Anon 08/01/2020 (Sat) 22:24:03 No.6390 del
>Anyways hope you've all been doing well, I've got some serious lurking to do to catch up with your discussions.
I am doing great honestly, not perfect (because of the pandemic and the fact that I still have an exam left later this summer) but overall, the last couple of weeks have been quite pleasant on a personal level. I can´t speak for the other users but the other users have been active as well as if nothing has happened (I am highlighting the "as if" words)

As for the board in general, well, it could have had more activity but as you can see, there are a few basic rules established and a specific thread meant for NSFW material. We have had several posts discussing a couple of fics, a few edits back and forth and well, casual posting (off topic replies). As they have said recently, it´s still comfy.

NOW, COMMUNITY WISE THOUGH, my goodness! It´s quite a long story to tell...

let´s say that the fandom has been going through....eeeeerm, (how do I say this?), """"interesting"""" times for these last couple of months (especially from the last few days of June to the entire month of July). While it has calmed down a fair bit recently (relatively speaking), it´s still going and far from over. It has lead to the creation of these sites (the ones that appear in the left column)

To sum it up in an entertaining manner, I am linking these two videos. Pony Life might not be all that entertaining nor satisfying. Meanwhile,the fanbase has managed to fill that spot instead and win by a landslide: [Embed]

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