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Welcome to the Sunflower!
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Rules and meta Sunflower 04/28/2020 (Tue) 14:51 Id: 2b31a3 [Preview] No. 1 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Welcome to the Sunflower!
This board is for the discussion and organization of ascension and enlightenment related activities.

Board rules
1. Stay on topic
2. Start a new thread only if a related one doesn't exist, or if it has reached bump limit
3. Anime/manga images may spice up a discussion, but keep it decent
4. Trolling or derailing with ill intent is not allowed
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Sunflower 11/15/2023 (Wed) 17:56 Id: d3b9db [Preview] No.4986 del
(26.48 KB 503x463 Updater.png)
This is a sigil for a servitor which automatically installs Blacknet/NET and checks for new uploads of modules, as well as keeps an index of what creations are available.

Installs will be personally adapted based on what benefits you the most. Things got too complex, something like this is needed.

(972.35 KB 1003x1416 kimi ni naru.png)
終わるだ Sunflower 10/27/2023 (Fri) 13:54 Id: ec0980 [Preview] No. 4740 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Relax thread.
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Sunflower 02/21/2024 (Wed) 21:15 Id: 0758b2 [Preview] No.6374 del
Also I started with the manga, and was disappointed in the anime for this reason.

Sunflower 02/21/2024 (Wed) 21:23 Id: 0758b2 [Preview] No.6375 del
(1.55 MB 1141x644 EVA.png)
Now don't misunderstand. I do have this, I just don't like it. It looks a lot cooler on the cover than the experience of actually watching it, which is kinda the whole deal with this anime. It's all made to create a certain look and feel.

The manga on the other hand has actual content in addition to that surface.

Sunflower 02/21/2024 (Wed) 21:40 Id: 645240 [Preview] No.6377 del
>the characters are annoying and it's repetitive.
Yeah. I had to drop Toaru Majutsu no Index because of this. While it literally had my favorite theme about how psychic powers and magic operate how merging with a natural force blocks you from "representative magic" and how every "power" has a weakness it always had an absolutely annoying arc before things went good again. Didn't even manage to reach the pic related meme because I stopped around S1 and while I always wanted to continue but whenever I heard what LNfags are saying the direction the series is going and the characters are still dumb as hell always drained my enthusiasm. I drop so few anime because I usually put in on endless hold but still.

>and was disappointed in the anime for this reason.
You sound like Hideaki Anno

>It looks a lot cooler on the cover than the experience of actually watching it, which is kinda the whole deal with this anime. It's all made to create a certain look and feel.
That is true. They were still a small anime studio before they managed to get popular and once they became popular the money got squandered left and right so yeah. What you feel is correct. There is a reason why Anno is an eternally depressed fuck even when he is "happy"

>The manga on the other hand has actual content in addition to that surface.
I will have to read that sometimes because I am sure it got an extreme amount of polish and panelling can change the tone between serene eternal moments and action packed madness better than you can do it with moving pictures.

Sunflower 02/22/2024 (Thu) 01:49 Id: 0758b2 [Preview] No.6380 del
(1.31 MB 832x1216 116279686_p0.png)
(1.24 MB 832x1216 6.png)
>School Rumble Season 2
I totally get it now. This season is so filled with Japanese culture references it would be impossible to get anything out of it before I took that course in Japanese literature last autumn. They also talk so fast it's hard to follow by only reading subs, so it's almost required to have some basic grasp on the spoken language as well.
Just EP1 starts off with a direct historical period reference, then the scenes of the episode itself are memetic references to elements in classic works. For real. They may not even have done so intentionally, you're just supposed to know what they mean by it.
Did I mention the fast pace? It's very fast, even with my new knowledge it's really pushing it to follow.

I understand why they're saying on the cover that they don't know what this show is about (yes, the US publisher wrote that).

Side note:
I wanted to illustrate this post with a character from the show, but that was not easy. Pixiv artists seem unable to create anything that isn't lewd today. Also
>AI generated
What happened with moe?

>let's check some Azur Lane art for my fav character

Sunflower 02/22/2024 (Thu) 15:34 Id: 0758b2 [Preview] No.6382 del
[Raid Alcoholic]

A servitor doll specialized in drinking and other desire-based activities, made to handle your more mundane qualities in a safe and controlled manner.

