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I've spoken to many Communists, trying to break them of their conditioning. Maybe you don't see them as frequently in whatever nation you're in other than the U.S. The movement is still a subversive element here. It's shilled in Universities, as there are many jewish professors. I was forced to study Marxism at Uni or fail so wrote sarcastic papers. Trying to have a conversation and convincing a Commie one on one that their ideal is the evil one hasn't worked. They don't care. I've seen these idiots spout they hope for "Russian disinfo" (they don't accept Bolshevism was jewish) and the redefining of words is one of their primary goals. These same types will recommend jewish authors and philosophers to you endlessly without even realizing they're brainwashed. Bring it up, "you're anti-semitic! you're such a raycis!" This type is European descended, yet raves about "systemic racism of white peepo". Even daring trying to suggest they're racist towards their own ends up with them shrieking how could they be "since they are white". "What, do I hate my own mother? My own family?" Of course they don't. But their minds are corrupted.

The kind who cry about "violence of the Alt Right" as "white" when it's clearly jewish. The type who don't know the difference between a Trump supporter, a National Socialist or any other European descendant who respects their heritage. The faggots who shriek about "white privilege" while insulting their own people with "redneck" and "trailer trash", never realizing they're admitting that means poverty - the complete opposite of "privilege". "It's ok to be white" is racist according to them. "All lives matter" is racist to them because it's not just "black lives matter". During all this, they'll try to shill "race not real" which completely contradicts everything they stand for. When provided, the overwhelming amount of blacks who have murdered European descendants based on race, overwhelming numbers of black crime and the murder of black police officers doesn't fit their "racist white cop" narrative. Also with photographic and video violence of Antifa, they'll either sidestep or backpedal.

The Marxist's primary responses to countering arguments have been "you're cherry picking!" or "you're trying to trap me!" They're emotional brainlets, which is why they latch onto Communism in the first place. Even after you hear the Marxist agree on some lines of how falsely villified this white label is, they'll still spout insults against "white people" from their dumb trained minds. Hitler was able to convert Communists in Germany due to speaking truth without allowing them to interject in meetings the way they were allowed in their Commie groups. Communism is such a subversive element, only herd mentality seemed to work to break them. As he stated, they weren't convinced at first but did go home with something to think about. Back then in Germany, millions of Commies came to the side of National Socialism. Commie seats diminished in the Reichstag and their votes switched parties to the NSDAP gradually over 13 years.