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I agree whole-heartedly with not abandoning altruism, however, we must also fight the enemy at their own level. Selfless concern for our own people, not for the parasites.
Non-whites running convenience-stores (or "ice houses") isn't a trope nor figure of speech. I've been in America for 38 years. I have only once seen a white woman behind the counter. She was a registered nurse coworker so had enough money but also had jungle fever. She moved to Hawaii so she could go to town on brown. I tried to convince that interracial skank of the error of her ways. It was like talking to the faggots that spam this board. No good results. I have never seen a single Arab at a convenience store. Only once in University many years ago. They're mostly Indians, Mexicans and negroes.
>find an independent business owned by a brother and frequent there
Therein lies the problem. There are none. We can thank Wal Mart for that, how they've moved in and muscled out small businesses.
>pre emptively open a door for a lady politely if you see them coming
Everyone does that for everyone here. It means very little. The elderly will thank you here as well. There seems to be a high population of other white people who are also elderly, which is strange given the extreme rarity of youths of the same skin tone.
>They do not think like we do, their natures diametrically opposed to what one could term the European standard.
Precisely. Neither the negro nor the mulatto white/negro mix understands mutual respect. There are many women of our displaced European blood guilty of constant nagging and disrespect as well, though in both cases they were not taught values growing up. The situation is that parents both work as the child is raised partially by jewish television propaganda. The other part by jewish educational indoctrination and falsified histories. Family values are not encouraged. Entertainment is. Laugh-tracks for unfunny unwitty bullshit sitcoms half filled with jews are the encouragement.