Anonymous 03/18/2021 (Thu) 12:48:35 Id: 5e33c6 No.84262 del
If it were possible, if we ourselves could take all the pain the parasite wishes to inflict upon our kin so that they may be free I have little doubt in the bravery and nobility of those like us who would step forward and embrace it, take the horrors unto themselves so that our people may be tormented no more. That even as the pain coursed through our body, even as we stifled the agonised cry in our chests we would lift our heads high and smile at the hated enemy knowing the sacrifice we made would be their end. That even at our weakest we are still sons of Europa and will never surrender to the most vile of enemies. That as we roared in defiance as our blood returned to the soil from which we were born from we gave all we could.

I am sorry I was gone for so long, even if I am but a stranger. I do not know if my words even reach anyone but should someone find succor in them then my duty proves worthwhile for what more can a Man ask for than knowing he made a difference if even in a small way. My name will never be known, likely yours will not be either. But together, together we can make a difference. Together we can save our future. So let us face the darkness of this age together for at our sides marches the ghosts of those who fought for us in ages past. To our people, to our soil, to our kin we must be true if we are to survive. Together we rise. Together we hold back the shadows. Together we will save all we hold dear. We have the tools to save our nations. We have ourselves, our history, our knowledge, we have our people. We merely must remember how to use them wisely. You are far greater than the semite would have you believe. So rise, off of your knees. Stand against the eternal night for there is no better hour than this. Let us be true to eachother. Let us have a vision of a future we deserve, a future that is ours and ours alone. In the name of our fathers. In the name of our people, in the name of our lands, in the name of Europa itself, in the name of all we hold dear let us stand as one.

Until victory be won. Until our people are free once more.