Anon 08/01/2020 (Sat) 17:01:39 No.6386 del
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5050 anon here - I've been gone on a massive anime binging spree to fill the hole of MLP and not looked back for the most part, but I've heard whispers of something called Rainbow Roadtrip. From the little I've picked up by accident it sounds like the animation is really good, is it worth my time to watch? I don't know if any other post-gen4 stuff interests me and I won't burden you by asking for spoonfeeding. I would keep up with the comic books but the local comic book store has changed quite depressingly. Where before a bearded behemoth lorded over a pile of old merch and obscure titles, now he seems to be in hospital while his amputee veteran friend and his girlfriend run a carefully segmented shop with one third children's toys (none of the MLP variety), one third lego, and the last third a smattering of comics shoved in with rick and morty merch while they shittalk the former owner over at the counter. Can't say I'm eager to go there and remember the times that will never return just to pick up the latest issues - can't even get any action figures or discontinued 80s toylines to go with it anymore. Anyways hope you've all been doing well, I've got some serious lurking to do to catch up with your discussions.