Anonymous 07/22/2020 (Wed) 22:58:19 Id: ffc153 No.81417 del
>I've spoken to many Communists, trying to break them of their conditioning.
See the second picture. I wish you success if you intend to continue.

>Hitler was able to convert Communists in Germany due to speaking truth without allowing them to interject in meetings the way they were allowed in their Commie groups. Communism is such a subversive element, only herd mentality seemed to work to break them. As he stated, they weren't convinced at first but did go home with something to think about. Back then in Germany, millions of Commies came to the side of National Socialism.

Lots of money and effort being spent for that not to happen again. It's something to keep in mind.

Commies are mostly a thing in Western Europe. They're a pure and utter joke in Eastern Europe at least.

Apart from people paid to spread that shit in Colleges and Government seats, it's mostly low IQ young people and the undesirables of society still following it. And (((other people))) for obvious reasons, to rule like the worst despotic dictators imaginable and delude themselves into thinking that it's some sort of achievement. Any idiot can take something and make things worse. It takes actual talent and effort to make things better, for both him/herself and everyone around him/her.

And people who are well off don't really pay mind to it or the harmful side effects of such an awful ideology.