent. Can they truly be blamed when all that is offered is the threat of encroaching ethnic violence and a hollow existence? The parasite has taken so much from us and this theft is one of the most egregious.

Part of our goal if we are to become the Men we need to be is to understand we can not go back, we cannot find comfort in the things we once had but by the same token we must realise it will not be gone forever. As we stride forward we must remember that a part of our goal is this, this simple concept of returning this feeling within ones own lands and among ones own people, this must be part of what we must bring back to our people even if it means we may never get it in our own lifetimes. I know it's hard along this path, it can be incredibly lonely being the Men we are and the burdens we carry, staring at the storm on the horizon, the prospect of stopping it can seem overwhelming but stop it we will. No, we will not merely stop it but turn it back unto those who forced it upon us. Our people, our families and our children depend on it. They deserve, nay, demand that we do so so that we can give them what we ourselves have lost. So they can feel that warmth and that joy of comfort, of not fearing for a future most uncertain. We must be the ones to return this gift to our people for who else is better suited than those who feel this sense of loss. There is no greater gift than that of love, anyone who has felt it knows this. That is what we once had and with it stripped a piece of our souls has been torn away and replaced with cold rationalised machinery. It is our duty to ensure those who come after us do not feel this, that they are stronger than our forebears who watched the world die were and that they themselves know that feeling once more. That they have a true family, a true people that is their own. Carry the memories of comfort with you but do not mourn them, use them as a reminder of what your fighting for.

We'll make it together. As friends, as family, as brothers. Come what may, what we do shapes the future, it forms around our actions or inaction. So if you wish to find comfort again then help make it a reality. Find those who seek what we seek, raise them up as others have done for you and we can forge a better tomorrow free of this sadness.

Anonymous 10/27/2019 (Sun) 02:18:02 Id: ad9c88 [Preview] No.76417 del
You have a really good posting style anon. Do enjoy reading your posts

Well, most of humanity lived in an agrarian society for most of known civilization. That meant that you would know and work with the people around you and with your family members for centuries until your death. Pretty much all of Europe, including England, was like this.

Society was pretty close knit until the industrial revolution happened. I can understand why it happened (less effort, more output), but it had a really deep lasting impact on most of human civilization though. People became more colder and distant after this and the countless wars that happened around Europe in the next decades.

It's good that we know it and strive for better, though. I don't think normies will ever care for it though. Current zeitgeist is pretty much being uncaring and detached from people in general

Anonymous 10/27/2019 (Sun) 02:29:39 Id: 843f9e [Preview] No.76418 del
>4th pic
Huh weird. Russia is very similar to the US. Most people live in the big cities(St Petersburg, Moscow, Volgograd) and almost everything else is uninhabited wilderness

>I am going to post a mix of some easily digestible/spreadable information about improving ones self by either means of diet/exercise, or simply survival knowledge as i believe being able to survive makes one not only an improved person by directly being better at surviving, but also it makes one more confident.

Sounds pretty cool. I had a ton from a 4chan thread, but they got deleted from where I had them.

Post some cooking and mechanical things. Maybe making a windmill, constructing things, etc

Anonymous 11/07/2019 (Thu) 03:12:55 Id: 1f5420 [Preview] No.76613 del
I feel I have been neglectful in my duty of expounding upon /sig/ topics so tonight I intend to rectify my failings and offer some further thoughts. For tonight my brothers, we shall take a slight breather from the heavier duty topics and move onto what one could term a "comfy" topic, that of literature and your cultural inheritance within it. Many are already familiar with the work of Spengler, perhaps even E. Micheal Jones (although come now, while some of his work holds merit, his inability to conflate race with clear ethnic propensities does get tiresome) or even pieces such as the raw power of My Struggle or nobility of Tomorrow We Live or the ideals within the works of Hegel, these are all fine texts but for this night it is wish to bring you home. To gift you back what was taken.

Ah, literature. You know, a movie can attempt to produce a facsimile of the imagination with all the grand special effects, unending budget and semetic subversions as it wishes but little is comparable to the vistas a good piece of literature can present. It can deliver you from the mundane and degenerate into a beautiful if brief reprieve from the modern world. The greatest of these escapes can be found not within modern literature but within the folklore and histories of old, written by men once passionate of their adulation and wonder at the stories they recorded. It is with this in mind I have begun working on a selection of suggested texts to bring you, my brothers, closer to your homelands where ever you may be. So let us begin. As a rule of thumb each region/peoples will have a listing of two suggested books, these I have chosen based on my owning of the physical books and completion of them. There are many more I could suggest but without ownership and the reading of them first I would be remiss to list them in case of making a poor suggestion. One suggestion will be a fairly accessible book based around pure enjoyment of ones own culture, the other will be more scholarly and niche but a worthy addition.


Ah, so let us begin fairly early. Now while most modern men will only share a partial lineage if any at all to ancient Greeks, they do make for an interesting precursor to look at regarding ancient tales. One of the finest collection of stories regarding them would be the Herodotus Histories. Now do not be put off by it's grand and seemingly opaque title, a good translation of this book (seek a early to mid century release) is actually quite easy to read and enjoyable to boot. It tells many a tale of ancient Greece and paints a fairly good picture of the times. A good piece but one I would consider ancillary to the more focused folklore of the specific tales of our peoples (unless of course one is Greek in which case, well, most certainly read and treasure).

Now Greek myths and legends are widely recorded and choosing a single book on the subject is... troublesome. One of my personal favorites is the Aeneid however it is most certainly one of the toughest books to finish which can deprive one of enjoyment. The language can be prosaic, it's very dense and it can go into somewhat exhaustive detail on mundane things once in a while. If your the scholarly sort, then this is a must have. If your seeking pleasure, well maybe just go for a early 20th century text covering the myths at large, there's a great many to choose from that are less, shall we say, arduous. I really do have a love hate relationship to this book, I really do.

Anonymous 11/07/2019 (Thu) 03:14:27 Id: 1f5420 [Preview] No.76614 del

Many a man can claim to, in some form or another, descend from the Germanic clans that once roamed the European continent and with good reason. Despite the fragmentation of these peoples through countless conflict and struggles, there is a myriad of texts connecting them none the less. Even my own kin, the now reviled Anglo Saxon (for good or ill pending ones perspective) can claim ancestry to these clans and it shows within the folklores sharing links and themes. To this end I have chosen a small selection of texts you may wish to seek to explore the themes and tales passed down. Now when discussing Germanic folklore and culture, there has been an ever present jewel, a location one may consider to be a thing of beauty; the Rhine. It is with this in mind my first suggestion for those seeking to get closer to their Germanic roots would be to seek a copy of Hero Tales And Legends Of The Rhine by Lewis Spence, 1918. It contains a wonderful array of tales and myths intrinsic to understanding the soul of the Germanic people. It is one I cannot suggest enough, I honestly cannot. I would most certainly suggest attaining an early 20th century copy, the art included is quite stunning and copies can be fairly cheap, usually somewhere between £15-40 ($18-45) pending it's state of repair.

To follow this up, for the man seeking something both a touch older and a greater understanding of the deeper roots I would ardently suggest Tacitus' Germania. Now for those unfamiliar with Tacitus, do bear in mind when reading this, it is taken from a very Roman perspective, essentially a man who had had a soft life. What is most interesting is though he does not paint them quite as barbaric as modern media would make one think, infact he does denote a fair bit of their honourable conduct, but again, do remember, he is viewing them from a hostile side. To suppliment this I would suggest also visiting Bitchute and seeking a chap called Asha Logos, he actually does a rather fantastic coverage of the ancient Germanic tribes here if you seek to understand them further;


Both offer enjoyable viewing and I believe he provides further sources for more texts I shan't go into at this moment for otherwise this both you and I would be here all day and we have quite a bit to cover.

Anonymous 11/07/2019 (Thu) 03:18:12 Id: 1f5420 [Preview] No.76616 del
- Celtic

Good graces now here's a tough one. Celtic mythology has a vast array of myths and legends, each of which can be sourced to the Scottish and Irish. I won't include Welsh in the Celtic miasma as the Welsh have quite a deviation from the more common Celtic templates of legends but for the sake of ease of understanding I will include them in this section none the less.

So, firstly the Scottish. Now the Scots have been fairly ardent in their recording of their myths and legends but only to a partial degree. Sadly many pre Christian texts have been destroyed or lost by the more zealous enforcers of their docterine thusly we do not have complete mythologies untouched by partial Christian influences which I find a great shame. None the less we shall endure.

So firstly we shall look at not one but two books by the same author; The Celtic Dragon Myth (1911) and Popular Tales of the West Highlands (vol 1-4) (1890). Now these, these are something special. The chap in question, one J. F. Campbell made an incredible record of the slowly declining Scottish folklore during the 19th century. These two texts both suppliment each other in a number of ways with their discussions on folklore and ancient tales. Those who are of a more esoteric bent may find The Celtic Dragon especially interesting as it touches on potential Aryan roots with the tales reminiscent of certain Hindu connections, something I am informed of makes for an interesting read concerning the ancient Aryan migrations across Europe and North India, much like the symbol of the incarnations Swastika and so forth. Back onto the main topic however, the West Highlands mythology is an excellent read and definately worth your time, both are but if you only read one of these, go with that text in it's entirety.

For the more heavy reader I would suggest History of the Highland (1857) (no PDF available) by James Browne. This is what I would truly consider to be one of the most important books concerning Scottish history and culture in existence. I actually came across it purely by chance in a visit to Aberdeen a couple of years ago and noticed it in a charity shop window. It's akin to an actual tome but I believe that is due to it being the combination of two previous releases by the same author. It details the clans, their locations within the highlands, examples of tartans, folklore associated with those clans, the service of those clans within the British military and honours recieved, clan traditions, maps and so much more. The real bastard is I am truly struggling to locate a bloody PDF of it. I did however find one of the older versions which was a four volume release which looks fairly complete, think it's missing a little here and there but it should provide *quite* a bit of reading. Around two thousand-ish pages I believe? It's quite an exhaustive text but one definitely worth preserving.

Anonymous 11/07/2019 (Thu) 03:23:30 Id: 1f5420 [Preview] No.76617 del
Had to include the second part of the Scottish collection in this post, my apologies.

Now Irish folklore and history suffered not one but two devastating attacks, one at the hands of my own nations government and their vile predations, the other at the hands of the Church and their, as is always the case, subversion of the older lore of Ireland. Thusly I cannot begin to imagine what has been lost but it seems some valiant souls have attempted to record what they could none the less. The first and most accessable of the two suggestions for Irish history and folklore is the rather wonderful Heroic Romances of Ireland (1905-06) (two volumes) by A. H. Leahy. This is a delightful collection of Irish tales from Ireland's lost history and is thoroughly enjoyable to boot. The language can be a bit tricky to grasp on occasion but it shouldn't offer too much of a struggle for most. It also contains literal translations of the texts which also make for interesting reading and if one is inquisitive, perhaps even alternative ideas compared to the presented translation. This is one of those books that I would always suggest a physical copy of if possible although of course I have included a PDF for your convenience also.

Now this one is not so much scholarly but delves more into the odd folklore. Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry by W. B. Yeats (1888). Now two things of note concerning this. The first is this is less historical than other texts listed here and has a slightly light hearted bent here and there. The second is it's an amalgamation of work by other authors, an anthology of works concerning a specific topic of Irish mythology not directly attributable to Yeats. None the less it is an interesting read and worth a go if you fancy something a tad lighter than usual. Oh also do not mistake the mention of Faeries in the title to mean this is some children's book. Faeries in actual mythology are not the most pleasent of creatures if you believe the details concerning them, less Tinkerbell of the peadophilic depiction of Disneys Tinkerbell of Peter Pan, more an unknowable manifestation of nature.

Ok gentlemen, the hour grows late where I am so I will try pick up again tomorrow or Friday at the latest. I'll finish off the British isles and Western Europe in general then post some Nordic, Central European and maybe some Baltic and Russian folklore and history for good measure. If anyone has any further texts that might help bring one closer to their homelands, please do not hesitate to post, preservation of our culture and history is of the utmost importance.

Anonymous 11/09/2019 (Sat) 17:46:00 Id: 36700b [Preview] No.76697 del
Man I really don't know where in heaven did you came from. You are doing god's work here, your words resonate deeply within my inner self, it feels like going to church. Please don't turn your back on us, keep writing. At best, what I can say in return is that your writing is one of the small things that gives me the strength to carry on this god forsaken world. Have you ever thought about writing a book? You should really think about that. I'm downloading the books you posted, thanks a lot for what you've been doing.

It is not, people were hurt and they are hurting back as a defense mechanism, it shouldn't be always like that.

Anonymous 11/11/2019 (Mon) 13:48:42 Id: f4e9a6 [Preview] No.76791 del
Paradoxically, chastity devices can make you even more horny, since the surface of your penis has contact with the material all the time, which can be sexually stimulating, even if you can't get an erection due to the size restriction.

It can get uncomfortable if you are wearing it for more than a few hours at a time, it can even be very painful since it severely limits the range of motion of your privates, especially if you are doing something active which involves a lot of movement. If you move during sleep, you can wake up with a lot of pain if you end up in a slightly wrong position. Erections will pull your balls out of place and can hurt very badly.

Last, but not least, prolonged wear can shrink the size of your member and even make getting future erections more difficult.

Peeing standing with a cage is not difficult, aim is fine too as long as you don't get horny. The problem is that it tricks your bladder and pee-stopping sensors, so it's harder than usual to not spill the last few drops off piss.

I tried it a few times but always ended up taking it off after half a day with the urge to fap.

Anonymous 11/12/2019 (Tue) 04:55:29 Id: 888998 [Preview] No.76818 del
(142.15 KB 1200x1179 0938746537823.jpg)
>Ok gentlemen, the hour grows late where I am so I will try pick up again tomorrow or Friday at the latest.

Take your time anon. We'll be hear waiting.
Also, thanks for all the literature

Anonymous 11/13/2019 (Wed) 01:30:12 Id: 53bdb6 [Preview] No.76860 del
It does give me a swell of pride knowing what is being written moves you so. The truth is, the words are not my own, not truly. They are a culmination of all I have learned from not just from those that came before us in epochs past but from those of us still present, you, me, all of us. This Age of Misery, it has taken so much away from us, our sense of self, our Will, our futures. Too long we have watched each other fall into the black morass of what the parasite wishes us to feel, creeping dread and nihilism lapping at the shores of our spirits like a vile encroaching tide. No more. The bonds of brotherhood we forged in shared grief at the current state of our situation must be forged into something greater, something new. A beacon to push back the darkness at our steps. This is what I have chosen to do to help our people, to offer not merely to reinvigorate the worthy ideals our people once held but to gift back all that what was taken in it's greatest form. Our pride. Our Love. Our Will. Our Strength. This is my belief, this is my faith, this is what our forebears did and so we shall as well. Thusly I can never turn my back on any of our people for their fate is also mine, our blood and shared history is forever intertwined and to reject it is tantamount to severing a limb. The people of Europa, be they in the heartlands or in the colonies, are brothers and brothers do not abandon each other. We stand and fall together and I have no intention of letting us fall. We'll make it together.

On the topic of a book I had begun work on a PDF with some of the work i've posted in this thread (of which initially there were plans for two forms, one for those outside our sphere of understanding, a second more direct one for those within it) however after formating I was displeased with it, it felt too clerical, too soulless. I have opted to make it a full book you may be pleased to know with the initial version being a the more direct one with it's tone the same as all I have written here so far. It is in it's very early stages however and there is a significant amount of topics and concepts to look at before the work is complete. My plan is to seed it where I can but starting here first for it is where I find far fewer "external influences" and thusly can have more reliable opinions and feedback. Not to mention after the fall of the then federal agent infested 8chan boards and the lost /sig/ threads this board was not merely kind enough to welcome me in but to make me feel at home thusly I can think of no better place. This book is intended to be a gift for us all, an attempt to make a difference to all of us who are in this battle. I shall see it done come what may.

I'm most glad your enjoying it. You are quite right in your analysis concerning the advent of the industrial revolution for whether meant for good or ill it inevitably allowed for the most destructive of tendencies to occur over time. It led to an age of plenty which ironically has become an age of nothingness, hollow distractions for hollow men. Soft men. It is no wonder the parasite has had such an easy time with so many of our kin with offering fun little toys for boys who didn't have to grow up, having no duty to kin or a greater sense of community or even a sense of destiny, only self gratification and the pretense of being an "individual" in a sterile and vacuous domain. They engineered it well. Unfortunately for them not well enough.

I am still here, I got waylaid due to some minor issues over the weekend which limited file access. Normal service will resume tomorrow, as way of an apology for the delay i'll dig through my old hard drive and include a copy of the Race Life of the Aryan Peoples (1907) by Joseph P. Widney, both volumes of course. I think you'll enjoy.

Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 00:50:59 Id: 1f5420 [Preview] No.76897 del
Man of my word. Race Life of the Aryan people and as for finishing off where we left off, here we go. Please note I intend to try limit my comments on the books for between one and two sentences as I could talk for hours on them and I don't wish to bore you or spoil them.

- Celtic folklore cont.

Finally onto the Welsh. Again, I reiterate, while there are some connections between the Welsh folklore and general Celtic folklore, Welsh does deviate a tad with a larger focus on hero figures. So to begin we will have a look at one of the most valuable yet overlooked pieces of Welsh history and folklore, the Red Book of Hergest (1911 release), one of what is known as the Four Ancient Books of Wales. It is a collection of Welsh poetry and literature from around the 15 century with the pieces supposedly reaching back as far as 9th century. A worthy read for any man of Welsh blood. I have included both the Welsh version and the English translation as a courtesy.

The second book of Welsh culture and lore I chose is not the Arthuriad (the tale of King Arthur, I've included a copy as well) but rather the Black Book of Carmarthen. Now don't let it's ominous name fool you, it refers to it's original binding, in an ironic twist it speaks of the ancient Heroes of Welsh folklore beyond the widely recognised Arthur and Merlin (although interestingly this book contains references to both that pre date the work of Jeffrey of Monmouth who is known as the man who bought them to public light in the Dark Ages). This again is another of the Four Ancient books of Wales, I merely narrowed down the two that I think will interest people the most. Version uploaded is a single version with both Welsh and English text, I could not locate language specific copies separately.

French Folklore;

Again, we have an odd situation akin to the British, that of Breton and Gaul folklore's differentiating although in a slightly different way, in this case the Gaul staying true to the Celtic tradition, the Breton to the Christian. There is also the Frankish which focuses around the legendary Charlemagne and the Normans who held the Viking traditions. For the sake of efficiency I shall include the French folklore under the Celtic due to the rich connections but also throw in a single curve ball of specific French folklore in the form of a French/Christian piece of importance.

Now sadly my knowledge on French Gaelic folklore is sadly lacking, I have some rudimentary knowledge of the songs of the Troubadours and quite enjoy their epic poetry but I fear much is lost in translation to me. With my knowledge lacking I none the less two pieces I am somewhat familiar with, if someone can attest to superior suggestions, as usual, please do not hesitate to offer. Firstly we have Folk Tales of Brittany by Lewis Spence (1917). As it's name suggests it speaks of the tales from the Brittany region. While an observant reader will note the similarity of some of the folk tales to those of the British Isles, it has two key differences. The first is the observation through a more continental lens, the second, some quite unique folklore with intriguing implications such as the "Ankou", a female death spirit. Intriguing indeed, a worthwhile read.

The second book I was torn on so I decided to hedge my bets and go for an epic tale, that of Legends of Charlemagne by Thomas Bulfinch (1863) which tells the saga of, you guessed it, Charlemagne. While yes this can be considered a Christian text to a degree it does not take the beauty and grandeur of this tale away. If you have a single drop of French blood I implore you to read and enjoy.

Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 00:52:32 Id: 1f5420 [Preview] No.76898 del
Bloody Race Life of the Aryan people didn't upload, bear with me

Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 00:56:12 Id: 1f5420 [Preview] No.76900 del
Including Welsh language version of the Red Book here also.

- English folklore

Now you may be wondering why I used the term English folklore and not say Anglo Saxon or some other term. Well, the reason is quite simple; the folklore of England isn't one single lineage. Allow me to explain. In England there are unique areas with unique heritages that actually contain very specific folklore to those people. An example would be Cornish folklore, which has more in common with Celtic rather than Saxon, same with the Manx from the Isle of Mann, they have a more Nordic folk heritage. Now were I to focus on a book for each different group, well that would take far too long so in it's place I will offer two general folk lore books and if requested will upload ones for region specific folklore.

So the first is one dear to my heart, Hero-Myths and Legends of the British Race. Now this book specifically is not entirely about the English nor British people overall but offers a collections of stories that quite accurately demonstrate the building blocks of the construction of English folklore. It contains tales ranging from the classic Beowulf to Ser Gerwain from Arthurian legend and Lady Cathleen, an Irish maiden who offered her soul to alleviate her peoples suffering. It all makes for quite an interesting read and goes some way to demonstrating the intermingling of Northern European folk tales on this little island.

The second book is an interesting one, I had considered going for Histories of the Kings of Britain by Geoffry of Monmouth but in it's place I think many a man seeking to reconnect with *true* England, not the squalid pit we are now, would appreciate A Book of Old English Ballads (1896). It sounds an odd choice does it not? Ah, but dear friends, it is in these ballads you get a real sense of the true English. The language is in fact not the old Anglo Saxon English but Middle English, old by current standards but still very accessible. It contains songs concerning the England/Scotland skirmishes, Robin Hood and one particular one I think many here will enjoy, the ballad of Hugh of Lincoln. I won't tell you why as that would ruin it, but needless to say it will definitely appeal.

Now, using the English fusion of Celtic and Nordic folklore we shall springboard to the North.

Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 01:00:20 Id: 1f5420 [Preview] No.76901 del
- Nordic folklore;

This, this was a truly tricky beast. While it is helpful many of the Nordic nations share common tales, tradition and histories, what makes it difficult is deciding which texts to go with. There are so many interpretations, so many tales, it's a challenge. In fact I actually developed a headache finalising the choices. I could go for the fairly commonly recognised Poetic Edda but it's quite well known, I want to offer something refreshing. So, in place of an academic text looking at these topics, lets go for something a tad more enjoyable, The Volsunga Saga (1888). This is a retelling of the commonly recognised Poetic Edda as mentioned previously but presented in a more pleasing form. Battles, Gods, heroes and glory. A man could ask for little more. The Icelandic translator assisted the writer in capturing the feel of the texts and created a truly enjoyable journey. Give it a read, you'll enjoy it. As a supplement to this text I am also including a copy of Havamal (translated means Sayings of Hár or Sayings of the High One), a poem from the Poetic Edda itself, it can serve as almost a kind of manual to living a decent life, it's an intriguing piece. The translation is adequate overall.

Hm, now that I think about it I'll include Tuetonic Myth and Legend as an alternative to the above suggestion of The Volsunga Saga, it's a complete retelling of the Nordic mythology cycle and includes a few other bits including some bits of Medieval tales, it's a pretty solid companion piece that helps tie a lot of European mythology together.

And the final book of the night, The Life and Death of Cormac the Skald. One of the Icelandic Sagas, this is assumed to be based upon one lost in the 12th century. This particular book is of a more scholarly bent which I hope won't put people off as I did place multiple Nordic books concerning the greatest of lore and tradition. The PDF in question contains a significant amount of the poetry of this lost it is also essentially an analysis as well discussing Cormac himself.

Now, where would people like me to go next, what heritages would you enjoy. Or failing that if you have other texts or suggestions for books that would help bring people closer to their kin fire out a suggestion, the tales of our people are one of the most important resources we have.

Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 01:02:53 Id: 1f5420 [Preview] No.76902 del
Good lord my editing is appalling. This is what transpires when I run out of decent coffee.

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 08:54:32 [Preview] No.76966 del
It's very rare to see the writings of somebody so coherent in the current times.
Do you know much about the lives of our ancestors barring their mythology, and can you recommend any books on the subject? I read "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration", released in 1939 by Weston Price, in which he writes of his travels into isolated parts of the world to document their dental structures and diet and finds so much more.
It's a good book, and it focuses on practical ways to save our race from the physical degeneration that started in 1492 when America opened up and became the world's foremost exporter of sugar. The most relevant parts to us are the studies on Nords and Celts he did in an isolated valley in Switzerland and in an island off the Scottish highlands respectively. He describes society like it was naturally meant to be. The Swiss village he found had a whole millennium of unbroken written history, and each man and woman within were the epitomes of manliness and womanliness respectively.

Here's a link to the book:

Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 22:55:32 [Preview] No.76987 del
Here in Australia, when you get to know the local vintners you realize something... special about their bosses. Apart from the one or two truly independent vineyards, most of them are owned by "wine families", which are usually just the renamed families of the Australian Jews like Sidney Myer and John Monash.
These Jews, BTW, are a lot more conspicuous than in America. John Monash was a Jew general in WWI famous for doing shit in Paschendale and is the only kosher general we're allowed to learn about. Sidney Myer started the country's most popular department store and has pretty much everything in Melbourne named after him due to his charitable deeds towards stuff like universities and orchestras.
Both of these Jews have 1/3rd of Melbourne (each) named after them, the rest being named after the British royal family of the past and present.

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 04:10:59 Id: 6f2c32 [Preview] No.76998 del
(493.99 KB 245x240 7878787979461.gif)
Thanks for the new books anon. Really like that Le Morte D' Arthur and Charlemagne was there. I'll definitely read them later

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 06:18:31 Id: e2b30b [Preview] No.77002 del
(498.40 KB 492x205 topgunbaby8.gif)
Unfortunately, I know that it can be very difficult to be pleased with our own work. What I say is that I know it must be difficult, try not to be too judgmental. I don't mean ill will by saying that, I just wouldn't want something like that to go to waste. There is so much inane stuff being wide available while the good stuff gets suppressed. We are in dire need of a new way to tap into our spirit and remind ourselves to aim higher, we are in dire need of congregation and guidance.

Even if you are merely engaging in mere pastiche, I'm sure to be interested if it is worthy of your time. Might be things that otherwise wouldn't be accessible to us, and by saying that I mean monetarily, physically and even intellectually.

We, it is funny to use we in an imageboard when everything that we've been taught here is that there is no we, but I dare say we already recognize your writing style. So I would also recommend you to work on your stylometry? The internet is a dangerous place, I know that from experience.

Please don't get discouraged, I know the pph in here feels like no one is listening, but that is not true. I come here at least once in a week to read or even reread some of your older posts.

I'm having a really difficult time right now, I think most of us are, but I have faith once again. I have finally made peace with my senses and I have them back, working in my favor once again, warning me. It is really good to be mentally back in shape. Now I have to devote attention to my body and I'll be ready to what awaits me, be what it may.

Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 06:50:54 Id: 8e8e99 [Preview] No.77005 del
I will say that with public speaking, the stammering etc. when in front of large crowds is a matter of your sense of self value. Your mind subconsiously is thinking "out of all these people who am I to command or advise or speak to them?" However, if you just remember and think about the fact that you know more or are more capable in the matter that you are discussing than anyone else present than it helps with those feelings. I am young and a student and I teach as a student instructor and I can say that starting out it was the most difficult obstacle I had to overcome. But eventually I realized that I knew so much more about the subject than any of the students and so even if I made an occasional error, they wouldn't be any wiser. Knowing this has helped me overcome my fears when speaking to a large audience; hopefully it can be some use to you as well.

Anonymous 11/17/2019 (Sun) 16:49:05 Id: 5868e8 [Preview] No.77057 del
I would rather recommend the carnivore diet.

Anonymous 11/18/2019 (Mon) 01:51:23 Id: 9af6bb [Preview] No.77078 del
I think the trick to reconnecting beyond folklore to how they lived is to dig widely. Now this is a tricky beast as the key to all of it is to look at texts prior to the beginning of the nations more noticeable subversion in it's culture (best bet being pre 20th century texts for the cleanest, unsullied view). A good book that covers a vast amount of European cultures is Hammerton's Manners & Customs of Mankind, a book I've been slowly trying to make a PDF of (however the binding is giving out each session so I'm a bit wary unless I can find a second set). Now it does look at *all* cultures worldwide however the writer in question treats them as a sane man would; criticise where appropriate such as the barbarity of the African tribes, or show intrigue at the Asiatic people's honour codes. This book is a fantastic record of our traditions and the reasoning behind them such as the purpose of the "May Queen" and such local events to even a good section on the national dances of European nations and other such things that we had as part of our communities and the connections within them at large. It's not *too* hard finding a copy nowadays but digital ones do not exist apparently.

https://ww w.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?an=hammerton&tn=manners%20customs%20mankind&cm_sp=mbc-_-ats-_-all

Now if you do go hunting this book, a word of warning. There are two main releases, one is a four volume, one is a three volume. The three volume is the one you want, it has larger page size and clearer images. The three volume has a "bad optics" as certain groups may consider it though, if it's pre 1930's it likely has a swastika on the spine as it concerns life and that is quite literally the symbol of it. There are some versions of the three volume without it but Hammerton's releases had a tendency to be erratic in their styling and how condensed down the work was meaning you could buy a three volume set to find out it's actually a four set with a book missing. It's a shame as they put out some good work. If looking for it, check it's dimensions, you want a full size copy, not the smaller editions.

Now when it comes to a general search for good books concerning our peoples lives, trick I use is to search for cultural history with antique book sellers and such. Look for online used book stores that have the ability to search for those criteria, antique books and cultural history (a search for anthropology texts can also yield some luck as well). Of course, you'll get the usual drivel of "Oh look, there's this delightful tribe of negroes who partake in cannibalism, thats lovely" by Moishe Levi or some such but careful hunting will reveal some excellent texts. For instance, you mention diets and such, well you may be interested in texts recording cooking to gain an insight into our ancestors diets. I'll offer an example in fact, Anglo-saxon Food & Drink (hold back the giggles, it's far more hearty than the semite have most believe) which offers decent insight on food from fifth to eleventh century. It is a more modern release yes but for the most part it functions as what it is; an insight into how we ate prior to high sugar consumption.

