Anonymous 10/06/2019 (Sun) 05:29:03 No.10687 del

You'll notice one of Rashaad and Pelosi's partner of CGI is Street Jammz. Look at their team:

Rashaad Patrick, the Global Communications officer of the WSA and the President of CGI, is again president of a company called Street Jammz, that supposedly sells adult onesies. The problem is their product seems to be fake. I searched the website and there are what look to be products but the links redirect you to the home page and there is nothing on google or anywhere else that sells or even mentions this product. Their twitter page is active, but is obviously fake with zero info on their products and daily posts about the weather. Very odd.

Did you notice the Vice President of Street Jammz, Aric Reutlinger, was also listed above as the Communications Director for CGI.

Here is another company to look into. Renae Star Products.