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(413.09 KB 575x575 Quadriform.png)
Classic demons - sharing and discussion Sunflower 12/30/2022 (Fri) 16:45 Id: f752a2 [Preview] No. 2398
It seems a few of the posters on this board have, individually with no coordination, all been guided by The Infernal Queen, The Queen of Spiders, or what other name she may go by.

She has been a frequent visitor to sunflower temple sessions, where she appeared on her own initiative. It was revealed she is behind the cloud images that's been guiding me since way back before 2012, it's a demon version of smoke signals.

During one session with her, we talked about Micheal Jackson and him using magic to gain an audience. The Queen said he had made a contract with Adremelech (this is his preferred spelling)
He is the source of MJ's dance moves among other things. This demon (perhaps arch demon or demon lord is better, but he never asked to be titled) appears as a man with a horse's head, sometimes as a muscular demon with a large belly and goat legs, sometimes as a man in a suit with a staring horse head. He also has a huge dong.

The Queen said to channel him and we had an interesting discussion by the round table with all of us.

Sunflower 12/30/2022 (Fri) 16:55 Id: f752a2 [Preview] No.2399 del
Further on we asked the Queen if she has a sigil, she said it's the Quadriform posted in the OP.

I have never earlier had any interest in these well known "classic" demons. Their sigils seem mostly void of energy on the surface and their descriptions aren't very attractive. Most people said to be working with them also do it for retarded reasons, like above mentioned fame.

After the experience with Adremelech however, my view changed a little bit. His hall isn't clean in the least but it's large and he's very powerful. They just don't care an awful lot about the finer details down at his place. He can get things done and his energy is still a strong red along with some very persistent virtue, despite what the general descriptions say.

At a later session, the Queen recommended we contact Beelzebub. Some quick research revealed that he's the same as Baal ze bub, lord of the flies or simply lord of the flying, another possible mistranslation. When people talk of Baal, they refer to him as well. He has been very cooperative since.

Sunflower 12/30/2022 (Fri) 17:04 Id: f752a2 [Preview] No.2400 del
I felt I was missing something and went looking through the lists of known demons, now that I know some of them are worth talking to. Eventually I couldn't determine who is good for what so I asked Baal to recommend one based on my requirements. He said Belial.


What do you do when contacting someone you've never had any interest in before? I looked up his sigil, meditated on it a bit, then said "Belial, I invite you into my life" and that did it. Does this qualify as an "invocation", I suppose it does. These technical terms have never interested me before, I usually just use telepathy and they reply. These demons however are a bit difficult so I now see why the sigils and procedures can be needed. They don't have any "extra energy" to throw around and this leads to a feeling that they don't want to be disturbed. Maybe
>don't fucking talk to me unless you have a really good reason
is a description of what signals they send out.

Belial was able to explain some deep questions on the nature of existence in just a few sentences. This completely changed my view of him also.

That's why I think a thread for this topic is a good idea.

Sunflower 01/21/2023 (Sat) 21:46 Id: 0ba587 [Preview] No.2747 del

I used this ritual (mostly) to summon him because he seemed like someone who could help me at the time. It was a very powerful experience, probably the most powerful and successful summoning I've performed.

The description of him is correct but also completely wrong. I think he's actually a higher god who prefers to live in the underworld by choice, not because he's limited in any way. Not at all the sad guy he's said to be.

I think you need to be very serious and should only contact him if your request is sincere and urgent in some way.

Sunflower 01/21/2023 (Sat) 21:48 Id: 0ba587 [Preview] No.2748 del
(116.75 KB 943x803 folcalor.png)

Sunflower 01/22/2023 (Sun) 03:19 Id: 0ba587 [Preview] No.2762 del

Another elusive one. Summoning rituals missing from all websites I found. Eventually I saw a discussion where someone said to just light a candle and do breathing exercises. Worked fine. I'll leave out the interaction as such, but also very powerful. It may be that their distance to the world is greater so telepathy just doesn't work, you have to invite them for a closer contact.

Sunflower 01/25/2023 (Wed) 03:23 Id: acba13 [Preview] No.2828 del
Mesphito/Mephisto is persistent in culture for a reason, another good one to work with.

Sunflower 01/25/2023 (Wed) 12:04 Id: 0ba587 [Preview] No.2829 del
That's that for now, I think. I see what the Queen was after now, the tension is gone. I hope everyone here who's been contacted by her can get here too.

It took a pretty crazy ritual involving 5 dukes of Hell but now I feel like I see her view. Like someone said, "she treats them like minions". This take being able to be fully natural around them, and then you can't be weak or subordinate to them in such a way that you are forced to be overly formal. Formalities are useful, but only subordinates are forced to pay conscious attention to them. Therein lies the secret.

An interesting character. After event above this felt like an after-party. He indeed does look for people who can be corrupted "holy shit", that seems like his main occupation. If you don't realize this you're going down, badly. It's a test.

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