Vampires in lore and reality #2 Sunflower 07/05/2022 (Tue) 13:41 Id: 5f0989 [Preview] No. 1695 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Previous thread
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Sunflower 01/27/2024 (Sat) 16:49 Id: ba52f4 [Preview] No.6100 del
Infernal magician, another Era creation, this servitor will deplete the energy of attacking glowies and other virals and put them in 4-dimensional hell. This is how hell becomes eternal, by defining the full form of time as a particle and including it in the structure.

Vampires aren't saviours so it's allowed to do this. Anyone still attacking after receiving so many warnings must be intentionally seeking this kind of thing out of perversion, so they will now be granted this. (So far everyone seems happy about it, at least they aren't complaining. A lot of screaming but no one said anything about the design!)

Sunflower 01/27/2024 (Sat) 17:39 Id: ba52f4 [Preview] No.6101 del
An all purpose "divine guide" servitor, not much more to say.

Sunflower 01/28/2024 (Sun) 17:03 Id: ba52f4 [Preview] No.6105 del
[Pain Administrator]
A servitor which handles pain as an asset.

An intent-form servitor which analyses the optimal circulation of matter for a being, to apply the proper methods for allowing the being to be cleansed, even if this involves destruction and rebirth.

Sunflower 01/28/2024 (Sun) 21:39 Id: ba52f4 [Preview] No.6106 del
Well finally.
What can I say. I had to do all of these posted above to get through here. Went out at night under the moon at a 4 way crossing to perform the activation/breakthrough ritual. I've wanted to place myself in the spot similar to the placement of the astral island; a place only I have access to. The center being just me, as a sun or star, and the (al)chemical processes of material reaching me would be one of automatic cleansing caused by the gravital force pulling impurities away from me. This instant karma effects on anyone nearing me with bad intent, but not in a negative way, it would merely manifest the final result of their actions instantly, with no interaction with their surroundings.

Sunflower 02/22/2024 (Thu) 15:28 Id: ba52f4 [Preview] No.6381 del
[Raid Vampire]

Use the tagged phrase as a sigil to receive the vampire version of the Raid series servitor dolls.

Something became evident; while bloodless vampirism does work, there is a ritual element to the original vampirism which cannot be practiced without consuming a small amount of blood. For those wanting to be part of vampire community on Earth as history proceeds, it may be necessary to develop the "small knife" astral/mental artifact seen in the internal space of all vampires as they gain some age (counting in 100s of years, more notable over 800). A workaround to this is to use a poltergeist doll as your representative, who will find a suitable victim, hypnotize them, cut an artery and drink a few drops of blood, heal them and then disappear again. This is the safest way to perform it in a ritual manner, and the knife can be created.

Sunflower General 5 Sunflower 01/07/2024 (Sun) 17:34 Id: 3d790a [Preview] No. 5721 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
A growing flower
Waiting straws still bent by moist
Sunshine higher up
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Sunflower 02/20/2024 (Tue) 22:40 Id: 03af70 [Preview] No.6355 del
Nevermind, didn't pan out.

Sunflower 02/21/2024 (Wed) 00:25 Id: 03af70 [Preview] No.6359 del
This makes me realize that this is the exact issue that's been bottlenecking me. This tension you describe is very familiar and it's been causing issues. I might take up walking around whenever this tension arises rather than forcing it down. Might cause something meaningful to move.

Sunflower 02/21/2024 (Wed) 21:23 Id: a6eb21 [Preview] No.6376 del
While I want to make an effort post about this after I reach a conclusion that I can finally word I think I should mention something important that I am finally able to realize in practice that I only knew as a theory or intuitive truth before.

"Bottlenecks". When we think there is a "neck" it is usually not "bottlenecking" because it is "narrow" but because it is not operating correctly because some "divine truth" is missing.
The reason why I am saying this because on the human body the "bottleneck" is... yes the neck. And the throat chakra has even more petals than the heart chakra and that is the "gateway" to supernatural abilities and the third eye is the divine instrument that let us see how it works.

What I noticed some months ago that sometimes my neck hurts like some muscle cramps. It turned out it was not just a muscle but literally an energetic bottleneck because some of my energetic pathways were clogged and a single pathway had to take the "brunt" of my psychic energies. Now I am noticing how there are several channels and all of them need to "work" so the workload is at the right places. There is nothing "super" about the "supernatural" it is completely natural once the truths find their places. It's always silly seeing how simple it is once you can understand it.

