Anon 08/01/2020 (Sat) 21:52:18 No.6389 del
>I would keep up with the comic books but the local comic book store has changed quite depressingly. Where before a bearded behemoth lorded over a pile of old merch and obscure titles, now he seems to be in hospital while his amputee veteran friend and his girlfriend run a carefully segmented shop with one third children's toys (none of the MLP variety), one third lego, and the last third a smattering of comics shoved in with rick and morty merch while they shittalk the former owner over at the counter.
well, that truly sucks. At least, you have been fortunate to get them and visit a comic book store to buy them. In muy country, except for the average toys and certain plushies, there is not much merch to get out of this franchise (maybe a few magazines aimed at kids) but I wouldn´t be aware of the existence of IDW´s comics if it were´t because of the internet. Now, even EQD users rely on the internet stores to buy the issues so at least, you have known what it feels like to buy a MLP comic. Is there any chance that he will come back again or are those changes permanent? Perhaps the season 10 issues get a stronger distribution from Hasbro (hopefully)

>Can't say I'm eager to go there and remember the times that will never return just to pick up the latest issues - can't even get any action figures or discontinued 80s toylines to go with it anymore.
well, you have been more fortunate than me in that department. I never had a chance to experience that charm. I have never had any physical copy in my hands for these 6 years in the ride.

The only thing that I can offer towards all of this is that you´ve got these links:

and a thread >>1627 (perhaps /endpone/ will have one thread entirely dedicated to the season 10 comics) in order to discuss them and dedicate time to the issues that you want to talk about over here. Definitely not the same feeling to compensate what you used to do in the past but, if you don´t want to stay lurking and spend more time by being more active, you´ve got this alternative method for this post gen 4 era.