Anonymous 11/18/2019 (Mon) 02:00:52 Id: 9af6bb [Preview] No.77079 del
Now, as you rightly point out concerning our general life style before this modern "all hail the individual" mentality, we always had roots over the land and a good way to both understand and learn more about them is to look at releases in the very early 20th century and 19th (any earlier will always be prohibitively expensive and rare) that cover our older histories with a general overview. For example, A Short History of Ireland from the earliest times to 1608 (yes that is it's full title) contains not only Ireland's history but early laws, how the "classes" of previous eras related and operated and how we functioned as a community or small kingdom and the lifestyle of those within it. Here's an excerpt;

>In theory the land belonged not to individuals, but to the tribe. The king or chief had a portion assigned to him as mensal land. The rest was occupied by the tribesmen in the several ways mentioned below. The chief, though exercising a sort of supervision over the whole of 'the territory, had no right of ownership except over his own property, if he had any, and for the time being over his mensal land.

I've included a copy of this text as well in the post, it's not a far fetch to consider this state of affairs would be repeated in a multitude of European nations as well in previous periods, most followed similar models of societal evolution with deviations occurring due to outside factors such as significant wars that claimed territory, overt vassalisations or the use of ursery by the parasite. Now bear in mind if you look at English language texts on other nations histories and peoples you should always consider the author in question and their connections *to* that particular land. For instance, the reason I chose the books previously is because in most of the cases it is written by men *of* that particular land, who have an intrinsic link to the blood and soil of it or worked very closely with the translation. They should always be first and foremost in your list of choices when seeking literature on a particular group within our grand brotherhood.

However if your looking to know the people themselves and how they saw their lives in the day to day rather than a macro level, there's two distinct avenues, that of their poetry and that of their folk songs (I divide them into two for poetry is always more prosaic or pedantic on occasion where as folk songs are always more direct). For instance, you can get a good picture of the greater skein of a peoples feelings on significant events through poetry, the lesser known poets of a nation can be a good source for more interesting viewpoints where their folk songs can tell you of a day to day feeling. An example of this is Dominion of the Sword, a ballad of English Cavaliers which can be sourced from The Loyal Garland (1686 with reprinting in 19th century) (no PDF available). It is quite revealing in it's lyrics of the time they lived in and their perspective. For instance;

> This fits a Lay-man to preach and pray man,
'Tis this can make a Lord of him that was a Drayman;
Forth from the dull pit, of Follies full pit,
This brought an Hebrew Iron-monger to the Pulpit;
Such pittifull things be, more happier than Kings be,
This got the Herauldry of Thimblebee and Slingsbee;
No Gospel can guide it, no Law can decide it,
In Church or State, untill the Sword hath sanctify'd it.

Full lyrics here https://ww w.musicanet.org/robokopp/english/laybyyou.htm

Now this is but one example, there are countless ones for each nation with each one bringing you closer to how they lived. The music of a people is akin to the heart of a people.

Anonymous 11/18/2019 (Mon) 02:06:42 Id: 9af6bb [Preview] No.77080 del
>We, it is funny to use we in an imageboard when everything that we've been taught here is that there is no we, but I dare say we already recognize your writing style.
>Even if you are merely engaging in mere pastiche, I'm sure to be interested if it is worthy of your time. Might be things that otherwise wouldn't be accessible to us, and by saying that I mean monetarily, physically and even intellectually.
Concerning the topics written, it is most certainly a we as it is all within the realm of our shared knowledge and history, it's things we have all known and recognised but so many have often lacked the capacity to articulate for one reason or another, that is all my job has been and will be, the coalescing of these thoughts and reaffirming them as a bulwark. Concerning my writing style it is influenced from a few things, mainly an appreciation for men passionate about their language and an emulation of it to my best of my ability which can be tricky in English compared to say German which has a more artistic temperament with it's verbal versatility (example of this is words such as gestalt and schadenfreude) but I try to evoke what I feel in my text through whatever way I can.

>So I would also recommend you to work on your stylometry? The internet is a dangerous place, I know that from experience.
I appreciate your concern, my style is quite unique, it is something I've considered working on however the simple fact is that I only speak in this manner online here, on this board. My digital footprint outside of here is, well, let us just say it is mundane in what little way it exists and usually within tedious language realms or archaic conservative leaning forums and even then it was all bland "hot takes". Relocating this year also helped alleviate my fears a tad.

I like others fought through the crippling nihilism, the incandescent rage at the treachery of those who were meant to secure out future and the confusion of what action to take in the face of it all which led me to make one simple conclusion; if we are to survive we must unite under one banner. A banner of strength, of not merely a vague hope but of something substantial, that of a belief in ourselves and our people, a banner that grants them the resolve they need to stand against what comes. My writing style I keep the same as I believe those who understand the situation deserve a greater level of respect and communication than the usual light footed words of the "intellectual elite" or the simpleton observations of a groyper type for words, if they are to have real meaning, must be spoken from a place of passion be it from love or animosity. No doubt one day I will have to sink back into the noise, cease these posts and become just a footnote as so many others have. But until that time there is work to be done, there is messages to send to brothers standing upon the precipice of self destruction or already lost in the ruination of this epoch.

Anonymous 11/20/2019 (Wed) 23:18:50 Id: 719ce6 [Preview] No.77159 del
(74.07 KB 550x425 the descent.jpg)
Welcome once more dear friends, today's topic is a topic that seems to be of interest for a number of gentlemen so thusly we shall endeavour to take a closer look at one of the more degenerative issues facing our people; the subject of pornographic material.

Pornography. One of the most corrosive things for a man's well being yet so blindly sought after by so many. It is of no surprise of course, be it PornHub, XHamster or countless other examples, pornography is both pervasive and of course free. How does the old adage of questionable origin go, "The best things in life are free"? Hm, yes, quite. One shouldn't struggle or strive for the things they desire and invest time and effort, only the *best* things such as porn are free. One does wonder why. Well we shall soon see, but first we must understand the fundamental issue with not merely pornography but a great many modern poisons.

Consider for a moment the word tolerance. It's a deceptively simple word is it not, seemingly innocuous yet somehow one that hides a great deal of malice behind it's use. Be "tolerant" of the invader, be "tolerant" of the mentally ill mutilating themselves, be "tolerant" of the parasite for all these things mentioned will "lift" your grey life and bring such vibrancy to the world, you merely need be "tolerant". Such subtle machinations. When one imbibes a large dose of poison or drug, does the body not act intolerantly to it for it is trying to restore itself to a state of normalcy as it fights against this sudden onslaught. Ah but my friends consider this, what if the poison is introduced slowly, what if with each sip from the poisoned chalice of this modern age your body involuntary builds a tolerance to it, what then. Well the dose is increased is it not, increased as the body grows accepting of it's effects. Take an alcoholic for example. At the start that three glasses of beer was enough and then in order to feel it's inebriating effects the dose must be increased, four, five, six, entire bottles of spirits for as the effect of the alcohol dulls the alcoholic must increase the dosage. So what happens in the end. Death. The body shuts down, organs begin to fail as the addiction has ran it's course and all that is left is a body rotting from the inside out. *This* is the modus operandi of the semite and the poisons it peddles, of which porn has been a key one.

Ponder for a moment if you are a man addicted to porn. What was your first hit. Was it a blurry image that took ten minutes to load on a 56k modem? Was it the cover of a pornographic magazine that sits upon the top shelf of a rack in a corner shop/convenience store. Mayhaps it was something as simple as a partially exposed breast in a movie that you rewound to watch again and again. Now this on it's own, it is of little consequence. But what of all the thousands of other "small" instances that follow this. Seeing a woman dressed as a whore on a shopping trip out with your parents as a child, putting on a children's TV show where suddenly the animated females within it all have significant breasts and sexualised physiques. A music video (or Youtube video if referencing this current time) where the video itself is sold using bare flesh and suggestive ideas. A common argument you will hear defending this is that a child becoming a man must awaken to his sexual needs at some point or another must he not, and they are quite right, a part of manhood is understanding what is desirable in a potential mate.

Anonymous 11/20/2019 (Wed) 23:21:31 Id: 719ce6 [Preview] No.77160 del
(84.79 KB 855x514 degenerations.jpg)
The problem emerges when he is led to believe that there is a better alternative to trying to find a woman to satisfy his needs and to find a bond with, that there is an ample abundance of not just easy access alternatives to what he desires most in his hormone driven dilemma but material that supercedes a normal woman, material to replace this drive with things he had not considered or would ever be introduced to in a normal, healthy society, new acts he had not been aware of. So much like the alcoholic he maybe dabbled once or twice a week, sneaking quiet periods to glimpse at these new acts in solitude. But slowly the resistance to it grows, slowly the man will become bored and want to see something new, something more depraved and down the rabbit hole he goes, every side link on the page introducing him to more and more degenerative and repulsive content. Bizarre sex acts involving unpleasant devices, the drive to fill an anal cavity with your semen despite the clear disgusting risks to both you and the woman, a need to watch women degrade themselves and in some cases see the man degraded in cuckold fetish porn, the list is unending and gratuitous. But what is the final result of this, is it the beginning of an organ shutdown, is it a slow death as you just continue to imbide all that poisons? In a manner of speaking.

You see, this "tolerance" that is built, it does not build within a specific organ but within the mind initially. You begin to find "normal" sex boring, it lacks the excitement, the interest of the more debauched things that you were already offered holds precedent resulting in a lack of function for your genitals, you struggle to reach a peak level. You will find it harder to get aroused at a normal female if all she will offer is "regular" sex, not something to fulfill your "kinks" (unless you intend to seek a broken whore, in which case you are destroying your life even more so by bonding with such a foul creature not to mention inviting in a slew of delightful sexually transmitted diseases). Your mind has become rewired, it has been repurposed to consume more and more of the very thing that is breaking apart your sexual understanding, it has warped them from the pleasure of procreation to pleasure in the taboo and the abominable. It corrupts at a fundamental level. Some may try and use semetic arguments around this, that to deny pleasure is to deny life but I am afraid such pathetic argumentation holds little weight. It is of little wonder the French aristocracy suffered the fate it did with the likes of the Marquis de Sade running around raping children to fill his disgusting lusts for that is the inevitable result of such argumentation in favour of this chain of thought, the evidence is clear to see even through semetic obfuscation.

Anonymous 11/20/2019 (Wed) 23:22:37 Id: 719ce6 [Preview] No.77161 del
(107.74 KB 1200x800 the parasite engorges.jpg)
Some of the modern (((right))) and (((centrists))) will argue in favour of a balanced approach, that the "slippery slope" is a mere fallacy while for instance discreetly avoiding mentioning the acts of those partaking in sexual reassignment surgery and the butchers bill that entails to turn a man or woman into a stitched together creature whom is still what they were born, the only difference being their genitals are now maliciously carved into simulacrums of what they "sexually" identify as. Some may even cite this as a needed "freedom" regardless of cost to our people as a whole, that the individual has the right to act as they please forgetting always that mental illness is indeed a danger to the individual and the group as a whole. These self same people also forget when considering pornography that to produce it requires individuals to denigrate themselves in order to make it, turning them from kin to something barely above animalistic and enticing others to join them in their acts. There can be no half measures concerning porn and degeneracy, no middle ground, it is too corrosive a substance to allow for for we have seen the results of such thinking not just in our current Age of Misery but in epochs past such as the bath houses of dying Rome or the Sodomy within the time of stagnating of ancient Greece.

Consider that this is by no means a modern disease although it is far more prevalent now thanks to the semites deployment of it as weapon, their skill in debasing a people is truly... let us say "unique". It acts as a multi prong attack, first it is as a lure to the unsuspecting, luring the unaware into enjoying pornography with offers of pleasure and endless lust, this is then followed up with a slow poisoning of the mind as he builds tolerance to the types of porn he has already consumed until the man in question cannot interact sexually with a female on a normal level with degenerative sex acts becoming an addiction in place of it thus making him unable to function with them, he becomes something that is almost akin to a eunuch as a result for he is useless with the opposite gender. Normalcy cannot satisfy him, only depravity will. The semite takes significant pleasure in these actions, after all over 98% of the porn industry is ran by those of the tribe, it is an enjoyable business for them on multiple levels when you consider it all. They get to watch white women get defiled by negroes on regular occasions for they greatly enjoy debasing of the cattle, they get to take money from those same targets either through direct pay sites, sponsorship's or advertising and they get to put a halt to the population growth of the target nations. Throw in their open admittance to finding pleasure in the targeting of Christians with this market (I am not a Christian myself but this is worth mentioning for Christians reading as it's well documented) and you have the full image of the purpose of pornography by and large. By the end of it all, you will no longer be a man, just a puppet to lust and to you women will no longer be women, just a tool to fulfill these desires, not a mother to your child, not a love that reminds you of of what were fighting for, she is now just a hole you need to fill. I mean consider for a moment, in most pornography you are watching some other man have sex and do countless other acts upon a woman, it is not you in that act, it is him, you are a bystander, it is a form of almost selling cuckoldry when you consider this aspect. You may try and do mental gymnastics about this act as claiming "well I'm imagining that I'm him" but regardless you are at the end of the day still watching another man plow another woman who is in essense now just a mere piece of moaning meat. It's subconscious cuckoldry even if you try deny it. This is what you must overcome.

Anonymous 11/20/2019 (Wed) 23:27:40 Id: 719ce6 [Preview] No.77162 del
So now we come to the key question, how does one escape the clutches of this addiction, of this self inflicted degradation. The first thing to do is understand it's purpose is not to alleviate sexual desires but to instead poison them, it is destroying you on a level you may not fully comprehend. Much like an alcoholic who does not know his drunken anger is causing harm to those around him, you yourself are causing harm to those who might one day call you their love for you will not be able to grasp how to be with them on both an emotional and sexual plain. You must cease making false excuses up for this action, it is not a need, you do not die without pornography, it is an addiction and must be treated as such, it's damage may not be quite as visual as others but it is so very present none the less. Upon understanding this you gain the first layer of defense against the parasites predations. Pornography's goal is to draw you in, it is to tempt you back into descending into depravity. It is only with a steeled Will you will resist it, a Will you must learn to build. A man suffering from a constant "need" to satisfy will usually do so under specific circumstances or times, be it just before bed, a day off or in a brief window where he is free from duties. You must place something else within these windows of time to break the routine. Books, music or some other form of distraction in those periods can help a great deal, meditation if you feel capable of it can also offer a good alternative but I shan't harp on about that as it's a subject commonly discussed.

The same applies if you encounter something that triggers an aroused response, you must acquire control over this urge with refocusing on other aspects of import. Some favour a method of association, for instance if a man is addicted but values hygiene, a simple mental comment of "imagine the smell", while being somewhat of a meme, will illicit a disgust reaction as an example, such an exercise may be of use but be careful of what associations you use lest they backfire and repulse you from procreation and women completely or lead you to the pathetic MGTOW or incel and inevitably to oblivion. Speaking of the pathetic and weak look upon that recent "coomer" meme, is it not the ultimate expression of nihilism much like the clown world meme? It is an acceptance of the status quo, an acceptance of all that poisons with the nihilistic reaction of "lol clownworld" or "lol cooming". So what if your being broken down mentally through degradation, so what if your women and children are targeted to be defiled, so what if your future looks bleak, can't change it right? Lets just go jerk off and moan. Utterly pathetic. We control our own fates, our own futures. We decide it. We must reject all the darkness of this age wholesale and stand together as Men, as sons of Europa where ever we may be. Never surrender to the cowardice of nihilism or degeneration.

To conclude you must realise there is no magical way to break pornographies grip without you choosing to do so and do so you must. You hold greater value than you believe for would the semite work so hard to defile both ourselves and our women were we not a threat, if they did not fear us would they be so angered by the very concept of our rejecting of degeneracy? You must choose to rise above the poisoned waters and the degeneracy, you must choose to walk with your brothers against the nightmare of this time. Those of us by your side, we can help you to your feet and fight with you but you must raise your own arm in defiance as well for we can only carry you so far. Together we will make it but only if you choose to reject all that weakens you, that turns you into a slave to their machinations.

Anonymous 11/21/2019 (Thu) 02:55:32 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.77164 del
(72.48 MB 854x480 Porn-is-control.mp4)
Once again very well put. Here's some background information on that subject. The jews brought degenerate pornography and peddled it, continuing to do so to this day.

Anonymous 11/21/2019 (Thu) 03:17:36 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.77165 del
My post above would only take one file so I'll leave the other video I intended to post for another time. This site doesn't seem to allow for multiple large files anymore. As for the mutilations of "sexual reassignment surgery", here's more on that. I'm spoilering the images for those that may not be used to viewing such subject matter. They'll need to be clicked on. Make no mistake about it. Sexual reassignment surgery is an exercise in pain olympics. Some of those who were tricked into searching for that know what I'm talking about. Post-Op trannies have mutilated their genitals for life. There is no going back.

Anonymous 11/21/2019 (Thu) 06:30:36 Id: e0eeeb [Preview] No.77166 del
Does anyone have some suggestions on what constitutes good soap? On that, are there any good boards I should go to for these kinds of questions?

Anonymous 11/21/2019 (Thu) 18:29:59 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.77173 del
(189.67 KB 720x311 soap.jpg)
Soap is only going to remind us of one hoax around here. Why do you anons keep coming to /pol/ to ask things irrelevant or complain about the site in general? It's a politics board. Thought that was obvious

Anonymous 11/24/2019 (Sun) 23:55:31 Id: 66dbc7 [Preview] No.77218 del
Hah, I actually almost spat out my coffee being reminded of the soap, it immediately bought to mind those hilarious lamp shade and electric floor claims. They really did grow desperate with their libels when they thought these up, didn't they also claim something with an eagle and a bear at some point too, I have a vague recollection of something to that effect.

As it's tangentially related to hygiene and some of our brothers may struggle in knowledge of that area of /sig/ I'll offer what I know. Firstly, the less added chemicals the better. A touch of fragrance is perfectly suitable but the key to finding a good soap that isn't filled with cheap chemicals is to look at "organic" soaps. Yes, I find these labels quite frustrating too, I hear organic and my mind immediately thinks an unwashed degenerate sitting in a field with a drum pretending to "get back to nature" but it's more than that. By opting for something with simpler ingredients you can sidestep a number of potential issues such as exacerbating eczema, oily skin, dry skin and so forth. Now such a thing does not always have to be expensive, some can actually be rather cheap and work a charm. I would say a good day to day one for showering and cleansing is olive oil soap, most are made using simply olives, water and minerals, it's quite effective and usually has no scent but even if it has a few more than just the base above as long as it says naturally sourced you are mostly good to go. As a general rule when it comes to looking for something of this nature pay no more than £2.00 ($2.50) if it's for general use. You do not need something artisinal or "hoity toity" as they say, you merely need something functional and moderately pleasant, a bar of decent soap should last somewhere between two weeks to a month at most. If wishing for a scented one you should especially look for organic, having real lavender in place of that cheap chemical facsimile of it is vital, chemical copies of scents often have detrimental effects to skin due to the base they'll use. Basically you want the fewest ingredients possible in a bar of soap, check where it's sourced from (Israel is a keen peddler of these kind of things internationally thusly helping their economy would be unwise) and make sure your not paying ridiculous prices for something that is quite cheap to make.

Oh a useful side tip is to remember a good lather with a bar of soap is usually superior to shave with than shaving foam, just remember to make sure you have a good warm rinse after to remove any left over soap from your follicles. It'll improve your complexion also, people often forget shaving foam too is usually a combination of slurry such as potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide. Compare that to a simple lather of just real soap and you'll notice the difference after a few weeks, your skin will be less tired looking and it can also help a tad with razor burns if your prone to such things.

The golden rule is; if it's readily available, cheap and had tons of extra chemicals thrown in, nine times out of ten there is a Berg, Stein or Gold at the head of this company ensuring that it is "goyimfeed" being made available for the parasites host nation. If they back something it's usually poor for you. Always look for how things operated pre parasite influence and make well educated conclusions on things from there, this includes simple aspects such as hygiene and those selling the items for it.

Anonymous 11/25/2019 (Mon) 03:14:24 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.77219 del
(2.41 MB 1575x1302 028.png)
(918.94 KB 838x5076 outrageous claims.png)
(72.26 KB 831x706 1405702433596.jpg)
>they also claim something with an eagle and a bear at some point too
You are correct. Here's a lot of outrageous claims about the hollow hoax. The 2nd image has sources cited. You should read through it for a laugh or cringe.

Anonymous 11/26/2019 (Tue) 09:34:58 [Preview] No.77232 del
>anne frank was able to access a nice caligrapy pen along with BALL POINT PENS even though children had to whittle sticks to a point and burn that point to char and write on birch wood in order to draw and do makeshift schoolwork
>experiments to change eye color

Anonymous 11/26/2019 (Tue) 10:21:56 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.77233 del

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 02:53:50 Id: a51b60 [Preview] No.77322 del
(111.87 KB 1024x743 forging a future.jpg)
I apologise for my absense of late, with Yuletide nearing I have found my time somewhat limited. Tonight I return once more with a subject of interest; Upon the topic of Power.

Power is a mercurial thing is it not. It can be turned from a solid, immovable thing to a viscous gel slipping through ones grip. It's a subject our opponents are most familiar with, their power not in the traditional European form of strength of Will or noble ideals but rather in the manipulative forms of finance and scheming. A clear cut opponent to the ideals of the European peoples principle of power. Our leaders, our weak and pathetic leaders, fell one by one to their machinations, lust for personal gain overriding their duties thusly allowing for the gravest of insults to the sons and daughters of Europa to occur without real resistance, that of ursery and indirect slavery. What happens when one rejects these notions of greed and lust, well look no further than the Men who stood against them in the 1930's, look upon the ashes left and tell me what you see. A betrayal, possibly the greatest betrayal in the history of our people. This is how odious, how manipulative the parasite is with it's power. It's a stark realisation is it not. GDP is more important than a nations native people. Trade is more important than protecting them. How very semetic the world has become.

The parasite exercises power in a way only they can, to turn the world as gray and disgusting as themselves. To denigrate and shackle the spirit to the mundane and the horrific. A truly vile state of affairs has emerged under their disgusting ideals, a state of affairs we must together fix. This is why we must not merely fight to gain power but understand the methodology behind it. Yes, finance and information, both are power in one form but they are power on the purely material level, within the realm of the European spirit there is a far greater power, a far more effective power. That of the power of the Will. Now this is a subject I have spoken on in earlier posts but in this post I shall endeavour to explain it's greater purpose and how to utilise it to maximum effect.

First we must start by dispelling the notion that "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely". This is one of the greatest lies the parasite has ever shared for it *holds* power, it pushes this concept for it's own gain. Do not seek power cattle for power is unjust, only the evil seek power, it must be shared, not guided by an individual with noble ideals and vision for his own, share it with us instead goyim should you get it. It is not power that corrupts, it merely amplifies the corruption within the wielder themselves. Throughout the history of our people, those who rejected the parasite but held power proved the lie of this claim of power corrupting. Be it the resistance to Jewish capital in the 1930's Germany under Hitler, the leaders of the Goth tribes in Germania, the Men of the Scythian and Aryan migrations, Men like Mosley, Mousillini and Rockwell, these individuals all held incredible power, a power to speak to the spirit of their peoples and to use it wisely. It is only when power is taken by those with darker tendencies and weaknesses that power itself becomes a danger. Does anyone think it is any surprise in this Age of Misery that those in the high halls of politics and industry all share the same disgusting attributes and goals, is it any wonder these vile creatures all attend the same social circles and have the same degenerate tendencies as they covet more and more influence with other degenerated brethren.

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 02:55:57 Id: a51b60 [Preview] No.77323 del
Oh, the semite will tell you "But goyim, if you wish to succeed in *our* system you need to be like that, you need to be a sadistic animal". Yes, in *their* system you do. But *we* are not the semite. We are not the parasite who leaches upon the lifeblood of others. Our power, our innate power does not come from strength of finance or the power to twist truths to our own ends for we are above such sickening and psychopathic tendencies no matter how far they try to drive our spirits and our cultures down. The European people, for all the semites attempts to hide such notions, have a sense of justice within themselves. This is a natural state for our people, one that spurred revolutions for both good and ill, one that is now hijacked for the semites own goals in the form of "Social Justice" and it's various other degenerative ideals. This is an exercise of their power, an effective one yes but one limited. Consider for a moment friends, consider just how much they control. Finance. Media. Government. Countless forces that are arrayed against us. Yet here we still stand, here we still rally against these hateful creatures despite all they have, all by an act of Will. It is a demonstration their power is not absolute, even after centuries of ursery and political manipulations. There is something fundamentally vital to the European people, an energy that even when coerced into something that harms themselves is still there even when buried in a corrupted form. It is this sense of justice when utilised right that can be an unshakeable conviction against their predations.

So just what is Will. When I speak of Will I do not mean some intangible concept of esoteric origin. No, what I refer to is allowing the spirit to just take action. Instead of hesitation it is Will that drives you forward with a "No I will not capitulate and drink your poison lies". "No I will not just die". "No I will not surrender my people". Will is the force that propels one onwards, it's effect sharpened by strength both physical and mental and it's direction guided by knowledge and wisdom. It is what turns a man into someone noteworthy, what makes a layabout coward into a Man of Action. But there is something one should note here. Not every man can become a Man. Most of our people, they are vulnerable in a way, they are simple and require guidance from Men. They enjoy the simple things, a cold beer, a sports game of some sort and to be left alone. Simple things for simple men. If we lived in an age where poisoned lies were not whispered into their ears, if they were not deluged by false realities where the negroid and the arab are "just like you" this may not of be too much concern but as it stands it is an issue, their lives even if simple could be led to a greater purpose than they realise by true Men of Action had this not been the case. We must understand in turn it is not the masses that need to learn of how to become better but you, you who have found this thread, you who see the poison within our people and wish to purge it and take back our future. The men who sit at home wishing for simple, they will follow you one day in example, whether it be a single friend or an entire nation, by demonstrating you have the Will to be something more they will follow you seeking guidance. This *is* our power. No not all of us can become the embodiment of the European spirit, we all will have places we are lacking in one form or another but it is vital we all understand the power of Will none the less for this is a power the semite does not have. There is a quote from Goebbels that rings so true to this.

"Good propaganda does not need to lie, indeed it may not lie. It has no reason to fear the truth. It is a mistake to believe that people cannot take the truth. They can. It is only a matter of presenting the truth to people in a way that they will be able to understand. A propaganda that lies proves that it has a bad cause. It cannot be successful in the long run."

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 02:56:53 Id: a51b60 [Preview] No.77324 del
(170.38 KB 1024x695 will made manifest.jpg)
Think on what he said here for a moment, just consider. He says that you not merely need not lie but you may not lie which speaks to truth as an objective idea, not the semetic ideals of subjective where all manner of falsehoods can be offered to cover ones vile trails. Truth is truth. This is a fundamental tenant of the European concept of justice. This is the essense of manifested power we have, not merely to form our knowledge into propaganda as Goebbels did but to lead men with positive aspects within it by demonstrating an unwavering stance upon these truths. The phrase "The truth shall set you free" comes to mind when thinking upon this for in a way it will. When one accepts the truth of a situation he must become determined to do what must be done in one form or another to resolve it. If a man sees the ethnic replacement of his nation, for a time he may try make excuses, try to hide from it, ignore it to the best of his limited abilities. But when he accepts this is a truth, when he accepts that something must be done, Will begins to manifest.

He must accept whole heartedly that he must be the emobodiment of change and build a resistance to the lies of the parasite for their goal is to sap this Will so he will not resist. "Oh our people will be a minority in the States by 2040 or even 2030, yolo fuck it time for porn" will be the implanted suggestion within a number of circles, a very deliberate acceptance of the lies pushed by the semite that there is nothing that can be done. It is your Will that allows you to not merely resist these lies but to counter them with reminding brothers of the strength, dignity and achievements of our people. Share your Will with them by reminding them of not merely what is at stake but just how they can defeat the enemy even in the most simplest of ways. Each Man must choose his own method, be it a brutal frontal dispelling of lies or the implantation of our own concepts of battle in this struggle. Will is simply you manifesting nobler principles into reality without hesitation and giving others guidance on how to do the same to a degree they feel capable of.

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 02:57:58 Id: a51b60 [Preview] No.77325 del
(111.87 KB 1024x743 forging a future.jpg)
Now one may look at this concept and try to simplify it, try to claim "oh this is just the power of positive thinking" but this goes a tad deeper than that. Positive thinking is helpful yes but it can also offer a crutch. It allows for excuses such as accepting failure when there is no room for it for accepting defeat gracefully is oblivion when concerning our people. Will is something beyond this simple idea of "positivity". It is a certainty. A certainty that you *must* do what you can for your people no matter how small. That you *will* do it for no one else can, no one else is strong enough to bear the burden of knowledge upon you, that in place of self pity or nihilism you rise above and lift your brothers up with you no matter the cost. It is the culmination of the idea that no one is coming to save us therefore we must save ourselves. It must be built up bit by bit yes for in this epoch the darkness looms over like a diseased miasma but once built is becomes unassailable.

Your spirit becomes unbreakable for you have faith in something greater, you see a greater purpose, a greater goal than the simple and the mundane the semite wishes you to have. It is a drive for greatness in yourself and in your brothers. This is an idea that must be restored to us if we are to succeed, the idea that things surpass the common ideals of commerce and materialism and require us to share the strength and resources we have with our brothers in whatever form we can offer. The semite will never allow us access to funds to deploy against them, they will never allow us a moment in the public square unless they firmly control it. But enough Men with the Will to not merely lead but to offer them faith in a future as things collapse is a far more powerful weapon than what they possess. A Man with strength of Will is a man without a price. It is a man who cannot be broken by petty wordplay or pathetic machinations. This is who we are. This is who we will be. I know this can be done for I myself have did it as have others. We have the power to make change, no matter how small, individually. But if we rally others to us and open the way for others to build upon our ideals, if we show the power of our Will and how they themselves can achieve what we have then we have the tool to break the parasite in a way it fears most; an indomitable force they cannot coerce nor manipulate. An arrow to the heart of the beast.