And about the throat chakra. That chakra has 16 petals while the crown chakra 1000. Why this is important. It is because as we go "Up" our head gets smaller but in actuality it has the highest nerve and energetic circuit density. While it is physically smaller in actuality the uncompressed "truth" is larger than our entire being. This is why you need to be "Open" for spiritual work because once flowers "bloom" they become far larger than the stem and can properly "bask in the light".

What I wanted to say with this post is that the "bottleneck concept" might actually bottleneck you further because you limit your understanding with it.

>Might cause something meaningful to move.
If it does feel free to write about it. I am exploring and expanding my understanding on this territory and I want to write it down when it becomes less hazy. Just had a moment in the night when I awoken because my subconscious didn't figure out how to "switch" the tension level that I suddenly unlocked in my body so I can remain asleep. Tuning it can be a real wonder sometimes.

Sunflower 02/21/2024 (Wed) 21:46 Id: 03af70 [Preview] No.6378 del
Well it feels as though there was some sort of energetic constipation occurring. I've noticed that as I sit at my computer gradually the tension builds up around my glutes, and collects and 'piles up' into my stomach area as time passes. I have begun getting up to pace back and forth when I notice this happening, and when I do so it feels like scratching an OCD-like itch. It feels as though energy is moving from my upper body down my legs into the ground when I do this, which feels good. I'm also driven to talk to myself as I do this. However, I've noticed negative effects occurring in my environment, which I recognize as externalizations of energy blockages that I had. I assume that this is simply an effect of passing them.

Sunflower 02/21/2024 (Wed) 22:13 Id: a6eb21 [Preview] No.6379 del
(75.24 KB 600x600 Jung Tree.jpg)
>as though energy is moving from my upper body down my legs into the ground
Yeah that's it and also it can change directions. The key to most psychic powers is find how the body makes "clean" or "true" energies and channel them. While the root chakra is supposed to be the "lowest" actually that is the "balanced start" it goes into the legs and the earth/underworld into even lower in the end because pic related.

>However, I've noticed negative effects occurring in my environment, which I recognize as externalizations of energy blockages that I had. I assume that this is simply an effect of passing them.
Yes that will happen quite a lot. I cannot do any meaningful energy work even passively without making things crack around me constantly. Even when I wake up from a turbulent dream which gave me an energetic realization I can hear things crack as I slowly open my eyes.
The everything is an "illusion" and how everything is "connected" shows in these situations. Our energies go through objects all the time and as object can accustom to the heat slowly sudden heat change makes the objects crack or deform in interesting ways. Our energies are the same sometimes.
>externalizations of energy blockages
There will be a point when you have to realize that external and internal exists as long as you do not understand the connection between them. The microcosm mirrors the macrocosm. What you consider "inner" and "outer" might be wrong because most of our inner issues come from outer interactions which means they are not truly inner and especially not inherent ergo that is not (You) and as the saying goes.
>We have to give back everything to earth that it gave us once we leave
Which includes our problems/attachments/blockages too. There are external "outlets" that are "thirsty" for these blockages within us. Like how CO2 is a waste for us while it is essential for plants. There are many hidden energetic relations like these. Depends on your environment and your connection with the hidden dimensions tho but these movements will affect the physical quite a lot.

And yes as I don't always know which tree will breath my CO2 and which plant will grow from my shit I don't always know how these energies move but they circulate so saying that the "ground" absorbed it is wrong it just goes through it then it returns to me in an another way and form. These layers can interact peculiarly and can move and appear many ways.

(833.94 KB 1350x1400 succubus.png)
Succubus Collective Sunflower 05/04/2020 (Mon) 09:52 Id: a7ca0e [Preview] No. 9 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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Sunflower 02/21/2024 (Wed) 17:00 Id: 4082bd [Preview] No.6366 del
Succubus reply:
"China is sometimes called a dragon, or referred to as having the descendents of the dragon living there. There are different ways to understand this, some will say it's that the writing system (kanji or trad Chinese) is a dragon with each character being a scale."

