Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 00:29:58 No.77954 del
I'm sorry to hear of your former friends, anon. Not surprising given the state of our capital, however.

>it's odd you mention such a thing
There are no coincidences, I feel as though all of us here are living parallel lives in this bizarro world. I'm sure you're aware of the concept of synchronicity, although nowadays I feel more as though there is some guiding hand, uniformly leading us toward our shared destinies.
I find interesting the concept of a simulation, and the notorious NPC meme - it truly feels as though only a select few of us are capable of comprehending and taking control over our own existences. I'm conflicted between a complex material understanding of the universe, or the idea of a pre-determined matrix in which fate has ordained our place within it.

>Yes, Germanic women, much like a great many Western women have become damaged, it is the very purpose of the semite to do that to them for is there any finer exemplar of beauty and grace than the traditional European woman?
Very true. By eroding our most beautiful pillar with their poison, the Semite has undermined our societies by removing the gender balance, destroying the family unit. I still see the core values prevalent in our women, and it is my belief that, as strong, role-fulfilling Men to lead, by our side the women will not only follow, but embrace fully a greater purpose.
In order to fulfil this role of leader, and to bring the topic back to self improvement, I would kindly request some advice regarding one of my flaws - speech. Being mute during my early years, I never properly developed my speaking abilities, and have always tended towards a mumble/lisp, and sentences can come out completely jumbled, yet when under the influence of psychedelics speech is loud and clear, and I can feel the speech reverberating through my diaphragm, I am unable to replicate this ordinarily. While I assumed it was related to anxiety, at times it feels physically impossible to replicate. I believe it to be my main downfall, and a self perpetuating cycle that I am determined to break free of - would you happen to know any exercises to work on speaking with command, or advice for communicating with others? Socially I do well but I find it a little restraining to be unable to connect my thoughts to my speech at times.