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As an aside, if one were to have a look at some of the leaks on Chinese social media concerning lab workers and scientists who have operated at this said lab over the last year, a clear trend becomes visible. For instance claims from scientists at the lab that test animals were not disposed of properly but also taken by staff for meat or if rumours are to be believed sold *at* the said wet market. Now at first I found myself somewhat taken aback, the claim sounded outlandish, who would be foolish enough to not only ignore protocol concerning clear bio hazard materials let alone *eat* the damn thing. However it appears it may not be so outlandish after all. I shan't go into detail as the barbarity of the Chinese people is something to truly behold, however I will inform you of a few simple aspects to the Chinese mindset, their "ethnic spirit" if you will. They are not a kind nor wise people. They are not. Kindness has been bred out of them whether through countless rending of the disparate historical Chinese populations or the enforcement of pseudo Communism, they are an entirely alien people at this point. A cold people whose famed "wisdom" beyond perhaps the trite example of "The Art of War" now consists of how to most effectively turn your own mongrelised nation into livestock.

Life is cheap, it is expendable, a coin to be used much like the semites view of us only for the Chinese it is all life including their own. You may think me dramatic but I would urge you to read "Ways That Are Dark" by Townsend to get a full grasp on what I speak when it comes to the Chinese. If one were to look at just what they eat and how they eat, the idea of them actually accidentally eating an animal used in experimentation suddenly makes sense. Try to fathom their concept that the suffering of an animal makes the meat taste better much like Islamic and Judaic practice, witness as blow torch a poor hounds skinned body while it quivers in pain, writhing in agony while some disgusting ant "person" slathers at the lips savouring it's pain. Now apply that to a Chinese lab. If you truly think all the assistants and lab workers at these facilities would truly follow protocol at each and every step I honestly do not know what to tell you. They are a third world nation pretending to be first world and much like like a negroid with technical industrial equipment, nature always will demonstrate such people are dangerous when given such tools and eventually disaster will strike.