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Now this drone, despite being a simple creature, is multifaceted in that it can not merely be used as a source of sustenance in both the financial and physical form (if you wish to know the physical please seek information regarding the Israeli sex trade, the financiers who partake in the vile act of child abuse and certain Talmudic rituals concerning blood) but also in the form of a weapon. Many view groups such as Antifa and their ilk as nary but "brainwashed liberals" which while not an inaccurate observation it does lacks understanding. They are what one could term "true believers" by and large, drones so reliant upon the semetic poisons offered that to exist outside it is akin to death. How many times have you heard of some "open minded backpacker" who was raped and mutilated in some backwater desert wastes because they were told "were all one race, the human race", how many times have you witnessed the soulless eyes and motions of these creatures as they parade through the streets, all cognition beyond their diseased false reality ignored as they believe themselves to be right even in the face of their own puppeteers and abusers tell them to hate themselves. In times past these men and women may of been shown a better way, a way to truly live and to serve a greater purpose but now the indoctrination is so great that to break them out of it would be to shatter their now darkened souls for they know nothing beyond the semetic illusion they live in.

We must consider the greater ramifications of what has been done to these people however. Their existence is what one could term a heightened state of blissful ignorance when imbued with a false sense of power and righteousness. Power for they will not be stopped by corrupted and malignant state, righteousness for they do truly believe the illusion they live in. This is the ultimate humiliation ritual by the semite. To turn brother against brother with a lie is one thing, it weakens the bonds and weakens the bulwarks of unity, to instead reshape the mind, body and spirit to a lesser form is the ultimate form of degradation. Some believe the rape of our innocent and the selling of genital mutilation to those unable to defend themselves to be their gravest sins but I would posit that these acts are more spiteful and fueled by their own doctrines, the far greater horror lies within the ability to break our people down to become such vile animals serving their every whim. A rape within their key domains of power or the violation of sexual organs and sexual identity, while truly disturbing are only part of the overarching picture. To destroy a person into loving their abuser, this reaches far further than those actions (that is not to say these acts are any less an atrocity but we must remember to tally every count done against us and understand the threats accordingly).

Yes, there is a significant increase in those waking up to the perpetrators of these acts, the internet has allowed the free flow of information (something they are desperate to stem the flow of) however the opposite is also true, the indoctrination within academia and media is degenerating more and more of our kin. An invisible line is being drawn in the sand, upon one side is us, the Men of Action willing to defend our right to exist, upon the other is the semite and his puppets and upon the line itself is the remaining confused masses, swaying back and forth until finally choosing to resist or to submit. Both sides will reach a critical mass at one point or another and when that mass is reached then the Steel of our spines and our Will shall be truly tested against the parasite and it's golems.