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(1.09 MB 2480x3508 Germania.jpg)
(1.13 MB 2480x3508 db.jpg)
(200.46 KB 500x700 1415389566704.jpg)
(931.69 KB 2480x3508 4.jpg)
(868.81 KB 2480x3508 5.jpg)
Germania – History of the Third Reich Book Release Book-Anon #J+0Lc9 09/01/2020 (Tue) 17:04:06 Id: 781734 [Preview] No. 82014 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Germania – History of the Third Reich

Germania, is the most complete and comprehensive written documentary of National Socialism in Germany. 466 pages of red pills, with many images. It starts with the first world war and chronicles the foundation of NatSoc and the Weimar Republic. The numerous figures, organizations and events in National Socialism are all documented in this book. It contains the biography of Adolf Hitler, Horst Wessel, Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Eva Hitler, Reinhard Heydrich, Erich Hartmann, Otto Skorzeny, Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Göring among many other topics. The cultural and technological advancements of the Reich are also explored such as the Tiger Tanks, Jet fighters, helicopters and ballistic missiles of World War II. The myths of World War II have been exposed bare.

Link to PDF Book.

(BO Edit: Removing backup file links as requested)

The Second World War was the greatest and deadliest military conflict in human history from 1939 to 1945, the struggle in Europe was essentially a war of annihilation directed against Germany and it’s allies by the leading great powers of the 20th century which is regularly trivialized, concealed or denied by published opinion and the "politically correct" historiography. It was the amalgamation of two theaters, with the second Sino-Japanese War beginning in 1937 and the European War in 1939. War against Germany was planned as early as 1933 after Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany and destabilized the power of international bankers. The wars and conflicts from 1914 to 1945 are also known as the Second Thirty Years' War which clarifies the chronological and substantive connections between the First World War, the interwar period and the Second World War, the term is derived from the Thirty Years' War, in which Germany was largely devastated. From 1944, the offensive against Germany escalated to systematic mass extermination of Germans as a result of the Allied bombing and expulsion. Winston Churchill wrote to Stalin on February 27, 1944: "I look at the Second World War as the Thirty Years' War against German attack starting since 1914." The War in Europe was the greatest struggle of the German people for their freedom and self-determination, which the German Reich ultimately lost against an overpowering enemy of different interests and ideologies - after an unprecedented and heroic defense. Nevertheless, the German Wehrmacht, with the participation of numerous European and non-European countries, had been able to prevent the complete Bolshevization of Europe with a multinational sacrifice. The world had also witnessed the deployment of two of the first nuclear bombs on Japan initiating the Nuclear Age. In addition, the Second World War made numerous states and peoples completely dependent on the victorious powers of this war. As a result, the war winners formed occupation structures and alliances of states controlled by them; NATO and the Warsaw Pact. Another result of the war was the establishment of the Jewish occupation of Palestine and the creation of Israel. On February 5, 2015, George Friedman, director of the transatlantic politicizing organization called STRATFOR, said that for a century it had been the main goal of US American global politics to prevent a German-Russian alliance; and the events in connection with the Second Thirty Years' War, the Russian Revolutions, the Cold War and the continuing American military deployment in Europe directed against Russia are impressive evidence of the relevance of this global political goal.
Edited last time by AdolfHitler on 10/20/2020 (Tue) 17:41:36.
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Anonymous 09/02/2021 (Thu) 00:47:26 Id: c82016 [Preview] No.85318 del
(546.83 KB 500x351 Hal.jpeg)
(60.65 KB 632x436 videoeditors.png)
>I have released a tutorial video on how I make my films for those who want to learn video editing and make their own videos.

Thanks. Appreciate it BookAnon. Yeah I saw the comments. Try recommending people these free video editors instead and use them if you like.


Can't go wrong with FOSS. I use ShotCut, which is roughly the same as using Adobe Premiere in my opinion. Maybe do another video trying it out. But still, thanks for the help

I recommend sharing with accounts that are trustable. Some accounts larp as our own, but they have their own agendas. CursedSalad is a good start, but he's not so active on Twitter anymore

Book-Anon #J+0Lc9 09/02/2021 (Thu) 15:49:06 Id: 07d757 [Preview] No.85328 del
I am a staunch supporter of open source Free as in Freedom software myself, but I have used Kdenlive, Shotcut, Openshot and it just doesn't seem to have the same repertoire of creative effects as Premiere Pro does. So its a personal choice. I addressed the structure of the documentaries as well as how to use the software in the video.

Anonymous 09/11/2021 (Sat) 23:44:48 Id: cc51fe [Preview] No.85517 del
Hmm right. Saw the entire tutorial from beginning to end, but I that part must have slipped by. Sorry for that.

Still, everything looks good

Anonymous 09/23/2021 (Thu) 20:10:53 Id: 0473f9 [Preview] No.85631 del
I tried watching, video has an error . Can you repost I went and got myself the adob3 torrent, works great, I don't work great using it , would love to actually see you use it and get better myself.

Book-Anon #J+0Lc9 09/26/2021 (Sun) 10:11:00 Id: eb9c09 [Preview] No.85646 del
(196.47 KB 1085x782 screenshot.png)
What does the error say? I know some people encounter errors saying video cannot be played and it gives a link to the original mp4. The 1080p video is 425 MB (25 minutes) where else could I upload it? Sometimes WTV videos work in a different browser or after refreshing the page.

