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Upon the topic of the fairer sex; Women.

In this dying age of degeneracy and misery, Men have forgotten the true role we hold within the dynamic of relationships. Our duty, our place, is that of the stalwart guardian and the guiding hand. Despite what modern women would have you believe, they are vulnerable, terribly so, within both the physical and emotional aspects. They do not always wish trinkets nor material desires but rather a much simpler proposition; someone who sees their weakness, understands it, and be willing to protect them. They may play the strong, the whorish, the tomboy, but at heart all proper women are the same, they seek a bulwark against those who would prey upon them. Women, like the wounded and fearful MGTOW, have been victims of the parasite, their role in balancing a Man's strength and drive blurred by subversion within popular media and culture. Gone is the pride of family, of love for her kin and a yearning for offspring, in it's place is confusion and a petulant rage at perceived slights endorsed and supported by the semetic powers. There is no greater community for her to be a part of with other families, there is no protector for her or for her to offer kindness and succor to (the tempering a mans wild heart being a core tenant of female ideals), all that is left is self adulation and whoredom and when a woman walks this path she fills the unending loneliness and emptiness with more and more degeneracy only for her to become miserable and hollow as time runs on, the lie of hedonism revealing itself fully.

She is lost and alone in this epoch for she has been told not to seek men who would fulfill her, to find completion with, instead she is guided to the basest of existences only to find herself broken as time waxes on, fulfillment forever out of reach. In it's place she witnesses the withdrawn MGTOW, the bearded man children within media, the vain and vacous "chads" and the adulation heaped upon shitskins and negroes by media leading to finding herself confused as so many have for the Man she truly seeks she cannot find within the world she is offered. Thusly we must lead by example regarding our fair sex. We must lead with strength, nobility and honour in our actions for that is what they *need*. Only in doing so will European Men not merely find the woman they seek but can find peace in a time of strife, finding the true warmth of love and the strength it can grant. Do not go hunting for just any woman though but seek the *right* woman. It will take time, years perhaps but as long as you can demonstrate that you are a guardian against her fears when you find her then she will love you truly. The MGTOW will tell you she is not worth it and to just self indulge and be hedonistic. The semite will tell you idolise the outsider for finding beauty among your own is evil. The pick up artist will tell you their all whores and to just fuck as many as possible. They are all liars. They just need you to be strong and wise within your interactions. Of course a woman can love certain aspects of ones personality but these aspects must be rooted within an iron Will and demonstrated with plans and actions towards a future goal. If a man has these then she is far more likely to stand by him for she understands come what may, the man will never buckle, never laze around on his laurels and in turn she herself has a drive to be part of that future, the paths intertwining forever more.