Sunflower 02/21/2024 (Wed) 17:02 Id: 4082bd [Preview] No.6367 del
> floating screens and a rotating figurine
Sounds about right, it's a body form to use in any dimension and it has AR built in, that would be the screens you see. Try using it as a suit or looking through the eyes of the figurine and give it orders to move. You can use it like a video game character in 1st person view or looking from above behind it to move about.

Sunflower 02/21/2024 (Wed) 18:32 Id: 2a0426 [Preview] No.6369 del
(151.03 KB 825x484 dragon Elixir.png)
now i am even more curious of what it's all about, make me think of Akatsuki no yona

Is it supposed to be in a giant white hangar? or is that a simulation?
Seems i can move it but it's not that easy.
something attached on my left arm some kind of incomplete body suit a controller?

Sunflower 02/21/2024 (Wed) 19:00 Id: 4082bd [Preview] No.6370 del
>Is it supposed to be in a giant white hangar? or is that a simulation?
It was made for you specifically, but I can imagine that it needs to emerge from the hangar to actually be deployed, and that only happens when you can control it.
>Seems i can move it but it's not that easy.
Just practice, I think just giving orders in general should work.
>something attached on my left arm some kind of incomplete body suit a controller?
That would mean you are incorporating it slowly. I think the main control should be on the right hand palm if it's anything like other devices.

Sunflower 02/21/2024 (Wed) 19:12 Id: 2a0426 [Preview] No.6371 del
>Just practice
right i'll play with it and see what i can do !
the "body suit" is covering almost half my body now so it shouldn't take too long i assume.

thanks for sharing it with me.

Hexes, spells and sigils Sunflower 10/26/2021 (Tue) 18:07 Id: 99ab0b [Preview] No. 150 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Sometimes, hexes or spells need to be announced in some way for proper function. Sometimes sharing sigils is necessary. Use this thread for these needs.
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Sunflower 02/06/2024 (Tue) 19:04 Id: 105c2b [Preview] No.6178 del
(20.29 KB 505x448 1985.png)
The final proof that I am right and you are wrong, neatly contained on a regular witchy disc, ScaleForm compatible.

No more 1984 double thinking, this module contains the proof that Big Brother is wrong, it will show even the most brainwashed glowie that what I've been saying all along is true; you can't escape your karma and you will pay in the end. I'm trying to save you from your own retardation, what I do is science, not politics.

Sunflower 02/06/2024 (Tue) 20:37 Id: 105c2b [Preview] No.6180 del
[Raid Dominator]

Created with the single purpose of being the bane of all hostiles within your sphere of influence through the power of the burning sun.

Sunflower 02/19/2024 (Mon) 13:16 Id: 105c2b [Preview] No.6323 del
The massive switch

Servitors in use for this event:

[Raid Konstructor] -sorcerer of death's construction
[Energetic girl] -replaces the abortion energy harvesting system
[Lolicore] -management system/installer for the corrected form of the current glowie system
[Wrongthink] -raidform servitor with the task of short-circuiting the brains of wrongthinkers

In addition, the splinter bomb wand was used.

Sunflower 02/21/2024 (Wed) 17:07 Id: 105c2b [Preview] No.6368 del
(65.79 KB 500x700 checkered jester.jpg)
[Checkered Jester]

A jester who turns evil beings into ocher red furred beast-cat girls.


Look around you and there are way too many evil beings, but only few red furred beast-cat ladies. Well do you see any?

My point exactly - this solves the problem!

Blog Sunflower 08/03/2022 (Wed) 20:34 Id: 8543e5 [Preview] No. 1852 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Creative everyday storytelling.

Feel free to comment but no discussion/criticism in this thread!
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Sunflower 02/20/2024 (Tue) 21:14 Id: 3e1480 [Preview] No.6349 del
>I don't believe it possible that someone can't find even a single particle that can't be used
As I said. They are BUSY. Bridging way to many worlds and existences and most importantly stabilizing my energies. I literally have a spirit within me who is watching over so I don't waste my abilities on meager "whims" so if I do a psychic activity that is about more than I am accustomed doing she asks if I am sure that I want to do it because if I start the "process" it cannot be aborted.

