#JVih97 10/09/2019 (Wed) 18:40:38 No.13317 del
Notables #9430
note-taker #1
>>12788 Report. Need trusted arbitrator or board becomes prone to powergrab.
>>12791 >>12833 18, try again or 8?
>>12796 Thank you for confirms. LOUD enough or LOUDER?
>>12804 >>12044 (/lb) Coincidence?
>>12805 Everyone good?
>>12824 We do this for love of our country, and for love and forgiveness of our neighbors within it.
>>12837 Enjoy the show. Fist pumps.
>>12862 Is America GREAT? Which country is greater?
>>12863 welcome to the bunker kitchen anon
>>12870 direct comms allows what?
>>12895 Keep in mind your words/Questions.
>>12897 is the new nasa sattelite for anons?
>>12906 dig meme PRAY 5:5
>>12921 thank you for the truth, 04:17:55

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