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 10:44:06 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.77327 del
Decent words yet again. You bring a rare quality to this board.
>Instead of hesitation it is Will that drives you forward with a "No I will not capitulate and drink your poison lies". "No I will not just die". "No I will not surrender my people".
And the mind-slaves of the enemy reply with "You're so negatve. Why do you hate everything? Why not just accept the 'love'? White supremacist! Racist!" Bullshit and buzzwords. It's like the subject of doublespeak in another thread. Racism is in reality the desire to have entire cultures destroyed so that certain races (European) do not exist anymore, but jewish media brainwashing warps that reality. As Goebbels said, "One cannot defend himself against the jew. He attacks with lightning speed from his position of safety and uses his abilities to crush any attempt at defense. Quickly he turned the attacker's charges back on him, and the attacker becomes the liar, the troublemaker, the terrorist." Yet Goebbels, long after his life has ceased, has been frequently misquoted out of context, mostly construing that he was a liar, when he was in fact describing jews. It is just as he predicted. Meanwhile, "the master race" as Hitler described the jews as trying to achieve for their race, has been pinned falsely on the Third Reich. The jew always turned the attacker's charges back with falsehoods. It's an elaborate game of "no you!"
>"Good propaganda does not need to lie, indeed it may not lie." etc.
You would make a decent truth propaganda minister. Yet many are going to be needed to combat the enemy parasites infesting our nations. They have many ministers of lying propaganda.
>He must accept whole heartedly that he must be the embobodiment of change and build a resistance to the lies of the parasite
Exactly. Public shootings by lone wolves only empower the enemy kikes. They fear actual resistance by numbers, so do what they can break us up psychologically (the Freudian concept of honing jewish mind-games), even on a back-woods imageboard such as this with very little traffic.
>"Oh our people will be a minority in the States by 2040 or even 2030, yolo fuck it time for porn" will be the implanted suggestion within a number of circles
>a very deliberate acceptance of the lies pushed by the semite that there is nothing that can be done.
There are many more psy ops than that. This is why kikes are depicted with wringing hands: the jew mind is always scheming. For instance: Hitler and National Socialism are the deterrent. They figured out through "de-nazification" LYING propaganda how to turn stupid people away. Yet there remains those who still follow Hitler and the purity of the NSDAP. So, what the jew does is try to villify Hitler in the context of we who hate jews. They call him a jew, which is so obviously a lie. They call the NSDAP Zionists. They spread the traitor Otto Strasser's words, and since the Strasser brothers cooperated with Communists and kicked those out of their meetings who spoke "anti semitism", the attempt comes full circle to bring National Socialists to Communism. Even "gas the jews" is nonsense they spread, though gas was only effective against lice and gassing one individual at a time has only been proven possible in state executions in airtight chambers. Certainly not basements with flimsy wooden doors and glass panel windows. Absolutely not by incinerating 6 million between 42 and 45 in brick ovens behind modern crematoriums which can't even do that, while bicycling in between gassings. Such BS, but bullshit is the jews' game. It's wordplay through lies. They'll try to take us all through their Kabbalistic belief in words and numbers sorcery.

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 11:09:49 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.77328 del
I was in a rush to type that. I forgot to explain the true position against "You're so negative. Why do you hate everything? Why not just accept the 'love'?", which I'm sure we all know already is this - You're not negative for supporting your people. It's a positive. You do not hate everything, you hate the enemy parasite that hates you and wants you destroyed. You do accept love and should have endless love for your own people. Yet responding in this way to those typical knee-jerk outbursts of brainwashed imbeciles, I have found their minds shut down in Pavlovian response. Replies happen such as "whatever!" which is laughably never an argument or mere guttural noises. Sighing, grunting, pursing their lips to make farting noises. When a monkey is upset, it screeches just as they do, flings it's arms around, throws shit. It's sad how people reduce themselves to the behavior of primates when their jewish conditioning has been challenged.

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 04:17:46 Id: 9af6bb [Preview] No.77541 del
(124.51 KB 960x640 winters grasp.jpg)
Such clarifications are absolutely vital, especially the point regarding our position being a positive one. The semetic inversion of our morals has had a disastrous effect on our reasoning skills resulting in the rejection of all that is beautiful and the embrace all that is ugly. A horrific state of affairs. Where men once had bravery in their hearts they now have cowardice and misery. We must aim to change that, no matter the cost.

Tonight's topic will not be of the heady sort, no grand exposition on Will or strength but rather one that I hope will help during these winter months, a subject most prevalent for some. That of how to handle the feeling of isolation in winter.

During the long winter nights it can be a struggle sometimes can it not. As the sun waxes lower in the chilly skies it's quite easy for one to feel a sense of sorrow on the breeze, a sense of despair. Oh, many attribute it to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and such like or make some excuse but let us cut to the heart of the matter. The world in a way is quieter and lonelier in winter, isn't it. Not in a literal way but as a whole, the year is drawing to a close, the winter cold cuts deep into one as things seemingly begin to feel harder than usual. It's a familiar struggle each year isn't it, you feel time passing yet nothing changes, just a feeling of lethargy eats away at your soul as the days grow colder. Even things you do regularly, things you know you should do seem a struggle in this period.

It is of no surprise many feel this way for this is natures time of renewal, the crescendo of her decline before her rebirth during the Winter Solstice (the longest night of the year before the sun begins to return). In seasons past we had brothers to turn to, wives to lend us their strength, family to remind of us what is important and and a community in which we would feel a part of to lift our spirits and give us strength which in turn is partly why celebrations are held both on the Solstice and on Christmas Day for they are something we could all take part in as a community. While some do have these structures in one form or another many more do not. Many more stand alone or distant from those who could provide the succor they need, when combined with the burden of knowledge and duty those of our ilk carry, it is no wonder so many fall into misery or despair. It is a hard time made harder by the loss of all that once made us whole.

In the dark, lonely hours of the night when ones mind wanders to the darker places it is easy to feel despondent, the temptation to numb the pain either in an intoxicant or in an unrelenting resentment of the world is ever present. I know this because I knew that feeling intimately some years ago for a few winters, I believe it was likely my first "red pill" as it were. When I left the decrepit pit of my home city and found there was a real world where my people still lived truer, not the hyper reality of the media illusion, it was intoxicating. I felt at home at first if a tad alien. But as time passed and October began I began to lose that feeling. No matter who I spoke to, no matter what I did I could not fit in with those I lived around even though they were fellow countrymen. Where I locked my doors when I was still home they left their unlocked, when a local Christmas fairé was on I'd only briefly visit but never socialise, every time I walked home in the early evening I'd still be looking over my shoulder or glancing down side roads for trouble.

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 04:20:58 Id: 9af6bb [Preview] No.77542 del
(3.02 MB 3888x2592 isolation.jpg)
London hadn't just been a lie I had been living, it had been a leech, sucking away every last ounce of trust I had for my own people for I believed them to be just like the negroid or the third worlder. It stole from me something precious and in winter this horrific mindset became amplified and isolated me even more so into loneliness. When I lived in that city I had been distracted, a much simpler man entertained by much simpler things for that was what was to be expected, be it media consumption, alcohol or women, it was a hedonistic paradise for an empty vessel. Escaping it was liberating but I believed I had nothing to replace it with at the time and for nigh on five years each November onwards I would retreat inside myself, my gloom and misery overriding everything as I felt I was truly alone since leaving my old life. I overcame that through understanding the how and why of it all but that is something I shall come onto later. This is merely my story though, an example of how one can suffer through those months, we each have our own, our own paths we walk in this cold season where we feel alone. In a way we are alone, that is true. But we also are not.

As the parasite draws away the warmth of our spirits and drains the lifeblood of our people to fuel it's infernal mechanisms it is getting harder and harder to find comradery for where can we look? There is no single answer for this question but there are avenues to consider. A first port of call should be family. Now being the men we are we can often find it hard to communicate with our kin, their insistence at living within the dream world the parasite has enforced can be an exercise in patience but they are still your family none the less and in times of distress they can provide you the support you need. You need not unload all your burdens upon them, simply a phone call can be enough to remind you that you are not alone, that there is still someone who still cares about you. Be it a mother, father, sibling or even estranged kin, they can be a reminder that you mean something to someone and that is the most important thing to remember in these winding months. Failing family then friends can be a help although this again can be an even harder proposition than family for I have seen many a man become so insular he struggles to even find bonds of friendship and understandably so in this time where we are apostates against the degeneration of our nations. However if you do have bonds then a simple text message may be enough to lift the spirits but it is a poorer thing than sharing a drink or catching up over a meal so if possible go for that angle, if not, then go with simpler methods of indirect communication (that is not an excuse to skip out on building brotherhoods however, the enemy requires you to be lazy to be miserable, bear that in mind). The key is simply realise there is someone out there whoever they may be that genuinely cares.

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 04:24:45 Id: 9af6bb [Preview] No.77543 del
Now the above solution is not a catch all, for some these are not options, either through their own choice or circumstances beyond their control some are isolated from the grim world fully. The ties that bind are gone and they are left adrift in this lonely time. To those of you who are, I ask you to do something. I ask that you remember you have a purpose beyond what the parasite would believe you have. In past posts I have spoken about all that has been taken from you, your past, your future, your kith and kin. They have taken so much. They would take your life too if you allow it. At winter when we are alone we are at our most vulnerable, easy pickings for the degenerative properties of this current epoch. We see no avenues of escape, the dream of a brighter tomorrow easily smothered when all that lays outside our door is a cold and bitter land with no one to keep us hopeful in the dark hours, no one to keep one warm at night. Our people survived the harsh winter nights not merely by intelligence but by our spirit as well, our shared bond with one another where when one found himself lost in misery a brother would lift him up so we would all survive as a people for that is what is required, that we stand together. This is how communities operated, how *we* operated as a people in times past. Some out of arrogance would attribute it to "Christian morality" but considering if one looks at history prior to Christianity it existed among us even then it instead becomes a statement that is the height of arrogance. No, this communal brotherhood is something intrinsic to us, to the European people where ever they may be no matter how far we go back in history.

As I've mentioned in >>76383 this feeling of comradery is something we must fight to bring back but also something that many are in desperate need of in this moment. A light, a belief in something tangible beyond hopeful words in an old book or what some stammering buffoon says in a podcast. Thusly I would ask you to not merely find faith in your brothers who stand with you in far off lands but in yourself as well, that you and only you can lead you out of the misery of these dark months. A new dawn is coming, not merely as the nights grow shorter after the Solstice but for our people as well if we Will it. None of us are alone, you who are feeling the creeping shadow of misery are not alone for many others feel it. You must not only master yourself and your feelings at this time but use it to become stronger so that you can lift others from this misery also, it is our duty as Men, as sons of Europa to lift each other when we are at our weakest. You may not have a brother by your side at this very moment but know you are not abandoned. You are not alone. If you were would there be a board like this still, if you were would I take the time to write these words? I am a stranger, we all here are strangers on boards like this. But we are drawn together seeking both knowledge and for a glimmer of something more. It is a demonstration of our spirit as the inheritors of Europa and her legacy that brings us together here, it is a belief in something more and a resistance to all that would destroy us. Take heart in this fact, in this realisation for it shows that regardless of what comes we stand together even in the loneliest of months.

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 19:04:02 Id: 6f2c32 [Preview] No.77584 del

London isn't a real thing man. Hasn't been a thing for centuries. That place is beyond esoteric and filled with lots of creepy voodoo shit.

Unless you go there for money, you're not going to get much out of it. But the same thing goes for any major metropolitan city

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 16:37:16 Id: 134754 [Preview] No.77629 del
(306.08 KB 620x465 a city replaced.jpg)
I grew up there during a time when I was not aware of the rot that had been creeping in. To my childhood eyes it was home, a place that was mine. The part I lived in was fairly quiet, the disease that ravaged the center was still spreading out and had not reached a crescendo in my area until some time later. It was bad when I left but it still had some remnants be it the dwindling number of elderly ladies always getting their "perms" at the local hair dressers to socialise as they always did but now with a touch more fear than when I was a child (a perm is a type of hair cut, curled mid length, it was an odd habit) or the gentleman who ran the greengrocers who would always gift a bit of fruit during the summer when me and my friends would pass his shop to go play in the park, his shopfront lined with plastic front panels in place of the open bunches of crates it used to be before for "youths" had taken to either stealing or wrecking his stock regularly. It wasn't all dark when I left but you could see the tendrils of "diversity" were already having an effect. It is all ashes now. The hairdressers where old ladies would congregate to keep their community alive is now a disgusting kebab shop. The greengrocers is now a halal meat butchers. My friends after my departure either dead through drugs or alcohol as they tried to survive in the misery of it all or relocating further afield to the outskirts, hoping against hope the disease will not spread to their new lives. Nought but ruin awaits them yet they will do nothing for their children's future against it all, they have all become weak as they grew to be men.

I have never returned to that part after leaving permanently, the rare times I go back it is a private affair. A few times a year I go to visit the graves of family and friends but that is all. I have no business there and were it not for my duties to those gone I would never return. I know my wife would rather I didn't but I think she also understands the why of it all. It's a depressing city, oppressive in it's facade of "diversity" and "unity" with the remaining English populations commuting in from the outlying areas, all dead eyed and grey in appearence, mingling with the golem swine the parasite replaced the cities population with. Everyone is on edge despite the forced brevity you'll sometimes find with the "average Londoner", those few locals who tried to stay inside the belly of the beast never seeming truly at ease and for good reason.

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 16:53:05 Id: 134754 [Preview] No.77630 del
(146.28 KB 1024x681 abomination.jpg)
Lining all of this as you point out is the odd "esoteria" or what the local councils call "art installations" dotting it's main sections as well as the odd facades on certain buildings. I've seen them a few times over the years, degenerate pieces of objet d'art filling the parks and plazas especially. You'll find they always have a parasite funding these monstrous abominations, they are awfully fond of placing them near beautiful architecture. If I recall correctly there was one such horror, a legless and armless pregnant woman adoring on of the columns in Trafalgar Square. I remember when it first went up and thinking even in my pre "red pill" days that it was a disturbing piece. I can assure you however it has descended far past degenerate and esoteric art in that city. Yes it does have the odd "Masonic Egyption" oddities but that's present in a wide number of cities in Britain (Edinburgh has a number of them as well as an interesting Obelisk) but these are tied to the semetic idealisations anyway, they are simply presented in an alternate form, the more disturbing pieces are the ones akin to the mural at the base of the Eiffel Tower. If you want a glimpse at the degeneracy and odd "esoteric" statues there are two places particularly rife with them, that of the area surrounding the disgusting den known as the Tate modern art gallery and an area known as South Bank. Both are havens but you'll find then all over central as a general rule.

There is one more thing concerning London of note though regarding the esoteria angle. You'll find that despite the addition of the brutalist buildings built around the city within the mid 20th century they have still tried to remain true to the classical structure of the city overall, many of the odd adornments have been added later for reasons unknown. To my knowledge these adornments begun on a smaller scale when some of the Egyptian surveyors of the 18th/19th century returned and begun emulating some of the styles on the recovered examples of art and statues out of appreciation for it with them initially adorning their places of work inside and out while there were also gifts of these pieces by Middle Eastern leaders during the 19th century such as Cleopatras Needle which was gifted to celebrate Nelson's victory at the Battle of the Nile as well as other gifts to celebrate the Battle of Waterloo (this alone was an event worth looking into for this battle made a number of parasites very rich). However this does not explain the odd murals and Obelisks that were built in the early 20th century but if I were to hazard a guess, and note this is purely conjecture, as the establishment became more and more infested with semetic influences these became indirect demonstrations of their power, although could potentially tie into the more bizarre "Archon" theory some posit of which I remain skeptical but open to if we are to go into esoteric concepts. My view on these odd statues is a nuanced one, I believe it began as an appreciation for discovery and a fetishisation of these discoveries initially then morphed into a "flex" overtime as it were for there is something distinctly alien about these objects in appearance compared to their surrounding buildings, they deliberately do not fit. It could be an early prototype of the "modern art" demoralisation angle the semite is so fond of with a deliberate attack on standard European aesthetics but again this is also conjecture based upon what we know of the parasite. It would explain as to why they became so prevalent then tapered off over time to be replaced with more repugnant examples of modern art.

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 17:08:29 Id: 134754 [Preview] No.77631 del
My apologies, forgot to add further examples of the "beauty" of London's vibrant art and esoteric statues.

Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 05:40:15 Id: 6f2c32 [Preview] No.77670 del
I understand how you feel but it's best to move on anon. London is never going to turn back to how it was. The childhood memories you had will never return unfortunately

Nothing last forever and everything is in perpetual change, so its best to adapt and evolve I suppose. Maybe move out to another country if you want. Large ethnic migrations have happened before, so this isn't the first time its happened. Gothic migration during the waning years of the Roman Empire, Arab expansion during the Islamic age, Scandinavian migration during the Viking age, etc

The people that make those "art installations" things do it to "psych you" or just to demoralize everyone. Just make you and everyone that looks into it uncomfortable to feed of the unnerving energy it brings out of people. I think. Try looking at pre-modernist art online or to a Classical art museum to cheer you up.

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 10:33:56 Id: 9be1aa [Preview] No.77776 del
I would just like to apologise for the lack of content of late in the thread, I've been suffering a rather nasty chest infection for a short while and have thusly not been in the right mindset to cover /sig/ topics with what downtime I have being spent on recuperation. I hope to have a topic by Saturday evening, maybe Sunday if I'm still a tad rough.

Need Advice and Help 1/2 Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 05:24:17 Id: 572c5d [Preview] No.77782 del
(642.76 KB 1022x731 It's_All_So_Tiresome.png)
I would type a more well put together post, but I’ve been putting it off lately, and if I don’t post at least something, I feel I will never get any advice and help from any of you anons that I desperately need.

I currently feel hopeless with my future, in terms of career and purpose, especially purpose. I’m currently getting into a career in which the job is very monotonous and boring but would give me enough to pay bills, buy groceries, and save enough to be somewhat decently and financially sound.
I also feel like I have no purpose to strive for and feel like my life will be waking up to go to work an 8am-4pm job every day. Due to this, I hardly set and goals at all as I feel there is no point at all. I live in a location that doesn’t allow me to indulge in activities or hobbies that I like, let alone having enough cash to enjoy them even if I had the chance pursue them. I can’t seem to socially connect with anyone, as if I try to engage, I will only get one-line responses. I know I need to get outside more, but there aren’t any areas where I live that I can be socially active, either making friends or finding and engaging with women. I‘ve tried searching for ways to fix this by finding things to do outside of my home, but I live in an area that has only shopping malls and chain stores, restaurants and bars, flat terrain, and movie theaters to be engaged in terms of being social and pursuing activities, and nothing else. Since I cannot find any outlets that I like to pursue in and afford to do (mostly outdoor activities and sports (swimming, outdoor rock climbing, camping and hiking in mountainous areas, and also that gives an adrenaline thrill like sky diving and bungee jumping) I mostly stay at home wasting time and am hardly social.
I used to workout, but I hardly do that anymore. Even if I try to, I barely seem to try to. At most was a week of calisthenics and running. Now I just walk long distances (5-7 miles) in the weekends as it is the most effortless exercise I can do. However, my diet seems to be rather decent and healthy-ish and I don’t engage in the liquid-jew or the smoking-leaf-jew.
I had a real goal to look forward to once, and it was (as stupid and reckless as it sounds) joining the YPG in Syria to fight against ISIS. I was very serious about it too. I started to engaged in physical exercise and was very disciplined about it too to get myself conditioned and pass the training academy that international fighters go through, teaching myself guns and weapons from information, manuals, and clubs, and looked up any information and articles about the current situation for foreign fighters and general information about the civil war in both Syria and Iraq. The only problem was I was still in college and it would seem wise to go without finishing my degree. Once I did, I got a job and saved up enough to afford some necessary gear, a plane ticket to go over to Iraq-Kurdistan and travel via guide to Rojava Syria and a plane ticket to return back incase things didn’t go as planned. However, by the time I had enough saved up, ISIS’ territory was reduced to a small town and later considered defeated and YPG had no need for any international fighters to join. I ended up being purposeless again.

Need Advice and Help 2/2 Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 05:26:08 Id: 572c5d [Preview] No.77783 del
(480.26 KB 800x875 SelfReflection.png)
The only goals now I seem to have in life are saving up for an emergency fund, having a job that allows me to pay the bills, feed myself, and have a decent roof over my head, and to travel. Now the traveling goal isn’t a goal where I pursue in to enjoy myself (going to tourist attractions, staying in hotels, and getting the best selfie shots like all other people you see do and to post their travel pictures on social media), but to go to areas around the world where I can observe and learn how other cultures and societies interact and live their lives, regardless if I have fun or not (as that is not the point). It would be nothing more than giving me opportunities to learn and engage in firsthand experience of those societies, its peoples, and cultures, and compare that to the one society I live in, its culture, and find ways to improve it and establish my own way to live life. To give a similarity to what this travel will be, as I interpret it to be, it would be like Lycurgus of Sparta’s travels and return to Sparta, or Peter the Great’s travels to Europe and return to Russia to improve the country. I want to be able to learn from other societies and return to mine to find some way to improve it.

I feel like I’m living in some sort of limbo or a personal hellish dimension of reality, but I’ve grown a strong desire to get out of this hell that has been eating at me for the past few years. I want to fix both my career prospects and finding a noble purpose to live for. Now, I don’t know about the career prospects and I would sure as hell hate the idea going back to school to waste time and money to switch to another career path that I may or may not enjoy, but I can at least focus on the purpose to live for, as I believe if I can solve that, then that will allow me to get back to self-improving, as it will be self-improving towards a noble purpose. If any anons need any clarification of my current situation in order to give me better advice and guidance to improve my situation, I will be more than happy to do so in reply posts. Any advice and wisdom will help, or maybe anything that you have went through to get out of a similar hell. I just want to get out of mine.

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 23:19:26 Id: 3f7c0e [Preview] No.77791 del
(174.06 KB 1000x1250 lost.jpg)
So firstly never be afraid to ask for advice, this is not cuckchan nor fedchan, the purpose of this place as well as this thread specifically is a refuge for fellow sons of Europa like yourself. Even if you cannot fully articulate your thoughts they will always be heard.

> I’m currently getting into a career in which the job is very monotonous and boring but would give me enough to pay bills, buy groceries, and save enough to be somewhat decently and financially sound.
> I live in a location that doesn’t allow me to indulge in activities or hobbies that I like, let alone having enough cash to enjoy them even if I had the chance pursue them. I can’t seem to socially connect with anyone, as if I try to engage, I will only get one-line responses. I know I need to get outside more, but there aren’t any areas where I live that I can be socially active, either making friends or finding and engaging with women.

So from your description would I be correct in assuming you live somewhere one could term a well developed suburbia? As it sounds awfully akin to such a place, we have somewhat similar things where I reside, the soulless commercialism, the hollow trappings of shambling masses indulging in the most tedious of exercises to numb themselves further. Now there is a reason beyond this description that I believe this may be the truth for;

>Since I cannot find any outlets that I like to pursue in and afford to do (mostly outdoor activities and sports (swimming, outdoor rock climbing, camping and hiking in mountainous areas, and also that gives an adrenaline thrill like sky diving and bungee jumping) I mostly stay at home wasting time and am hardly social.
>I had a real goal to look forward to once

This strikes me as what one could consider the "purgatory" of the modern European soul. It's somewhere between the hell of the sprawling "diverse" hives modern cities have become and the freedom and closeness of rural communities some others have come to find. It is only in the partial escape vector of suburbia that such a mindset can develop when compared to the constant edge and wariness of a city dweller or the determined mindset of those who escaped the clutches of the modern semetic world and fully grasp what they must defend. What you are currently feeling is the ultimate form of dispossession, an understanding of how grim the world is and how all that surrounds you hangs upon a knife edge, the threat of ethnic invasion and semetic machinations ever looming. You chose goals, noble goals, of self improvement but found over time the weight of the world made your shoulders sag and hope slowly fade. Does this ring true at all? I would also say your goals started mayhaps a tad too lofty though if you are indeed serious when you say;

>and it was (as stupid and reckless as it sounds) joining the YPG in Syria to fight against ISIS. I was very serious about it too. I started to engaged in physical exercise and was very disciplined about it too to get myself conditioned and pass the training academy that international fighters go through, teaching myself guns and weapons from information, manuals, and clubs, and looked up any information and articles about the current situation for foreign fighters and general information about the civil war in both Syria and Iraq.

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 23:20:09 Id: 3f7c0e [Preview] No.77792 del
(65.78 KB 1024x576 where to go.jpg)
While such a thing I can to a degree understand the purpose of, it is too far flung a concept to just "do". You of course have the first issue of the difference between actual combat and simulated combat but you have the greater issue of that you chose to engage in a battle that is at best only tangentially related to the battle that truly effects you; that of European Dispossession. You sought purpose in the battle someone else. Such a thing even if executed right is just running from reality. You wouldn't be lauded as a hero or a Man doing the right thing, you'd be a stranger in a strange land seeking purpose where no purpose can be found, not for you, not for a man who has no connection to that land. I would say this issue is exacerbated when you say;

>The only goals now I seem to have in life are saving up for an emergency fund, having a job that allows me to pay the bills, feed myself, and have a decent roof over my head, and to travel. Now the traveling goal isn’t a goal where I pursue in to enjoy myself (going to tourist attractions, staying in hotels, and getting the best selfie shots like all other people you see do and to post their travel pictures on social media), but to go to areas around the world where I can observe and learn how other cultures and societies interact and live their lives, regardless if I have fun or not (as that is not the point).

When I hear travel, I do not think of Europe but world wide which would again be a distraction. It is not the world itself you are disconnected from but yourself, your people. Tell me, and for obvious reasons do not be too specific, from where do you hail? I believe from your use of the term "shopping malls" that you are a far flung son of Europa dwelling within the United States, am I correct? If that is true then I can very much understand your dispossession for the semetic power brokers have made the separation between those of the colonies and the heartlands deliberately vast with their exultation of "new identities" to replace those which such men and women truly belong too. For example, the once differentiation of a man seeking freedom from tyranny and those loyal to a crown have been reduced to "freedum luvin' merican" or "drunken' aussie shitposta". They are no longer Dutch Irish nor English or Scottish for the most part and what little identity most do cling to when mentioning these facets is usually some mild adherence to drinking a particular drink or hating a particular European sub group with the overlay of the new identity grafted over it, a new face that covers the true one at the core of the peoples in question. These new faces though, even with the nations they founded and the soil they enriched as they developed new lands, in their hearts they are still sons of Europe no matter where they be, this fact must be reconciled if a man is to find belonging in this world. His homelands will forever be calling to him no matter how far his feet may take him and no matter how many generations pass.

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 23:21:14 Id: 3f7c0e [Preview] No.77793 del
(51.68 KB 620x330 find home.jpg)
>To give a similarity to what this travel will be, as I interpret it to be, it would be like Lycurgus of Sparta’s travels and return to Sparta, or Peter the Great’s travels to Europe and return to Russia to improve the country. I want to be able to learn from other societies and return to mine to find some way to improve it.

Your ultimate goal is clearly seeking a reason, is to find identity in an age where the semite wants you to identify purely as a "fan" of some tedious sub culture or political ideal within the left or right spectrum, not a true Man, not a son of a particular homeland, not a Man who belongs to something greater. I once thought like you. I would look at so many different cultures and religious philosophies, desperately grasping at each one in the hopes of finding something, anything that would relieve the underlying feeling of dislocation. Gnostic Christianity, Catholicism, the Hindu texts, Japanese culture, just something that would help me find belonging. But no matter how far flung I searched I found nothing that was mine, nothing that I could truly say I belonged too. Until I looked inwards. I looked at myself, at who I am. I am a European Man. I am a son of Albion with a dash of Nordic and Germanic thrown in for good measure. I am an Englishman. I have my slings and arrows flung at me and for good measure, those who were meant to be our finest have proven time and again to be our worst while those who were worthy of such praise are naught but dust and echoes. But I still aspire to be like those true Men, I still aspire to capture the ideals of those who dreamed a better future for us. You must do the same. You must find to where you connect, to where your blood calls out to. Be it Scotland, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, where ever your blood hails from is where you will find your path to finding the Man you wish to aspire to be. It is your heart that is calling you home, that aches for something more. You are alone in this world because you are choosing to be alone, to find belonging in things that aren't yours. You must seek home again.

What I would suggest is this. Firstly seek where you came from, where your blood line came from and visit there first. Do no visit the tourist traps beyond any great monuments they have, you must visit the lands themselves, you must travel them and know them. Yes, some may consider you "another damned tourist" or such like but as long as you show respect and do not act untoward they will warm to you and may even be sympathetic if you share with them the truth of your visit if a chance comes up. You must soak up this identity for it is yours but do not gorge yourself, slowly imbibe it for it can be a heady broth if taken all at once. Build your identity from the ashes of the old bit by bit, intertwining it and intermingling it with what good facets you hold currently. Use it to understand your nature. Once this is done expand to brother countries within Europa, witness the sights and beauty it holds for they belong to all sons of Europa, we all bear the burden of protecting them in whatever way we can. Visit the beautiful Christmas markets in Germany's quieter cities, witness the beauty of the Nordic tundras, enjoy a glass of fine wine in one of Frances unspoiled areas, learn not only of your direct family but their brother nations, their strengths and foibles, their gifts and beauty.

