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Show them a better way. Help them understand that as Men, as sons of Europa, that like all those before us they too will one day be but dust and echoes but before that time, before that last breath leaves our tired lips and our bodies surrender to time or pain, remind them that it is not our names that matter but our actions. That the collective actions of our people, our own individual actions as fathers and guardians of our kin and our peoples future is the most important duty we will ever have. They will not be remembered for amassing a sizable collection of action figures nor for being good at a sport. But they will be remembered by those they helped. By those they loved and protected. By those they fought for and in turn taught to fight, to resist. That, that my friends is true immortality and we must all remember that. To be remembered for deeds in service to a tangible ideal, an ideal in service to those we love. Those we protect. The semite would belittle such sacrifice, "So what goy, hes dead, you need to look out for number one as no one will remember him". Such shallow, sad little creatures. Those of truth, of dignity and of noble souls, their deeds live on even when names are forgotten or misremembered. It is the deeds that matter. Now it must be our deeds. This is the truth so many have forgotten. It is a truth we must all not merely remember but embrace.

You like I feel the despair upon the air, a miasma hangs over us akin to poisonous mist. It permeates like a sickening fog occluding all hopes and dreams of a future. You are right to be fearful, only a fool wouldn't be. But you like I must face it and forge through it. The rot approaches, the frost of a dire winter encroaches upon all our peoples lands. The semite is well aware of this for it was the harbinger of this misery and plots constantly towards our inevitable destruction. We must co ordinate, we must grant succor to each other and lift each other as we have never before. Those like I, sons of Albion who recognise the horrors put upon brothers by our vile "leaders" must atone for our collective sins against those we betrayed and fight like the Lion of old for both ourselves and all the brothers we have wronged. The sons of the American colony must cease their infighting and factional conflicts lest the hordes of negroes be set loose upon them before they realise what is happening. The sons of the Western heartlands of Europe must find common ground, must forget the conflicts of old lest the brown hordes subsume all in their wake while the semetic occupied system crushes them underfoot. The sons of Central and Eastern Europe must witness the burning embers of the Western nations and reinforce their bulwarks, prepare to face the coming dark as best they can. The children of the remaining colonies, both lost such as South Africa and remaining such as Australia and New Zealand and the remaining pockets in South America must steel themselves for their isolation means the battle may be all the harder. Above all, each and every one of us must stand as one against the coming night. As one we must raise our voices, as one we must let our hearts sing a song of resistance against the horrors before us, as one we must stand tall as we fight through the ashes of this dying civilisation. Fight for each other. Fight for your loved ones. Fight for your family, fight for your people. Fight for all that is noble and beautiful, defend it with every ounce of strength in your body and spirit. What we do in the coming years will echo throughout the ages. Will you cower, feel sorry for yourself and embittered yet impotent as all falls around you, not even a footnote upon the pages of history? Or will you stand, will you prepare and find purpose beyond what the semite offers you? I ask you to stand, stand for yourself and for your people. For the blood that runs in your veins, for those we have lost, for those we protect now and for those who will come after us. Stand with me. Stand with each other. Stand together. A better tomorrow awaits, we need only take hold of it.