Anonymous 08/08/2019 (Thu) 23:39:43 Id: de7434 No.73642 del
The trite idea of coexistence is a pleasant, perhaps even hopeful concept, however reality is far from it. Yes some peoples can find joint causes with cultures of a similar vein (the Japanese concepts of honour, while partially alien, make an interesting cousin to traditional European honour) but to mingle populations is impossible as despite the cult of "modern science" ignoring all medical, sociological and cultural difference, the claim we are all one people is laughable and built upon a lie that ignores two centuries of scientific study on it. Simply put we are not "one race" and nor should we be for we are observing the results of such a sadistic concept in practise. Not merely this but when one group is deployed as a golem to not merely harass but to crush another, it is inevitable that at some point the targeted population will cease to be, either through bloodshed or self destruction. There is a reason the concept of the "well integrated" stranger is sold so often, it is to hide the bloodied shells our cities have become at the hands of the rest of the "based" strangers people. Our children violated, lives destroyed for the sin of being White in their own nations and the betrayal of our governments who hid the truth for the parasite. The rape of our very soil for those who claim it with nought a word of resistance being offered by those who should of stood against. Entire swathes of our homeland merely set aside for those who seek to offer only misery in return while still daring to ask for more. Meanwhile our future? Distilled only to consume and ask no questions and seek nothing further for it no longer belongs to you.

I cannot lie to any of you reading this. Our situation is indeed most dire. It is an end of this epoch, the dying gasps of a body no longer able to hold on as poisons riddle it's veins. But we can and must slow down the rot as long as possible to ensure as many Men of Action are forged within the time we can amass. The darkness we face now will pale in comparison to the shadows that are forming just beyond our sight. The parasite knows what is coming otherwise it would not attack as openly as it does now, it seeks acceleration so it can have the excuse of forming new ways to suppress us before we are ready. We must slow the parasite as our immediate goal and forge ourselves and those like us into the Men we need to be. Though we are scattered individuals there is something that binds us as brothers. We have come to believe in ourselves as Men, we have come to believe in ourselves as Europeans. It is in our blood to face such darkness and never flinch, never falter. We know we must survive not merely to fix this sad state of affairs but to let it crumble so we can build anew, build something worthy of ourselves, of our people. All the things arrayed against us and yet we still live, we still resist the torment and the misery. We resist it because we can, because someone needs to bring light not to just today but to tomorrow. That is who we are and there is no one more worthy of such a battle.