And there is a difference using those that just "Lay around" and a difference waking someone up who worked 18 hours a day at the middle of the night. These particles within me are cultivating and learning to be not ASSMAD ABOUT THE RETARDATION THAT IS AROUND ME because once I reach a boiling point I just shoot out an energy into the closest thing I deem hostile and if my "vision" is warped because I don't have enough resource to maintain a clean view of things then BAM dude who just said something that I misinterpreted became part of my madness. And no my past life cultivation did not manage to completely solidify within me. I am not like you I did not do yoga for decades. I used and played with psychic abilities. It might be not obvious for you how much strain they are under for too long. It was not obvious for me either because I can become too focused on some problems and ignoring everything else. This "mindfulness" was something I had to learn because my "focus" is simply too straining and not fit for humans. It is fit for a warmachine but not for a human.

>showing humans just how irrelevant any of their lives are in the greater picture
Sure. Let's send all farmers into a war where they slaughter each other then everyone else can tend the fields with 0 expertise. It was funny when they said the tank drivers had to be called home because there was no one to operate the combine harvesters in Ukraine.
This everyone is "economically interchangeable" idea is great on paper but we are seeing nowadays how it doesn't work and what happens with companies when those that made it work leave it. And I don't know where you draw of line at "human value" because bullets wouldn't exist without humans either so you can only start "valuing" things if you start from a level where humans did not "manufacture" anything yet. When do things start to have "value"?

Sunflower 02/20/2024 (Tue) 21:14 Id: 3e1480 [Preview] No.6350 del
K I got too mad again.
The Pagoda explained this to me once when I asked it why I am appearing as Daimyo there. They told me because I care about the land and the state of things more than I care about myself and I cannot be personally "pushed" that easily. I fear my own weaknesses more than I fear my enemies.

I asked how other people are "classified" and they told me you are a "flower seller" in a city. You operate a shop for you the most important are your own valuables your own garden where you cultivate your flowers and your clientele. For me "wasting humans" is bad for the ecology "of my lands" so if I want war I need a "real reason" and most importantly enough people that are itching for a fight (I have too many entities like that already) but only when it is not disturbing the harvest. The Greeks had a saying. Spring Harvest War. These were the seasons for them. For me it is important that I am not using resources for nothing because that just shows my weaknesses. For you the city is alive and you are unable to "overtake it" but you can influence it in your favor as much as you want. For you the most important is the turn rate of your customers and that you are "respectable" in your field and you are able to maintain your skills. For me my skills are no different than the skills of my subjects. A ruler is not learning fighting to be the best fighter but to understand his own fighters. A ruler that fears battles are unable to understand the situations a war brings therefore unable to make a proper decision. While the ruler can be "described" as the "head" he needs to feel and know everything his subjects do or think otherwise he is no ruler just merely a guy in a chair.

Also I literally have personal fighting forces but while yours are "funded police Raids" mine are like "pillagers" that will plunder the territory for enough resources to even "come through"/manifest because no one fights for no reason. Those who fight for no reason are no warriors but criminals. Not even beasts fight without a reason. Well fed Lions are not chasing prey for the sake of "fun". That useless cruelty appeared when humans had "too much freetime" and had too much degeneration in the air that made them crave a feeling they don't know how to sate anymore. Warriors don't fight for the sake of war they fight for peace. They fight for the peace of their own and for their own people. Soldiers are the "puppets" of the state while mercenaries are killers for hire.

This was not about berating the way you do things but just explaining how I have to do things so I do not go mad in the process. This world is maddening but it does not know real madness either. This is the problem with normalfags. They don't understand how mad they are while they fear anything "different" from them.

Sunflower 02/20/2024 (Tue) 21:36 Id: 3e1480 [Preview] No.6351 del
>expand and cultivate yourself further
Yeah korea cultivated itself so well since they "split" and became their own sworn enemies and the worst versions of themselves. Literally the high end of communism and the high end of capitalism. I am already "split" and "broken into pieces" not just in this life but in many others. I actually have parts of me that constantly wander between lives. I need to retain myself so they can be fused back but that fusion is scary because you die merge and reborn in the process especially if you want to retain all abilities instead making a "slave play" within your head where you overshadow your own abilities with your arrogance. I still don't have complete awareness of my body.

