Sunflower 08/05/2022 (Fri) 21:45:49 Id: 9c4a18 No.1858 del
>Are they then powered by Gong or some other higher kind of energy
It's not that bodies need to be "powered" by anything, it's all a circulation, a closed system. Humans enter the planet, are born through manifesting in the womb, then they (perhaps) pass on the stream of energy to the next generation. It creates a long string of energy with many loose ends, if you look at it from the first humans and onwards. Loose ends being those who never had offspring, while the rest are connected. For vampires with the "ancestral cord" connected they are fed both good and bad qi through this connection. Witches use this for ancestral magic, and so on. To achieve faster ascension I recommend cutting this cord for undeads. It doesn't actually sever your connection with your family line, but the karmic benefit/harm is detached. It will make you feel weak, because you are no longer drawing energy from other people, but instead you will see your real power level, and for real magic this is what you need to do. You can remain at the low level of spirit magic if you want, but then again that's the slow method. For humans in normal "circulation" they expect to stay until the planet ends its life, the circulation is all the way from "Adam and Eve" to the Judgment day, that's one round of it on the most external circle. You won't even see that this is a circulation because it's so stretched out.

>vampires are often depicted as slow and silent, staring into the distance like they are in deep tought or daydreaming. They almost seem weak and not really awake, but out of nowhere they can display superhuman speed, strenght and accuracy when they need it
Well that's me, more and more minus super human strength. Just earlier today I found myself looking at the clouds and the sunset for maybe 10 min standing on the road until a car appeared and "woke me up" which annoyed me. I more and more hate being brought back to this social reality of having to meet people when I don't want to.

>You mean to say that spirits don't have an energy flow? Then an energy flow is only something for living (physical) bodies?
Circulation, not a flow. Instead of circulating through all generations and the entire planet's history, they circulate only within themselves.

>the widespread notion of energy entering into your system through the crown chakra from "outside" or from the "universe"
There are so many models for understanding things, and so many angles. It depends on how much you can see, if you see less it's more likely you get it wrong and create an imperfect model. Things will adapt when you look at them because nothing has a defined form anyway, so you'll always see that your current model is the right one.