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 23:21:56 Id: 3f7c0e [Preview] No.77794 del
Should you do this, should you succeed in this then you will finally understand for what you fight, what the true spirit of the European people is. For who you fight and more importantly why. You will find purpose beyond the mundane goal of surviving and finally understand what it means to be a son of Europa, to understand the greater meanings to strife and struggle for only in that can we find beauty and purpose. Mayhaps in this journey you would find the woman you were seeking and find even more purpose in starting a family, this I cannot say for certain of course but a Man with a purpose is a Man women will be attracted to. It is with this understanding of both your identity and yourself that you will find newfound strength to continue, to raise yourself up and fight on once more and know that you will not do so alone. I shall not lie, I feel like I could happily pass out at this moment, this chest infection is taking a nasty toll. But I do not leave a brother European stranded in a dark hour nor do any fellow sons of Europa who believe in our cause. We fight as one. We fight along side you in this dark hour for we understand the undertaking that is demanded of us in order to ensure our survival as a people.

At this time you are holding the compass but unable to read it, my role in this is to help you read to where the arrow points. It is pointing to where you desire most, to where your identity and thusly your greater purpose lay. I know how miserable these times are, I truly do. I know how it feels on dark nights when it is quiet with only the rain or silent snow for company. It is a miserable moment to reflect when you feel hollow, it feels like the darkness you have tried to keep at bay is slowly seeping into your soul and it takes all the strength you have not to weep at the prospect of such a miserable age in which you cannot find belonging, where all that lays before you is either hedonism or nihilism. But you are not alone in this. Your people are still here, still standing amidst the chaos and conflict of this time. We are all still here. You are lost because you do not know what you seek. In career, in life goals, you do not know where to go. You must go home and understand it, not permanently go there, just learn of your true spirit. Even if a mix of European blood like myself you must embrace all that constitutes the truth of your spirit. It is not in the material or the alien culture that you will find a place. It is home. It is home that you will find the path you seek most. It will not be easy or simple. It will be hard and take time. But you will understand your reason for being. That I can promise you.

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 05:20:43 Id: 6f2c32 [Preview] No.77847 del
People in Northern European countries tend to be colder than other countries. Just something to keep in mind

>I feel like I’m living in some sort of limbo or a personal hellish dimension of reality,

That happens to the best of us. Just try to think what you want to be doing in the next 10-20 years and work to get there. Try to map out how you can make it happen and start from there

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 01:09:49 [Preview] No.77863 del
You are not alone, as though you may feel. I must emphasise the importance of Will. Something all humans struggle to actualise fully, especially during these bleak times.

You can not expect to find interesting or similar people when you are not engaging in activities which pique your own interest, and likewise will be unable to meet those like you and form bonds. I was in your exact situation. Jobs and qualifications I never wanted, lack of opportunities for my favourite activities in this concrete island, such as camping, hunting or hiking... and only a dwindling friend group of losers, quite frankly. Sometimes it is difficult to develop the Will to make a drastic change, when not in a healthy mental state. Doubt, and a stagnant atmosphere can impede your motivation, and so you must change your perspective.
But for example, temporarily leaving this country was immensely helpful - for my perspective, as I was able to prove that I could start a new life for myself, with dozens of like-minded friends, and plenty of activities to do that were able to remind me who I truly am. But I then had the realisation that 'white flight' and escapism is childish. All I needed to know was that there were places worth living for on this Earth and that I was a capable man. And so I returned home to be with my people, family and close friends - regardless of their downfalls, for I have a duty to them to be their Man of Action. So the first thing I will emphasise is that travel is something you should definitely aspire for, as it is a good exercise for developing the mind. Not in the white-girl-instagram way but more so the understanding your capabilities, exploring your unhindered pursuit of your genuine interests, etc.

Secondly, you talk about career. Do not fear taking a step back to take steps forward. I spent much time studying in acadamia, and now I am learning a trade. I faced the same worries about time, money, etc. but now I feel that it is better to bite the bullet so-to-speak than to prolong your inevitable calling any longer. I think subconsciously we all know what we want or have always wanted to be, we just need time to sift through the bullshit to once agan remember who we were before indoctrination.

A side point, consider the use of psychedelics for introspection into your subconscious, they have helped significantly, as a perspective shifter.

For physical self improvement, you need both a role model and a purpose, which are intertwined. You will not be properly motivated by looking up to muscular narcissists, for example. Look instead to the image of a strong, protective Father, or something akin to an Arno Breker statue. You must look to embrace your purpose as a Man (I assume), and subconsciously I think you know exactly the responsibilites and purpose one has. The same genetics of perhaps billions of the fittest Males are within you. So do not let doubt cripple you atleast.

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 01:15:24 [Preview] No.77864 del
>Visit the beautiful Christmas markets in Germany's quieter cities
I have just come back from visiting some friends, and for the last few hours been contemplating how to kill myself hence why I have come to browse /SIG/ knowing you can help. Knowing what Germany used to look like, it is no longer a place I enjoy visiting. The most horrifying isn't the streets of kebab shops or the aggressive, cloaked and brown families of five, but seeing inside the mentality of a once great people. I have spent a lot of time around perhaps hundreds of Germanic girls in particular in the last few years, and it has for some time now been whittling away at my soul to see the merchant's disturbing influence on their lives. My only consolidation during times of despair like this is knowledge that we Men of Action exist. We must be proud that we are sane in an insane society, and to realise our responsibility to those whom we love regardless of their mental poisoning.
I am coming to ponder strongly on various concepts, such as that of Will, Struggle, and Fate.
Without suffering and struggle the world would not be nearly as beautiful as it is, as struggle is the catalyst that has shaped us into the very beings we are today. Likewise it is not something to be defeated by, but rather something to embrace, for through great struggle will be forged an even more beautiful world than before. Our struggle is far greater than that of the last century's - whom despite an immensely difficult situation, a genuine Volkisch empire was forged, through the effective utilisation of their Will. Now our burden is much greater, and henceforth actually something to be embraced, and be proud of, for what comes after strife and victory is a stronger and more beautiful future.

I apologise if this is a relatively rambling or incoherent post, I rarely make posts, although I have been lurking for a decade. I appreciate that you are all still here, in times when we need eachother the most.

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 05:16:03 Id: 100cbf [Preview] No.77904 del
It is quite coherent, never fret about how you present yourself in a place such as this. Something written from the soul holds just as much weight as something written by the hand of the greatest writer so no need to be concerned.

It is a struggle to see how far we have fallen as you say, it's odd you mention such a thing as I was watching some old footage I found on an old USB while I had some peace the other day. It was me and some old school friends, my guess was late 90's as it was converted poorly. Oh, of course the disease of semetic corruption had already seeped into my city far before then but in the footage, even in the heart of that foul place, my little group were still innocent. It was a football game, nary a token negroid or Middle Easterner in sight. For a moment I was happy in remembering a simpler time where all that concerned me was how much pocket money I would get for some sweets and whose house we were going to play some video games at. Then I realised something. Six out of the twelve of them were dead. Two to drugs. Two to suicide. One to health complications due to medical malpractice by a foreign doctor. One murdered in a street robbery. The rest bar me? Either ran from the pit we grew up in or slowly festering away within it still, obese and ignorant or gaunt and shiftless in short order. Each soul to the last broken and shattered in some way or another. This is the story of so many of our cities and areas now although not nearly to the same scale Germany has suffered.

Germany, a nation which dared to resist the semetic grasp paid a cost unimaginable to any of us. It dared to dream, dared to be free and it's own brothers poisoned by the lies of the most vile and insidious of serpents turned on it and after their blades were plunged into it's heart this is what is left for both the "vanquished" and the "victors". It's only crime being that of a future for it's people and by extension that of offering a chance at a future for the European people as a whole with it's demonstration that semetic commerce and corruption need not hold power over all people. That a nation can be forged for the good of the people as a whole. This is why the Germanic peoples after such a "rebellion" had to be crushed for they refused to be slaves, to be servants to a beast so foul that it dare not show it's true face lest it be hunted to the last. Those who would resist must be made desolate for otherwise they pose a threat. Little did the parasite understand the European peoples are not quite so easily conquered in it's heartlands or colonies. Yes, Germanic women, much like a great many Western women have become damaged, it is the very purpose of the semite to do that to them for is there any finer exemplar of beauty and grace than the traditional European woman? The semite demands they be turned into a simulacrum of their own foul hags for a darkened soul must taint all things beautiful. It is their envy that makes them such pitiful creatures. It is their arrogance that believing such a thing is permanent that is their weakness.

You are quite correct in understanding this struggle is what will mark us as Men rather than men and the components that construct such a being. It is the quelled European spirit we must awaken, the one that kept the darkness at bay, that demanded all sons of Europa stand against the shadows that befall them. We are many nations, many wayward sons flung far across this world but we are one people, one unbreakable force that stands against the tide of seeping despair, it is this that marks us as the men who will lay the foundation of a greater future for only Men of Action can, for only Men with faith in themselves and each other can stand against the encroaching tide. I am gladdened to know within the words shared here you find strength and a reminder in what we must all become. We will make it together. As friends. As brothers. We will never tire nor slacken. Raise a glass Christmas Day to this ideal, I certainly will be.

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 00:29:58 [Preview] No.77954 del
I'm sorry to hear of your former friends, anon. Not surprising given the state of our capital, however.

>it's odd you mention such a thing
There are no coincidences, I feel as though all of us here are living parallel lives in this bizarro world. I'm sure you're aware of the concept of synchronicity, although nowadays I feel more as though there is some guiding hand, uniformly leading us toward our shared destinies.
I find interesting the concept of a simulation, and the notorious NPC meme - it truly feels as though only a select few of us are capable of comprehending and taking control over our own existences. I'm conflicted between a complex material understanding of the universe, or the idea of a pre-determined matrix in which fate has ordained our place within it.

>Yes, Germanic women, much like a great many Western women have become damaged, it is the very purpose of the semite to do that to them for is there any finer exemplar of beauty and grace than the traditional European woman?
Very true. By eroding our most beautiful pillar with their poison, the Semite has undermined our societies by removing the gender balance, destroying the family unit. I still see the core values prevalent in our women, and it is my belief that, as strong, role-fulfilling Men to lead, by our side the women will not only follow, but embrace fully a greater purpose.
In order to fulfil this role of leader, and to bring the topic back to self improvement, I would kindly request some advice regarding one of my flaws - speech. Being mute during my early years, I never properly developed my speaking abilities, and have always tended towards a mumble/lisp, and sentences can come out completely jumbled, yet when under the influence of psychedelics speech is loud and clear, and I can feel the speech reverberating through my diaphragm, I am unable to replicate this ordinarily. While I assumed it was related to anxiety, at times it feels physically impossible to replicate. I believe it to be my main downfall, and a self perpetuating cycle that I am determined to break free of - would you happen to know any exercises to work on speaking with command, or advice for communicating with others? Socially I do well but I find it a little restraining to be unable to connect my thoughts to my speech at times.

On Diet and Cooking Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 01:20:56 [Preview] No.77955 del
Food is one of the essentials of our existence, providing the energy we need to create and grow.
As an essential everyday skill, and a form of art culminating from centuries if not millenia of our ancestors' relationship with the land, cooking is a chain in the link that is being lost. With globalisation, fast food megacorps and New-Age diets, traditional cooking methods that ties us to our land and people, and allows us significant self sufficiency is becoming an increasingly threatened way of life.
With poor nutrition and knowledge, a significant percentage of the population has been quite literally reshaped into overweight, unsightly caricatures of humans, barely resembling the men from which they descend whom built the very nations in which they reside. In many places where such food becomes a viable alternative to home-cooked food, it is unbelievably easy to indulge especially for those with no cooking knowledge, and so these people end up in detrimental physical states.

For those unfamilliar with cooking, I suggest recipe boxes, in which self chosen recipes and all ingredients are conveniently delivered to you, as a good way to grease the groove and make it easier and something fun to get involved with.
With the internet, access to virtually all types of recipe are accessible.
Spend time with parents, grandparents if you can, to learn more about their cooking traditions, for it is your role to preserve them.
Cooking is a social event, invite friends over, family, etc. and make/share food together. Make a cheap and rewarding event out of it.

In terms of diet, I would suggest calorie counting to control your weight, eating at a surplus or deficit where necessary for the purpose of weight manipulation. There are a plethora of good quality apps available for tracking food intake. Even if healthy, it is a good idea to do this for a few weeks as a method of portion control, and a way to grasp your macronutrient intake.
Whole foods, and traditional recipes tend to be the most balanced foods - they are time-tested after all.

As with all types of self improvement, you must gradually ease your way into the new way of life, not overcomplicating the process. For example, not trying some organic, non GMO, vegan diet when you are unable to cook or diet in the first place.

As you progress, consider growing your own food. You would be surprised with how well you can supplement your diet with only a small piece of land, and taking a bare/overgrown piece of land, and using it to create something edible and delicious is an extremely rewarding experience.

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 06:39:13 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.77958 del
You need to train your manner of speech and vocal chords? Sing. When you're by yourself is the best time to practice. Even if others see you as you're driving, forget them. I speak to rooms of people sometimes as part of my profession, when I used to be a shy shit. I have no social fears anymore and my voice is often complimented such as "you should be a voice actor" by brainwashed normies. If I were to get into that job, it would only fulfill kike agendas as they use my voice to promote filthy jew propaganda. Choose your favorite voice type, find songs like it, then practice every day you're home alone or driving.

Anonymous 01/01/2020 (Wed) 20:06:29 [Preview] No.78038 del
I havent fapped or fornicated in 2 years.
my new goal is sleeping 6 hours,from 6 to4 (this is a vedic yoga routine)
I sleep 9-11 hours,its awful.
im considering cutting vidya and limiting anime.
I already do sports and my diet is ok.
anything else I should do to power-up my life?
ive been reading tim ferris's books

Anonymous 01/01/2020 (Wed) 20:09:11 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.78039 del
Read Mein Kampf.

Anonymous 01/01/2020 (Wed) 20:36:54 [Preview] No.78043 del
is attomwaffen a legit group or degenerate pys op?

Anonymous 01/01/2020 (Wed) 21:02:22 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.78045 del
Ernst Rohm had to be purged for a reason.

Anonymous 01/01/2020 (Wed) 22:12:47 [Preview] No.78048 del
Share your life hacks/SI excercises.
I'm putting together a paste bin of SI practices and material routines.
>Cold showers
>Semen retention (nofap,nocondom)
>I. Fasting
>Waking up at 4am
>chin ups/pull ups daily
>Sprint,not distance run
>Take the neck pill!
Suggestion;sleeping on the ground
Also more esoteric stuff like the 5 Tibetan rites
or using binaural subliminals

Anonymous 01/06/2020 (Mon) 01:37:08 Id: 5c6496 [Preview] No.78116 del
(71.48 KB 600x479 whitesnotproblem.jpg)

Anonymous 01/06/2020 (Mon) 02:15:27 Id: c2edbf [Preview] No.78119 del
It's a psy-ops

>Suggestion;sleeping on the ground
Don't do that. Get some good rest before doing anything. It's vital to living well anon. But everything else sounds good though

Anonymous 01/06/2020 (Mon) 13:30:22 [Preview] No.78129 del
press F to go back

also what do you guys think of India?im starting to actually like India,seems like a nationalist country

Anonymous 01/06/2020 (Mon) 18:15:38 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.78130 del
It's a country that's a prime example of what happens with race-mixing. They're the end result.

Anonymous 01/07/2020 (Tue) 12:52:58 Id: 88e862 [Preview] No.78140 del
(50.17 KB 600x400 pain intolerable.jpg)
So I wish to apolagise for my absence over the last month, Yuletide was met with some rather unpleasant events alongside a nasty chest infection which had me out of commission for the most part. Such down time did however allow some formulation of a subject which is especially prescient at this time of year where some find themselves afloat in the malaise of this new year (or decade in this case) in which a Man can find himself falling into darker thoughts much like the tides of Yule within December. This is especially relevant as the full treachery of Trump and the western leaders at large are paraded before us like foul marionettes of semetic puppeteers.

Today's topic is upon the healing of ones own wounds. This is a painful subject for many but it is a subject we must confront if we are to become stronger.

An unspoken truth among those of our ilk, we seekers of understanding and justice, is that we all in one form or another been damaged by the very thing we sought. To bear the knowledge we hold, to delve into it's murky depths to discover a fate most foul engineered by creatures filled with hate and to witness the atrocities committed by it's golems is a torturous thing. One cannot tread these waters and remain unscathed. The best way to describe it would be akin to holding ones hand over an open flame. At first you recoil, withdrawing your hand as your bodies instinctual reaction is to escape it, the nerves screaming at you to keep away. But you know within that flame is the object you seek, a truth you wish to recover so you dive in, tentatively at first then longer each time. With each piece of understanding, with each returning of your hand to the flame the nerves within it whither, the pain while excruciating is part of the burden you must carry for truth cannot be handled without such sacrifice. Thusly over time you grow rich in knowledge, gorging on the forgotten and the unseen but at great cost. The skin still bubbles when you place your hand back in each time but the pain ebbs away with all that remains being numbness, numbness and a cold hatred that permeates for those who have wronged us in the most vile of ways. Hatred born of injustice and cowardice, at resentment for those who refused to resist this false reality and a disgust at those who revel in it by choice. It is of little wonder so many of our kin embrace either nihilism or unquenchable anger for how else is a man who sees the truth of the world meant to react, how else can he counter a world and future so foul. We are left off balance and off kilter, our minds never truly healing for the illusion of all that we believed had been proven a lie. Democracy. Equality. Liberty. Freedom. All lies, all words made meaningless by a parasite who ensured it's own goal of sublimation would have these words serve as ties that bind men to their semetic treachery. We find ourselves lost and adrift and in turn hurt ourselves and those we love and fight for in our desperate grasping to pull ourselves out of the darkness such understanding gives.

Anonymous 01/07/2020 (Tue) 12:54:45 Id: 88e862 [Preview] No.78141 del
(186.58 KB 1600x2046 melancholy.jpg)
The pain of truth, the burden of it, it is something we all carry with us but rarely do we try to heal ourselves of the wounds it causes. I myself even advocate for using it as a fuel to burn to propel ourselves to a greater future, to light the fires within ourselves. But I rarely speak of how this affects us beyond this use. How this knowledge affects all of us in a deeper manner than we realise. Allow me to offer a story regarding this. I've briefly mentioned how I became "red pilled" (urgh, such a derisory term nowadays thanks to it's use by the redundant groypers and pathetic alt lite) but the truth was it was a little after that, it was more when I learned of the true sins done by my nation in pursuit of semetic goals. Discovery of just all we had done was akin to pouring salt into an already open wound, it reopened something I thought had healed over and tore at my spirit. While I was fully aware Britain was by no means perfect in my mind I had always had the illusion that there were at least some elements of our system that mayhaps could be considered noble, salvageable. But as I understood more and more I came to the conclusion it was merely a fantasy on my part. Men I had considered heroes were traitors and those I had considered fringe were Men who believed in our people. In an ironic twist what most modern "culture critics" consider radicalisation was closer to a return to normalcy, a complete departure from the actual radical and diseased semetic ideas of this epoch and an embrace of the true European ideal. Of solidarity between brothers, of unity in purpose, of exploration beyond the mundane of semetic materialism. This return however came at a cost. I found myself and on occasion do still find myself unable to fully communicate with general people. Oh, of course I can pass the time, share some pithy anecdote and play the part of "just a moderately intelligent chap who is a tad introverted" but in my heart I feel myself separated from them. They seem almost alien to me at times, discussing their little movies or discussing some trivial topic from prescribed media, all the usual humdrum of men most grey. I even found myself distant to my love for a spell due to this, introversion was in abundance as I withdrew from the world at large. Each time I considered the future, considered a path forward I would swing from nihilistic surrender to a blazing cold hatred, the fire in me dimming and growing to an inferno as my mind processed more and more of just how far we had fallen and just how vile and hateful the parasite truly is. It left me broken. Misery consumed me. I fell into darkness as so many of our ilk do.

But a phrase stuck with me even through those miserable moments, a single phrase. "No one is coming to save us, we must save ourselves". The knowledge of all that has happened and all the machinations the parasite has ongoing, it crushes, it seems so overwhelming that to consider resisting seems pointless. That was until I realised as many others had before that to simply live was to resist. Of course, I could of ended my life, surrendered my being and my people at large, it would of been easy. The darker part of myself, the part corrupted by nihilism and semetic taught self loathing from media and culture made me think no one would care. No one would remember me, my death would be inconsequential. Perhaps so. Perhaps I am just one man like any other man who is but a single drop of rain. But the other part of me, the part that railed against a fate most foul, it dragged me up. It reminded me that our people are not as insignificant as the parasite had us believe, quite the opposite. Yes I had grown distant to them, loathsome of some. I saw in them a corruption and surrender to a false reality but then I realised what I had gone through to escape it and found my anger at them turn to sadness. Sadness that all that they could be is being stripped away, all that should be theirs given away freely to the undeserving by crook nosed thieves and the foul puppets who serve them.

Anonymous 01/07/2020 (Tue) 12:56:40 Id: 88e862 [Preview] No.78142 del
(18.39 KB 350x501 an ending.jpg)
I have spoken of our achievements and greatness in previous posts, it is for this very reason, this understanding of who we truly are and what we have and can achieve. The Colussus of Rhodes, the Library of Alexandra, the eradication of diseases, grand treatise upon the very spirit that inhabits us, even touching the very veil of space, these were achievements done by Men, Men just like us. Of course visionaries, the pioneers of such grand schemes, their names may well be remembered but these Men were not simply individuals. These achievements were not made simply by them but by the collective efforts *of* Men like us ourselves, Men who believed in the creation of these achievements, who served a higher purpose in pursuit of such incredible achievements. We may not remember the name of every stone shaper, of every scholar, craftsmen and labourer who worked on such edifices but we do not need to. They are already remembered in the realisation of these monuments, in the creation of such incredible works by the very fact it was our race, our people, the European people who achieved such things. It was in this I found understanding.

You and I may not be some great hero leading our people in a front line, not all of us may not end up surviving to see victory. But we *will* survive long enough in the great skein of things to help push our people forward as so many others did before us. This is what lifted me from the malaise, this understanding that even against such incalculable odds before us the spirit of the European man can still triumph for even in his darkest of hours there is still a spark deep within him that not only can shield one from pain but deliver us from it. It is a belief, a faith, something which I have spoken of previously also. It is not a faith in a semetic God, it is not a faith in Christ although I will not attack such figures unless provoked, it is a faith in something greater, in ourselves and what we can achieve in pursuit of nobler ideals. It is a belief that we have survived such horrors before even if we do not fully comprehend it. It is of no shock to find so many ancient European myths concerning end times all share similar traits, an external influence causing a degredation of our cultures and our people ending in a victory at great cost. Be it the Nordic Rangarok, the Celtic Prophecy of Baph the crow Goddess or even the Kali Yuga of Hindu-Aryan prophecy, these tales all speak intrinsically to what transpires today. Treachery. Horror. A time where good Men are few and weak men are plenty.

Anonymous 01/07/2020 (Tue) 12:57:55 Id: 88e862 [Preview] No.78144 del
What we face is not unprecedented. This enemy is not new nor clever. I would posit that we ourselves are the only true counter to such a corrosive and vile creature. Some may put it in the window dressing of Christ versus Moloch or "freedom loving people" versus the "Masons" but such thinking is the realm of children needing a framework to place over what lays before them, an offshoot from the direct situation. The truth that heals, the balm that soothes is not that this is some battle between us and a volcano demon, this is not some conflict with a shady cabal that hides in shadow, this is a battle of Man versus parasite. A battle that takes place within all aspects of the European conciousness, that takes place in the physical and the mental.

We are not at a stage of open conflict yet where bullets are flying and buildings are crumbling although it feels such a thing is close. No, we are at the stage where the physical is infirmity by gluttony and the spiritual is corruption by adulation of the depraved and degenerate. When we pull the roots of the corruption from ourselves it leaves bloodied scars where once was firm if poisoned flesh. The flesh heals again, healthier than before but the mark is left, the skin disfigured. These scars never disappear. But they can be turned from ugly to just a mark to remind of how the wound was earned. A lesson learned rather than a pain to bear. That is the importance of accepting the pain and using it, of pulling ourselves from the agony it offers and using it to reinforce our spirits against the grim tide. Only through strength of Will can we be victorious. Only through sacrifice and bravery can we emerge in the true form of the European Man. It matters not who you are or where you are, if you are of European blood then within you lies the heart of heroes.

Until victory be won.

Anonymous 01/08/2020 (Wed) 02:34:00 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.78155 del
Good to see you again. This subject you addressed hits the nail on the head perfectly. Perhaps I might've had the sensation of disappointment in those I meet in person lessened where I to live in Britain instead of America. There seems to be higher levels of stupidity here. The indoctrinated boomers flat out refuse to listen most of the time. It's a dice roll with mid-20s through 30s, and less than that speak ebonics by majority even when white. Displaced European ancestry people, frankly, are the only ones I tend to have success with. It has proven too much of a risk when a non-white is within earshot. There is only one part I disagree with about your thesis, and that is just to simply live is to resist. I would argue that actually resisting coupled with continued survival not just of yourself, but vesting interest in the survival of your people, is the best (though vague) strategy. Regardless, I hope you have kept these speeches recorded somewhere such as a text document, writing or something similar. These are much needed intelligent reflections you keep gracing us with on this board. In short, you should consider authoring a book.

Anonymous 01/10/2020 (Fri) 15:13:56 [Preview] No.78190 del
Have you guys tried the raw primal diet?
I want to eat only milk,animal blood eggs,raw/rotten meat,organs and bone broth.
I want to own the animals myself or to have hunted them without fire arms.

Anonymous 01/12/2020 (Sun) 02:24:41 Id: cd4a09 [Preview] No.78205 del
You are most kind in your words. It is of no surprise to hear how across all our nations generational deterioration is occurring at a constant rate. Attempting to introduce doubt about the narrative into these groups grows increasingly difficult as the enemy fortifies it's positions with distractions and knives put to the throats of those that defy. Trying to lead them to the truth is akin to leading a horse to water. He will follow on occasion yes but he cannot be forced to drink from it.

Your disagreement is also well met, I phrased my wording poorly. When I say to merely exist I do not mean it in an individualistic manner but in the fact I am a surviving son of Europa, an example of the thing it despises most. While yes at that juncture when I understood this I had not fully realised the gravity of that fully having only a vague grasp of what differentiates a Man and a man, this being that those who pass through the crucible of self doubt and misery and survive it are the greatest fear the parasite have; an unbroken Will even in the face of such horror. This is something you, me and a many others have reached but something a great many others still struggle with. There can only be one conclusion at the end of that understanding, that only within unity of his kin does the European Man become his greatest, in brotherhood does he find what he truly has been seeking, something I may speak on at some point.

As for back ups, I do have a physical back up and a couple on some cloud hosting sites. All burner accounts however so the safety of the cloud ones are shaky at best. As for a book, the goal of this work is purely for the sharing of thoughts and an attempt to offer a path through the darkness of these times to those who may need it. I am still compiling all of it into a PDF for dispersion with some editing but this project is something that will never have a purchasable physical copy or if it does it will be purely at cost should it ever reach that far but such thinking is fanciful in my mind. There is too much at stake at this point. We as a people stand upon the precipice of destruction whether many admit it or not. This work is for those who grow tired of the mask of nihilism or grim comedy, those seeking a way forward without resorting to self destruction or aiding the goals of the parasite with unfocused violent outbursts. I refuse to stand by and watch as all is stolen from our children, I cannot. Our ancestors forged these nations for us, they bled and died believing in something greater than themselves while mothers and wives wept as their fathers and sons died upon fields soaked in blood so that *we* would have a future, so that we had a tomorrow. Even if few see this work, even if it is but a handful it must be done. I have to do something other than spend my evenings either reading or at the gym. We must win this, no matter the cost. This is what I can gift towards that end. I give my thoughts and time freely as others have done for us all in times before this. I do honestly believe we can win this. We just need to remember who we are.

Anonymous 01/12/2020 (Sun) 04:30:30 Id: cb4bdf [Preview] No.78206 del
Yes. It works, but domesticated well cared for animals humanely and swfitly slaughtered through mechanical means or firearm are better eating than strangling a deer with your barehands.

Anonymous 01/13/2020 (Mon) 19:05:02 [Preview] No.78244 del
Im preparing a coon mode/no-internet fast for between 1 to 3 months.
Reccomend me books to read,eco-fascism,self-improvement, the Classics, etc

Anonymous 01/21/2020 (Tue) 03:08:01 Id: 2003e0 [Preview] No.78384 del
Any recommendations on a meditation guide?

Anonymous 01/21/2020 (Tue) 17:03:49 Id: c2edbf [Preview] No.78391 del
We really like your content man. Keep posting more.

I'd post here more often, but I've been really busy lately. So I can understand if you take some time to make more content.

Anonymous 01/23/2020 (Thu) 03:03:11 Id: 555f19 [Preview] No.78405 del
Your posts are filled with masonic secularism and anti-Christianity. It belongs on 8chan not here. Return to Christendom is the only way back to European civilization.

