Anonymous 04/21/2020 (Tue) 02:01:02 Id: c3e962 No.79413 del
Consider this also. If you were would I continue to make these posts? I know my audience here is fairly small yet I persist because I genuinely believe in you who takes the time to read these. Would boards like this continue to exist, would those who continue to fight for Europa and all her peoples continue fighting no matter the odds, no matter the horrors and the risks? The parasite sharpens it's knives and prepares for a letting of blood yet we are not relenting are we. It is a fearful thing at this time it is true, some brush off this situation while others find themselves overwhelmed at the prospect of all that is happening. Regardless though many find themselves afraid due to one thing or another. We are afraid as we do not know who will pick us up if we fall, words are all well and good but it does little when one is staring out at a cold unforgiving world alone at the crack of an unknown dawn. Many feel more alone than usual, we do not know who will care for us if we fall ill, who will ensure our homes are kept safe in our absence, who will remember us if we die as moribund as it sounds. Yes, it all sounds very dramatic but realistically this is what a man contemplates when he has too much time on his hands and he is faced with an unknown on top of so many other unknowns.

So to you who are fearful in this time, to those who are lonely I say this. You are not finished yet. This virus and the situation it presents to us, yes it is disconcerting. It is daunting. But it it nothing compared to what we have faced before. We survived the Spanish flu, which while far slower moving was much more disasterous, we survived winters so harsh men would freeze in their beds, we have fought against foes both within and without, even the challenges of nature herself we survived and stood firm. We shall stand firm through this too. With grit, strength and determination. Our people demand it, your brothers demand it. Yes it is a fearful situation. But the mark of a true Man is a Man who is not stalled by fear but faces it head on, who continues to fight without flinching for he knows come what may he *shall* emerge victorious. So face the isolation, face the fears and the loneliness head on and make yourself their master. Turn that sense of isolation into a sense of fulfillment, read, listen to music, embrace your skills and create. Be true to your blood and your people, demonstrate just what runs within your veins; the blood of Europa. Of Men who braved the darkest nights, who dedicated years to knowledge and learning, who sought physical to balance the intellectual. Who sacrificed all for you to be here today. Now dust yourself off, clear some space somewhere in the house or apartment, improve your physical form to the best of your ability and engorge yourself with knowledge and your true culture. Why this very thread has some pdfs you can enjoy, i'll even make time sourcing new ones upon request. Just cease the despair is all I ask. We will make it through.