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I apologise for my absense of late, with Yuletide nearing I have found my time somewhat limited. Tonight I return once more with a subject of interest; Upon the topic of Power.

Power is a mercurial thing is it not. It can be turned from a solid, immovable thing to a viscous gel slipping through ones grip. It's a subject our opponents are most familiar with, their power not in the traditional European form of strength of Will or noble ideals but rather in the manipulative forms of finance and scheming. A clear cut opponent to the ideals of the European peoples principle of power. Our leaders, our weak and pathetic leaders, fell one by one to their machinations, lust for personal gain overriding their duties thusly allowing for the gravest of insults to the sons and daughters of Europa to occur without real resistance, that of ursery and indirect slavery. What happens when one rejects these notions of greed and lust, well look no further than the Men who stood against them in the 1930's, look upon the ashes left and tell me what you see. A betrayal, possibly the greatest betrayal in the history of our people. This is how odious, how manipulative the parasite is with it's power. It's a stark realisation is it not. GDP is more important than a nations native people. Trade is more important than protecting them. How very semetic the world has become.

The parasite exercises power in a way only they can, to turn the world as gray and disgusting as themselves. To denigrate and shackle the spirit to the mundane and the horrific. A truly vile state of affairs has emerged under their disgusting ideals, a state of affairs we must together fix. This is why we must not merely fight to gain power but understand the methodology behind it. Yes, finance and information, both are power in one form but they are power on the purely material level, within the realm of the European spirit there is a far greater power, a far more effective power. That of the power of the Will. Now this is a subject I have spoken on in earlier posts but in this post I shall endeavour to explain it's greater purpose and how to utilise it to maximum effect.

First we must start by dispelling the notion that "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely". This is one of the greatest lies the parasite has ever shared for it *holds* power, it pushes this concept for it's own gain. Do not seek power cattle for power is unjust, only the evil seek power, it must be shared, not guided by an individual with noble ideals and vision for his own, share it with us instead goyim should you get it. It is not power that corrupts, it merely amplifies the corruption within the wielder themselves. Throughout the history of our people, those who rejected the parasite but held power proved the lie of this claim of power corrupting. Be it the resistance to Jewish capital in the 1930's Germany under Hitler, the leaders of the Goth tribes in Germania, the Men of the Scythian and Aryan migrations, Men like Mosley, Mousillini and Rockwell, these individuals all held incredible power, a power to speak to the spirit of their peoples and to use it wisely. It is only when power is taken by those with darker tendencies and weaknesses that power itself becomes a danger. Does anyone think it is any surprise in this Age of Misery that those in the high halls of politics and industry all share the same disgusting attributes and goals, is it any wonder these vile creatures all attend the same social circles and have the same degenerate tendencies as they covet more and more influence with other degenerated brethren.