(548.79 KB 644x800 coronapill.png)
Dropping 2500+ content on covid bullshit. Anonymous 09/24/2021 (Fri) 04:54:26 Id: 8cd741 [Preview] No. 85634 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Contains many vaccine reaction photos


Videos and diverse content on vaccines


Contains many videos on vaccine reactions


Varied content on covid flu


Varied content on the scamdemic

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Anonymous 09/24/2021 (Fri) 13:50:06 Id: 0118ad [Preview] No.85636 del
Firstly, you have a ton of images about people being affected by either live attenuated or inactivated viruses. That is what vaccines are. The virus itself isn't a scam, it's a creation. This proves even the weakened versions are fucking people up. The fact that there is a poly basic amino acid insertion in the spike glycoprotein means it was created in a lab with specific intent. There is much information in those links more people than just a few on a backwoods imageboard should see. What all of this proves is the following: Covid-19 was created in a lab. Mass immigration, which jews have been promoting for a very long time, assisted in causing the spread worldwide while kikes have been plotting to reduce the populations of Gentiles. Lockdowns didn't stop it. Masks and social distancing do fuck all. And in those links is the jews who patented MRNA vaccines.

With that explanation out of the way, this thread is getting pinned.

Anonymous 09/24/2021 (Fri) 19:29:43 Id: 639b8f [Preview] No.85641 del
Your pictures are pretty good anon. Really nice and straight to the point

Why don't you just upload the pictures here instead of leaving a mega url OP? It would be a lot easier to see and share. 2500+ pictures is too much to sift through.

Anonymous 09/25/2021 (Sat) 19:43:40 Id: 8cd741 [Preview] No.85645 del
I did not know it was possible. Would it be cumbersome to download them?

(444.44 KB 1567x887 This.jpg)
(385.32 KB 1684x1039 social media.jpg)
Israeli Media Reports Israeli Scientists Were Developing Coronavirus Vaccine Before Coronavirus Pandemic Anonymous Board owner 03/23/2020 (Mon) 10:09:13 Id: 440354 [Preview] No. 79042 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Share this video across social media with throwaway accounts. They will ban you. Keep coming back.

Thanks to the anon who posted this in the COVID-19 thread. Now is the perfect time to make people realize this information. The Corona virus isn't the Black Plague. Those with weak immune systems have been dying. What is causing the chaos, lack of supplies and hoarding is fear mongering by jewish media. It's important to bring realization of this and that jews own the media.
-BO. The article begins here:
According to the Jerusalem Post, a Jewish Israeli newspaper, scientists in “Israel” are weeks away from developing a vaccine for the novel coronavirus. The Israeli behavior as it pertains to coronavirus has already been as suspicious as it gets, as AIPAC, a front for “Israel”, has covered up the coronavirus cases there and who had contact with the infected attendees. The Jerusalem Post reported that the “Israeli” Science and Technology Minister Ofir Akunis said that “Israel” could have a coronavirus vaccine tested in a couple weeks and available in only 90 days. The Galilee Research Institute (MIGAL) has been working on a coronavirus vaccine BEFORE the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Chen Katz MIGAL’s biotechnology group leader made an eye opening statement on this fact that they were developing a coronavirus vaccine BEFORE the pandemic. “Let’s call it pure luck,” he said. “We decided to choose coronavirus as a model for our system just as a proof of concept for our technology. Benjamin Netanyahu famously said that Israel’s relationship with China is a marriage made in heaven, “Israel” gives China control of major ports such as the one in Haifa. “Israel”-China keep getting closer on the field of technology, and when Trump talks about intellectual property theft by China, it is usually done through “Israel”. You won’t see China’s liar Zhao Lijin say anything about these admissions of “Israel” preparing a vaccine for the coronavirus before the pandemic, because they are two good friends and China has gotten a lot from “Israel”.

-Andrew from Praecursator 007 reported

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Anonymous 08/15/2021 (Sun) 23:48:26 Id: 49e0ed [Preview] No.85193 del
Thought I might give a late reply to this

>"Trump lied, people died".
Yeah that happened

>It will be across the planet, and the death-toll will surpass the "gas chambers" PsyOp from over 70 years ago of "muh 6 million"

You're not in the wrong though.

There are currently 4,374,214 confirmed deaths from coronavirus. It'll probably going over 6 million soon if things keep up

Anonymous 09/02/2021 (Thu) 01:17:34 Id: 91caa2 [Preview] No.85322 del
(48.81 KB 750x613 decline.jpg)

read this

Anonymous 09/21/2021 (Tue) 22:44:41 Id: 0dd3e2 [Preview] No.85618 del
Australia and multiple other countries are currently protesting both the Vaccine and the COVID passport. Should write up on that soon.

Anonymous 09/25/2021 (Sat) 01:38:17 Id: 7606e7 [Preview] No.85643 del
The Hippocratic Oath isn't legally binding in any way. If it was then none of them would be going along with that transsexual nonsense. But more importantly, are there any actual doctors giving the injections? Most people are getting injected by nurses at best and most of them are just getting injected by pharmacists at Walmart or Walgreens.

