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Of course the simple mind will always reject such ideas, "no way man, if Christ was real then why'd his sky daddy let him die rofl btfo christcuck" or "pagans got fukked by christians u larping faggot" or the classic "if u love your dictator so much why dont u kill urself and join him". Of course such pathetic creatures will shame you, they have no true understanding beyond the mundane, beyond their own carnal pleasures. They have no Faith in anything real. Oh but do not misunderstand them though, they do have a form of it, a much more pathetic and simpler form. Faith in their material possessions. In their football teams (both soccer and American football), they have faith the media will always tell them the truth or that "Trump will build the wall any minute now, you just wait". They have a mutated form of Faith, a hijacked one, warped to suit the needs of the despicable creatures that maintain their stranglehold upon the European peoples at home and in the colonies. These foul creatures revel in it, their "art" such as "piss Christ", their abominations of chemically castrated creatures being presented as just normal people like you and I, they revel in the rejection of the true and anything that represents something greater than their own vile ideals and in turn present only the material and the degenerative. It is only within the rejection of their proferred poisons, only within the refusal to debase ourselves with their lies and machinations that we can truly find faith again.

It is down to each of us individually to find an exemplar of the true ideals of our people be it Christ, Woden or even one of the many great leaders who fought for our people. We must grow to understand them, to realise for what they fought, be it our eternal souls, a chance at standing at the final spiritual battle of Ragnarok or even the chance of one day forging a nation of hope based upon National Socialism or even Fascism, it comes down to us to embrace these things. To embody them. You needn't even embody just a single one of them, Christianity works well within National Socialism as evidenced from the history of that time, Paganism even found a revival under it to a degree, we must learn to cease rejecting these things for they are indeed truly ours. Christianity was forged within the European image, it holds European ideals, Paganism was formed of our blood and our land, our political ideals before the parasite offered corrupted modern "democracy" was truly ours so we must embrace these to our hearts. We must find succor in them, learn from them. Understand the teachings of Christ, seek older texts prior to the Jesuits corruptive teachings, seek ancient Pagan lore, read correct translations of Mein Kampf and the books of those who fought for us. Understand them. Embody them. Fight for them. For they represent us, they represent our people.

In an age where atomisation is all we know, where misery and treachery reign supreme, it can be hard to believe in something can't it. It can be a struggle. You want to believe, you want to find something beyond this but with the darkness so prevalent what is the point. We feel alone. Forgotten. The claws of the parasite dig even harder into our flesh, the pain clouds the mind as we desperately seek to escape the pain and the sadness. We all have felt it, some feel it still. But you must understand something vitally important. They *want* you to feel that pain, to feel clouded and confused, to seek escape into all the paths they can usher you in to. They wish you to go into mainstream Catholicism, to accept the degenerative child molesting priests which the Pope embraces. They wish you to go into modern "Paganism" with all the pedantic mockery of Wiccan ideals and ridiculous ideas such as singular Goddess worship. They wish you to seek heroes in weak puppets such as Jordan Peterson and Carl Benjamin or as he's more commonly known Sargon of Akkad. They wish you to fall in line, to be herded into the pen like good little cattle.