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Now onto incubation, there's two important things here. Firstly, many who catch it will be a-symptomatic for a duration. This means they'll have the virus but not know. This is one of the biggest problems this virus poses hence why most governments seem to be in a holding pattern buying time rather than stopping it as simply put thanks to the free market, open trade and open borders we must offer up our people to this virus as denying these progressive ideals would be most anti semetic and intolerant. Now concerning time frames of this virus most outlets and information areas are listing the incubation before symptoms appearing to be 3 to 14 days. This is in fact inaccurate. Current models from China suggest it can take *up to* 28 days after initial infection has been confirmed. This makes for a highly disconcerting prospect at first but we must remember that this is what we could consider the *maximum* incubation, a possible variable, not the rule so do not go believing this is the common event that transpires. It does however demonstrate a very clear flaw in the handling of this virus by our oh so benevolent "leaders" as almost all nations seem to be using the 14 day model.

However there are a few more less discussed details concerning this virus we must address. Firstly the risk of needing dedicated medical care. Now figures seem to be varying depending on where you source, a popular claim is that 20% of all patients will need intensive care, some sources including my oh so transparent and kind government claim 10%. Now both of these figures are somewhat misleading however as there are certain things that could increase or decrease these chances, age is a definite factor with older generations being much more susceptible while those under 11 appear mostly unaffected. Simply put due to incompetency or a deliberate fudging of the numbers we do not actually know for certain the criteria for the likelihood of needing ICU admittance, at least not firmly. Logic dictates older generations and the infirm will suffer hardest but without hard and most importantly reliable data we cannot say for certain. What can be said for certain however is what seems to transpire in order to need ICU admittance. From my understanding after overcoming the initial flu like symptoms there is a period of a few days where it appears you are well once more. However this is a falsehood as the virus is still in your system. It is at this point some experience a very serious viral pneumonia and most likely ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome). Now this is one of the biggest issues with this virus as the immune system has already been combating the flu component previously. When this part comes into play is when you are likely to sink or swim. The immune system during this time in the state that it's in will apparently, if what I've read is correct, do one of two things. Your immune system is too crippled to deal with the virus meaning assisted breathing resulting in severe lung scarring and likely long term health problems due to the need to employ powerful antivirals or the opposite occurs what is known as a cytokine storm. Now a cytokine storm for those who do not know is when your immune system quite literally going into overdrive in order to try defeat a virus. It ramps up so much your own immune system essentially destroys you by cooking you inside as your body temperate reaches levels that are fatal if not handled properly. Some of you may of seen footage of patients going into fits or their body spasming as if dying, this is the cytokine storm in action. It's rather horrifying and I shan't share the videos but if you are morbidly curious it is likely available on most video platforms. Survival rates of those needing ICU admittance which have to go through this are relatively unknown and likely will be for the next few weeks until it expands.