Anonymous 09/25/2021 (Sat) 11:25:43 Id: ccad1c [Preview] No.85644 del
That is true, and mostly with amateurs. I call them amateurs because many in the medical field specialize in certain anatomy but not others yet due to human anatomy being intricately connected, these specialists should have undergone more training and education. Yet they're more permitted to kill than say a police officer (who get more of a slap on the wrist than surgeons or physicians). This has become especially true with those infected by SARS-CoV-2. "Comorbidities" can mean any medical condition that gets blamed for incompetence. People lose family members because some had type 1 or 2 diabetes, hypoglycemia, any heart condition, asthma, being overweight or underweight, pregnancy, infections, neurological conditions or any learning condition including ADD, ADHD etc. I'm not talking about just Covid-19. I have known surgeons to bafflingly kill patients and blame the deaths on any "comorbidities". If you ever require surgery to save your life, that's too bad if you have any condition whatsoever. Your resulting death is not even considered malpractice.

meme release Redcoat 07/16/2021 (Fri) 23:29:13 Id: 62ed61 [Preview] No. 85001 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
is it ok if I post my memes here, I have a bunch of racial memes that I never get to use.
28 posts and 93 images omitted.

Anonymous 09/05/2021 (Sun) 20:27:54 Id: 5ba863 [Preview] No.85410 del
Wi­kipedia is typical for having those types of moderators and slews of jews. It would be great if the obvious Mossad site was fucked out of existence.

Anonymous 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:20:04 Id: 44e034 [Preview] No.85412 del
>Wi­kipedia is typical for having those types of moderators and slews of jews. It would be great if the obvious Mossad site was fucked out of existence.

The site owner, Jimmy Wales, got rich from selling smut during the early days of the internet. He has money to spare to keep Wiki going for a long time. I still think it's a little underhanded of him to make those "please donate to kikepedia" banners that pop up from time to time. He has more than enough money to not need any donations

Anonymous 09/10/2021 (Fri) 01:04:42 Id: 5ba863 [Preview] No.85505 del
(162.64 KB 535x1188 ohreally.jpg)
I thought I'd just leave this here as a reminder. When jews have very few targets left, they go after their own kind. The majority of these "white supremacists" on this pyramid we know to be kikes. They're so naturally inclined to destroy everything.

Anonymous 09/11/2021 (Sat) 23:25:29 Id: 97097f [Preview] No.85514 del

That's pretty unusual. Maybe they're just playing both sides? Who even knows at this point?

There's not much opposition to globohomo nowadays, so they'll probably just putting these people up to keep a somewhat fair appearance of opposition. See, they're "the bad guys" so he have to do the opposite of what they say or do. Something like that

Anonymous 09/24/2021 (Fri) 23:36:24 Id: 481be5 [Preview] No.85642 del
A few Oc

(93.08 KB 683x909 8250.jpg)
Meta Thread 6 Anonymous Board owner 02/25/2021 (Thu) 17:27:08 Id: 20967e [Preview] No. 84093 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
All endchan.net/pol/ meta (that means questions and issues about the board) will go here. Everyone visiting must read this
Lately, there has been some confusion about what this /pol/ is about. Despite the banners. Which seems ridiculous to me but I'll spell it out anyway. This board is primarily for National Socialism.
What this /pol/ is not for is the following
Any ideal that is heavily kiked. This includes Zionists, Atomwaffen, White Nationalists (every party is compromised), the Alt kike Right, Communists, Liberals, Strasserist traitors, Freemasons, Anarchists (strip "Anarcho" away so it's not horseshit from jews in Russia), Democrats or Republicans.
This does not mean you have to be a National Socialist to be here. What you shouldn't do if you are not NS is come to this board to play up with Divide & Conquer. That means don't start shit. Don't insult the board. If you don't like it here, you can leave. It's that simple. Anyone whose ideals and arguments are kiked, someone here will start shit with them because they deserve it. This board is not the place for you to dump your OP and then leave. Visitors seem to be confused about this still. I will remove your thread if you don't respond in it
The rules are these Bans are issued for violating any of the above or below
1 : No jews. The enemy is jews plus traitors and their religion is Judaism. Do not distract from that.
2 : Insulting National Socialism or Hitler, or promoting jewish degeneracy, will result in an immediate ban. (No bullshit excuses will be tolerated for this. No "but I was just pandering to normies", "I was ironic shitposting" or "you misunderstood muh context".)
3 : No slide threads or blog-posts as OPs: Slide threads are low effort OPs with one to two sentences or less. Try typing a paragraph. Blog-posting may only be in replies.
4 : No shilling any version of 8chan or links to other chans to siphon off anons.
5 : No deflecting blame off of jewish historical guilt or their worldwide hegemony onto any nationalities. There are two enemies. Traitors serving kikes and ALL jews.
6 : All promotion of anything ran by jews will be deleted. That means Facebook, Discord, and Tor links. Those who think Rabbi Rob Thomas and the jews Schneier, Cohn, Coleman and Mittenzwei can be trusted do not belong here.
7 : No promoting violence, selling drugs, illegal weapons and bombs. These have been entrapment threads Feds made since Endchan was named by Homeland Security. Do not be a suspicious Fedposter.
8 : This isn't 8chan where masses of idiots called everyone kike. You will call someone a jew when it's evident, not because you're butthurt.
9. Judaism deserves hate because it is hateful. Do not let jews drive a wedge between you. Focus against their religion and no other religion.
Remember that no matter the rules of the board, all global rules apply. https://endchan.net/.static/globalRules.html

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by AdolfHitler on 07/16/2021 (Fri) 20:41:59.
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Anonymous 09/17/2021 (Fri) 03:06:25 Id: 4dc48f [Preview] No.85572 del
The infographs and webms thread just started autosaging. Guess it's time to make a new one.

Anonymous Board owner 09/17/2021 (Fri) 18:42:39 Id: 2c08ea [Preview] No.85582 del
It is past 500 replies. I decided to pin it again. That one anon hasn't even been back after complaining about too many pins.

