Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 20:45:50 No.13412 del
>>12993 Nice meme notices timestamp 04:17:55
>>12999 J&J must pay $8 billion
>>13001 FBI Lovebirds kek
>>13017 president of Honduras drug money
>>13020 'badge of Honor' - Ingraham
>>13022 Lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell names more defendants
>>13035 understand what WWG1WGA means
>>13065 Compromised News Network reports that Trump wants to leave the Open Skies Treaty
>>13071 comfy times
>>13075 FISA Court violated citizens' 4th Amendment and privacy rights
>>13132 cocky hillary
>>13134 Collins over nadler
>>13137 Ukraine reopened probe of Biden-linked firm months before Trump’s Ukraine call
>>13138 Erdogan sends troops into Syria as Iranian military drills near border
>>13141 Justice Dept. must turn over material related to Mueller grand jury, judge rules
>>13142 Trey Gowdy to join Trump's legal team on impeachment inquiry: report
>>13148 news from POTUS

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