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Think on what he said here for a moment, just consider. He says that you not merely need not lie but you may not lie which speaks to truth as an objective idea, not the semetic ideals of subjective where all manner of falsehoods can be offered to cover ones vile trails. Truth is truth. This is a fundamental tenant of the European concept of justice. This is the essense of manifested power we have, not merely to form our knowledge into propaganda as Goebbels did but to lead men with positive aspects within it by demonstrating an unwavering stance upon these truths. The phrase "The truth shall set you free" comes to mind when thinking upon this for in a way it will. When one accepts the truth of a situation he must become determined to do what must be done in one form or another to resolve it. If a man sees the ethnic replacement of his nation, for a time he may try make excuses, try to hide from it, ignore it to the best of his limited abilities. But when he accepts this is a truth, when he accepts that something must be done, Will begins to manifest.

He must accept whole heartedly that he must be the emobodiment of change and build a resistance to the lies of the parasite for their goal is to sap this Will so he will not resist. "Oh our people will be a minority in the States by 2040 or even 2030, yolo fuck it time for porn" will be the implanted suggestion within a number of circles, a very deliberate acceptance of the lies pushed by the semite that there is nothing that can be done. It is your Will that allows you to not merely resist these lies but to counter them with reminding brothers of the strength, dignity and achievements of our people. Share your Will with them by reminding them of not merely what is at stake but just how they can defeat the enemy even in the most simplest of ways. Each Man must choose his own method, be it a brutal frontal dispelling of lies or the implantation of our own concepts of battle in this struggle. Will is simply you manifesting nobler principles into reality without hesitation and giving others guidance on how to do the same to a degree they feel capable of.