Anonymous Board owner 09/18/2021 (Sat) 17:54:29 Id: 2c08ea [Preview] No.85598 del
Slide threads have been going on for months now, where either someone does a dump and run of one sentence bullshit and they spam a link to some jewish social media or somebody posts a schizo rant about mind controlling aliens. Those will no longer be on page 1. There are multiple pinned threads. I don't care who doesn't like it. Blame the shitheads who continue avoiding the first post of this thread. Pins will be reduced only when the India faggot stops posting. I just deleted and banned another kike insulting Hitler and being under the delusion National Socialists are still in power. If you want your thread pinned here on the first page, make the request ITT.
Scroll all the way up. Read the rules. Make sure you're following them. No cancerous kike threads. Those will never stop being banned and purged.
Edited last time by AdolfHitler on 09/19/2021 (Sun) 20:28:38.

Anonymous 09/21/2021 (Tue) 22:36:23 Id: 2060b2 [Preview] No.85615 del
>It is past 500 replies. I decided to pin it again.

>Slide threads have been going on for months now, where either someone does a dump and run of one sentence bullshit and they spam a link to some jewish social media or somebody posts a schizo rant about mind controlling aliens. Those will no longer be on page 1. There are multiple pinned threads

I said it before, but I think it bears repeating. The only people who complain about too many pinned threads are usually outsiders that want to post their AIDS here. Just go to the bottom page or catalog and watch every thread there if you need to.

Anonymous 09/23/2021 (Thu) 21:10:59 Id: 2c08ea [Preview] No.85633 del
(87.61 KB 293x727 India retard.jpg)
>The only people who complain about too many pinned threads are usually outsiders that want to post their AIDS here.
It is getting that obvious, yes, and the India faggot has not let up on spamming four threads every single day. This way he's off on page 2 with his pro jew bullshit until I come on and delete them.
The full first page of pinned threads aren't going anywhere for awhile.
Edited last time by AdolfHitler on 09/23/2021 (Thu) 21:11:47.

(160.68 KB 800x530 Ruins of Britain.jpg)
A brief exploration on the state of modern Britain Within the ruin of empire 08/18/2021 (Wed) 01:09:08 Id: 0a1bc4 [Preview] No. 85204 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
An empire fallen, an island whose arrogance and disgraceful conduct led to it's own demise, Britain at this juncture is often a misunderstood beast. Many believe it simply to be a prison island, the comical joke of "Oi you got a license for that" is by and large the understanding of what has befallen this darkened place, a hell of Jewish state power and weak men. Oh, many of my British kin, they try and react jovially or follow the civic nationalist bravado of "hurr two world wars won fuk u" without a hint of irony, quietly sidestepping the fact our women and children are preyed upon by foreign beasts invited by the semetic powers but I am under no such illusion. The weight of our leaders sins weighs heavy on those who are not beguiled by honeyed words and as one of many who share that understanding of our past it struck me as prudent to paint an accurate picture of the shadowed lands of Albion. So let us begin, let us paint upon the canvas of European history with the grim pastels that shall create the true image of modern Britain. Today I hope to offer some insight into the children of this isle and present the situation at large in this shadowed place. Some will find joy, some will find misery but none the less we must accept the reality of our situation, especially those of us within the belly of this beast.

Firstly, a simple primer on our political landscape. Despite our seemingly labyrinthine political system is it deceptively simple and far closer to the American system despite the use of noble titles and certain parliamentary traditions. We for all intensive purposes have a two party system within each composite nation with any further parties usually swiftly becoming supplicants for the main groups. Whether it be vile Labour or the treacherous Tories in England, the conniving Scottish National Party and the worm like Conservatives in Scotland, the cowed and spineless Plaid Cymru in Wales or again the disgusting Labour party or the corrupted Democratic Unionist Party and the staggering corpse of Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland, all across our isles our supposed "leaders" are infested with the semetic parasite that endures in so many of our institutions. Akin to our American brothers and our brothers on the continent there is simply no political avenue for the liberation of our people. Oh, some cling to the idea of the "High Tories", a hilarious idea that the "old money" within the Conservative party hold a glint of loyalty to our people but as proven by their inaction they are as worthless as the cowards who form the masses of their advocates, mayhaps even more so with their often storied history. No, Britain has already fallen in regards to a political solution and no amount of lying to ourselves will alter that situation. From head to toe our system has fallen to corruption, the House of Commons filled with foreign invaders who have ensured the disgusting degenerative filth who rape our children en massé are saved from retribution, the House of Lords who have saved many a Jewish "Lord" from his disgusting torture and sexual violation of the innocent such as the monster Lord Briton (a deliberately ironic name used by this particular parasite), there is nothing of worth to salvage among the diseased ruins of our system. Those who retain some semblance of the idea of nobility of purpose that once embodied our nation are fewer than ever before, by and large forgotten and powerless in the face of the modern semetic system that has overwhelmed the systems of old.
10 posts and 10 images omitted.

