#sGrv/I 10/10/2019 (Thu) 01:03:23 No.13540 del
Key Points of last nights convo


>>12812 (you) if POTUS was listening, what would Anons tell POTUS? [>>12796]
>>12848 If POTUS asked for meme(s), which would you show him?
>>12856 (you) What are some of your ideas/hopes? [>>12837]
>>12892 imagine that Jesus is Enroute... [>>12883]
>>12893 What if the plan was matched against public measurements of awakening? [>>12889]
>>12895 Keep in mind your words/Questions. [>>12891]
>>12922 Neanderthal survived and has been feasting upon Cro Magnon.[>>12914]
>>12937 There are certain things hidden on the internet. >>12934
>>12941 Why do dumb faggots post random shit instead of actually RESEARCHING or making MEMES that are usable?
>>12982 (you) YOU ARE TALKING WITH GOD!!!!! [x]
>>12997 More like Jupiter/Zeus and how in the hell would we be capable of knowing something
>>13005 what do you think bluebeam is hiding? [>>12994 (you)]

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