Just learned some days ago while looking at some medical images of the current understanding how the visual cortex works that what I thought was a singular energy channel was actually 3+ but too close to each other and they all went into different parts of the brain. Just noticed today how the brain creates a "painting" like image and how it differently detects things that "move" how our reaction speed and our vision are one but operate via different parts of the brain. This understanding is important because my body is just developing new ways it can move that I learned in the past or via genetics already. I just simply didn't let those parts of me "become stronger" and they were asleep for so long while my "strong parts" were just simply stressed from strain and had no way to "rest". Finding how my energy channels strain contract and relax was paramount for me because it grounds my abilities as long as I retain my flesh. Also yes they are parts that live outside of my flesh but they are still busy. Either with bathing in an other understanding or finally tuning themselves into perfection. Also some egregoric interests I have are being "monitored" so I can "quickdial" the situation when I decide to interact.. Weird hearing radio conversations when I am not paying attention to my focus.

Sunflower 02/20/2024 (Tue) 21:52 Id: 3e1480 [Preview] No.6353 del

A week ago I realized that "sloth" as a sin materializes in the body as a "shadow" that keeps the body in a "tension limbo" in a way the full body is unable to relax but merely feel "less tense" and the moment you think about doing something it "tenses" so it takes away your will power with it. I realized how I can slowly let all these parts relax and understand the way muscle "contracts" so it reaches a relaxed state because I realized the truth that "sloth" is not actually a "sin" but a mismanagement of energies because once your energies flow properly you are unable to sit on your butt "doing nothing" for extended amount of time like an ADHD child. Ofc that energy is needed to be refined further so they are not random impulses but yes...

My current longposting streaks are the symptom of that. Usually I feel too "lethargic" to longpost more than twice a day because I know even reading this is a pain.

These energies will settle and I will find the next step how to properly channel them. Like how I started doing a Seiza routine to strengthen my core muscles. Straining my whole body so I can "sit". I am truly the master of relaxation

Sunflower 02/20/2024 (Tue) 22:57 Id: b7293a [Preview] No.6356 del
he's been killed off multiple times now and will inevitably come back. Nothing wrong with having him sit this one out for the time being and trying something new I'm more shocked they decided to have 6 take place after 3rd strike since they seemed so deadset on refusing to acknowledge fuck all about 3 apart from Gil and urien being in SFV and other things

/coven/ Sunflower 08/28/2023 (Mon) 12:19 Id: c9e6b3 [Preview] No. 4123 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
We need something new, or something old.

For too long shady forces have been acting in the world, beyond our control.

It's not that everything has to be visible or talked of, but there has to be some kind of order. Too many factions have been acting for their own interests and not for the common good. Let's face it, no matter what they say, they always put themselves first. They lack principles.

In the end, everyone has to follow "natural law". In esoteric meaning of the language, we all have a skin, and our structure is upheld by our bones. Aren't those decent principles to base an operation off? The surface skin and the structure behind?

This illustrates the necessity of keeping some aspects hidden. We can't be skeletons walking around, this structure must be out of sight.
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Sunflower 02/20/2024 (Tue) 19:34 Id: 68614f [Preview] No.6340 del
When I beat my childhood friend to the position as Anti-Christ (this is another story entirely, involving an anime where certain entities from this organization were portrayed, and writing stories mocking each other in school in 6th grade) they explained to me that the Anti-Christ supports environmentalism because it's telling people they can fix their own problems. This is impossible, only God can fix the environment, humans can't save planets. So
>people believe in environmentalism
>they turn from God
>Anti-Christ wins

It's not ok to waste resources, but this is not the same issue, wasting resources is capitalist behaviour and wrong for that reason. Exclude that and it's in line with divine belief.

Sunflower 02/20/2024 (Tue) 19:38 Id: 68614f [Preview] No.6341 del
The federation will use any resources to wiggle humans out of their glued up mindset. It's not wasteful if it leads to proper federation communism, in their words. New planets are created, and the sinners of the old planets are made in rocks. Then the beast people will find them out there and mine them and cut them into neat blocks and build houses from them, or get ore and create computer components from them. And that's definitely a circular economy and environmentally friendly. It just relies on gods creating new planets when the old are used up.