Anonymous 08/18/2021 (Wed) 01:34:44 Id: 0a1bc4 [Preview] No.85215 del
It is with this knowledge I ask you to fight even more fervently, to be exemplars of what we once were. Men of courage, of honour. Once upon a time these isles were home to many a king, some foolish, some noble, once upon a time from these lands great Men were born. True Men, honest Men. In this dark hour so few remain, so very few. We have become pitiless and void of all humility, we have lost our way. Instead of a hand of friendship to brothers we raise a fist, instead of a shield to defend a brother we raise our own knives towards them, all for the sake of a vaunted self righteous lie the semite has fed us of a "great Empire". Maybe once some Men believed in it's goal, maybe once some believed the Empire a noble undertaking but like all Empires it became unwieldy and inherently corrupted. It is dead. Let us keep it dead for the sake of all. Something new must be born from the ashes of our failings. Something strong, something brave and noble. A strength many believe to of left us must be found again, a purpose beyond what we have known before. I ask you, my blood, my fellow sons of these darkened shores, I ask you to stand tall once more. To raise yourself up not just for our besieged isle but for all of Europa and her colonies. Help show the world we are not defeated, we are not afraid of the semetic system and it's enforcers, that we are not afraid to raise our voices in defense of ourselves and our kin. Slay the conceited specter of the "eternal Anglo", show the world that such foul creatures are not us, such vile and pathetic pretenses of the British soul are not they, that we, we few who refuse to be corrupted are the true inheritors of these isles. Cease the disgusting internecine conflicts within our shores, understand why the world hates us so and show it that we are not the semites puppet, that we stand for all our peoples. We have wronged so many, we have wronged each other, we ourselves may not of directly but our government, our leaders have and many of our kin have followed their sickening tune for too long.

*We* are British. Once our island was forever our fortress, our mindset one of dogged determination and never surrendering an inch of ground was paramount. It is said "An Englishman's home is his castle", it is this mindset that not just the English need but all sons of Albion as one must grow within themselves. Britain is no longer a fortress, it is no longer our bastion for our walls have crumbled and we fight on in the devastated ruins of our cities, in the blighted fields of our homelands as the parasite and it's pets hound us at every turn. We must defend every inch of not just our soil but our brothers lands now. Their burden is our burden, their wounds are ours. We are all of one people, we have secluded ourselves far too long and the price we pay is before us. Our women and children raped and murdered, our cities overran, our monuments destroyed and history contaminated with lies. No more. No more can any of us afford to sit by, no longer can we run and hope our remaining walls will keep the enemy at bay. We must stand, we must stand for ourselves and for our brothers on distant shores, we must give them what aid we can as we ourselves fight on, we must remember who we are. We are not merely English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish, we are not merely British. We are White European and no amount of isolation and arrogance can change that.

Anonymous 08/18/2021 (Wed) 01:37:15 Id: 0a1bc4 [Preview] No.85216 del
So help me. Help yourself. Help your brothers. Let us show the world we are not finished, let us show Europe and her colonies that we have not abandoned them in our blind arrogance, let us rise to face an age of nightmare our ancestors could scarcely imagine with new strength in our hearts. Our world is collapsing, the West itself is collapsing and for good reason. Men have grown weak and feeble, their bodies and souls failing as the poisoned tides of this dying epoch fill them completely. Britain too shall collapse. It is down to us to weave our world anew. It is down to us to find a way to weather this tide. Our cities will fall. Our forests, our woods, our soil, the semite lays claim to it all. It is this hubris, this arrogance that marks their downfall. So I ask, as this time falls to chaos and as this hour grows dark that you become a beacon of light for those around you and for those who would call you brother. Even if we are still derided, even if we are still judged as treacherous it matters not for the efforts we make are not for ourselves but for those who come after. No matter how long it takes we must show we are not the base cowards the world views us as, that we are not some craven beasts. That atrocities such as Dresden and the Irish Famine may be put to the back of the mind if only for a moment as we show who we truly are. We ourselves must become the examples of what being British is and not the cowards who partook in our self destruction nor ghoulishly aggrandise such sickening atrocities. A new tomorrow awaits, a future worthy of all our peoples can be gained but only if all our peoples stand as one, only if we ourselves can recognise our failings and make right of them. I beg you take heed of my words, listen for the hour is late and our small island is running out of time. Cast away the shadows of the past and rise anew as a true son of Albion, be the stalwart son you are. Send to all the world a message, Britain lives and marches on not just for itself but for all White Europeans where ever they may be. Let the generations of all our peoples look back at us not as cowards but as Men, let us make them proud to call us brother. Let us lift up our voices to theirs, let us shake the very foundations of these isles with our cry so that all the world knows the Saxon and the Celt has awoken and heeds their brothers call.

Anonymous 08/18/2021 (Wed) 01:56:31 Id: 0a1bc4 [Preview] No.85217 del
Correction; National Front was formed first then became infiltrated later on, post infiltration a splinter group began the BNP. Apologies for the inaccuracy there, that section wasn't tweaked prior to posting.

