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London hadn't just been a lie I had been living, it had been a leech, sucking away every last ounce of trust I had for my own people for I believed them to be just like the negroid or the third worlder. It stole from me something precious and in winter this horrific mindset became amplified and isolated me even more so into loneliness. When I lived in that city I had been distracted, a much simpler man entertained by much simpler things for that was what was to be expected, be it media consumption, alcohol or women, it was a hedonistic paradise for an empty vessel. Escaping it was liberating but I believed I had nothing to replace it with at the time and for nigh on five years each November onwards I would retreat inside myself, my gloom and misery overriding everything as I felt I was truly alone since leaving my old life. I overcame that through understanding the how and why of it all but that is something I shall come onto later. This is merely my story though, an example of how one can suffer through those months, we each have our own, our own paths we walk in this cold season where we feel alone. In a way we are alone, that is true. But we also are not.

As the parasite draws away the warmth of our spirits and drains the lifeblood of our people to fuel it's infernal mechanisms it is getting harder and harder to find comradery for where can we look? There is no single answer for this question but there are avenues to consider. A first port of call should be family. Now being the men we are we can often find it hard to communicate with our kin, their insistence at living within the dream world the parasite has enforced can be an exercise in patience but they are still your family none the less and in times of distress they can provide you the support you need. You need not unload all your burdens upon them, simply a phone call can be enough to remind you that you are not alone, that there is still someone who still cares about you. Be it a mother, father, sibling or even estranged kin, they can be a reminder that you mean something to someone and that is the most important thing to remember in these winding months. Failing family then friends can be a help although this again can be an even harder proposition than family for I have seen many a man become so insular he struggles to even find bonds of friendship and understandably so in this time where we are apostates against the degeneration of our nations. However if you do have bonds then a simple text message may be enough to lift the spirits but it is a poorer thing than sharing a drink or catching up over a meal so if possible go for that angle, if not, then go with simpler methods of indirect communication (that is not an excuse to skip out on building brotherhoods however, the enemy requires you to be lazy to be miserable, bear that in mind). The key is simply realise there is someone out there whoever they may be that genuinely cares.