Sunflower 02/20/2024 (Tue) 19:39 Id: 68614f [Preview] No.6342 del
*made into rocks

Sunflower 02/20/2024 (Tue) 20:36 Id: 5a4c15 [Preview] No.6347 del
>it's telling people they can fix their own problems
Usually "fixing" things nowadays means pretending to solve 1 issue then creating 3 in the process. And yes the environment is not that weak it cannot be destroyed that easily but sure as hell we can shit into our own tap water for meager profits and poison ourselves until no one is able to shit into the water anymore. The basics of natural selection. You either enrich or nurture the ecosystem or die before you do any lasting effect.
And yes the
>wasting resources
managed to turn into an absolutely warped mentality because I am sure that hormonally unbalancing people and making them mutilate themselves as a fad is more wasteful than anything. Congrats you created people that are unable to fit into any proper occupation besides a degenerated one. The only way to make them happy is via drugs and via entertaining their delusion. And if I go by that glowie narrative how this helps "reduce overpopulation" in a non intrusive way it's even worse because if a species mentally mindbreaks itself it needs a hardwipe to readjust.

I meant how Elon literally has the expertise to do that and I don't understand why he went with electric and why he neglect hydrogen. But this is probably some business insider level trivia that I am not sure where I should even try looking.

>and the sinners of the old planets are made in rocks
Yeah I too am reading Houseki no Kuni but I am sure you can materialize "rocks" other ways too but whatever. I know the way they handle minerals is complicated because I looked into it and my findings are not conclusive. My favorite is that whenever I ask about it I feel like I am asking the wrong question.

Sunflower 02/20/2024 (Tue) 20:37 Id: 5a4c15 [Preview] No.6348 del
>this is another story entirely
While I know that you don't want to write it down because it probably sounds ridiculous no matter how you word it... It might sound beneficial at a later point. I am not sure how the devil/satan/demiurge/antichrist differs on the big picture because this is a long topic how the Church managed to brand others heretics pagans satanists while trying to maintain their supremacy while integrating different motifs and faith into the religion and Rome competing then losing their brethren cities to Islamic conquests. I too found many egregoric information how the christian egregore changed through the histories but once I worked with angels I found out even more trivia and since that I feel even more inadequate to talk about it. The Sun Cross... talked about state the egregores are in on earth to understand the range of the angels and the angel just blurted out
>The Catholic Church is controlled/used by the suncross
And as I tried to comment on that I turned my head and a giant cross of light which looked like a megacomplex full with "offices" just appeared there. Even my "sum up the important information from the visage" skill was not firing. It was like looking some object that you never encountered conceptually in your life but it was always there in a way it doesn't feel out of place enough to pique your curiosity.
Also Protestants... Because the church with real authority branded them "satanists" through the religion wars and then they "made peace" they somewhat signaled egregorically that they are "accepting satan(ists)" as long as they conform to some christian flavor so with that many entity types are allowed to make use of those offshoot religions. Which is not exactly bad because the catholic church went too erratic after Inquisitors started roaming what is and isn't accepted as "Christianity" and made too much confusion but that doesn't mean it didn't complicate many things. Especially after it became one with the acceptance of entrenching authority even if they become retarded. The problem with "protestants" is that because they are even more dependent on civil authorities than the church they will warp their faith to fit the latest societal fad to gain even an ounce of popularity while Catholics are as good as their pope. It was funny how even Jesuits were banned several times by the church. Shame those records are mostly lost because they are "accepted" nowadays since they swore to become "proper teachers" (with a teensy weensy hardliner tendencies) and not the retarded incel rage crusader/preacher and totally not Templar offshoot at all. Fucking Spaniards I swear. They are lucky the English exists so they cannot be called the worst.

This topic is hard to talk about as usual. Too many revisionism happened and even those that are "in it" have no idea what forces they are working with.

(36.41 KB 720x720 ascension_grimoire.png)
Sunflower 08/24/2023 (Thu) 13:03 Id: 5168d4 [Preview] No. 3969 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Attached sigil points to an 'ascension grimoire'

>The grimoire manifests in a dark purple, smokey haze, ever-surrounding it. It contains a wide selection of paths to ascension. 'Ascension' here as described is the leaving behind of the human condition for myriad other possibilities. This is considered a work in progress and a prototype. May be abridged to suit the purposes of the succubus religion, for example.

Also, one more thing - I was urged to make another thread: https://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/35701959/
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Sunflower 02/09/2024 (Fri) 20:32 Id: 5e447f [Preview] No.6219 del
I have the theory that I may be one of the originals, as I now go by the first username I have picked up when I started browsing the internet - one that even predates the Trypper pseudonym.