Anonymous 01/24/2020 (Fri) 13:30:58 Id: 1523b9 [Preview] No.78417 del
It's funny you say this as by simply not being uncaring of Christianity you declare me anti Christian by someone proposing a path forward that relies on us and our strength rather than your own desire to propagate a system that has inherently failed to defeat what it itself considers one of it's greatest threats, that of Jewish power. You have helped me make a decision on something I had been making some light footed drafts on, courtesy of your mewling you have reminded me of the distaste your ilk leave me with your need for self insertion of proselytizing and hollow words such as "God will save us, just wait for God" whenever something disagrees with your frail viewpoint with the usual accusation of the "masonic" to hide your inability to argue against understanding the greater part of our people when it is not through the lens of Christianity. You propose that we just move back to what led us here in the first place. Never save yourselves, never find faith in yourselves or to ideals of your peoples by looking realistically at what forged them. Just trust and all will be well. "Oh it's because we strayed from God's light". "Oh it's because were all sinners". Very droll. As a people we existed long before Christianity and so we shall long after. I do not go against the idea of God or the spirit for both are intrinsic to us as a people but I will gladly go against those who would make us continue upon a path of self destruction that Christianity now leads us upon with it's constant self flagellation and inability to effect change.

I have never professed admiration for him nor would I but his work *is* useful if divided from his personal opinions. He does understand certain European qualities that we must rediscover, that is what I "preach", not adherence to his every word. His work can be used to augment understanding of leadership principles, we should use it in the same way one can understand semetic tricks by reading the 48 Laws of Power. His unwarranted ignorance concerning National Socialist principles or the Jewish issue should indeed be pointed out as should his eventual descent into insanity but much like modern culture we should take what we can use and abandon the items without worth which is fairly evident in the case of Evola. His opinions on topics beyond tradition and leadership are akin to the opinions of a chef on flower arrangements at a dinner table. Yes, he may have a vague idea but it lacks nuance or understanding of what is being spoken of.

Anonymous 01/24/2020 (Fri) 13:32:04 Id: 1523b9 [Preview] No.78418 del
(146.92 KB 1171x730 tempestous waters.jpg)
Onto the topic itself however (thank you 555f19 for helping me choose to do so);

A most controversial topic awaits this time. That of the topic of Christianity and the importance of avoiding it's trap. I have debated about whether to cover this but I feel it must be done even if it may cause hurt. Part of me resists posting this, the attacks on Christianity have indeed been brutal of late but simply put this is due to it's connections to the European ethos that I hesitated however now this is something that Christianity itself is inflicting harm upon.

It is absolutely unquestionable that the subject of Christianity is a tempestuous one. A man can argue for and against with ease but in the end it is only with a firm understanding of both the history and the actions of this faith that we can decide a fairly firm conclusion. Those who decry it as a "kike on a stick" while simple in their ethos hold a grain of truth, those who profess "it can save you" also bear a portion of truth as well even if blinded by simple rhetoric. The uncompromising truth however is somewhat prosaic. We must look at Christianity within the wider context of our people, it's origins and where it has led us to fully grasp it's ramifications. So let us begin.

In it's initial form the Christian faith was a clear piece of the tripartite Abrahamic religious system, a system of principles it deviated from to a degree while still partially relying on Judaic frameworks (said deviation more so in the New Testament compared to the Old Testament) presenting a rather serious issue with it in it's base incarnation. One need merely read the Old Testament to know of what I speak, from the tale of Isaac to the "borrowing" of Assyrian and Babylonian concepts and legends within it's construction, it is a very well engineered piece of rhetorical machinery. Now I do not say this to belittle Christ or the concept of the Christian God but these facts concerning biblical texts and Christian theology at large are undeniable. It is a faith built upon other faiths. A faith that subverts, not unlike Judaism itself. Now, no doubt some are perturbed at this comparison and rightly so, for is not Christianity the religion of the European people? Well, yes and no. There is an uncomfortable truth for those who profess Christianity is the true bulwark against the parasite, this being that the parasite has already taken apart Christianity, with ease I would like to add. Allow me to explain.

Anonymous 01/24/2020 (Fri) 13:33:27 Id: 1523b9 [Preview] No.78419 del
(26.80 KB 600x479 becoming prey.jpg)
It is quite true Christianity was remade into a European religion, from it's art to it's theological teachings, it all rings true to the spirit of the European peoples, or rather it did for a time. But due to the very engineering behind the religion specific loop holes and schisms occurred, be it debate on veneration of the Holy Spirit over some other aspect, be it how best to worship, be it certain granular concepts, Christianity proved to be a most divisive tool. If Christianity truly was the religion of the European peoples then why did it's character change so much and become so malleable? Ah, now the classic defense of such events is always "Well x wanted y which goes against z", a defense that one may note is almost always used in some form or another. "Well Catholicism is based", "Well Mormons are based", "Well Luthor is based as he rejected the kikes", it all goes on and on as each separate sect makes up it's own little rules and declares itself as the right choice while forever being unable to find proper unity within the whole. Some may try to put such conventions aside for the good of the people of Europa but sadly these rare individuals do not understand two fundamental flaws. Firstly, by writ of the actions of their own sects and deviations, they will never find true unity for Christianity has become too infested with semitic influence and internal power struggle. The second is that the Christian ethos has not only shown itself incapable of defending it's followers but has been detrimental to them in the long term.

Now when I say detrimental I do not just mean the modern incarnations but far beyond that. Consider for a moment one of the "prouder" events of Christian history, that of the Crusades. Do you recall that classic phrase "Deus Vult" or rather God Wills It? A very interesting phrase, one with fascinating connotations with the "willingness" to assemble an army of Christ a millennia ago. Ultimately despite the Churches best efforts against the Islamic invaders it failed to keep it's holdings, repeatedly. This has been something that has occurred time and time again as it's sordid history continued, an absence of effective action beyond taking some minor retribution against heresies and even then much hand wringing was evident as their own internal politics came into play. It is a faith mired in it's own incompetence, let alone it's failure at resisting Jewish infiltration. I mean consider, did Christ not drive the Merchant from the temple, did he not warn of the "synagogue of Satan"? He clearly did so why is it that the Church and it's countless followers fold so easily to their machinations. This religious "epoch" of the European peoples, this grand beauteous faith, how did it become so redundant if not for it's own failings? Cromwell sought to let the Jews back into Britain seeking to convert, a devout man of faith, and in doing so infested a newly forming empire. The Goth clans after the fall of Rome, adherents to Christ accepted the semite again then as well as they surveyed the ruins of their fallen foe, hopes of converting and again they too fell to it's influence of mercantile. The Byzantine, the papalcy, Constantinople, countless times Christianity has failed to guard the European people and itself against the depredations of those who would prey on us.

Anonymous 01/24/2020 (Fri) 13:34:39 Id: 1523b9 [Preview] No.78420 del
(53.41 KB 561x400 a faith falls.jpg)
One must ask themselves, just why was Constantinople allowed to fall? Were they not also followers of Christ, were they not also "children of the lord", should good Christians of not ran to it's defense? When in it's darkest hour, why was this jewel allowed to be pillaged, sons and daughters of Europa either slaughtered or turned into slaves to labour under foreign invaders, women raped and children murdered, why was this atrocity allowed to happen? Why when the Islamic hordes arrived at Vienna was it not an army of Christ but Polish Hussars who led this charge, where were the noble and the pious then as cities burned and the sons and daughters of Europa lay violated by vile invaders? No where. No rallying cry putting fire into hearts of heroes, no men of Christ marching to protect their kin and their faith en masse, just politics and cowardice. No "work around" to be found by this petty fiefdom of manipulators or charlatans to turn the tide that time. No, they may be brothers but Christianity demands politics take precedence over brotherhood and action and like any good Christian you must adhere to the principals set out, not act for the interests of your own people. You'll be rewarded in the afterlife after all, trust the plan. My, that almost sounds akin to something else of late. But let us be generous, let us consider that this inaction is for a good reason, that Man is at fault and not the then corrupted system that he is tied to. After all, is the outcome not as "God wills it", that these horrific things occurred not to failings but part of a grand design? Is it not required for these atrocities to happen as it was fated to happen, that delightful get out clause where one can wash their hands of their own faiths failings and their own personal ones by "passing the buck"? This has always been one of the foulest concepts within the Christian ethos I've found, this lack of responsibility. Oh how easy it is to be high and noble when it's the spreading of the word but how hard it is to defend it when facing attack.

There is something else one must contemplate when considering the Christian faith, that of it's uses. Many know of the way the "preachers" left for strange shores in the age of exploration, selling the tale of Christianity to all who would hear no matter the creed or colour. One must ask *why*. Why do this. To save their souls? Fair enough but upon what vaunted arrogance does the Christian faith have to claim itself as the "religion for all"? (I eagerly await the "hurr u r just a heathen, u mad bro at that statement). Ah, but it was out of "love" was it not? Love for the fellow "man", love to save the soul of even the most barbarous tribe, perhaps even to "civilise" them in the hopes they too could share in the glory of European achievement, that they could emulate it (a very naive perspective). But I would posit it was something more than simple love or an attempt to civilise barborous tribes. Consider the backdrop for this action. By the time these preachers arrived at these shores the Christian church already had seeds of corruption within it, already was diseased by external influences and material needs not unlike certain other semetic religions, the spiritual second place to finance in the grand skein of events.

Anonymous 01/24/2020 (Fri) 13:36:08 Id: 1523b9 [Preview] No.78421 del
(31.01 KB 364x512 forgotten.jpg)
Oh the individuals may be pious, may be honourable and true to their faith. But the Church itself? Do not insult people by claiming it too held these beliefs. I would posit that this "conversion" scheme, this mass whoring of the Christian faith was not an act of benevolence but an act of power acquisition. The first true attempt at a "Global" faith, a method of ensuring power against it's competitors of Islam and various localised faiths within these far flung regions. A goal in which it found success what with the promises of technology and free infrastructure. Long term however we may note something of import around these events, that being the failure to fully civilise these people to much of a degree. It failed to truly lift up their lives within spiritual realms beyond a modicum of succor but it did provide influence however. It did provide tithes. It did connect people globally even if done through vaunted means. Thusly what did Christianity as a whole do with this influence, did it work towards a grand scheme upon which humanity could grow, did it grant peace to it's followers? No. It betrayed them. It used them and allowed itself to be used by others. It schemed, it grew fat with riches and power. It fought within itself, who being right or wrong not decided by it's own scriptures or spiritual ideals but whoever had the most influence and the most gold to attain dominance. Such "nobility".

Thusly was "global" Christianity born. Thusly was the hegemony created and did Christianity fall wholesale into it's unending fall of irrelevance. The shackles upon the wrists of Europeans was now firmly placed, the *need* to spread the "good word" to all those who would listen inevitably linking us to those not of our kin with the requirement of feeding, clothing, bringing them to "the light" while filling pockets and diluting it's own message even more so in order to shoehorn it among the alien peoples. With this power it did nought but bring the European peoples troubles but it did not matter for the Church for it had it's own interests at heart, those not being those of the people it claimed to preach to. No, I shall not claim the simple followers of the faith responsible nor shall I claim there was not good Men among these masses. But I shall lay at the feet of any who would claim Christianity can offer salvation a call for answering to *how* it can still offer hope for our people. It has proven corruptible, dangerous, even before the events of the Second Vatican Council.

Anonymous 01/24/2020 (Fri) 13:37:08 Id: 1523b9 [Preview] No.78422 del
(114.67 KB 759x600 the fruit withers.jpg)
There is one further charge I would lay at the feet of modern Christianity that is directly connected to it's need to subvert. That of the destruction of the original European mythos. Yes, under the guise of Christianity great monuments have been erected within Europa, incredible edifices worthy of the people who created them. But these edifices, these achievements all came at great cost to ourselves in the grand history of our people. It is often glossed over how many Europeans who resisted this Abrahamic religion were put to the sword, how many towns were engulfed in the "cleansing" Christian flames, how many were slaughtered to make the European continent submit to it's teachings. Of course we all recognise the truth of "might makes right" but that does not absolve Christianity and it's claim of being "European" of it's actions, if anything it makes one question them further. If the Christian faith is so pious, if it's ideals so noble then why did it insist on destroying and subverting so much of our peoples heritage. Why did it have to whore itself by pretending Woden was an analogue for Christ, something recorded within multiple works, why did it have to hide among European traditions and holidays in order to "fit" in. It's actions do not fit some "noble" religion preaching "salvation", it fits with semetic concepts of subversion and blood. It stole a great deal from us and offered little beyond a mask upon which was placed over European advancement and ideals. It is not Christianity that makes the European soul, it is Christianity that has tried to influence it into what we are today. Weakened. Vulnerable. No doubt some would reply with the analogy of "well its kinda European, getting rid of it is like throwing the baby out with the bath water" to which my response is if the baby in question is slowly killing you I do not care if the bath water goes with it or not. There is a more truer analogy than that for the situation we face today however.

Imagine an apple tree if you will, it's fruits most delicious and glistening, an apple tree you helped grow and nurture from sapling to today. One day as you lay your eyes upon the branches once more you see the fruit that has nourished you for so long appears less vibrant, has less luster. You return day after day and watch as most of it's crop whither and the bark slowly darkens, still caring for it none the less. Then one day when you return to the tree you find most of the fruit has rotted, only a handful of still ripe pieces dot it's branches. The sun is still shining but the soil in which the tree grows is poisoned, the fresh water you provided has done little to slow the rot. All your ministrations to preserve it and restore it failed. You can stay with the tree, try to keep it alive despite the corruption seeping through it as parts of it bark slough off and bloated insects make their homes within it's dead branches, it's demise clear for all to see other than the most blinded. Or you can pick the remaining ripe fruits, their skin still glistening and the meat of the fruit still pure and unmolested, savouring the taste of it and planting the seeds from it upon new, fertile soil. Modern Christianity seeks to bring this tree back to life never understanding the soil it grew in was risky from the start. We must be the ones to ensure it's seeds do not go to waste and grant new life as the old tree withers. Something new must be born from it's seeds, a better soil must be chosen.

Anonymous 01/24/2020 (Fri) 13:38:32 Id: 1523b9 [Preview] No.78423 del
It is not unfair to say Christendom for the most part is beyond salvage at this point. One cannot hold the individual Christian at fault, nor should they. But as a faith it must either atone for it's failings which is unlikely or be brushed aside. At this time Christianity does not offer a connection to the spirit, it divides us from it, it places man above nature rather than working in conjunction with it, it offers no real ascension or pursuit of greatness, merely a quiet death with the promise of something else after we fall all the while serving the interests of itself and the semetic elite. It makes us pay adherence to something that intrinsically is not our own. We can place as many veneers over it as we wish, we can dress it up as beautifully as we please but it does not change what it is and what it has done. At it's heart it is an Abrahamic religion, one that has played a pivotal role in our past ascendancy and now our destruction. But that is not to say we should ignore it all together, no I would not suggest that for despite it's weakening tendencies some of it's teachings are useful even if it is composed of subversion's of traditional European religions and concepts.

In my eyes Christianity is indeed something to learn from, some of it's values do hold weight. But I would nary embrace it fully for it does not offer hope nor a future. If brothers wish to stand truly against the parasite and the gloaming darkness that comes then they can still freely hold Christ and the Church in their hearts, none would deprive them of that. But they must understand that the survival of our peoples takes precedent over Christianity. That we do not serve Christ in this grand conflict, we do not serve an Abrahamic faith. We serve our people. We serve our nations. We fight to protect the very soil that was entrusted to us so that our sons and daughters may have a future upon it. We do not fight in their Gods name. We fight in the name of Europa and her colonies. That is to whom we entrust our faith, in our brothers and in our Will to gain victory. There is an unspoken reason as to why the only Christian iconography within populist circles is the Celtic Cross. Why all the rest are ancient European or Paganistic symbols. It is because all those other ones hold truer to ourselves, they are more implicitly a part of what composes the European spirit. It is because these symbols are ours and ours alone where as the cross is now a global symbol. It was given away freely and thusly does not belong to Europa, it is a fair question to ask if it ever truly did in the first place. Our people lived and thrived before Christianity. We shall do so again after it.

Anonymous 01/24/2020 (Fri) 20:02:27 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.78430 del
>Those who decry it as a "kike on a stick" while simple in their ethos hold a grain of truth
No they don't. A man born of a Galilean is a Galilean. A man born of a Pharisee (which is a jew) is a Pharisee. You might have seen the full explanation of these lands being separated in the past, but if you didn't, let me know and I'll be sure to re-explain.

As for the rest of your posts, I'll admit it. Christianity does not help us in this world. It is purely a spiritual subject. Too many Christians seem to be so concerned about the afterlife and couldn't give a damn about what happens in this life. 'Many also consider Christ's death "salvation for their sins" to mean they can do whatever they want because their sins are forgiven. But it's more than that, as you have explained in enough detail already. I must refer to my background for this. I was raised Catholic (through elementary) and then put through a Lutheran private school. There was mass every single morning before classes. Church service. It was some serious indoctrination rather than letting us choose for ourselves. This along with "Science" class where we not only practiced the basest of chemistry, but the science teacher frequently rattled off the lie that Hitler wanted only the blue eyed and blonde haired master race but was confused when the offspring produced were gingers. That science teacher was a jew, and I didn't discover until later than Konrad Heiden was butthurt about what Hitler said. That jews believe themselves to be the master race. Yet another problem with Christianity that didn't exist in the past until Conversos like that science teacher. The jews were frequently expelled by kings and queens for following Judaism in the past, so they took up Christianity as a front.

However, we started with the King James Version bible. We were made to memorize and recite verses. Over time as students discovered "troubling" verses, the entire school eventually decided that the King James Version was obsolete and it was time to use the New International Version. This along with assigning detention to teens that brought up Martin Luther's "anti-semitism". It was then, as we were once again forced to memorize and recite, this time the NIV, that I noticed the differences. The names of gods the kings of Judea worshiped as they burned their children as sacrifices were no longer there. Much of the previous "anti-semitism" was no longer there. This was a revised edition. An infiltration. I discovered later some other ways jews do this. Christadelphian cultists. The Scofield bible with annotations to support Israel and serve jews as chosen ones. Many lobbying groups that also bribe churches, and jewish pastor Conversos that sing hymns to Israel.

What I know is that jews claim they are the original Israelites. We also get faggots on this board that come here and wail the disgusting lie that "white men are the original jews". What these shills never consider is that the jews lie, subvert and take over societies before destruction. For they are nation destroyers. The shills don't realize the jew has never had an original thought and steals everything. So now the jews have Israel and claim to be Israelites and "the chosen people". I for one have taken the position to never believe anything a parasite says.

Back to rephrasing and adding to what I said before. We will never make any progress for the sons of Europa with Christianity, for it is a spiritual subject and not a physical one. The Third Reich absolutely did support positive Christianity, however, they removed jews in positions of power in their nation from the equation and also demanded their party deal with physical matters. The care of Germany and the possession of it by actual Germans. Christianity isn't for this life. It won't solve our myriad of problems caused by jews and the destruction of our cultures and ways of life by those parasites and their footsoldiers. The last best method which was eventually overwhelmed by international jewry is still the best. Hitlerism.

Anonymous 01/24/2020 (Fri) 20:45:13 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.78432 del
(779.16 KB 929x747 1517962824.jpg)
(15.88 KB 255x180 89850880.jpg)
(56.04 KB 500x480 1 (4).jpg)
This means never succumbing to jewish propaganda, or else adherents will become well-known traitors by the rest. You can't say the same about Christianity nor any other religion. As Christianity's many bibles become more and more redefined, rewritten, retranslated and infiltrated, their followers complacently let this happen. My retarded mulatto abomination DM (technically boss) has shilled her church to me and others. It's local. I went. I heard the hymns to Israel, the pastor professing that he is a jewish "scholar", and the excuses he made for jews that begged for Christ's torture and execution. "Durr they were just a product of their times. They rally are da chosen peepul". It was disgusting. Acceptance of jews is simply not the way of those whom follow and appreciate Hitler. Christians that cannot follow him, refuse to admit what their original verses were trying to tell them, and have brought many non-whites into their congregations while professing "love" over their ancestors which fought to preserve their very existence, while denying their culture, are traitors. Nothing more.

Yet the dumbest most brainwashed Christians out there will almost worship their own pastor and claim any deviation from their watered down bible version is "evil", even when the older versions are better translations without words purposely left out with the intent to hide the jews' crimes. I have come across this mass stupidity way too many times.

If any Christian cannot hate the enemy which has sought to destroy their own religion, and which is clearly defined and warned about in their own religion, they are debased and useless.

Anonymous 01/24/2020 (Fri) 23:06:58 Id: 935ae3 [Preview] No.78435 del
(2.02 MB 1200x472 conflicted.jpg)
What you yourself observed with pointing out the changing of verses, the way that it has been altered and torn asunder constantly, is one of the most egregious failures that has troubled me most. The faith does not know what it is any more. Then you have those closer to cultists than believers that throw out cries such as "muh masonry" or some such whenever challenged with things beyond a Christian lens, one finds themselves pondering what there even is worth left among such people when zealotry takes such hold and Men become blinded to both their own texts and the greater European peoples attained knowledge.

You are quite right that this particular battle concerning Christianity is a spiritual one, it most certainly is and always has been. But the spiritual is always tied to the physical whether we like to accept it or not for they will always be connected through us ourselves. A man cannot be noble of aspect if he cannot believe in something greater than himself, he must find something worth believing in in order to have something to measure himself against. This is why my attack is not upon Christ or the Christian God directly but upon those adherents who speak so brazenly about these subjects yet fail to understand that they themselves in some form or another can be considered heretics to what was true Christianity. That they too failed in their duty. Christianity now can be boiled down to either fierce defenders of a particular sect or as you point out people using it as a fast food outlet for the soul. I know there are defenders for the faith out there like yourself who actually care about both this struggle and the Christian ethos in true equal measure. Your statement has more depth than most /christpol/ threads I have witnessed in the last few years;

>If any Christian cannot hate the enemy which has sought to destroy their own religion, and which is clearly defined and warned about in their own religion, they are debased and useless.

This is a truth that resonates deeply, one spoken with love for both Christ, God and our people. But it is not you they will find in those grand halls. It is not those who will offer them understanding or strength to fight on that they will meet. They will find only hollow disillusionment even in the most incredible of cathedrals, they will find priests bent in subjugation to the homosexual and the deranged, they will find LGBT flags proudly flying outside with signs this house of worship is now a house of degeneracy.

Anonymous 01/24/2020 (Fri) 23:11:25 Id: 935ae3 [Preview] No.78436 del
(218.37 KB 600x441 peace in our time.jpg)
It's why when I approach subjects I treat the spirit as I do, not from a specific Christian or even Pagan viewpoint but from an angle of it being something ascendant, something that is integral yet obfuscated in this modern era by semetic corruption, so that in turn the reader can fit it within his own paradigm, so they can integrate the ideas of strength into their existing notions of what is noble and true. I did not want to launch the attack I did, I know it was needlessly cruel. I've felt troubled about it since I posted it during lunch. I do not want to attack this faith, the stifling idiocy of the fedora tippers and the semetic influence within it is already tearing it apart, I do not want to play a part in wounding it further. I see the slings and arrows at Christianity and it does affect me for my family have always been true to Christ even on these miserable shores. I've just grown so tired of the need for those with questionable goals to insert their dogma and assertions whatever they may be into subjects and areas that require unity. Inevitably such moments lead to internecine conflict as Catholic fights Protestant then someone else comes in and suddenly "kike on a stick" comes up then as you point out the "We are the real Jews" is thrown out followed by Pagan viewpoints which will end up lacking in nuance while ending in the phrase "lad" constantly then finally the esoteric Gnostic suggestions arrive and it spirals into pointless argumentation which just pushes people away from more than just Christianity, it pushes them away from the very idea of a higher understanding of both themselves and the world we inhabit. My viewpoint has become simple due to this.

Let the European people find succor to keep the spirit aflame from Christ, Woden or even the idea of a gestalt spiritual consciousness that is Europa herself, it does not matter which to me as long as they fight. As long as they find the strength to stand with us against what comes. Whether it can come from Christianity, Paganism or even some far flung corner of esoteric European spiritualism, it is of no concern to me as long as the goals towards the survival and propagation of the European peoples is put first, let whomever give ministration as they see fit as long as it stands by and nourishes the true European spirit. I can see aspects within both Christianity and Paganism that reflect our peoples and our values, I can even see some touches within some of the odder faiths if you squint very hard (I say this lightheartedly although I have engaged in some fascinating conversations with some interesting fellows who read the Hindu Vedas on the topic of European spirituality and Aryan influences within that text).

I have met incredible Men of Europa from countless sects and offshoots of European spiritual religious teachings. Men of intellect, of wisdom, of both physical and mental strength. All I wish is for them united, a putting aside of the old conflict of "My God is better than your God", this battle ascends beyond that now, our people must find strength in whatever way they can. Catholic must stand with Protestant, Pagan must stand with Lutheran, the religious conventions of old must be paused long enough for us to stand as one. Under one banner for one people. The European people. As you point out, Hitler achieved this, he embraced a reinvigorated Christianity in the Reich but while doing this he also balanced it with European Pagan tradition as well, he found a way to ensure cohesion between the two. He understood the importance of unification. We must do the same but on a scale as of yet unseen by Man. We must unite before all is lost. I withdraw my attack on Christianity but if it cannot find a way to coexist with both itself and the older European ideals then we will all pay the price. We will lose everything. Such a thing cannot be allowed to pass.

Anonymous 01/25/2020 (Sat) 05:24:01 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.78437 del
It's understandable why you broached the subject. Christianity has been possessed and subverted, changed, by the enemy. It probably was meant as a counterbalance to Abrahamic religion in the first place, but has lost all meaning in the minds of morons since. The problem as far back as I can remember, of discussing any religion, is that the discussion typically dissolves into shit-flinging. Yet another issue with religions. And you were right about how Christianity has split into far too many divisions to keep us united. On the topic of violent Christian history, however, any time violent history of white nations is brought up, I consistently endeavor to remember one thing. The fact that none of the historical teachings we've had lectured into our minds can be trusted. Semitic influence is a virus of falsehoods that infects not only the body politic, cultures and traditions, family and soil but also history. Having learned what I did about the jewish Marrano Trans Atlantic slave trade after a lifetime of constant guilt heaped on me for my white skin in my childhood, what I learned about the blatant holocaust fraud, and what I know about what is happening with our modern society being subverted and destroyed; I can't trust most historical references anymore. Where German tribes responsible for destroying Rome? I doubt it, despite being "taught" otherwise. Especially after engaging in my own research and discovering how active and subversive jews were in Rome. Where Crusaders violent children murderers? I highly doubt it. Israel are the child killers. Because we live in a modern era of semitic influence, nothing villainizing Europeans can be trusted.

Anonymous 01/25/2020 (Sat) 22:25:39 Id: c2edbf [Preview] No.78446 del
I'm sure we can reach a compromise or something similar. As long as we agree on what's important.

Anonymous 02/20/2020 (Thu) 18:51:21 Id: 24e4b0 [Preview] No.78608 del
(2.45 MB 2040x2689 1582137986255.jpg)
(1.79 MB 1399x3887 1582148692893.jpg)
Bumping this thread whenever it is necessary. This picture is for some people who want guidance understanding the myth of creation and the descendants of Japhet. They are the Khazarians, Ashkenazim, Japhetites, Turks or you could call the people held by the Gates of Alexander, Gog and Magog.

Unfortunately I don't have the website where there is this description of a Semitic old custom of Divide and Conquer, we think that they mean dividing us, but it is in fact, diving themselves for better odds at survival. In the past they would divide their tribe in two and one would go to the enemy side while the other stayed with the friendly one. They would plot and scheme the weakening of both fighting sides while inside trading military and economic information, so they could get together the remnants and conquer the winning side.

Anonymous 02/24/2020 (Mon) 14:33:02 Id: 4319c6 [Preview] No.78722 del
(172.90 KB 713x479 endorphine.jpg)
I started working out for therapy reasons,to improve my mental health and mood.
My main interest now is lucid dreaming and I was told by a science guy that endorphins include melatonin release and a similar chemical to galantamine.
post medical news,anecdotes,regarding lucid dreaming and happy chemicals trough training.
>i dont mean self-esteem stuff like"i bench a lot im great",but real science stuff

Anonymous 02/24/2020 (Mon) 14:38:09 Id: 4319c6 [Preview] No.78723 del
I'm the one who originally posted this screencap,im happy its spreading!

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 01:29:51 Id: 04238a [Preview] No.78801 del
I apologise for my absence of late, I have felt... Well, somewhat disappointed with myself since my untoward vitriol on modern Christianity and it's troubles. It has left me with a sense of shame which is only now beginning to leave me. I had begun a draft on the topic of faith and why it is such a vital asset to Men like ourselves but it felt a touch disjointed. I think the lingering issue of the Corona virus is pressing hard at the back of my mind causing a mental block as it were so I believe I should actually post something concerning it along with information and advice.

It's a tad late where I am now however tomorrow evening I will be returning but with a more practical post akin to the food one earlier in the thread but concerning preparations, both simple and more advanced and how to efficiently do it pending your geographical location and financial situation. Why offer difference when it comes to geographical location concerning the subject of preparation? Laws concerning both weaponry and items that may be available to different peoples in different regions. For instance while it is moderately easy to obtain a standard .22 firearm within the US within the UK you are best to go with a simple Barnett crossbow if you do not have any firearm certificates (or knowledge of weaponry at large for that matter, Barnetts are fairly easy to use hence why I mentioned them). Do not fret, it is not a full weaponry list, it will merely cover basic advice concerning the situation and whats available where. I will also attempt to cover as much as I can at large with long term preparations, dispel some of the ludicrous myths concerning this virus such as the dangerous "Whites cannot get infected" while hopefully framing everything in a way that is not quite as apocalyptic as many of the more famous fear merchants have a penchant to do. Do not misunderstand me however, there is a very real potential for this virus to be a significant threat and we must prepare for this situation accordingly. If there are any specific requests for information regarding this or if anyone wishes to preemptively post info-graphics concerning "prepping" I would encourage you to do so but only if you have actually either tried the things suggested for yourself and can verify it's useful knowledge or you know for certain it's practical. I say this only as there has been a few bits of very dangerous information going around such as the advice to buy Elderberry Syrup as a treatment which would be quite disastrous due to the potential for cytokine storm being increased by it later in the infection should someone get infected. I will also cover a few recipes for basic long life food as well as try to locate whatever sites I still can that are carrying equipment such as masks and filters at normal prices.