Anonymous 08/18/2021 (Wed) 15:35:22 Id: c37cd3 [Preview] No.85220 del
(583.88 KB 840x496 tommy-1.png)
(154.94 KB 865x768 EDL-Israel.jpg)
(94.31 KB 500x252 200.png)
(23.26 MB 1440x1080 EDL.webm)
(479.36 KB 1323x1035 ADL and YouTube.jpg)
Interesting info, English anon. As a North American with ancestors from Europe, I had little knowledge about most of this. There does seem to be many sad similarities between USA's heavily jewish-lobby influenced politics and Britain. "Lord Briton" ie- Leon of Spennithorne was indeed a jewish pedophile with kikepedia Hasbara editors putting the accusations of common jewish pedophilia under "False allegations" which is the typical lying kike pilpul their entire race is used to.
>the MI5 funded and led National Front
>a more raucous, loud and occasionally violent group who were the perfect play things for the media.
This sounds precisely like our "white supremacist terrorists" groups painfully obviously ran by brown skinned Feds. Atomwaffen, the Proud Boys, the Alt Right etc.
>one Tommy Robinson, the "working class lad" from Essex who led the newly formed English Defense League
>Why, he even had a groundswell of support from "brave" zionists and "conservative rabbis" who aided the organisation.
>He delivered a documentary called "Shalom" which covered the persecution of an Israeli by his muslim neighbors. This was instead of the documentary exposing the rape gangs.
Another jew. Not much of a surprise when I found out, though I even knew some people here in the states who were taken in by that foul kike.
>They are a joke, barely above the idiotic pseudo intellectual ramblings of the simpleton Carl Benjamin also known as Sargon of Akkad who is lauded within our civic nationalist circles within Britain
Yet another jew. "Mister Metokur" was a YouTube personality who has mocked him plus a few obvious kikes. His channel was gutted by Susan Wojcicki's ADL ran platform while Sargon's channel is still going.
>As "victors", as "heroes" of the last war we were allowed a dire form of patriotism, a poisoned brew of "fighting for freedom" and "those fuckin' ungrateful europeans needed savin', we saved em" being created. Oh our people drank deep of the chalice this toxic filth was offered
This especially hits home. Over here in the states, it's very much like that.
>in, "heroic" war movies such as the Dam Busters
Our jew ran Hollywood comes out with WW2 "holocaust totally happened and it was bad, guys" lying propaganda films every single year. They'll insert that into television shows and movies which have nothing to do with the subject as well. It gets to the point where these idiots wake people up who begin to ask why and then investigate until discovering it was in fact a Psychological Warfare division plot.
>If you confront them about it, ask them if their forefathers died for all we have now, this degenerated state of affairs we live in they have no real response beyond some spiteful comment and mayhaps some cowardly civic nationalist repoist.
It is this obnoxious here as well. "The Greatest Generation" where nothing but cowards, dogs obeying their jewish masters. Yet to say this would trigger the brainwashed Pavlovian response and cause most Americans to freak out.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Anonymous 09/17/2021 (Fri) 03:09:32 Id: a331e9 [Preview] No.85574 del
Just getting a start on reading all of this. Sounds pretty fucked what England's been going through and has gone through. Feel free to post more if you need OP. We'll always be around to offer some help and support here anon

(466.17 KB 1280x720 end-xmas-spec.jpg)
Invitation to Endchan's Fourth Christmas Special! Anonymous Global volunteer 12/15/2019 (Sun) 10:10:19 Id: 96d170 [Preview] No. 77736 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Discussion thread:

No politics. Please leave it up here for a few days, even if it's inconvenient, maybe someone is interested.
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Anonymous 08/03/2021 (Tue) 20:13:03 Id: 96d170 [Preview] No.85113 del
(515.75 KB 991x1467 memento.jpg)
August 7. 9:00 and 20:00 UTC
This one has an interesting concept.
Bad Boy Bubby was also very unusual. As far as morality goes, it is really depraved. On the other hand it doesn't try to set the bad examples as models to follow, in fact it presents a story of breaking away from those.

Anonymous 08/03/2021 (Tue) 21:42:21 Id: de74eb [Preview] No.85114 del
(194.79 KB 577x1012 Jon Filthyheimer.jpg)
Lionsgate does own Summit Entertainment + Newmarket Films and their CEO is Jon Feltheimer. At least there's not a single jew directly involved in that film's production.

Anonymous 08/05/2021 (Thu) 03:46:27 Id: f9fb62 [Preview] No.85125 del
>Studio was a mostly goy attempt to make an "anti Hollywood within Hollywood" (hence the token jewry, no escaping that there really)

Any website available that has a catalog of films? Would enjoy seeing it

>Studio is also a good example to throw at those "hurr just maek ur own" twitards/plebbits

Yeah that doesn't work. You're dealing with complete scum here

>by famous actors sick of underpayment, general contract fuckery,
>Hollywood found enough workarounds that they were still able to harass them into the red, then buy them out.

Yep, just like that banker kike I mentioned in the infograph thread. These people are bad

>...then again, that means the original UA missed out on the cocaine fueled hedonism of the 80s, so perhaps dying without a tarnished record was the best outcome in the end.

At least one good thing came of it. But I consider that a consolidation prize more than anything

Anonymous Admin 09/02/2021 (Thu) 16:11:01 Id: 96d170 [Preview] No.85329 del
Don't Be A Menace
Sept 4th at 9 and 20 UTC

How many negers are Jews?

Anonymous 09/03/2021 (Fri) 01:02:42 Id: d36dc2 [Preview] No.85337 del
None. Production and distribution were jews. What place should kikes even have in an all black cast? There they go again paying negros to act like clowns so more will imitate it.

Official infographics and webms thread Anonymous 05/14/2020 (Thu) 06:13:28 Id: 05afc6 [Preview] No. 79824 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I'm starting and pinning this as the successor to the old "redpills and webms", but as you might know, The Matrix was made by the Ghost in the Shell ripping off tranny Wachowski kikes so the term "red pill" is cringe-worthy. Scroll up and read the 4th line of the board description for a quick summary of what you should not try here. Post /pol/ related webms. Adding a message is okay but not mandatory. Or offload your infographs.
515 posts and 793 images omitted.

Anonymous 09/17/2021 (Fri) 03:07:16 Id: c6cd88 [Preview] No.85573 del
Forgot to mention, but communist sent their plants to India after WWII to ruin the country. It's mostly fucked in part due to them.

This thread is autosaging so we should make a new one soon

Anonymous 09/17/2021 (Fri) 21:26:19 Id: a8e123 [Preview] No.85583 del
Co producer Lew Rywin was well known for the Rywin affair in which he was convicted of fraud and sentenced to imprisonment for 30 months. This alone should tell anyone about the "legitimacy" of that deceptive pile of shit film.
I hope the hideous jew bitch dies screaming.

