Sunflower 08/06/2022 (Sat) 09:59:17 Id: 9f17da No.1865 del
>can you share a few tips on how to find and cut it?
It's a significant part of your body's egregore/energy system if you have it. It can't be missed, it's where ancestral energy is fed into the body. Usually it's black because of the sins of your ancestors, that's why I considered it a bad thing to begin with. But most occultist think this is just "power" and that they want this to be as strong as possible. If you only want material benefit for yourself and your children you can keep it, but you become nothing more than an old family of crooks this way.

When cutting it I used "Fay's knife", at the time I wasn't aware of the magnitude of this artifact. This is why I can't share a method for cutting it. The knife was created during the peak of the Victorian era London, it represents the British empire, all the way back to
who burned the Roman settlement Londonium to the ground. It starts with a strong sacrificial act of destroying your enemies at this site, and builds up during history up to the 1890s, at this time to be concentrated into the edge of a knife.

I've only met very few beings who were able to copy it, the two nymphs "from the park" I may have mentioned before, are two of them. They're ancient spirits, direct subordinates of Loki and organizers of sacrificial rituals since 1000s of years. Someone needs to be perfectly aligned to use something like this.

There are other ways of course, find something which has made a similar impact on human history and that would be enough.

It's necessary to deny the effects of karma to cut the cord.