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Now there is something that has me personally concerned as if true it's quite a devastating component to this disease however it is not set in stone quite yet and may be merely an aspect of the virus we don't quite understand, that of the risk of reinfection. Footage has repeatedly emerged of the infected quite literally dropping dead on the street or when going about their lives post recovery. A theory emerged some time after on Chinese social media that this is due to reinfection, something that has been confirmed by Chinese medical in the last couple of days at a rate of I believe 14%. Now why is this so significant. Well if the information is correct it appears reinfection shortly after recovery will go beyond merely repeating what occurred previously, it quite literally will invade your heart and vital organs. Now the paper claiming this however has not been peer reviewed, I don't even have it saved so this piece of information can be treated as spurious, the only reason I give it any credence is the confirmation of reinfection by China itself and the footage of victims keeling over. But again it is a case of "We don't have the data yet" so we can't say what is happening for certain. With the propensity for this virus to cause false negatives I actually think personally it may in fact be the virus never left the system of the patient and this is the result of it being left properly untreated. Possibly. I'm not exactly a virologist, this is merely a guess based upon what I've seen and learned of late.

Something else of import is the rumours surrounding this virus, one of the bigger ones that persisted was the "white immunity". Now this from my understanding stems from the claim it is supposedly much more virulent for those of Asiatic descent due to ACE2 receptors and so forth. Essentially this theory boiled down to the Alex Jones tier idea that it was an ethnic bio-weapon aimed at dealing with Hong Kong or the Islamic component in China. Although the idea has died down of late it still pops up here and there and must be dealt with immediately. Risking a single son of Europa by giving him a false sense of invulnerability is both vile and manipulative for he risks himself needlessly. This is not an ethnic bio-weapon, such a thing would be incredibly risky to make due to genetic drift, if it wasn't don't you think the semite would of deployed it rather than using the black and brown hordes of rapists and animals?

Also concerning this virus, something that sent heads spinning was an Indian research paper suggesting this virus had deliberate injection of HIV components to increase infectivity. This is actually true but only by half. There are indeed HIV markers within the virus but this in of itself is not uncommon. What people often forget is that a virus is not like a bacteria, it is technically a living organism. Imagine akin to a microscopic semite, it creeps into a host body, infests cells, subverts them until the immune system notices it's under attack. Now to facilitate this there are always specific parts present within a virus and it's not uncommon for a virus to share components with other virus, it's not too dissimilar to how many DNA based organisms share certain aspects in order to survive in their environment, a virus despite being an RNA based organism is a similar thing in that way. I will agree it is odd that there are three components within this strain that are from HIV however, this is somewhat unusual. Not out of the realm of possibility by nature itself but still, it's intriguing.