Anonymous 09/21/2021 (Tue) 22:37:55 Id: bbff60 [Preview] No.85616 del
>Co producer Lew Rywin was well known for the Rywin affair

Maybe explaining that entire thing would be good.

>I hope the hideous jew bitch dies screaming.

Yeah nobody likes (((them))) anon.

Anonymous 09/21/2021 (Tue) 22:40:52 Id: bbff60 [Preview] No.85617 del
((They))) always try to make people not say anything that hurts them basically the truth. Like the "With Open Gates" video from a few years ago. Anyone here remember that entire ordeal?

Anonymous 09/21/2021 (Tue) 23:24:33 Id: a8e123 [Preview] No.85620 del
(273.93 KB 583x812 Rywin affair.jpg)
>Maybe explaining that entire thing would be good.
Here you go. Pretty boring stuff, but fairly common of the tribe.

Anonymous 11/12/2020 (Thu) 00:45:23 Id: 15b8f1 [Preview] No. 82842 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
This is the official Joe Biden is a Zionist cuck piece of shit thread. All Biden and Trump content goes here.
There will be no "Yay now we can support Trump the quarter jew on /pol/" allowed. No support of jews or traitors will ever be permitted here.

On August 1984 when he was a Senator from Delaware he spoke at the 1984 annual conference of Herut Zionists of America, the forerunner of Israel’s right-wing Likud party. Biden mocked the Palestine Liberation Organization and Arab governments for "derailing peace in the Middle East", not Israel.

On April 2007 in an interview with Shalom TV, Biden insisted he does not need to be jewish to be a Zionist and revealed that his son was married to a jewish woman and he had participated in a Passover Seder at their house.

On March 2013 when he was Vice President under Obama, Biden kowtowed to a packed AIPAC conference, stating he has ideological Zionist beliefs and of Obama's commitment to the jewish state of Israel.

On December 2014, Biden spoke to the annual Saban Forum at the Brookings Institution in Washington. He declared "If there weren’t an Israel, we would have to invent one." and that it was a "moral obligation" to commit to Israel where he said, "We always talk about Israel from this perspective, as if we’re doing some favor. We are meeting a moral obligation. But it is so much more than a moral obligation. It is overwhelmingly in the self-interest of the United States of America to have a secure and democratic friend, a strategic partner like Israel. It is no favor. It is an obligation, but also a strategic necessity."

On April 2015, Biden began his speech at the 67th annual Israeli Independence Day Celebration held in Jerusalem with, "My name is Joe Biden, and everybody knows I love Israel. Sometimes we drive each other crazy, but we love each other. And we protect each other. As many of you heard me say before, were there no Israel, America would have to invent one. We’d have to invent one because you protect our interests like we protect yours."

On October 2019 in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Biden stated, "The idea that we would draw military assistance from Israel, on the condition that they change a specific policy, I find to be absolutely outrageous. No, I would not condition it, and I think it’s a gigantic mistake. And I hope some of my candidates who are running with me for the nomination — I hope they misspoke or they were taken out of context.”

On March 2020 before AIPAC, Biden stated, "Israelis wake up every morning facing an existential threat from their neighbors’ rockets from Gaza, just like this past week. That’s why I’ve always been adamant that Israel must be able to defend itself. It’s not just critical for Israeli security. I believe it’s critical for America’s security. Palestinians need to end the rocket attacks from Gaza. They need to accept once and for all the reality and the right of a secure democratic and jewish state of Israel in the Middle East."
Edited last time by AdolfHitler on 01/05/2021 (Tue) 09:29:07.
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Anonymous 08/17/2021 (Tue) 03:51:00 Id: 60b999 [Preview] No.85197 del
(57.91 KB 866x600 8.jpg)
<We went to Afghanistan almost 20 years ago, with clear goals. Get those who attacked us on September 11th 2001
<and make sure Al Qaeda could not use Afghanistan as a base from which to attack us again
Of course he's hamming it up with nothing but lies. Fucking jews can literally drive around with a plane flying at twin towers on their van the day of the event and get away with it. I'm not going to be able to sit through Biden's bullshit past this. I can't stand these tools for kikes every election cycle.

Anonymous 08/19/2021 (Thu) 05:18:40 Id: fc2fcf [Preview] No.85228 del
Wouldn't be surprised to see hundreds and possibly thousands of Americans getting held hostage by the Taliban, what a fuck up.

Anonymous 08/20/2021 (Fri) 05:17:13 Id: ae3506 [Preview] No.85234 del
(37.67 KB 740x370 1655.jpeg)
> getting held hostage by the Taliban,

*by glowniggers and mossadkikes
I actually met a few Muslims in my travels and they have too many problems to do anything major or serious to society. Most don't have the time for it. If anything were to happen, it would be something like the Paris attacks, which was orchestrated top down by kikes.

I also have some major insider info from the Paris attacks if anyone's interested in it. Can't believe the entire event's been memory holed out of existence by now

Anonymous 08/28/2021 (Sat) 08:37:04 Id: c3f1e0 [Preview] No.85266 del
>*by glowniggers and mossadkikes
and now supposedly ((isis-k)) bombed the kabul airport
>interested in it
yes please

Anonymous 08/29/2021 (Sun) 23:32:43 Id: 95b48d [Preview] No.85275 del
>Of course he's hamming it up with nothing but lies.

this is embarrassing to look at lol

>and now supposedly ((isis-k)) bombed the kabul airport

They're running out of ideas at this point. We already did this shit before. I'm sure it's just a pure coincidence though

>yes please
Just letting /pol/ that it's insider info from a person who was in France at the time. Meaning that it's a first hand telling of the Paris attacks while it was happening, along with every minute detail of it.

