Sunflower 01/25/2023 (Wed) 12:04 Id: 0ba587 No.2829 del
That's that for now, I think. I see what the Queen was after now, the tension is gone. I hope everyone here who's been contacted by her can get here too.

It took a pretty crazy ritual involving 5 dukes of Hell but now I feel like I see her view. Like someone said, "she treats them like minions". This take being able to be fully natural around them, and then you can't be weak or subordinate to them in such a way that you are forced to be overly formal. Formalities are useful, but only subordinates are forced to pay conscious attention to them. Therein lies the secret.

An interesting character. After event above this felt like an after-party. He indeed does look for people who can be corrupted "holy shit", that seems like his main occupation. If you don't realize this you're going down, badly. It's a test.