I hope everyone is well and if you are indeed concerned heavily with the virus, the best thing to do at this time is not panic. Yes, this information is coming a bit late, I should of prepared a post near the start of February but I wanted to wait and see just how things would proceed as I slowly got my own equipment ready. A part of me hoped I was being foolish and I'd need to put things back into storage, that I had merely been struck with a sense of paranoia. Unfortunately events proceeded exactly as one would expect. Foolishness akin to deliberate malice on the part of Western "leaders".

Throw in my embarrassment and shame earlier, it made for a rather pathetic situation which stayed my hand on my part for which I am sorry. I know many likely have already prepped in which case you have indeed proven wise but this is primarily for those who are only just getting ready to do so. This does not mean don't do research in the mean time however for those who have not prepared. I will endeavour to cover what I can but do not be idle, it would serve well to learn the fundamentals of long term food storage and how reliable logistics are in your area at the bare minimum. There are some very real issues approaching, we must be wise in how we approach them.

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 02:36:00 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.78803 del
Welcome back, British intelligent posts making anon. I understand your shame about covering the Christian topic before (I was the one who responded). I was raised Catholic, then Lutheran, then believed it was semitic after waking up to the truth about the parasites, then realized it isn't as the obvious that the carpenter was a Galilean stared me right in the face. Christianity is also one of the parasites' primary enemies. Well that last part I've known for years ever since I've seen kikes spitting in the streets at the mention of Jesus.

As far as the Corona virus goes, I'm not afraid of it. Media fear mongering doesn't get to manipulate me anymore. It's killing already very sick people, or those with infections, or the elderly and feeble, or the young. If you're strong, your immune system can clearly handle it. Another bonus is absolute morons in charge who shilled for open borders are now demanding closed borders because their own fear of mass media propaganda is working on them too. Then there are the UN "expert" retards who grasp their sweaty hands together and start wailing that closed borders aren't going to solve the problem. Because their primary interest is still in eliminating indigenous Europeans.

Which the Corona virus would have never spread in the first place if not for open borders worldwide. Funny thing about that. We tried to warn the brainwashed lemmings about continuing to jump off that cliff. They just don't listen.

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 02:36:53 Id: 33d146 [Preview] No.78816 del
(1.27 MB 2559x4589 1580772118494.png)
Your quite right on the viral situation but there are a few variables that may be problematic long term. There are also those with families and those who have fallen for propaganda, part of our duty must be offering what guidance we can for them. There's a lot of scared people out there, be them young, old, peak of fitness or poorly, as long as their our people we must offer what we can to calm them and give them hope and strength.

So, onto a topic of the Corona outbreak or COVID 19 or whichever current name they have to detract from it's source and effects. What I intend to do here is tackle this in three specific sections. There are as follows;

- What the virus is and isn't as well as it's potentiality and limitations

- Immediate short term and probable long term effects of the outbreak and how to theoretically mitigate them as well as cover a few more outlandish situations just for the sake of covering them

- Practical information and guides on how to deal with it and how to ensure the safety of loved ones and those that look to you for guidance.

Now I want to mention I am going to apprehensively include some rudimentary infographs and such in these posts. Yes they are more themed towards those more /k/ mindsets however practical guides can be of use and sometimes can offer a sense of security for those who haven't seen them before. Some of the guides are oddly excessive but I find it best just to accommodate their zeal.

Let us begin. Firstly, just what is this virus. The first thing to deal with is the "just a flu" propaganda that the WHO and it's lackluster servants were pushing. We must also discount the apocalyptic predictions of social media "savants" who proclaim this is the End of Days and that you should buy this or that, it will surely help you deal with this viral apocalypse. What is happening is undeniably an unprecedented event with ten percent of the global population quarantined and twenty five percent of global industry crippled. Yes, the ramifications of China's little pet virus are quite significant. We have not in human history seen something of this scale occur so I would advise we be wary but calm about this situation.

Symptoms of COVID-19 are;

- Fever
- Cough
- Shortness of breath

Now the more observant of you will immediately notice this is quite literally flu symptoms. At a period where flu is fairly common due to weather. Yes, as you have already concluded this makes for a very interesting situation for us laymen who wish to avoid potential exposure whether it be for fear of infecting family or friends considering it requires a proper test to accurately detect.

So what is it exactly. It is a variation of the regular flu in the same vein SARS and MERS are as well, namely it's a virus of the same family just with different infectivity and lethality. It's lethality at this time is lower than SARS and is certainly lower than MERS however unlike both this is far more contagious. But how contagious you may ask. You'll likely of heard the phrase r0 of late, this is simply how many one infected individual will pass the disease onto. The WHO have repeatedly obfuscated information regarding this with claims of around 2.4-2.8 infected, the mean average appears to be around r0 3-6 infected depending on the location and obvious cultural attributes of said location (e.g. standard things such as handshakes, the French kiss on the cheek, the Italian normality of close physical contact with friends and family etc). To simplify this piece of information we can consider this a highly infectious disease essentially, something to be concerned with yes but not one that requires you build an airlock to your house. Yet. I jest, I jest, as I said, it's contagious but it's not semetic Hollywood level disease spreading.

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 02:38:14 Id: 33d146 [Preview] No.78817 del
(3.68 MB 2784x6920 1581605924119.jpg)
Now onto incubation, there's two important things here. Firstly, many who catch it will be a-symptomatic for a duration. This means they'll have the virus but not know. This is one of the biggest problems this virus poses hence why most governments seem to be in a holding pattern buying time rather than stopping it as simply put thanks to the free market, open trade and open borders we must offer up our people to this virus as denying these progressive ideals would be most anti semetic and intolerant. Now concerning time frames of this virus most outlets and information areas are listing the incubation before symptoms appearing to be 3 to 14 days. This is in fact inaccurate. Current models from China suggest it can take *up to* 28 days after initial infection has been confirmed. This makes for a highly disconcerting prospect at first but we must remember that this is what we could consider the *maximum* incubation, a possible variable, not the rule so do not go believing this is the common event that transpires. It does however demonstrate a very clear flaw in the handling of this virus by our oh so benevolent "leaders" as almost all nations seem to be using the 14 day model.

However there are a few more less discussed details concerning this virus we must address. Firstly the risk of needing dedicated medical care. Now figures seem to be varying depending on where you source, a popular claim is that 20% of all patients will need intensive care, some sources including my oh so transparent and kind government claim 10%. Now both of these figures are somewhat misleading however as there are certain things that could increase or decrease these chances, age is a definite factor with older generations being much more susceptible while those under 11 appear mostly unaffected. Simply put due to incompetency or a deliberate fudging of the numbers we do not actually know for certain the criteria for the likelihood of needing ICU admittance, at least not firmly. Logic dictates older generations and the infirm will suffer hardest but without hard and most importantly reliable data we cannot say for certain. What can be said for certain however is what seems to transpire in order to need ICU admittance. From my understanding after overcoming the initial flu like symptoms there is a period of a few days where it appears you are well once more. However this is a falsehood as the virus is still in your system. It is at this point some experience a very serious viral pneumonia and most likely ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome). Now this is one of the biggest issues with this virus as the immune system has already been combating the flu component previously. When this part comes into play is when you are likely to sink or swim. The immune system during this time in the state that it's in will apparently, if what I've read is correct, do one of two things. Your immune system is too crippled to deal with the virus meaning assisted breathing resulting in severe lung scarring and likely long term health problems due to the need to employ powerful antivirals or the opposite occurs what is known as a cytokine storm. Now a cytokine storm for those who do not know is when your immune system quite literally going into overdrive in order to try defeat a virus. It ramps up so much your own immune system essentially destroys you by cooking you inside as your body temperate reaches levels that are fatal if not handled properly. Some of you may of seen footage of patients going into fits or their body spasming as if dying, this is the cytokine storm in action. It's rather horrifying and I shan't share the videos but if you are morbidly curious it is likely available on most video platforms. Survival rates of those needing ICU admittance which have to go through this are relatively unknown and likely will be for the next few weeks until it expands.

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 02:40:38 Id: 33d146 [Preview] No.78818 del
(1001.54 KB 2016x2416 1581604620374.jpg)
Now there is something that has me personally concerned as if true it's quite a devastating component to this disease however it is not set in stone quite yet and may be merely an aspect of the virus we don't quite understand, that of the risk of reinfection. Footage has repeatedly emerged of the infected quite literally dropping dead on the street or when going about their lives post recovery. A theory emerged some time after on Chinese social media that this is due to reinfection, something that has been confirmed by Chinese medical in the last couple of days at a rate of I believe 14%. Now why is this so significant. Well if the information is correct it appears reinfection shortly after recovery will go beyond merely repeating what occurred previously, it quite literally will invade your heart and vital organs. Now the paper claiming this however has not been peer reviewed, I don't even have it saved so this piece of information can be treated as spurious, the only reason I give it any credence is the confirmation of reinfection by China itself and the footage of victims keeling over. But again it is a case of "We don't have the data yet" so we can't say what is happening for certain. With the propensity for this virus to cause false negatives I actually think personally it may in fact be the virus never left the system of the patient and this is the result of it being left properly untreated. Possibly. I'm not exactly a virologist, this is merely a guess based upon what I've seen and learned of late.

Something else of import is the rumours surrounding this virus, one of the bigger ones that persisted was the "white immunity". Now this from my understanding stems from the claim it is supposedly much more virulent for those of Asiatic descent due to ACE2 receptors and so forth. Essentially this theory boiled down to the Alex Jones tier idea that it was an ethnic bio-weapon aimed at dealing with Hong Kong or the Islamic component in China. Although the idea has died down of late it still pops up here and there and must be dealt with immediately. Risking a single son of Europa by giving him a false sense of invulnerability is both vile and manipulative for he risks himself needlessly. This is not an ethnic bio-weapon, such a thing would be incredibly risky to make due to genetic drift, if it wasn't don't you think the semite would of deployed it rather than using the black and brown hordes of rapists and animals?

Also concerning this virus, something that sent heads spinning was an Indian research paper suggesting this virus had deliberate injection of HIV components to increase infectivity. This is actually true but only by half. There are indeed HIV markers within the virus but this in of itself is not uncommon. What people often forget is that a virus is not like a bacteria, it is technically a living organism. Imagine akin to a microscopic semite, it creeps into a host body, infests cells, subverts them until the immune system notices it's under attack. Now to facilitate this there are always specific parts present within a virus and it's not uncommon for a virus to share components with other virus, it's not too dissimilar to how many DNA based organisms share certain aspects in order to survive in their environment, a virus despite being an RNA based organism is a similar thing in that way. I will agree it is odd that there are three components within this strain that are from HIV however, this is somewhat unusual. Not out of the realm of possibility by nature itself but still, it's intriguing.

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 02:43:17 Id: 33d146 [Preview] No.78819 del
As for vaccines, well the very nature of the virus and how vaccines are developed suggests this will be either a long shot or take quite some time, most likely over the commonly believed twelve month mark. A virus has a propensity to mutate as we all know, it is these mutations that make them such a pain to prepare for. It's why Flu shots are always subject to fail in some regard, you cannot prepare for every strain of the flu. Now a vaccine for the main strain is actually fairly likely, from all reports it's fairly stable as a virus meaning mutations are slow. Some theorise Iran is suffering from a unique mutation but I cannot comment on that as I don't have enough data although their case count has been... odd. What I am trying to say is do not expect a vaccine tomorrow even with it being a fairly stable. In fact if a vaccine arrives quicker than twelve months I would have some very serious questions regarding it. These things take time, small scale voluntary testing, larger scale testing, refinement, production, it's a slow process to make an effective vaccine. As for an anti viral it appears there is a flurry of information out there concerning tests of them, some using HIV anti viral, some using anti malaria drugs, the highly questionable Israeli anti viral that's being tested. You know, that's another subject worthy of independent investigation, how an Israeli biotech firm so quickly offered up it's anti viral for testing. Now is not the time though but it is worth having a look at, their company is also one of only a very small few who are still green on the Jewish stock market.

Now here I am going to go into a little bit of conjecture, just follow along for a minute. I do not believe this virus is entirely natural. In fact I personally err towards it being a man made creation wholeheartedly. Only not in the manner one would expect. Based upon what I've read and heard regarding the Level 4 Wuhan Bio lab (for those unfamiliar there was a bio research lab not far from the supposed "wet market" the virus supposedly originated from) it is increasingly likely a breach of safety protocol allowed this virus to escape. My perspective is that the nature of this virus is one of two things. The first is a prototype to an experimental virus, it has certain hallmarks that make sense to this. What I mean by this is that it is not designed to wipe out but rather cause disruptions. To cripple infrastructure due to lack of personnel able to run it, to essentially cause chaos. It's long incubation time and a-symptomatic spreading suggest this, it's well designed in this way. The other angle is that this is still man made but designed in mind with creating antivirals based upon this particularly engineered mutation. It's not uncommon for scientists to tweak viruses to either predict mutations or to investigate avenues of weakness for vaccine development. Regardless of either of my theories however we are currently living through it therefore just put such thinking to one side for now. It is merely something to consider. The lab also has some Jewish connections as well as some almost Tom Clancy-esque events surrounding where it got samples from also but that is a rabbit hole that could get it's own dedicated thread.

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 02:44:47 Id: 33d146 [Preview] No.78820 del
(1.54 MB 1000x1879 DIYMRE.jpg)
As an aside, if one were to have a look at some of the leaks on Chinese social media concerning lab workers and scientists who have operated at this said lab over the last year, a clear trend becomes visible. For instance claims from scientists at the lab that test animals were not disposed of properly but also taken by staff for meat or if rumours are to be believed sold *at* the said wet market. Now at first I found myself somewhat taken aback, the claim sounded outlandish, who would be foolish enough to not only ignore protocol concerning clear bio hazard materials let alone *eat* the damn thing. However it appears it may not be so outlandish after all. I shan't go into detail as the barbarity of the Chinese people is something to truly behold, however I will inform you of a few simple aspects to the Chinese mindset, their "ethnic spirit" if you will. They are not a kind nor wise people. They are not. Kindness has been bred out of them whether through countless rending of the disparate historical Chinese populations or the enforcement of pseudo Communism, they are an entirely alien people at this point. A cold people whose famed "wisdom" beyond perhaps the trite example of "The Art of War" now consists of how to most effectively turn your own mongrelised nation into livestock.

Life is cheap, it is expendable, a coin to be used much like the semites view of us only for the Chinese it is all life including their own. You may think me dramatic but I would urge you to read "Ways That Are Dark" by Townsend to get a full grasp on what I speak when it comes to the Chinese. If one were to look at just what they eat and how they eat, the idea of them actually accidentally eating an animal used in experimentation suddenly makes sense. Try to fathom their concept that the suffering of an animal makes the meat taste better much like Islamic and Judaic practice, witness as blow torch a poor hounds skinned body while it quivers in pain, writhing in agony while some disgusting ant "person" slathers at the lips savouring it's pain. Now apply that to a Chinese lab. If you truly think all the assistants and lab workers at these facilities would truly follow protocol at each and every step I honestly do not know what to tell you. They are a third world nation pretending to be first world and much like like a negroid with technical industrial equipment, nature always will demonstrate such people are dangerous when given such tools and eventually disaster will strike.

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 02:45:58 Id: 33d146 [Preview] No.78821 del
So we have looked at the virus itself, let us move onto the effects it will have by and large upon the day to day in the coming weeks and months.

So the first thing to expect is within the next few days expected panic buying to begin. You likely have already seen some on television and social media, people cramming as much as possible into small cars, obese black women fighting over the last scraps of frozen fried chicken, sickly looking soy infused adult children queuing in line with their meager collection of chemical slop the parasite has sold them as the hip thing to enjoy, the list goes on. Now these people are not merely utterly foolish in their actions and wanton animalistic greed but also dangerous and no I do not merely mean the risks of an angry negroid stabbing you for not handing over an item they desire. What I refer to is the fact there are so many people gathered there in a single location in fairly close quarters. It is an exponential risk of infection. But what is one to do if they have not prepped, what is the best course of action? What should one look for when shopping for immediate supplies, what if I cannot afford it?

Well lets follow the rule of keeping things simple shall we. We shall look at overall what is needed and how it can be attained pending financial and locational means. Let us begin.

The first goal is not to merely think of stocking up for a month to three months as simply "buy more of the usual", such thinking will serve you poorly. For instance, the virus may not arrive in your area for a month, perhaps even a few months, if you stock up on your usual perishables now when it arrives what good will they do if their already out of date or used up? You must think logically, you must employ the same thinking our ancestors did when it came to long term survival with risks of no resupply. Now I do not say this to sell the idea of "FULL SOCIETAL COLLAPSE, GRAB YOUR GUNZ ITS MAD MAX TIME BRO" but rather the very realistic concern of supply chain disruption. Courtesy of our outsourcing to semetic third world slavery pits where everything is produced cheaply and enmasse including food, we operate on what is known as the "just in time" delivery method. We maintain only partial stockpiles at distributors and essentially rely on a constantly moving supply system where things, as it says on the tin, arrive just in time. Ah, such a delightfully robust system don't you agree? Especially in the event of, oh I don't know, major disruption from the place that supplies most of the parts for our logistical services that moves said supplies, medicinal supplies and the incredible amounts of worthless junk people consume on a daily basis. My, what a clever and excellent capitalistic system, absolutely nothing can go wrong with relying on worthless third world labour to do jobs at a level below we could do ourselves at a standard of quality worthy of a dog defecating on a street corner. You also have to take into account the parts used by the logistics of a nation are often also sourced from China as mentioned, at best maybe two or three months of spares are available for most Western companies. This is a constantly depleting resource which means even if suddenly localised manufacturing stepped in to cover for the shortfall there is still a significant gap until for industrial output is matched which will be a challenge when considering China's industrial capacity and the disruption involved in it. What I am trying to say is our current stockpiles are very much living on borrowed time and the elites know that. It is of no surprise Bezos sold off a large chunk of his Amazon stock last month and a number of high end CEO's suddenly left their companies. They know exactly what is coming supply wise.

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 02:48:38 Id: 33d146 [Preview] No.78822 del
(89.68 KB 900x413 supplies.jpg)
So what should you do, you need supplies but places are getting swamped. Well you have two choices. The first is try ordering online. Yes, I know, still has risks associated however when ordering groceries online they will usually prepare the delivery after shelves have been restocked either late at night or early in the morning when the vans are being prepared, it increases the likelihood of you acquiring all you ordered. Yes, some items may still come up short but that will remain a risk for the duration. The second method is going out of your usual area to more rural or suburban locations for supplies. In such cases yes there is a chance for higher prices but also a higher chance of acquisition of materials therefore the trade off is worth it. This goes not only for food but other essentials also. Speaking of lets do a quick check list of things that will be helpful in the event of self isolation.

- Food and water, obviously
- Medical supplies, if on prescription medicines request at least an extra month on top of your regular supply if possible, if not possible look at alternatives
- Vitamins and supplements to maintain both a healthy immune system and to maintain a good general standard of health
- Basic emergency supplies such as torches, heaters, portable gas cookers, things like this. While events requiring them are highly unlikely such equipment is always good to have as back up

So let's start with food. An average human can comfortably survive on 2500 calories a day and can be rationed down to 1200-1500 if not having to be active. Now for the sake of simplicity lets multiply 2500 by 30, that gives us 75,000 for just over a single month. Now times that by however many in your household, if just yourself great, if you have a family then multiply again. Say I have three people I need to care for, I need 300,000 calories for a month total. But what of water, an average human needs 2.5 liters a day, that's 75 a person for thirty days, for my example that'd be 300 liters drinking water. That's quite an amount isn't it? Now luckily despite all the ludicrous issues with my dour little island one of the few perks it has is an excellent and fairly solid water system, at least in my area. It's not perfect no and it could have issues if understaffed but the likelihood of problems is far lower here but in rural areas or in certain states in the US this is a significant issue that you most certainly should pay attention to. Now there is no need to panic though as filling these calories and water needs can be easier than you think. The key is simple, operate on a dollar/pound/euro to calorie budget. What do I mean by this? Well, 1kg of Economy Rice, the cheapest white rice available in the UK is something like 50p or 45p in the UK, that is around 58 cents/.50 euro. That 1kg bag contains around 3000 calories cooked. 15 kg of it would be 45,000 calories at £6.75p. That is not too bad at all now is it. However, rice alone is pretty bad, you need salt, protein in the form of beans and canned meat and so forth and so forth. You need to look at and figure out the best bang for your buck as it were as well as check you can safely and easily store these items. You need to assess and think ahead of what you'll need, what can be stored for long periods all the while operating in whatever budget you have available. Do not forget the importance of the simple things either such as herbs, sweet treats and the like in order to help break up the potential tedium if you have to use these supplies long term.

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 02:50:20 Id: 33d146 [Preview] No.78823 del
(51.28 KB 800x533 hardtack.jpg)
Recipes for long term food preparation can also be useful, in fact I'll share a personal favorite, one so simple that you can involve your children in it if you have them, that of the Hardtack. Now what is Hardtack. Put simply, it is flour mixed with water and salt to create... I don't know how to describe it, a biscuit that could survive a fairly high caliber bullet? It's hard stuff. Edible on it's own if you want to chew for a while but I'd always suggest soaking it a little in a simple soup or even cup of water. It's been around for centuries, used to be used for naval expeditions and so forth, from my understanding it's still popular in some areas such as Poland and apparently Canada. So, the recipe.

- 2 cups of flour
- 1.5 cup of water give or take, may need to add adjust
- 2 teaspoons of salt

Pour the flour in the bowl and add in the water, no need to be precise as this is idiot proof. Add in the salt then just mix it up. You want a decent consistency, add water or flour as you need it, you want it not too sticky and a tad soft. Flour the counter once it's mixed and roll it out, you want it around the thickness of a pencil. Take a knife and cut it into squares or use a pizza cutter. Once you've done that take a cocktail stick or something you can poke with and put holes through it, you want to make sure they go through the other side of the dough, a skewer of some sort will work. Once done put them on a baking tray face down and double check the holes are running through each biscuit, you want to get the air out of them and these are important for that. Once your sure the holes are good put them in the oven at 375c/175f until a nice golden colour, about 30 minutes usually does it. Once done store in a fairly air tight container and you have some handy high density, high calorie biscuits to keep you going for a good while. Their not tasty. Their not pretty. But they work and that's what counts.

Medical is where you want to look next. In Europe a number of our medicines are made within EU borders which marginally negates risks to medical supplies however the US from my understanding imports a number of medicines from China. I do not have details on this however from my understanding there has been a US government statement informing they are expecting shortages of a number of prescription medicines with one in particular being almost guaranteed to run out. True to form of course, the public has not been informed which medicine this is however. My, such bountiful information and preparation on their part. Now what I would suggest, where ever you are in Europe or her colonies, is to ensure you do your best to acquire a spare months worth of any vital medicines you require. More if possible but a month should be possible for most. If you are truly a paranoid prepper you can also consider looking at getting antibiotics. Now, in a number of countries these are available from the doctor only however there are some loopholes such as online services which offer doctor referrals for those traveling abroad to preemptively get antibiotics to take with them on their travels to some wonderful disease infest South America, African or Middle Eastern pit. They usually charge for this service but there are a few who are fairly reliable. Do a little research if you insist on going down this road however, do not go blindly. There are other avenues to getting antibiotics such as buying fish antibiotics but honestly these would only be useful in very specific circumstances.

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 02:55:52 Id: 33d146 [Preview] No.78824 del
(301.36 KB 1110x800 Herbsthatheal.jpg)
Vitamin supplements are an interesting thing. Some claim their useless, others swear by them. Vitamins are indeed a vital part of our immune system however the best and most reliable way is always through a well prepared, well considered diet. However, in the event of self isolation due to an emerging situation you may need to subsist on a far less nutrient rich diet which is where these will come in. Now one must remember different vitamins will be absorbed at different rates, for instance a solid pill will always be absorbed slower than say a dispersible etc etc, you also need to be aware of dosage. For instance it's next to impossible to overdose on Vitamin C however it is fairly easy to overdose on the oft forgotten Vitamin K. Your best bet is to splurge out a little on a mid range multi vitamin if you fear you are likely to end up in a self isolation scenario (and of course compensate for any who will be relying on you such as children or immediate family). A mid range vitamin usually includes full dosages of the aforementioned Vitamin K, Iron and other oft over looked vitamins as well as the usual suspects of A, B, C, D etc. If operating on a budget however the dollar store cheap ones are a fine alternative, all that matters is that you are at least looking at making sure your system will not suffer from deprivation. As for other supplements there are options such as Allicin (the healthy component of Garlic in a concentrated form), Oregano Oil, Turmeric and so forth which all do similar things in different ways. If you wish to look at these I would sincerely advise doing some research and double checking how they react to what. For instance some were trying to get people to buy Elderberry syrup, a fine item to improve your immune system, however an item that can cause serious issues if one enters a cytokine storm which is a realistic occurrence with this virus in a worst case scenario. Knowledge is key in this area.

Right gentlemen, I've been writing this for a few hours now and need to actually get to sleep. I'll continue with everything tomorrow night, same as tonight. Just remember, you'll likely be fine, just make sure you take care of yourself and your family. If you haven't gotten basic supplies yet now is the time to prioritise, do so quickly before more of the general public notice their little distractions are beginning to buckle. Oh and don't get scalped please. There is a number of vile degenerates praying on people on a number of sites including the usual flea markets such as Ebay and Amazon, keep your head and think about what you definitely do need and work within reason.

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 03:32:42 Id: 3d608d [Preview] No.78825 del
On top of what this anon has shared, I am a researcher in the healing properties of natural components, from spices to herbs and plants. Something important that may be considered is the effect of synergistic compounds--that is, compounds that fulfill a similar purpose, i.e., turmeric and ginger (cayenne as well but it is a pepper and thus a nightshade) target inflammation. Although they may be synergistic however, they also have hundreds of different uses. It takes an effective strategy in registering their properties within the body, so to not counteract any potential healing that is exhibited by their essential uses.

•Black Pepper: Good for clearing the esophageal lining and clearing excess mucous. Contains beta-caryophyllene, a sesquiterpene that is also within rosemary and hops (and of course, cannabis sativa).
•Iodine: Helps regulate the thyroid gland, providing hormones that effectively repairs damaged cells. Has several uses aside from this, has largely been excluded from water and salt to contribute to a sicker population. Good to have on hand.

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 05:09:29 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.78827 del
(235.99 KB 640x305 image.png)
No offense, but I don't live with family. Not anymore. It's all gone now. ZOG has taught them I'm "evil" and they bought it. So I am surrounded by nothing but foreign invaders day in and day out in an endless monotonous cycle of death glaring apes all while being well aware their presence in the society I live in is thanks to the parasitic jews. On that note, I'll be sure to cough on every brown skinned shithead and kike I come across from now on. Meaning choking and hacking violently. Along with closing borders, this may be a kind of blessing. Keep the shitskins at bay by pretending to be ill.

Anonymous 03/04/2020 (Wed) 02:25:03 Id: b8a31e [Preview] No.78847 del
Where's the best /fit/?

Anonymous 03/12/2020 (Thu) 04:32:35 Id: c2edbf [Preview] No.78940 del
(128.68 KB 763x724 drinking halberdier.jpg)
Hey there Brit anon.

>>70828 >>78824 >>78823 >>78822 >>78821 >>78820 >>78819 >>78818

Thanks for free guides. Pretty informative posts all over.

>Now here I am going to go into a little bit of conjecture, just follow along for a minute. I do not believe this virus is entirely natural.

Oh yeah there's a lot of foul play going on. I don't believe it's natural for a second

>I apologise for my absence of late,

It's a slow board. No worries. Take care of yourself first and then come back.

Anonymous 03/12/2020 (Thu) 04:33:25 Id: c2edbf [Preview] No.78941 del
Interesting. Do you have any more info on this?

Anonymous 03/12/2020 (Thu) 06:35:37 Id: 3d07fd [Preview] No.78945 del
I've lately found that a lot of people who tend to frequent these parts of the interwebs tend to exhibit signs of depression.

This isn't to justify snowflakism or (((psychology))), but it fits into the whole idea that the likes want us demoralized.

We really shouldn't fall for their games.

Audiobooks related.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=vzoVvxuLLos [Embed]

https://youtube.com/watch?v=8TjTzhdMPPM [Embed]
Linking to YT audiobooks by jews while pretending to be against kikes. Trying to be tricky.

Anonymous 03/15/2020 (Sun) 16:10:38 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.78985 del
>both kikes
That's a no for me. I'll stop "signs of depression" when the kikes are expelled and the jews' historical fuckery which turned our nations into degenerate shit piles is reversed.

Anonymous 03/15/2020 (Sun) 21:52:07 Id: 9ff98a [Preview] No.78986 del
I know the green pill isn't highly regarded here, but I'm sympathetic to Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist cause. For anyone on or considering nofap, here's a book that can help with that. You don't have to convert the sexual energy into purely personal interests (muscle, brain, nerve, confidence, etc.), you can also use it to strengthen the volkisch soul, though I reccomend doing the former before doing the later. I'm not trying to promote jewish degeneracy, I'm just trying to help those on nofap. I'm aware hermeticism and occultism puts me on thin ice, but I'd like to request that this post doesn't get deleted, at least before you investigate book related. It helps stop wet dreams, and serves as a release for sexual tension so that you don't give off that "starving man looking at a hot meal" vibe.


Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 04:08:53 Id: fe3c0f [Preview] No.79089 del

This kind of attitude, alongside the subversion of Atomwaffen and the honeypotted entrapment scheme known as Azov, is proof positive of the problem attitude of the Alt-Right.

