Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 01:29:51 Id: 04238a No.78801 del
I apologise for my absence of late, I have felt... Well, somewhat disappointed with myself since my untoward vitriol on modern Christianity and it's troubles. It has left me with a sense of shame which is only now beginning to leave me. I had begun a draft on the topic of faith and why it is such a vital asset to Men like ourselves but it felt a touch disjointed. I think the lingering issue of the Corona virus is pressing hard at the back of my mind causing a mental block as it were so I believe I should actually post something concerning it along with information and advice.

It's a tad late where I am now however tomorrow evening I will be returning but with a more practical post akin to the food one earlier in the thread but concerning preparations, both simple and more advanced and how to efficiently do it pending your geographical location and financial situation. Why offer difference when it comes to geographical location concerning the subject of preparation? Laws concerning both weaponry and items that may be available to different peoples in different regions. For instance while it is moderately easy to obtain a standard .22 firearm within the US within the UK you are best to go with a simple Barnett crossbow if you do not have any firearm certificates (or knowledge of weaponry at large for that matter, Barnetts are fairly easy to use hence why I mentioned them). Do not fret, it is not a full weaponry list, it will merely cover basic advice concerning the situation and whats available where. I will also attempt to cover as much as I can at large with long term preparations, dispel some of the ludicrous myths concerning this virus such as the dangerous "Whites cannot get infected" while hopefully framing everything in a way that is not quite as apocalyptic as many of the more famous fear merchants have a penchant to do. Do not misunderstand me however, there is a very real potential for this virus to be a significant threat and we must prepare for this situation accordingly. If there are any specific requests for information regarding this or if anyone wishes to preemptively post info-graphics concerning "prepping" I would encourage you to do so but only if you have actually either tried the things suggested for yourself and can verify it's useful knowledge or you know for certain it's practical. I say this only as there has been a few bits of very dangerous information going around such as the advice to buy Elderberry Syrup as a treatment which would be quite disastrous due to the potential for cytokine storm being increased by it later in the infection should someone get infected. I will also cover a few recipes for basic long life food as well as try to locate whatever sites I still can that are carrying equipment such as masks and filters at normal prices.

I hope everyone is well and if you are indeed concerned heavily with the virus, the best thing to do at this time is not panic. Yes, this information is coming a bit late, I should of prepared a post near the start of February but I wanted to wait and see just how things would proceed as I slowly got my own equipment ready. A part of me hoped I was being foolish and I'd need to put things back into storage, that I had merely been struck with a sense of paranoia. Unfortunately events proceeded exactly as one would expect. Foolishness akin to deliberate malice on the part of Western "leaders".

Throw in my embarrassment and shame earlier, it made for a rather pathetic situation which stayed my hand on my part for which I am sorry. I know many likely have already prepped in which case you have indeed proven wise but this is primarily for those who are only just getting ready to do so. This does not mean don't do research in the mean time however for those who have not prepared. I will endeavour to cover what I can but do not be idle, it would serve well to learn the fundamentals of long term food storage and how reliable logistics are in your area at the bare minimum. There are some very real issues approaching, we must be wise in how we approach them.