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What you yourself observed with pointing out the changing of verses, the way that it has been altered and torn asunder constantly, is one of the most egregious failures that has troubled me most. The faith does not know what it is any more. Then you have those closer to cultists than believers that throw out cries such as "muh masonry" or some such whenever challenged with things beyond a Christian lens, one finds themselves pondering what there even is worth left among such people when zealotry takes such hold and Men become blinded to both their own texts and the greater European peoples attained knowledge.

You are quite right that this particular battle concerning Christianity is a spiritual one, it most certainly is and always has been. But the spiritual is always tied to the physical whether we like to accept it or not for they will always be connected through us ourselves. A man cannot be noble of aspect if he cannot believe in something greater than himself, he must find something worth believing in in order to have something to measure himself against. This is why my attack is not upon Christ or the Christian God directly but upon those adherents who speak so brazenly about these subjects yet fail to understand that they themselves in some form or another can be considered heretics to what was true Christianity. That they too failed in their duty. Christianity now can be boiled down to either fierce defenders of a particular sect or as you point out people using it as a fast food outlet for the soul. I know there are defenders for the faith out there like yourself who actually care about both this struggle and the Christian ethos in true equal measure. Your statement has more depth than most /christpol/ threads I have witnessed in the last few years;

>If any Christian cannot hate the enemy which has sought to destroy their own religion, and which is clearly defined and warned about in their own religion, they are debased and useless.

This is a truth that resonates deeply, one spoken with love for both Christ, God and our people. But it is not you they will find in those grand halls. It is not those who will offer them understanding or strength to fight on that they will meet. They will find only hollow disillusionment even in the most incredible of cathedrals, they will find priests bent in subjugation to the homosexual and the deranged, they will find LGBT flags proudly flying outside with signs this house of worship is now a house of degeneracy.