Despite many NS claims to rejecting the Alt-Right, most of the ones that came out of the pozzed organizations are fundamentally still in an Alt-Right mode.

It's Gamma as all hell and will lead to nowhere. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if most of our former Kameraden turned into Qbots because of this attitude.
Implying "not liking kikes makes you compromised". GTFO

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 04:34:37 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.79091 del
(878.52 KB 1565x1941 926.jpg)
(40.92 KB 463x367 02049517.jpg)
Are you retarded? I have had a history of banning the Alt Right back when they came here shilling for Spencer and banned Q tards when they came shilling for Trump. I posted info as I banned the faggots. You clearly have no history with this board. Don't talk shit when you have no idea what you're talking about.

Now. What you're doing is accusing someone of being Alt Right and/or a Qtard for not trusting KIKES. Edit: Yeah, you don't belong here with your JIDF tactics.
Edited last time by AdolfHitler on 03/28/2020 (Sat) 20:59:00.

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 18:23:57 Id: c2edbf [Preview] No.79099 del
What are you even talking about? We're not and never will be alt-right

That entire alt-right thing was made with the trumpie campiagn as a massive honeypot to entrap as much people as possible and end any sort of right-wing momentum and movements for the near future

Shit's fake

Anonymous 03/30/2020 (Mon) 00:34:24 Id: 595758 [Preview] No.79111 del
>glowing this hard

Anonymous 04/01/2020 (Wed) 21:55:49 Id: 26e190 [Preview] No.79142 del
(760.57 KB 958x833 38billion.png)
Regarding that last pic, it was Obama, not Trump who signed the $38 billion aid package.

Anonymous 04/02/2020 (Thu) 02:10:16 Id: ba5b7c [Preview] No.79144 del
Right, while Trump wailed about Obama not supporting Israel enough. From the link I'll post later:
>In 2016, the U.S. and Israeli governments signed a new 10-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on military aid, covering FY2019 to FY2028.
>Under the terms of the MOU, the United States pledges to provide $38 billion in military aid ($33 billion in Foreign Military Financing grants plus $5 billion in missile defense appropriations) to Israel.
Obama of course was a niggerkike shill for Israel just like him. I really hope you're not here to defend Trump though. This is what Trump did:
>For FY2020, the Trump Administration requested $3.3 billion in FMF for Israel and $500 million in missile defense aid tomark the second year of the MOU.
>The Administration also requested $5 million in MRA humanitarian funding for migrants to Israel.
That means migrant jews.
>Israeli defense planners have several years to adjust to the OSP planned reduction, some Israeli lawmakers have called on the Trump Administration to work with
>Congress to keep OSP as a provision of appropriations
law indefinitely.
>“Israel Lawmakers hope Trump could ease made-in-USA Rules for Military Aid,” Reuters, May 21, 2018
>August 7, 2019. Israel is the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. foreign assistance since World War II.
>To date, the United States has provided Israel $142.3 billion (current, or noninflation-adjusted, dollars) in bilateral assistance and missile defense funding.
>Almost all U.S. bilateral aid to Israel is in the form of military assistance, although from 1971 to 2007 Israel also received significant economic assistance.

Anonymous 04/02/2020 (Thu) 02:50:25 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.79146 del
(247.77 KB 1203x1189 59.jpg)
Here's that image in the collage above, larger. I realize the above may be too much to take in for occasional retarded visitors with very short attention spans. So I'm going to break it down.

tl;dr- Obama the niggerkike shill signed the military aid package for $38 billion. Trump the niggerkike shill had it enshrined into law so that no authority could counter it, then added billions to it.

Anonymous 04/08/2020 (Wed) 18:48:23 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.79230 del
(390.30 KB 1096x2427 4664356.png)
^This does not say Trump signed anything, but it resulted in a spergfest from a divisive retard who thinks he can come here to defend the orange jew. Posts have been deleted. If you think you can treat this board like 4chan and defend any kike whatsoever, you're wrong. Congress is compromised. The Senate is compromised. The POTUS is compromised. You're a brainwashed moron if you believe otherwise.
Edited last time by AdolfHitler on 04/08/2020 (Wed) 18:48:47.

Anonymous 04/09/2020 (Thu) 15:11:17 Id: cad2be [Preview] No.79253 del
>>71160 Most of good respectable female workers i encountered , in numeras times around the World , in several African Asian or also Europian Countries such as Romania Poland Hungary Ukraine and many others "through the 90s" had never led me to complain much about for example not cleaning the toilet good enough or while cleaning houses and sweeping the floors they did a good job "NIGGERJOB" exept the damn lazy monkey niggeresses . The Race of the African monkey Negroids is useless and below any Race of Humanity . Arab , Indian , Asian , Mexicans all Women wich are neither black or white will Basically look down on niggers just the way us white people look down on them . A Native American Indian Woman told me back in those days , her ancestors were the Tribe called " Black Feets " long before they owned niggerslaves , the so called black feets would capture a the few negroslaves owned by their white enemies wich fought fell in the battle , and simply made them do all their dirty biddings. Apparently they even had them negros serve under their tribes feet at the floor as footstool
>>75729 The Jews are pushing their brainwashing tactics about niggerslavery on all those poor niggerslaves that had to suffer of our evil white ancestors , wich is tought to us through out the media as never ending story of suffering niggers from it . Im a white german woman who is proud to say that my Grandparents had colonised niggers of East Africa wich 3 niggers still until this very day serve my 2 aunts in the household , and she refairs to her personal hausboy only by the turm Neger & Negerin or and Boy or Girl . They , my aounts and their negroes were liturally born into this life both sides are thankfull and greatfull

Niggers are not even part of the Humanrace even Mexicans or Native Indians are way above all the nigger slave monkey creatures . Niggers = Footstools of Humanity !

Anonymous Global volunteer 04/09/2020 (Thu) 15:23:10 Id: 1ebd41 [Preview] No.79257 del
Have you posted this three times accidentally?

Anonymous Board owner 04/09/2020 (Thu) 15:25:49 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.79258 del
Not a problem. I got rid of the extra posts.

Anonymous 04/09/2020 (Thu) 15:31:12 Id: 1ebd41 [Preview] No.79259 del
Yesterday and the day before I had to deal with a spammer on another board. I wasn't sure if he changed tactics or something.

Anonymous 04/09/2020 (Thu) 15:33:50 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.79260 del
>The Jews are pushing their brainwashing tactics about niggerslavery on all those poor niggerslaves that had to suffer of our evil white ancestors
>wich is tought to us through out the media as never ending story of suffering niggers from it
The same lies are taught to children in the American educational system. However, if you can understand auditory English, listen to this video. The jews were behind the Trans Atlantic slave trade. They were the ones that owned the transport ships, held ownership of the docks and where the merchants of slaves.

Anonymous 04/09/2020 (Thu) 15:38:19 Id: 6f48cf [Preview] No.79261 del
Yes i did im afraid post 3 times accidently sorry

Anonymous Board owner 04/09/2020 (Thu) 15:38:54 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.79262 del
That anon's triple posting might've been an error. Edit: Yeah it was.
If you despise jews and their agendas, you're welcome here. Fair warning: I'm very harsh against anything I perceive as a jewish agenda.
Edited last time by AdolfHitler on 04/09/2020 (Thu) 15:40:29.

Anonymous 04/09/2020 (Thu) 15:41:55 Id: 6f48cf [Preview] No.79263 del
Oh that is very imformative and interessting on my behalf thank you Sir Cheers !

Anonymous 04/09/2020 (Thu) 15:42:08 Id: 1ebd41 [Preview] No.79264 del
That's ok.

I think long posts are processed slowly, he might have become impatient and clicked a few times on the post button.
But you are right, shouldn't be hasty to judge.
He also posted on /bb/ asking what's "nigger" in Russian.

Anonymous 04/21/2020 (Tue) 01:50:07 Id: c3e962 [Preview] No.79409 del
(923.05 KB 1296x700 isolation.png)
So I've been redoing some drafts on some topics but tonight I find myself simply lacking focus on them. Despite the copious amounts of time now made available, in an ironic twist I find myself busier than ever courtesy of my wife and child now ever present. But I also feel neglectful of my goals and my ideals by not continuing to offer what I can to those of our ilk in this time of crisis. Now when I say crisis I do not necessarily refer to the virus itself but rather the effects on our lives generally. Our forced isolation and the requirement for us to live in a bizarre holding pattern as it were. So tonight's topic is how to maintain both our physical and mental stability in a time where uncertainty and silence hold domain.

For some the hours can drag by. Honestly, I would say for a number of us the hours can drag by actually. Yes, a good, well disciplined Man will often be able to fill every minute with a goal, be it physical or mental, he understands the need to challenge himself constantly. However for a Man on the path, such discipline is still some ways away. There is no shame in such a thing for any man seeking to make himself more often has to walk these same paths that the greatest of Men once walked. Now for a number of those seeking self improvement there are a multitude of terms for the previous time where they lived in a state of stasis (those still like that themselves are ironically thriving in this time on entropy), the "neet", the "basement dweller", ye old classical "neckbeard". These monikers for a number of those on the path of self improvement are a former identity they are trying to break the shackles of, the shadow of the ideas behind them looming as we are forced to remain indoors lest some foul uncouth creature coughs in our direction or our delightful police forces break out a baton for the horrific crime of leaving the house for a brief walk in the country away from others. Such an utterly bizarre time we live in in that regard.

So in this time of stagnation we must more than ever fight the forces of atrophy that will settle in our own minds. I can say this from experience, my reliance upon gym equipment and the disruption to my previous routine has caused some discomfort in myself, I have noticed my belt may need to be loosened a buckle and my evenings of reading and music once being left alone of a night are now extensions of my actions during the day. I have failed in my task or keeping my body strong and my mind sharp as I am sure many others have and to those of you like me who have failed we must address this.

So how do we shatter this malaise? Well first things first, one must come to the understanding of two integral things. Firstly, this lock down, for good or ill, will not last forever. It is a temporary thing and should be treated as such. Not as a holiday, not a break, it is merely an interruption of regular service. By giving oneself an excuse such as it being a holiday or a break you are doing nothing other than cheating and betraying yourself. Pray tell, if tomorrow some negro or middle eastern creature breaks into your home, would you be as fit to deal with them as you were at the beginning of this event? Of course not, you have lost your edge. You must gain it back. This also importantly ties into the second issue with surrendering to the malaise, that of the importance of your physical form. The greatest defense in the event of this virus is a well maintained physical body maintaining a strong immune system. Regular exercise is vital to maintaining a whole slew of functions within your body and by neglecting yourself in this way you merely increase your risk dramatically. I am sure many here have heard the phrase "treat your body like a temple". Now this does not mean rub yourself with oils and incense while chanting Gregorian prayers (I say this only in jest, Gregorian chants are actually quite nice and essential oils can be highly beneficial) it does mean you must show it respect and care.

Anonymous 04/21/2020 (Tue) 01:51:34 Id: c3e962 [Preview] No.79410 del
(128.00 KB 695x959 full sheet.jpg)
So what should one do to remedy this, it's not like we have access to a full gym set up in our studies or in our back garden. Now no doubt someone is already lining up an image of a Slavic gentlemen lifting a home made weight made of rebar and concrete blocks however we shan't be going quite so rustic in our approach. No, our goal for those without access to proper equipment is maintenance, not development. If you do have equipment then of course ignore this paragraph, for those who do not then follow along dear friend while we try and get you set. Now when I say maintenance I refer to simply ensuring the following;

- No weight gain unless in muscle mass
- No muscle loss
- No loss of stamina

Now do bear in mind, the loss of muscle mass is highly unlikely as it can take several months of no training for it to decrease so do not panic in that regard. What you should be concerned with however is stamina and weight gain. Luckily there are a few simple things you can do to keep them on a decent level and I do indeed mean simple.

- Lunges. Good for keeping your legs strong and working on the glutes. Arms down to the sides. Take a step forward, bend your knee as you do, stop when your thigh is square to the ground. Don't put your knee past your foot. Push up off your foot and return to starting position and switch legs. Ten to fifteen reps in three sets should suffice.

- Push ups. Ah, a classic. Bloody good exercise to as it works a good amount of your muscles if I do say so myself. Get yourself in a plank position, arms out and straight. Core should be tight, shoulders down and back, neck straight. Bend your elbows and lower your body to the floor, when your chest just barely touches it extend the elbows and go back to position. Focus on keeping your elbows close to your body as you go. Don't go too crazy on these if your unsure but push yourself as far as you can. Three sets again.

- Squats. Good for your core and lower body, also handy for back. It burns a fair few calories too which is helpful at this time. Stand straight, feet slightly wider than shoulders, arms at your sides. Brace your core and keeping your chin and chest up push your hips back and bend your knees as if you were going to sit in a chair. Make sure your knees don't bow inwards or outwards. Drop until your thighs are parallel to the ground or as close to without falling, bring your arms out in front of you in a comfortable position as you do so. Pause for a second then extend your legs back to starting position. For crunches it's the same but instead of rolling up your body you just lift your upper back and shoulders. Aim for between fifteen to twenty of these, set of three.

- Sit ups. Also known as babies first work out. People often neglect these but a strong abdomen never hurts. However if you have lower back problem's i'd say avoid these and just do crunches. Lay on the ground with your knees raised and your feet flat and hands behind the head. Keeping your feet flat lift yourself as if rolling from the head, should feel most of the work in the core. Don't strain the neck during the upward motion, if you are your likely to do a nasty injury. When your chest reaches your legs slowly lower yourself back to starting. Again, ten to fifteen repetitions in three sets if possible.

Now these are quite literally just to maintain your body, you won't gain much mass or strength but you will retain stamina and should help alleviate the lack of calorie burn from normal activity. Of course if you have dumbbells of some sort I would advise the usual at home exercises, overhead presses, deadlifts and so forth. I can go into more details if it's requested but you probably already know what you need to if you have a set at home. For all these exercises do remember, if unsure of technique feel free to do it in a mirror or check for videos of it being done to ensure your doing it correctly and not risking injury.

Anonymous 04/21/2020 (Tue) 01:57:29 Id: c3e962 [Preview] No.79412 del
(39.23 KB 590x391 survive.jpg)
We have covered the body. What of the mind. What of the spirit. It is easy in these times to become despondent, our battle alone can already be taxing upon the soul of even the strongest of Men, when he is taken away from his "normal" life and thrust into deliberate isolation, well, it can be challenging to say the least. A Man alone can spend too much time stewing on things, can find himself constantly staring into the abyss of this dire modern world and find himself sapped, that drive to continue fighting slowly replaced with a desperate need to escape the wounds this degenerate culture inflicts upon his soul. We have all seen these pathetic, sad and vacuous creatures that compose our "cultural elite" doing their pathetic little videos on their chosen video platforms or on social media at the moment, be they some sad used up whore or semitic parasite trying to gain notoriety by reminding the world that they do indeed still exist and how their "just like you". Yes, so like us, why I am sure a great many of us enjoy defiling the innocent and whoring ourselves for a brief moment of fame within the tribal media. Such joy they bring. Or perhaps you've been subjected to the incessant applause for medical operatives akin to my delightful little island, where droves of middle aged buffoons open their front door for their allotted four minutes of applauding as the television told them to. Now yes we do isolate ourselves from this as much as possible but the realisation that this is the current reality does still have a detrimental effect upon the mind. We observe their forced adherence to idiotic practices and yearn for an actual real community rather than the media enforced facsimile we are forced to observe upon occasion.

We all seek true companionship you see, true brotherhood, especially in a time like this where the potential for a crisis is ever present. It is daunting to believe that should we struggle at this time no one will be there for us. This feeling only grows stronger when we are deliberately *forced* into this isolation through circumstance, not through choice. Things prey on our mind in isolation, do I have enough x, y or z, if I get ill who will look after me, what if this is the prelude to the state finally cracking down on us. All these things have crossed my mind, I may have a family however I am their protector in a time of many unknowns, many have similar fears albeit in a different way. In a time of crisis I have almost no one I could turn to or ask to fight by my side. This is true for most of us, the loss of our brotherhood a grave wound to the European soul. It is why posts like >>78827 sadden me genuinely. Not because of some sense of pedantic sympathy but because this is the reality for far too many of our people. I hesitate to call you by your ID but you and many others in this thread have posted here from the start and have demonstrated that you indeed are good Men, Men deprived of what is yours by right, same with all who have frequented anywhere seeking truths free of semetic manipulations, all Men seeking more. I do not say this to give some simplistic sense of hope or friendship but as a fundamental truth, we seek all the same thing, our people and our futures back. No one reading this who believes in our cause, no one whose heart remains true to his ideals, to his people and to his soil should have to suffer the indignities and the attacks that we have. The insidious creatures responsible have taken so much and now as we are forced into isolation we find ourselves atomised more than ever before. We find ourselves alone more than before. The wounds inflicted with it's normal operation are magnified when we are forced to dwell upon them due to silence and loneliness. Therefore I say to those who find themselves falling into shadow, who are finding darkness filling their hearts and misery filling their mind, do not despair. This time, as have dark times before, *will* pass. You are not alone, you are not abandoned even in this time. You are not forgotten.

Anonymous 04/21/2020 (Tue) 02:01:02 Id: c3e962 [Preview] No.79413 del
Consider this also. If you were would I continue to make these posts? I know my audience here is fairly small yet I persist because I genuinely believe in you who takes the time to read these. Would boards like this continue to exist, would those who continue to fight for Europa and all her peoples continue fighting no matter the odds, no matter the horrors and the risks? The parasite sharpens it's knives and prepares for a letting of blood yet we are not relenting are we. It is a fearful thing at this time it is true, some brush off this situation while others find themselves overwhelmed at the prospect of all that is happening. Regardless though many find themselves afraid due to one thing or another. We are afraid as we do not know who will pick us up if we fall, words are all well and good but it does little when one is staring out at a cold unforgiving world alone at the crack of an unknown dawn. Many feel more alone than usual, we do not know who will care for us if we fall ill, who will ensure our homes are kept safe in our absence, who will remember us if we die as moribund as it sounds. Yes, it all sounds very dramatic but realistically this is what a man contemplates when he has too much time on his hands and he is faced with an unknown on top of so many other unknowns.

So to you who are fearful in this time, to those who are lonely I say this. You are not finished yet. This virus and the situation it presents to us, yes it is disconcerting. It is daunting. But it it nothing compared to what we have faced before. We survived the Spanish flu, which while far slower moving was much more disasterous, we survived winters so harsh men would freeze in their beds, we have fought against foes both within and without, even the challenges of nature herself we survived and stood firm. We shall stand firm through this too. With grit, strength and determination. Our people demand it, your brothers demand it. Yes it is a fearful situation. But the mark of a true Man is a Man who is not stalled by fear but faces it head on, who continues to fight without flinching for he knows come what may he *shall* emerge victorious. So face the isolation, face the fears and the loneliness head on and make yourself their master. Turn that sense of isolation into a sense of fulfillment, read, listen to music, embrace your skills and create. Be true to your blood and your people, demonstrate just what runs within your veins; the blood of Europa. Of Men who braved the darkest nights, who dedicated years to knowledge and learning, who sought physical to balance the intellectual. Who sacrificed all for you to be here today. Now dust yourself off, clear some space somewhere in the house or apartment, improve your physical form to the best of your ability and engorge yourself with knowledge and your true culture. Why this very thread has some pdfs you can enjoy, i'll even make time sourcing new ones upon request. Just cease the despair is all I ask. We will make it through.

Anonymous 04/21/2020 (Tue) 03:44:02 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.79414 del
(142.71 KB 340x472 this is a face.png)
>This is true for most of us, the loss of our brotherhood a grave wound to the European soul. It is why posts like >>78827 sadden me genuinely.
>Not because of some sense of pedantic sympathy but because this is the reality for far too many of our people
Agreed, and I am that anon you referred to. That is why for the first time, one of your posts didn't resonate with me: >>79409
I've settled for quarantine after coming home from work before it even came into effect, before I was furloughed. This house is empty and peaceful. It's not that I didn't like work. I have to keep myself active in this house just to stay sane. What I don't like is this quarantine situation coming to an end. Governments are actually forced to give a shit about stopping people coming across borders now. I don't have to be surrounded by shitskins in order to make fiat currency to buy my food and pay utility bills. Old jews who lied their asses off about German work camps are dying. I haven't had television there to indoctrinate me for years. I threw that out with the trash a long time ago. I am sequestered away from this multicultural hell, not hearing the parroted jewish agendas of "Iran is the enemy guys" or "hey lets talk about the [fraud] holocaust for the 50 millionth time" or "white guys are bad because I'm fucking retarded and don't know real history". Everything about not having to hear that trash is fucking fantastic. No more being surrounded by everyone who's not indo-European.

As for exercise since some might have limited space, this regimen before bed works for me: Laying down (carpeted or doormat), 50 bicycle kicks, 50 situps, 50 times pulling your knees in. Then 50 push-backs, I guess you'd call them, as you lay on your back you're using upper arms to raise yourself, and 50 normal pushups. That's all I feel I need. Also as most are going to be sitting watching likely mindless garbage "entertainment" during quarantine: You can exercise your biceps by laying one hand flat on your lap, top two fingers extended, touch those two with the other hand's same extended fingers. Then switch so it's the opposite hands. Do this rapidly and you'll feel the burn, especially through a movie. Want more exercise and have shitskin next-door neighbors? Grab the largest fucking object you have and swing it around in the backyard during the day screaming like a madman in full viking beard. Why not? The apes blast their goddamn music after 3:00am and shake the very ground with that bass shit. You don't want to be the indo-European they don't fear. They used to scream at me from their porches. Now they shut their whore mouths. Shitskins are never going to respect indo-Europeans. Before I woke up to the JQ, I tried to be kind to non-whites. I never saw back then how it made perfect sense why that never worked. I am not their people, and they're brainwashed against my people by jewish programming. Their very culture clash from being brought where they don't belong by jews for the interracial mixing agenda means none of us will ever fully get along with those not of our race. Be the indo-European they do fear.

I realize this may come across as a schizo post. For those who think so, they don't understand. I was a man backed against the fucking wall by all the degeneracy coming at me and everything besides my house was taken away. I was on the brink of losing my goddamn mind until quarantine. Death glaring shitskins day after day, and yes I do hide my power level. It takes everything I have not to express an outburst and hold back everything I would say here. I find myself extremely pissed off that the Governor of my state is siding with the orange jew POTUS and spouting bullshit that every member of this state wants to get back to work. So they're going to be lifting quarantine, the Governor said within a week. America has the most wide-spread cases of the virus out of every other nation and they want to lift quarantine. Dumb mother fuckers. Well, at least I'll likely catch Covid19 and die on a respirator. Fuck this gay earth.

Anonymous 04/21/2020 (Tue) 03:57:09 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.79415 del
Don't let my above post dissuade anyone here from fighting back against ZOG in every way you can besides throwing your lives away and making the Feds happy. We're all in a bad place because of those fuckers.

Anonymous 04/21/2020 (Tue) 05:00:49 Id: c2edbf [Preview] No.79417 del
Hi Brit anon. Thanks for the new posts. I'll read them over later and give my opinion on them soon

Anonymous 04/21/2020 (Tue) 05:04:28 Id: c2edbf [Preview] No.79418 del
As far as having those nutjobs blaring their shitty music at the dead of the night: Yeah this happened to me a lot of times in the places I used to live. It was with wiggers though. The most blue eyed and blond looking people you could find acting like tough thugs every single weekend. They have a really different mentality from everybody, so don't try to reason with them. Best thing you can do is, again, just move. At least as a start. If you have a good degree or in demand profession, I'm sure you can find something after this mess is all over.

Also please don't get sick anon. Every person posting here counts a lot and would be soundly missed. Just protect yourself when you go out, remember to wash your hands and stay safe out there man

Anonymous 04/21/2020 (Tue) 19:37:59 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.79423 del
>They have a really different mentality from everybody
They're almost the same as ghetto niggers not trying to rise above jewish record producer manufactured "culture". Trash. Except they're also race traitors who deserve the rope.
>so don't try to reason with them.
I tried with a female displaced German wigger. She was too far gone, too brainwashed to accept any truth. Which is sad. The silly bitch moved to Hawaii and took on a slew of brown cousins from her worthless sister, also an interracial whore. Absolutely disgusting. As for negros, they're raised screaming at each other and brought up with attitude. So showing them attitude is the only way. Their mentality is animalistic. Trying to be kind to them is like being the weakest of the herd when hunted by a pack of wolves.

Yeah I'll be careful, washing my hands with soap since that breaks the convalescent bond of Covid19, wearing gloves and the mandatory mask when I go back to work. But I'll be surrounded. Social distancing will be over. The likelihood of transmission is still high. Honestly not looking forward to either having to go back among nothing but shitskins, or the end result of laying in a bed struggling to breathe while refusing a ventilator that may mean a high chance of lung failure through bouts of Corona induced diarrhea while hoping for the sweet release of death.
Fucking the goddamn orange kike for insisting on people going back to work during this pandemic. He's just trying to protect his presidency from massive economic failure which are both already beyond saving.

Anonymous 04/21/2020 (Tue) 20:30:02 Id: e3ca95 [Preview] No.79426 del
It's really easy. Not much willpower needed, just get rid of all your browsers but Firefox, and get Leechblock for Firefox.
Remember though, you have to go to advanced options to you can keep yourself from reverting the site blocks during times in which they are blocked (but be careful with this because if you fuck up you can permanently lock yourself out of being able to change the settings).

Also, do not block one site at a time.
Also, use the etc/hosts file to lock Google into safesearch (so no Google images (I mean you can still fap to bikini pictures, but that's about the worst you can do (and even this you can block if you really figure out how to use leechblock (just do *google.com*+*bikini* (and variants of that (such as typos of "bikini") if you really wanna go deep))))).

how to lock safesearch:

Anonymous 04/21/2020 (Tue) 20:37:35 Id: e3ca95 [Preview] No.79427 del
>do not block one site at a time

By this I mean you need to block sites at a faster rate then you can come up with new ones to fap to.
So for example instead of blocking one shopping site where you fapped to bikini women, find lists of clothes shopping sites, and block them all so you don't have to worry about doing the same thing with another similar site.

After all this, I still fap occasionally, but it is rarer, and it is not to (((porn))).

Anonymous 04/21/2020 (Tue) 21:42:57 Id: c2edbf [Preview] No.79428 del
Or just practice abstinence and meditation while actively looking for a wife. It's what most people's ancestors here did. None of this super cucked shit.

Also recommend you use Startpage or Ixquick for searching anything. Not for obsessively searching for stupid pixels from women that either don't exist or whom you'll never meet. I really don't care about that

Anonymous 04/21/2020 (Tue) 21:48:30 Id: c2edbf [Preview] No.79429 del
During Roman times, masturbating was seen as the most pathetic form of sexual release possible. Something only befitting of lowly slaves.

But I'm sure modern man® has all the answers already. Don't pay mind to me.

Anonymous 04/22/2020 (Wed) 15:01:46 Id: f814ae [Preview] No.79443 del
This event has been nothing but liberating for me.
The Global Totalitarian state has shown their hand, and now it is obvious that we need to become self sufficient. You can no longer rely on renting equipment at gyms, you must have your own. No longer rely on supermarkets, you must grow your own food and support your local farmers and butchers. No longer can we rely on strangers, but family and nearby friends.

This is such an absurd situation, because it is effectively a temporary societal and economic reset, and in such we get to glimpse what the base family-centred life could be, with international travel limited, whilst knowing we are about to delve into the depths of the Semitic abyss. We know who we can and cannot rely on, what martial law really looks like, and just how much global power the (((occupational forces))) really have.
Also any hopes, that there were any significant quantity of people in our communities that weren’t hysterical plan-trusters, that actually oppose the state, have been crushed with the demonstrations like the neurotic state healthcare clapping. We should be clapping ourselves, or rather slapping, as we shut down our entire society to keep this overburdened socialist dysgenics program afloat.
On the other hand, I love seeing our nations kvetch at missing out on celebrating the 75 year since the betrayal of Europe’s Warriors.
I love seeing the promiscuous, the alcoholics and drug addicts being deprived of their disgusting practices.
I love seeing the escapists get driven insane by their own ‘hobbies’ of watching TV and playing video games.
Stripped of that which we took for granted, such as simply going outside, one would hope the people would see with clarity now that which truly matters. This is unprecedented control.
The Abrahamic temples are all shut.
(((Universities))) have been forced to cease their indoctrination in many places, and this inflated economy is about to tank, taking all the greedy boomers with it.

We should be preparing, maintaining our selves, investing in our households, families and friend circles. We should be doing that anyway, as we are in a state of total war still, and always will be... We are also occupied.
We should be doing those things ten fold now that we are about to be economically burdened and have what little liberties we had left, stripped away from us under the guise of disease prevention. We will never return to ‘normal’, I hope you realise that.
The reset it here, ride the wave and adapt, or die.
Never stop fighting.

Anonymous 05/19/2020 (Tue) 15:32:54 [Preview] No.79933 del
Which genres of music are degenerate and what makes them such? Is any rap song degenerate, regardless of its lyrical content? I am asking this because I am talented at writing lyrics and rapping. Is there a compromise to be made, or should I just abandon this all together and search for other talents?

Anonymous 05/19/2020 (Tue) 17:08:51 [Preview] No.79935 del
I suppose you could illuminate some lost whites through the lyrics, but there is no reason to limit yourself to only rap, you could also explore poetry.

Pay attention to the beats too, many "dubstep" musics have no lyrics but are considered degenerate because of their neurological effect.

Anonymous 05/19/2020 (Tue) 17:38:25 Id: ba5b7c [Preview] No.79936 del
You need to understand something some 90s rappers understood, like Ice Cube with No Vaseline. Rap/hip-hop culture was honed through decades of jewish record producers finding the dumbest mother fuckers and making it look like stupidity is cool. Read the entire article for the distant past. In addition, there has been kikes Edgar Bronfman Jr. of Warner Music Group, Lucian-Grainge of Universal Music Group and Rolf Schmidt Holtz of Sony Music Entertainment.

