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>I've been gone on a massive anime binging spree to fill the hole of MLP and not looked back for the most part, but I've heard whispers of something called Rainbow Roadtrip.
yes but that special aired right after Between Dusk and Dawn. An entire year has happened since its release but I wouldn´t blame you if you didn´t notice it. It lacked a lot of promotion from Hasbro and perhaps, not all the fans managed to keep an eye on it.

>it sounds like the animation is really good, is it worth my time to watch?
it´s run with the ToonBoom animation (Movie style) so in comparison to Pony Life, it looks wonderful.
However, you are talking to one of those who while I understand that certain people like it because of its comfy and laid back script, I am too biased to tell it beforehand for you.

If you don´t want to look at the reviews, I will sum it up that personally I am not a fan of it because it reminded me of gen 3 in a way.

There is an index in the season 9 thread >>5310 and >>5312 that displays the discussion of that specific special and even I analyzed it from a lore standpoint in this same thread: >>5733 and >>5734. Still, the main discussion of it is located within these replies:

Rainbow Roadtrip: >>4331 + >>4382 + >>4419 - >>4422 + >>4458 - >>4464

>I don't know if any other post-gen4 stuff interests me and I won't burden you by asking for spoonfeeding.
you have the Pony Life thread >>6253 in which Bridgefag and CBAnon commented about it in these posts: >>6268, >>6269, >>6270, >>6275 and >>6276. Ever since the premiere aired, this board hasn´t focused on the rest so there is little to spoonfeed here.If you want to ask my opinion about it, I can´t give any...because I haven´t watched it so far.

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