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In the coming weeks I will be discussing potential avenues for preparation and planning for our own futures. Be it self sustainability, local├ęs where a Man can either find or build a home in the homelands and the colonies, rudimentary advice for attempting to secure enough finance without playing semetic games and so forth. There is quite a bit of information to assess and I am no expert in these fields so it will take some time to ascertain viable or even reliable information.

Allow me to share one more thing I have learned from this time of misery and chaos. You and I, we are witness to the an ending. A crossroads where our choices as Men, as sons of Europa will have the greatest of consequences. The heroes who stood for us, the Men who stood against this tide so that we ourselves would not bear this burden, they have left this world. But their actions, their spirits have not left. We are pained in a myriad of ways, our bodies and spirits in a constant battle of attrition. We are wounded, we are afflicted by the horrors we witness, by the knowledge we bear. We will never be those Men who fought in decades and centuries past but we can be their avatar, we can embody all they held dear. We can be what they wished us to be. We can stand against all that comes and face it with spear in hand and our hearts alight with the fires of Hope and of Truth. It feels like we are the last, that we are few who stand against the tide. We are not. Our sons, our blood will carry on the fight when we fall as so many before us have. So let us make their job easier. Let us prepare what we can for them, let us grant unto them all we can so that when the hour tolls and our peoples stand as one they have both the tools and strength they need to see it done. So that the European peoples can rise once more from the ashes of this dying civilisation and become what we were and beyond even that. So that some of us can atone for our actions past, so that those we wronged embrace us as brothers once more. So that we are all free and our future is our own. We will rouse this Will of Europe and do what has to be done. For our families, for our blood, for our nations. When they look back on us, when they look at our actions and our efforts we must not be found wanting. Let us give them hope. When they see our faded photos, when they read our words or hear our message, when they glimpse at what we had created for them, let their hearts fill with awe and their spirits soar at what we did for them. Send to them a message that even when we are gone we are still with them. Let them know love, let them know peace, let them know joy and hope, let them dream of a future bright. Let us give them a chance at all we ourselves lost. Let them know that even in the darkest of hours hope lives and marches on. Let them know we fought for them.