When is the last time you saw a black person with class unlike that rich long press-on-nails cunt like Cardi B crying in her cereal because she wasn't able to go to restaurants during quarantine? I'm talking actual fucking class. The self respect to reject the fake jewish manufactured culture of rap and hip-hop, hard drugs, flexing, muh sideways guns, drivebys, crypts and bloods, thug life and ebonics. None of that was ever their actual culture from their native lands. It was as thrust on them as slavery was, by jews that owned the ships, the ports, and sold them as cattle.

But blame the white man because jews told them to. Why think? Why research? When you can be dumb is cool sheep for kikes.

Anonymous 05/19/2020 (Tue) 17:47:30 Id: ba5b7c [Preview] No.79937 del
What I just explained is why black people piss off some anons on this board. It isn't about skin color. It's not about "muh master race" which jews turned around into a lie against Hitler because he identified them as desiring to be the master race. It's about being fake as fuck. When you're spouting ebonics, twerking, throwing up gang signs, shooting families in drivebys and smoking crack, you are not black. You are the shame of your ancestors and an absolute slave of jews. This goes for wiggers as well. Traitors deserve no empathy. I have unindoctrinated black people simply because I've been surrounded by them in public. Far fewer than other indo-Europeans yes, but I've done it. Everyone needs to break free of jewish programming.

Anonymous 05/19/2020 (Tue) 22:54:49 Id: c2edbf [Preview] No.79943 del
>Which genres of music are degenerate and what makes them such?
A lot of genres at this day and age sadly

>I am asking this because I am talented at writing lyrics and rapping. Is there a compromise to be made, or should I just abandon this all together and search for other talents?
Perhaps try doing RnB or dance music?

Something like John Legend, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder. Just fun music and nothing degenerate

Anonymous 05/22/2020 (Fri) 01:46:02 Id: 0fe35f [Preview] No.80009 del
Reminder: music is the byproduct of a being's internal self. Worry less about the genre, music should be understood through timbre anyway. Understand the creator of the music, who they are, what they believe, and whether you want to absorb the audio version of their internal being.

Anonymous 05/25/2020 (Mon) 14:32:17 Id: 032cb4 [Preview] No.80115 del
This is a great thread, and I wanted to thanked the anons who wrote such great and lifting posts.
With that in mind I wanted to collaborate as I could, although mine would be smaller advice little things that can help. I apologize if this are redundant or even too basic.
Firstly for any new skill you intend to develop, develop a progress plan, with schedule and clear goals, we able to build this thing, lift this much, read this many books, etc. Keep track as well, comparing your first tries at something with later work can be a good morale boost.
Although I know that 4cuck is a honeypot, many of the more niche boards, like /fit/,/diy/, /ic/, etc have a great number of resources, usually free.
I'd also urge anons to try and learn another language, if you aren't already, Europe is filled with a variety of beautiful culture and peoples, and their languages reflect this. I'm learning German myself, and when learning any language I would recommend engaging in passive input, basically watch a movie, series or videos in whatever your target language is.
Finally I'd recommend starting a diary, it has help me arrange my thoughts, and ponder on my actions and growth.

Anonymous 05/27/2020 (Wed) 23:07:48 Id: ffc153 [Preview] No.80157 del
Back to answer this

Good stuff as usual Brit anon. Might I suggest that anons here trying maintaning close connections with friends and family members at this time. At this point, we really don't know what will happen next, so it's best to keep some company around. And have some money saved up as well

>they're raised screaming at each other and brought up with attitude.

Just like wiggers in posh upper class neighborhoods, or the Maghrebs that roam Paris everyday, or the Pikeys that infest Eastern Europe. Losers are in every society. This is the first time in humanity we're forced to respect or interact with such people though

Anonymous 05/27/2020 (Wed) 23:10:50 Id: ffc153 [Preview] No.80158 del
Yeah this is good advice. Thanks for the post anon

Also, if you own a house have you thought of renting it out and moving to another,better place for now. The house would pay for itself if you did.

Just find someone reliable with good credit history. Maybe give it some thought

Anonymous 05/28/2020 (Thu) 03:07:58 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.80161 del
I tried that. The only takers were cunts twerking on their Facebook and Twitter profiles. See, from the sites I listed adverts on, I looked their names up by their inquiries. It was either twerking or ebonics, almost every single one. The remainder being jews trying to haggle the fucking rent price without realizing I would never rent to them. The main reason for every back-out was the background check. This city is a cesspool. That's the main reason every indo-European I break free from indoctrination flees North-West.

Anonymous 05/28/2020 (Thu) 03:16:50 Id: fa31c1 [Preview] No.80162 del
I forgot to mention, I'm not hand-waving at this anon >>80158 in dismissal. I tried what I said above the entire year of 2019. I halved the rent price of houses in my area and even offered no payment on utilities. The left-over from taking care of their utility bills would've left me with enough rent for a small apartment. I even choked my disgust down, tried not to throw up, and contacted the twerkers+ebonics speakers. They were too dumb to figure out how to follow through. In a full year, I had two visitors. One was upset the entire house wasn't furnished. That's his fucking job to buy the rest of the furniture. Another was upset there wasn't exercise equipment. This is not a gym. The full year went by, and I gave up. Fuck this city.

Anonymous 05/28/2020 (Thu) 05:11:37 Id: ffc153 [Preview] No.80163 del
(41.61 KB 1029x1024 ty456yh5664555.jpg)

>The only takers were cunts twerking on their Facebook and Twitter profiles
Holy shit. Are people like that even real? lol

>Another was upset there wasn't exercise equipment. This is not a gym.

I mean, people are stupid and picky. If it's something small like that, maybe include it. Sometimes people choose different places to live if it has an amenity included. i.e - Free washer/dryer. Dogpark. Free parking. A workshed. Some stupid shit like that.

How much would it even be to include some gym equipment. A few grands? Maybe try people from out of town that don't know much about the area. Or adding something else. Not sure.

Anonymous 05/28/2020 (Thu) 05:12:41 Id: ffc153 [Preview] No.80164 del
And yeah being a landlord kinda sucks. People are sometimes are late with rent or don't pay. You need to fix shit they break or just breaks by itself. Hope they don't break things horrendously before they leave. A myriad of things to do and think about

>That's the main reason every indo-European I break free from indoctrination flees North-West.

Well that's another option. If you have a good career, you can probably look for another job elsewhere and move. But not now at least. Everything's fucked at the moment

Anonymous 05/28/2020 (Thu) 18:46:36 Id: 4e90a7 [Preview] No.80166 del
Meanwhile I have to rent from a jew apartment complex, who have already screwed me over because I have extremely low options and they can prey on me. Where every fucking day there's some hooting negro and a chink screaming in their vile tongue. Hope you chance upon a good tenant soon enough.

Anyways I'll post a meditation guide, it helps clear the mind and relax one quite a bit, some anon was asking for one as well.

Firstly turn off any possible distraction, like music or tvs. Then sit straight up in any comfortable position, and set up an alarm for the amount of time you want to meditate for, five minutes is a good time to start and gauge how much you can go for.
Once all everything has been set up, you can begin, your objective is to think of nothing, empty your mind.
Start by concentrating on your breathing, actively thinking "inhale" and "exhale" will help you focus on your breathing even more, and tune out any wondering thoughts or bodily annoyances. Resist as much as you can any urge to scratch anything, or shift positions, after a while they fade just as they came. Internal disturbances should also be ignored. If any pop up, go back to thinking of your breathing, and if it persists, give a quick answer to it so that it can conclude, don't entertain the idea any further, just let it go. Its also not a good idea to beat yourself over any failings during meditation, as this is just another distraction, if you scratched yourself or shifted positions then that's it, go back to focusing on breathing, same for entertaining thoughts.

Eventually you'll be able to meditate without having to think about your breathing, instead you can focus on the sensations present in your body, on the feeling of air coming in and out of you, your heartbeat or some kind of abstract visualization, a common one is an expanding sphere which follows your breath.
Once you get the hang of it, increasing the time the next step, add an extra minutes, maybe two, do this whenever you think the alarm sounded too early, or when you kept meditating despite the alarm going off. Eventually you'll find that the alarm sounds too early too often, and you can get into it easier.

I'm not an expert by any means, I only started because I saw some shitty image some years ago, but this my advise, and I'd welcome any further advise.

Anonymous 05/31/2020 (Sun) 21:20:42 Id: ffc153 [Preview] No.80298 del
Maybe it would be a good idea to archive this thread, just in case.

Does anyone have any of the old /sig/ threads saved up? If this thread hits the bump limit, we could make a new one with the first OP post having each archived/sig/ thread for viewing

Anonymous 06/01/2020 (Mon) 00:08:42 Id: 569694 [Preview] No.80304 del
Back again, managed to get a an hour or so of privacy finally. While I have yet to finish work a decent topic (my mind is constantly bombarded with family issues and maintaining both supplies and their dwindling sanity it seems of late). Hopefully normal routine will re establish itself within the coming weeks and work can continue normally.

It is in no way a schizo post, do not demean yourself by using that term. In a time of turmoil it is better to be honest and true rather than dismissive. Your attainment of solitude is an enviable thing for despite the common idea that we must all be constantly "connected" solitude presents peace, a chance for reflection. What I speak of is not the isolation of living alone but the isolation of being divided from those who share greater ideals and greater goals, those one can depend upon in questionable times, my regret comes not from socialising generally but how few still maintain some semblance of morality or even sanity that can be considered true kin that can be relied upon. One need merely share polite small talk with family to realise just how lost people are in this epoch. Yes, it is true not everyone has grand ideas or understand concepts beyond the rudimentary but our people are hollowed out, drones reciting the usual diatribe of simple buzzwords or tedious drivel concerning some mundane media figure. Where as those seeking more, those fighting for a greater cause who try to approach others of our ilk are scorned, nay harried and rejected for caring of their future. My regret comes from you, a Man who understands like so many here how grim our battle is has no immediate kin to share that burden for the semetic media has informed all in sundry that we are nought but "hateful beasts" despite the craven and disgusting actions of the parasite right in front of their eyes. Of course they cannot be blamed for they are simple people and the parasite is cunning but it can be an isolating feeling. I wish to try dispel this feeling for those who feel it. It is heartening to hear of your resilience and your balance in handling it none the less and your attitude to it is, despite your claim of sounding "schizo", well balanced. But not all handle it so well sadly. Some fall to despair and misery, we must lift them from this now more than ever.

You also maintain an excellent physical regime if you don't mind me saying by the way, maintenance of such a high level of fitness during this period is of absolute importance.

Anything that supports our kin is always welcomed in this thread, feel free to post anything useful. This is a place for brothers and thusly no kin who wish to help shall be turned away. We are in this together.

You are most gracious, thank you for your kind words. You are quite right on maintaining connections and allies in this dark period, especially with the current escalation not merely with COVID but with the African golems being roused by the semite. It feels very odd how recent events are transpiring and needless to say it would be prudent for us all to keep tabs. What occurs in America can very easily spill beyond, I believe there were even "protests" (or rather angry looting negroids and degenerative self loathing whites) in central London joining in a "sympathy" protest today. A stage is being set, for what I can only make rudimentary assumptions at.

I've some local copies made but there is also https://archive.is/t6VbN. I also have all books in a 7zip file in the event of loss of attachments. In the event of catastrophic loss of the site or the board please do not hesitate to repost any and all posts made where you see fit, it is absolutely vital that no matter what transpires our people find purpose beyond the factional groupings of the "alt right" and the despicable trappings of the semetic modern media. It is our duty beyond all else to fight for our people, anything that can give them hope must be shared freely.

Anonymous 06/01/2020 (Mon) 01:57:49 Id: 569694 [Preview] No.80305 del
(2.84 MB 5043x3325 Christ.jpg)
Oh, to Hell with it. Tonight's subject is one of seeking a purpose beyond what is offered. A topic many find themselves seeking yet never quite grasp. That of the topic of Faith.

Faith is a mercurial thing at times. For some Men it comes as easy as breathing, Faith within Christ, within Woden, even Faith in their own people. It is easy for them for they see the beauty and truth within their Faith. It grants unto them strength untold, bravery unmatched. Yet for some it is like sand falling between their fingers, their minds eternally searching, seeking yet never quite grasping at it. They can spend a lifetime wandering, never finding a truth that truly fits. Yes, there are those of a closed mind, those who reject anything beyond the materialé but they are some of the most ardent supporters of this current age, men who act akin to children, desiring nought but their TV shows, chemical laden foods and "adult collectables". Hollow men, empty men for whom nothing will ever truly sate their physical and spiritual hunger.

What many often fail to realise is that Faith itself is one of the single greatest drivers for a man. A belief, an understanding not simply of the Divine but of something that is beyond their own existence. Many hearken back to the proverb concerning planting trees under whose shade we shall not sit but it is something even beyond that. Faith is part of a legacy that stretches back far beyond even our own understanding be it the legacy of Christ and his raising of the human spirit or the legacy of Woden and his sharing of language with mankind or even the legacy of a great leader lifting his people from misery and degeneracy. It is a belief in the supranatural, the realm where Men achieve greatness that can seem impossible to some (not the supernatural which in popular terms mostly concerns the purely mystical). It is this belief in those we hold to be true examplars that true Men seek to emulate. Does not the truly pious Christian seek to not merely be kind and charitable but to also wield the sword in defense of his faith? Does the true Pagan not seek to reject the semetic trappings of this age and find both peace and challenge with a more truer existance? Does not the Man who wishes to emulate the heroes who fought for our people reject both Communism and uncontrolled Jewish capitalism both in equal measure? Men such as these do not do it for spectacle or to be recognised for these actions, they do it for that is their true purpose, their true calling. No one will remember the name of a single follower of Christ who lived a truly honest life and defended his faith yet he does not do it for recognition, he does it because he finds the strength to do so in his belief. In his Faith. A Pagan who tends a grove and makes treks to ancient sites will not have his name recorded upon the very stones he tends yet he does so for it is demanded of him. A Man emulating our fallen Heroes does not do so for recognition for he knows should it become public he will face scorn, he does so for he considers it his duty to ensure those heroes are never forgotten. This, in essence, is faith. It is an unbreakable bond between Man and a greater ideal. Consider for a moment. Charlemagne did not forge his empire for his own merit, he did not charge and fight for his own glory. He fought because his Faith told him he was right. There was no shades of grey, there was no question, he fought for his Faith was strong enough that no matter what may come he knew he was doing the work of the Divine. The children of Odin when they explored and fought they did not do it simply for personal glory but for a chance at fighting the final battle in the realm beyond, a chance at honouring their ancestors by demonstrating they were capable of doing so. When in 1933 when Hitler rose to power it was not for his own glory nor for his own goals but for his people, for the German people he stood, his faith in them unwavering unto the last. Faith drove these men, Faith in something greater.

Anonymous 06/01/2020 (Mon) 01:58:51 Id: 569694 [Preview] No.80306 del
(86.54 KB 960x960 Odin.jpg)
Of course the simple mind will always reject such ideas, "no way man, if Christ was real then why'd his sky daddy let him die rofl btfo christcuck" or "pagans got fukked by christians u larping faggot" or the classic "if u love your dictator so much why dont u kill urself and join him". Of course such pathetic creatures will shame you, they have no true understanding beyond the mundane, beyond their own carnal pleasures. They have no Faith in anything real. Oh but do not misunderstand them though, they do have a form of it, a much more pathetic and simpler form. Faith in their material possessions. In their football teams (both soccer and American football), they have faith the media will always tell them the truth or that "Trump will build the wall any minute now, you just wait". They have a mutated form of Faith, a hijacked one, warped to suit the needs of the despicable creatures that maintain their stranglehold upon the European peoples at home and in the colonies. These foul creatures revel in it, their "art" such as "piss Christ", their abominations of chemically castrated creatures being presented as just normal people like you and I, they revel in the rejection of the true and anything that represents something greater than their own vile ideals and in turn present only the material and the degenerative. It is only within the rejection of their proferred poisons, only within the refusal to debase ourselves with their lies and machinations that we can truly find faith again.

It is down to each of us individually to find an exemplar of the true ideals of our people be it Christ, Woden or even one of the many great leaders who fought for our people. We must grow to understand them, to realise for what they fought, be it our eternal souls, a chance at standing at the final spiritual battle of Ragnarok or even the chance of one day forging a nation of hope based upon National Socialism or even Fascism, it comes down to us to embrace these things. To embody them. You needn't even embody just a single one of them, Christianity works well within National Socialism as evidenced from the history of that time, Paganism even found a revival under it to a degree, we must learn to cease rejecting these things for they are indeed truly ours. Christianity was forged within the European image, it holds European ideals, Paganism was formed of our blood and our land, our political ideals before the parasite offered corrupted modern "democracy" was truly ours so we must embrace these to our hearts. We must find succor in them, learn from them. Understand the teachings of Christ, seek older texts prior to the Jesuits corruptive teachings, seek ancient Pagan lore, read correct translations of Mein Kampf and the books of those who fought for us. Understand them. Embody them. Fight for them. For they represent us, they represent our people.

In an age where atomisation is all we know, where misery and treachery reign supreme, it can be hard to believe in something can't it. It can be a struggle. You want to believe, you want to find something beyond this but with the darkness so prevalent what is the point. We feel alone. Forgotten. The claws of the parasite dig even harder into our flesh, the pain clouds the mind as we desperately seek to escape the pain and the sadness. We all have felt it, some feel it still. But you must understand something vitally important. They *want* you to feel that pain, to feel clouded and confused, to seek escape into all the paths they can usher you in to. They wish you to go into mainstream Catholicism, to accept the degenerative child molesting priests which the Pope embraces. They wish you to go into modern "Paganism" with all the pedantic mockery of Wiccan ideals and ridiculous ideas such as singular Goddess worship. They wish you to seek heroes in weak puppets such as Jordan Peterson and Carl Benjamin or as he's more commonly known Sargon of Akkad. They wish you to fall in line, to be herded into the pen like good little cattle.

Anonymous 06/01/2020 (Mon) 02:00:01 Id: 569694 [Preview] No.80307 del
(4.76 MB 2880x4608 Hitler.jpg)
You, we, shall not. We must reject all proferred poisons, all puppets and pretenders they march before us. Christ would not demand you offer fealty to the invader nor the Jew so how dare they demand we do. Woden would not demand we despoil our lands for capital or the invader so why should we believe he and the Gods would ask us to do this now. The fallen heroes of the last "great" war would not demand we surrender to our hated foes so why in the name of Europa would we do so now. No. No we must reject them all, we must find strength in true Heroes, true Men and examples of what *we* are both in the physical and spiritual, what we the European people truly are. We are not slaves, we are not puppets to be used to entertain the foul parasite, we are Men, Men of Christ, of Woden and of Europa. We are brothers one and all and we shall never surrender. So fight for them, let them lend you their strength, let them grant unto you the Will to stand against all that comes, against the shadows and the nightmares that will assail us. We are mightier than they could ever know for Men with Faith in their hearts cannot be broken, cannot be bought or made slaves.

I believe the following words are a good reminder of just what Faith in a greater ideal can achieve. Remember them well for they echo just what strength Faith can bring.

"Yes, Germany was back then a democracy, before us, and we have been plundered and squeezed dry. No. What does democracy or authoritarian state mean to those international hyenas? They don’t care at all. They are only interested in one thing: Are you willing to be plundered? Yes or no? Are you stupid enough to keep quiet in the process? Yes or no? And when a democracy is stupid enough not to stand up, then it is good. But when an authoritarian state declares, ‘You are not going to plunder our people neither from the inside nor the outside' then that is bad.

In reality, money rules in these countries (“democracies”). They talk about press freedom, when in fact all these newspapers have one owner, and the owner is, in any case, the sponsor. This press shapes then public opinion. These political parties do not have any differences at all, like before with us. You already know the old political parties. They were all the same.

Then these people must think that especially in these countries of freedom and wealth, there should exist a very comfortable life for its people. But the opposite is the case. In these countries, in the so-called democracies, it's people is by no means the main focus of attention. What really matters is exclusively the existence of this group of ‘democracy makers.’ That is, the existence of a few hundred giant capitalists who own all the factories and shares and who, ultimately, lead the people. They are not interested at all in the great mass of people. They are the only ones who can be addressed as international elements because they conduct their business everywhere. It is a small, rootless international clique that is turning the people against each other, that does not want them to have peace.

They can suppress us. They can kill us if you like, but we will not capitulate!"

Hail our people.

Inspiring posts. Welcome back. Anonymous 06/01/2020 (Mon) 21:50:48 Id: 4272e9 [Preview] No.80328 del
(95.29 KB 800x477 paulahitler.jpg)
>A Man emulating our fallen Heroes does not do so for recognition for he knows should it become public he will face scorn,
>he does so for he considers it his duty to ensure those heroes are never forgotten.
This right here. Very true. We face public scorn due to "denazification" Psychological Warfare lying propaganda for nearly 75 years and the fact that everyone Leftists/Commies (and many other brainwashed) disagree with are considered "Nazis". Even the followers of the American President, the most publicly Zionist shill of all time. We can forget bringing up Hitler out of the blue, the man who showed us temporary success in removing semitic influence. For if we do, that is the end of our pointless social lives and professions.
>When in 1933 when Hitler rose to power it was not for his own glory nor for his own goals but for his people
Yet the constant lie is that he was selfish, while Hitler was the least selfish and most people serving man to have ever existed.
>Of course such pathetic creatures will shame you, they have no true understanding beyond the mundane,
>beyond their own carnal pleasures. They have no Faith in anything real.
The above statement needs to be said more often. I agree with the rest as well. As I've said before, Christianity (Codex Sinaiticus-Greek) was stolen and co-opted by the the jewish parasites. They have no evidence whatsoever that even the Old Testament was originally theirs. Fraudulent translations mean nothing. The oldest hard evidence being the Septuagint (also in Greek). "jew" is a term later inserted through translations which never used it before. And so the kikes claim Greek translated Hebrew, with not a single shred of hard evidence. The same as the fraudulent book of Esther claiming a kike princess married Xerxes, the only things kikes are capable of inventing is intellectual theft. Volkische as well thrived under the Third Reich. That is Paganism and oneness with nature and the natural order. As your posts imply, one does not need to reject the other. Division is the tool of the enemy.

Anonymous 06/18/2020 (Thu) 00:35:53 [Preview] No.80761 del
Hey. Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I'm a literal mental retard (Parkinson's), and I'm wondering if anyone knows any tips or tricks to get back on the upward path of self-improvement? I feel trapped in the mind and body of a sheeple, and it's only by constantly watching videos such as Adolf Hitler's Warning and The Jews Are Our Misfortune that I can manage to stay in a redpill mindset instead of slipping back into the bluepill slime of hating Adolf Hitler. My attention span and memory are like that of a goldfish, but I'm determined to reach back the heights that I once had. I don't really know or have the capacity to remember what caused it, but I think my kike psychiatrist sensed my power level, so he deliberately prscribed me way too many fucking anti-psychotics. I'm NEET right now, and I'd hate to waste this golden opportunity of self-improvement.

Anonymous 06/18/2020 (Thu) 03:47:15 Id: 4272e9 [Preview] No.80767 del
Ditch your kike psychiatrist. You need a neurologist. Parkinson's is not a psychosis and does not require anti-psychotics. It's a genetic disorder where you lose control of your body because you don't produce enough dopamine. Parkinson's requires medication to prevent rigidity of muscles and tremors such as Sinemet, a combination of levodopa and carbidopa (a decarboxylase inhibitor that prevents levodopa from breaking down).

Anonymous 06/18/2020 (Thu) 17:04:38 [Preview] No.80772 del
Well then in that case it's not Parkinson's. And yeah I've already distanced myself from him, but my parents have the final say on whether to cut himself off or not. I can barely even think.

This video describes it well, and also why I'd be stupid enough to think that it's Parkinson's. It's been like this for several years too.

Anonymous 06/18/2020 (Thu) 17:45:45 Id: 4272e9 [Preview] No.80774 del
So you don't even know what you have. I watched that guy's video, and one comment stated he committed suicide in 2017. Unfortunate, since there's nothing wrong with him. He had an auditory memory. I have that exact same issue he described where I don't picture anything. Blank mind. I also see darkness when I close my eyes (who doesn't?). I don't dream. I've had this my whole life. I read aloud and retain memories that way. Yet in the 80s, it was diagnosed as "ADD" and prescribed Ritalin. That doesn't mean he, you or I could not function or recall memories. Listening to him talk, his ability to describe 'Blank Mind' contradicts what he's saying. The syndrome does not exist. It's unnecessary panic. Depersonalization Disorder was not known as anything other than sensory change until the kike Sigmund Freud corrupted the concept, as jews tend to do with history. You can endure this difficult memory issue by learning through hearing and not panicking over your lack of visual memory.

Anonymous 06/18/2020 (Thu) 21:13:04 [Preview] No.80786 del
Okay, thanks for the help.

Anonymous 06/20/2020 (Sat) 04:35:58 [Preview] No.80834 del
Okay, so I see now what is going on. My parents have been secretly giving me lithium over the past couple of years. Or perhaps some equivalent? I have aweful memory memory loss, and difficulty with basic logic. Also, I don't know for sure, but I am paranoid that they might put me in a mental institution in the near future. Does anyone have any reccomendations for the event that I end up in some resididential psychiatric ward type shit? I'm talking stuff like convict conditioning style body building to dissuade someone from injecting me with vaccines or sedatives, how to deal with sociopathic or jewish staff, eventual escape plans if it comes to that, etc. I have no way of knowing if I'll have access to the internet, or if I do I can be sure that they'll have either some heavy duty surveillience (overt or covert) of what I research, some pavlovian "good goy points" system of earning time on the computer, or both.

Anonymous 06/20/2020 (Sat) 06:45:12 Id: 4272e9 [Preview] No.80835 del
Or you may be paranoid. Either way, you need to get out from under the heel of your parents and don't trust psychiatrists. Never trust kikes, period. They can only check you into an institution if you're proven to be a harm to yourself or others. Don't be. I guess if you suspect your parents enough, don't ingest what they give you. First and foremost, move out.

Anonymous 06/27/2020 (Sat) 17:21:39 Id: e07cdb [Preview] No.80921 del
How would I go about increasing my own self discipline. Are there any techniques that has worked for you anons that I can use for myself as well?

Anonymous 06/27/2020 (Sat) 18:15:45 Id: b3007e [Preview] No.80922 del
>Have a plan
Build a realistic plan of progress, set your goals appropriately
>Visualize your success
Have a clear picture of what your end goal is, as well as any intermidiate goal, to remind yourself in moments of weakness
>Investigate whatever is your objective is, and how to reach it
>Don't use excuses to put off doing stuff
Don't bullshit yourself out of working towards your goal
>Come to terms you may need to permanently quit some stuff
There's things you might like doing and consuming that are not good for you. For example going no fap, come to terms with the idea of never doing it again, and similarly to any unhealthy habit.
>Find why you want to improve, find a ultimate purpose
Mine is to be a True European Man, to be the absolute me, reach my zenith and transcend myself, never stopping improving
>The work is never done
You will always find something to improve, be it your own person, in acquiring a new skill, or improving in one you already posses. The road of self improvement is never ending, but you'll learn to take pride in your struggle and a job well done.

Anonymous 07/06/2020 (Mon) 20:23:44 Id: ffc153 [Preview] No.81091 del
(187.40 KB 900x604 smoek5.jpeg)
How have you been holding up since the pandemic started /pol/? Doing good?

and fuck shills btw

Anonymous 07/07/2020 (Tue) 08:23:52 Id: 4272e9 [Preview] No.81104 del
Well, I'm back to work (on call too many times) among infected assholes carrying a virus that all evidence points to there being a high chance of surviving, yet with debilitating permanent effects. Effects the Tor tard keeps stopping by every once in awhile to completely ignore because of the survivability. My Mayor keeps telling the county to stay home, but there's no stimulus to stay home. Oh, and he's a kike so there's that. Of course he'd hold onto his precious shekels.

Anonymous 07/07/2020 (Tue) 19:17:04 Id: ffc153 [Preview] No.81114 del
At least you're working. I'm working a few longer hours too. But at least we're holding up.

And the board is up too, which is also good

Anonymous 07/11/2020 (Sat) 00:39:02 Id: f89141 [Preview] No.81186 del
I've been alright, can't really complain. Although, life has been going slow.

I've been trying to really get back into /SIG and nofap, mostly by getting back to working out through calisthenics, but it's been hard trying to get back to a normal and disciplined routine. However, I did started to do cold showers a month ago and I've been liking it thus far and sticking to it since.

Anonymous 07/20/2020 (Mon) 22:33:34 Id: ffc153 [Preview] No.81387 del
>but it's been hard trying to get back to a normal and disciplined routine. However, I did started to do cold showers a month ago and I've been liking it thus far and sticking to it since.

It's okay. If you fall off, just do it again. and you'll be better at it than last time

Anonymous 07/20/2020 (Mon) 22:41:34 Id: ffc153 [Preview] No.81390 del
(273.72 KB 884x1280 EdKkBnMXYAY1Iqm.jpeg)
(57.83 KB 680x434 viva.jpeg)
(38.53 KB 640x426 pssss.jpeg)
Also, the official start date of the Spanish Civil War was a few days ago. Saw a thread about it on twitter and pretty much everyone supported the Nationalists in it. I also forgot that I was going to make a thread about it here lol

But people in general are more RW nowadays anyway. No normal or average intelligence person likes commies anymore.

Anonymous 07/21/2020 (Tue) 09:11:09 Id: 4272e9 [Preview] No.81398 del
(130.56 KB 820x704 00.jpg)