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I am still formulating how to explain honour in an honourless world so as a break from expounding on that topic here are a few brief tidbits concerning a classic /sig/ staple; food.

Ah, a good meal, there are few things better than a hearty home cooked dinner on a chill autumn night, although maybe the feel of the first splash cold mineral water hitting the back of your throat on a hot summers day is a close second. So then why do so few enjoy a properly cooked meal or good drinks, why do they go straight for something slathered in preservatives or in permafrost from the back of the freezer? Two factors, convenience and a lack of knowledge. Now, this being a /sig/ thread I do hope I don't have to expound on the weakening effects of convenience for it is the bane of any man seeking drive so the second part, knowledge, is where I shall focus my efforts on tonight.

So a general overview. We all know the classic phrase "you are what you eat". Well, it is basically true, you *are* what you eat, if you devour preservatives, injected chemical slop, starchy carbohydrates and poor fats then you in turn will find yourself sluggish, lacking in clarity of mind, likely overweight and most certainly of poor skin complexion and possibly close to diabetes. The modern diet is a true representation of this miserable age, it is unfulfilling and frankly poisonous. So how does one break out of the cycle?

- Firstly, drinks. Have you ever had a glance at the content of those foul energy drinks that so many seem endeared too despite them containing less caffeine than a black coffee, more chemicals than a meth lab and the supposed boost of vitamins? Or perhaps wondered about just what allows Cola to clean coins akin to soaking them in vinegar? Now good friend, consider just what these drinks are doing to your insides and your health overall as your body absorbs them. Full of synthetic ingredients and countless additives (yes that includes the sugar free ones, your still tricking your brain into thinking it's receiving sugar with those), they reap a tally on a mans body causing anything from caffeine withdrawals, vitamin imbalances, drops in mental acuity with the more sugary or chemically endowed ones, increases in body fat as the sugar is unable to be processed and a myriad of other problems. However in this age of boundless consumerism where everything is a commodity what does one do? Simple, you return to the basics. Those bottles of cola or whichever drink you enjoy on a daily basis, switch it to mineral or spring water (anything not listed mineral or spring is basically tap water, do not bother with it and be sure to check the waters source location). It is often cheaper, readily available and despite popular opinion, after a while of drinking it you'll notice different brands do indeed taste different. As an aside I personally favour San Pellegrino, it makes for a nice treat. If you struggle to surrender the requirement for a carbonated beverage then switch to carbonated mineral/spring water in it's place as a good first step, it helps trick the minds expectation of the usual fizzy chemical slop. Need a pick me up with a bit more oomph than a refreshing mineral water, well, black coffee makes for a great start, just remember no sugar. While yes there is a good argument for dropping caffeine all together such a step is a large one therefore offering an alternative to your average can of Monster or Red Bull is useful until a man reaches that point (I would be remiss if I did not admit that I have yet to quit it myself). Oh and do not fret about potentially losing those "vitamins" in these drinks as unbeknownst to most you urinate a good portion of them out, you'll get most required vitamins from a good diet.