And yes (((they))) had a hand in it

(1.66 MB 1252x1252 jesus 404.png)
QTDDTOT Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 15:21:46 Id: 2a6b25 [Preview] No. 77855 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Used to have a sticky, let's get another started

Can anyone pill me on the green party? I remember something about them being anti white, something about eliminating racism by increasing diversity or something but now doing searches I can't find anything on their views on diversity or immigration.
714 posts and 493 images omitted.

Anonymous 09/11/2021 (Sat) 23:22:38 Id: 1a1dfd [Preview] No.85513 del
>freemasons (ruled by->) jews. They call this the Seal of Solomon. It's important because the symbol of jews and of modern Israel may be based on black magic fuckery

Yeah just search and watch "freemasonry exposed" on yt for more info on that

>The belief that Solomon was given a ring to trap Djinn to serve him is common among muslims,
I don't really know what. It sounds really weird so maybe don't get involved in it. Maybe just forget all about it.

Anonymous 09/12/2021 (Sun) 01:25:02 Id: b334ab [Preview] No.85521 del
(160.40 KB 967x723 from the video.jpg)
>Yeah just search and watch "freemasonry exposed" on yt for more info on that
Just watched that. This image right here is exactly what I mean. Adding that the "star of David" history seems to have been an occult symbol for Solomon conjuring and binding demons, otherwise known as genies made of smokeless fire.
>It sounds really weird so maybe don't get involved in it. Maybe just forget all about it.
I'm not going to summon one. I don't even believe they exist. I'm more interested in exposing more dark, evil shit jews are responsible for. What better than their own symbol?

Anonymous 09/12/2021 (Sun) 07:41:21 Id: 2a1ca8 [Preview] No.85522 del
>star of David
it's called the shatkona or something like that, it's a very ancient sign, in hindu culture it represents man (pointing down, the penis) and woman (pointing up, the vagina), many more similarities are drawn from it, I remember something about their deities being involved too, but basically it represent man and woman, mind you, the representation in >>85504 has the triangles intertwined, that is not from hindu, I don't know where that comes from, also hindu don't care so much about mathematics on their sign, all tho the triangles are equilateral, I've never read of the mathematical purpose, I do remember something about the outside spaces meaning something but my memory fails me, so I'll have to check back, or you can investigate, jews claim it as their emblem or something because apparently some graves where find with it (never seen pictures of those graves, anyways), and those graves dates back to 200 after the birth of Christ or after the birth of Christ, can't remember, but I do remember the shatkona sign being way older, so as always the jew being a jew as claiming something as their own, the meme is real, yes we all know it.
>Solomon conjuring and binding demons
I know nothing about it, Jesus Christ is my Lord.
>I'm more interested in exposing more dark, evil shit jews are responsible for
I don't know if you can get any darker that the video you just posted, I already knew a few things about it, the rest I'll have to check on my own to corroborate the info, but in the medieval ages jews were rampant on their rituals (they never change but they learn how to hide their practices when it's necesary), and the church was way different from today, well, to be more precise, the monks and priest where more focus on finding the truth and leaving written testament of their findings than whatever it is they focus now. Inmigration? Critial theory? Victimization? Pedophilia? I don't know but it all sounds too jewish for me.
Have you heard of the reason for the jewish diaspora? It might be an interesting topic for you, they did the same as always, sacrificing childrens, killing each others, generalized chaos as always, all when kaisar Hadrian was in charge of the Roman Empire, funny year of our lord, the 66, in came Titus to wipe out the sick bastards and to kill a shit load of them, with orders from Hadrian, all because they refuse to stop their barbaric ways, and so begins the "diaspora", all because they refuse to stop being barbaric (killing each others, unable to leave in peace, sacrificing childrens, et cetera), you could say the same about nowadays Palestinia, they love shaming and bombing the Palestinians, and they show off to the world too, cause if ya ain't a zionist ya can't get to presidency. Ain't that right chezze pop and corn pop? Barbarism in the 21st century, and obviously it's the jews, it's more humane to put a bullet in your enemy, but no, jews love to see the suffering in the ones who opposses them, to them it's like a punishment for the goys. Do you know about the chicken and the jews? Anyways, great vid, will check my sources, the shatkona does not belong to them, fuck jews.

Anonymous 09/12/2021 (Sun) 16:25:39 Id: b334ab [Preview] No.85523 del
(76.50 KB 395x574 David Ganz.jpg)
(54.49 KB 680x180 India.jpg)
Interesting. As it turns out, the oldest proof linking it to them is the star on David Ganz and David Openheimer's tombstones. It has absolutely nothing to do with David of David vs. Goliath. Just a couple dead jews until it was made official when the evil pieces of shit laid out the Protocols of the Elders of Zion while plagiarizing Dialogue in Hell between Machiavelli and Montesquieu, then wailing it was a "forgery" later because they had zero originality at the time. Being expelled from many nations, kikes often fled to India.

Anonymous 09/17/2021 (Fri) 02:02:22 Id: cb6af0 [Preview] No.85566 del
(26.66 KB 480x354 bowl.jpeg)
looks literally evil

>Being expelled from many nations, kikes often fled to India.

And that's where the (((sassoons))) family came to be