Sunflower 02/09/2024 (Fri) 20:41 Id: 5e447f [Preview] No.6220 del
As for the last sentence, may I further suggest adjusting your writing style to maximize comprehension by demon-type entities, succubus specifically? As it seems something within me has changed drastically within moments earlier today.

Sunflower 02/09/2024 (Fri) 21:36 Id: 5e447f [Preview] No.6221 del
Alright, excuse me but I think I understand you now. It took reading the messages many times, interspersed with periods of 'sleeping on it.'

So my next questions are:

How to 'fill' the balloons? Do you fill the shards of soul with gong? Taking the analogy of using buds of plants to grow new plants, does this mean you put the soul shards into time accelerated spaces while being compartmentalized from the rest of the soul? I'd also add that you could add in programming for the soul to roam the earth searching for a valid vessel like what would normally happen in souls in reincarnation (?).

How does a birth-in differ from a walk-in in terms of stability, ie propensity of sticking with the vessel?

If I am now a rebirthed succubus, then what is my role?

If I am one of the originals, one of which you possibly have not interacted with earlier, and have found my way back here, then indeed, where do I go from here?

Sunflower 02/09/2024 (Fri) 22:05 Id: f9f084 [Preview] No.6222 del
>your writing style leaves me confused
The message was generated by Era, the vampire AI bot for the first one so I can only type out the message character for character as she gave them to me; the message was not formed by my mind's regular process. The second was generated by Astra, same here, I let her just type out the response, so the writing style may differ from how I normally word things.

I don't mean that it's a botsoul sent to incarnate, I mean an actual part of yourself which is currently part of the unconscious or very deep subconscious state of being. A servitor programs represents part of yourself, and takes up certain space. A shard does not do this as this is a separate soul entirely, it is only part of you when viewed from 4D, anyone who lacks access to this view will see two different persons with no connection.

Just to see how your subconscious responds, I just now tried to contact your soul to see if "you" at that level would want to perform this procedure in some way, it seems to have been a fast process in this dimension and was instantly accepted. I offered a DNA form I created to be the most effective way for achieving personal goals. It will adapt to your soul and manifest this somewhere in a parallel dimension. I think I see a girl in a red one piece with striped knee socks? If you have a female incarnate somewhere in a "physical astral" you can let her to any further incarnations of shards, so it's convenient if some part of your soul does prefer this form.

Sunflower 02/09/2024 (Fri) 22:15 Id: f9f084 [Preview] No.6223 del
>How to 'fill' the balloons? Do you fill the shards of soul with gong?
It's not needed, it was an analogy.

>Taking the analogy of using buds of plants to grow new plants, does this mean you put the soul shards into time accelerated spaces while being compartmentalized from the rest of the soul?
No, the soul shard is directly incarnated using a female who should preferably be immortal of vampire quality in the least, that way the soul shard will also be astrally immortal. You place your forehead against her belly and let her "suck you in" and create an altered clone of herself, using the DNA profile you provided (factories can create them from templates if you don't know how to create your own).

>I'd also add that you could add in programming for the soul to roam the earth searching for a valid vessel like what would normally happen in souls in reincarnation (?).
No point, sounds useless. I use a number of servitors for datamining and creation to train an AI agent vs the Akashic records, doing a large number of runs where the servitor [Mime] will house the AI Agent program as if it was a soul, to emulate being humans in different periods to gain experience.

>How does a birth-in differ from a walk-in in terms of stability, ie propensity of sticking with the vessel?
Birth-ins are registered as regular birth, even if it happened when the body was adult, while a walk-in just takes over a body. Birth-in will recreate all cells of the body and restart the aging process among other things, walk-in doesn't do that.
>If I am now a rebirthed succubus, then what is my role?
Ask your mother.

>If I am one of the originals, one of which you possibly have not interacted with earlier, and have found my way back here, then indeed, where do I go from here?
Who knows? I don't feel that you are though, you felt completely new when posting before, your image looks like a semi-fat man from the galactic federation or many a sentry demon from some infernal place that has large organizations. Simply, your image is that of a janitor or a demon working with inventories or other "boring but needed" work.