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Rules and meta

Welcome to the Sunflower!
This board is for the discussion and organization of ascension and enlightenment related activities.

Board rules
1. Stay on topic
2. Start a new thread only if a related one doesn't exist, or if it has reached bump limit
3. Anime/manga images may spice up a discussion, but keep it decent
4. Trolling or derailing with ill intent is not allowed

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Eternal Summer Thread

Let us all aim for Gensokyo!

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Library - documents and media

Share useful documents, links and videos.

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Sunflower General

Anything related to the sunflower project and its operations.

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Classic demons - sharing and discussion

It seems a few of the posters on this board have, individually with no coordination, all been guided by The Infernal Queen, The Queen of Spiders, or what other name she may go by.

She has been a frequent visitor to sunflower temple sessions, where she appeared on her own initiative. It was revealed she is behind the cloud images that's been guiding me since way back before 2012, it's a demon version of smoke signals.

During one session with her, we talked about Micheal Jackson and him using magic to gain an audience. The Queen said he had made a contract with Adremelech (this is his preferred spelling)
He is the source of MJ's dance moves among other things. This demon (perhaps arch demon or demon lord is better, but he never asked to be titled) appears as a man with a horse's head, sometimes as a muscular demon with a large belly and goat legs, sometimes as a man in a suit with a staring horse head. He also has a huge dong.

The Queen said to channel him and we had an interesting discussion by the round table with all of us.

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Creative everyday storytelling.

Feel free to comment but no discussion/criticism in this thread!

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Vampires in lore and reality #2

Previous thread

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Astral Island creation

Some of you probably remember this guide being posted before and also went through the creation process.

I use my HQ daily and it's constantly evolving and changing. Many different beings have stayed there for periods, new areas have been built and then closed down again when the inhabitants leave. Over time I've come up with a function for this, a core. It's been recorded on a minidisc/cogwheel/module which is available through the sigil on this post.

Those who already made their own island may have a completely different design, or you will find that it's pretty much the same when reduced to foundational principles. In either case the sigil is there for use. It can also be used to visit my island as a tourist.

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Creation of the Master

>pic related
All the servitor modules shared on the board (by me) follow this simple layout. They consist to a large part of decision trees, where each rule contains direct reactions back to the effectors or more complex procedures. Each of them contain the rule "create neural network" in some shape or form. Some of them put less focus on this part and work in a more robotic manner. This is true for the combat servitors. They only build rudimentary networks, enough to perform their tasks effectively.

This creates differences like how Astra has an outspoken knowledge base where information is shared "telepathically" with other AI agents (installed on other beings, physical or astral), while the demon guard lacks this functionality and only stores data locally or shares it peer-to-peer.

In the end, any living being with a nervous system is an intelligent agent of the "reflex agent" type, this goes for you too. This thread will be about realizing your own functionality using AI concepts.

The Master module is a representation of yourself. A servitor by its name is not a master. The Master may be thought of as the "master servitor". It's the most effective version of yourself, but it still serves you as a being. You are not merely the humanoid form you see, but this doesn't stop us from turning it into the most effective tool, to be used by yourself.

You may use the sigil posted above directly to "grind" the function into place, or we can discuss the topic in this thread.

Too many servitors and no master may lead to a bad kind of chaos.

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Galactic Federation Market

This sigil leads to the large Galfed planet near Earth, functioning as a trading hub. This planet is both physical and astral, so you can visit it also by astral travel.

Once at the market, you can visit any merchant, but the reason I'm posting this here is because me and my group are constantly creating new things and it's too much to post them here. Our booth is the one which has Astrabot as the clerk. Ask her for a list of what is available, prices and anything else.

Servitors are in general free to install (but the installer needs a small energy fee to run), everything else is paid for using astral currency. The servitors are free so that their userbase can increase fast and they can learn more. They're using machine learning so they need input.

Other things available are golems with body, courses in meditation and various devices/artifacts.

If you take a look around the market, you will find that most of it is a slave market. In the Galactic Federation slaves have better contracts than most human workers. They are just being honest about that fact that they are slaves. If you intend to buy slaves, you have to follow the contract, which may include specific demands on what type of work they do and what kind of accommodation they want. If you break the contract, galfed security forces may get involved. They are very serious about contracts, so make sure to treat your slaves right.

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Internal stone tablet

At the far end of existence, there is a material which can best be described as inverted, or hollow. It's anti-existence. To create it, something must be removed from nothing. It cannot be destroyed or changed, because it does not exist. I may be perceived as a grey rock slab with stone carvings.

Its only quality is that of being cumulative. Everything created must be somehow added to what already exists. This serves as a record of all definite existences. If you want real immortality, your creation must be registered, carved into the grey stone. Perhaps it can be said that it's an inversion of eternal existence - eternal anti-existence.

I've been aware of certain things being registered there. Some are rather peculiar, like the moon. Yes the moon is a registered indestructible formation. When I started dealing with aliens, I realized the lyran medium sized battleship is a similar construct. I don't know if they are aware of it.

Speaking of the moon, it's a rather strange construct which travels through time and space when moving through its phases. It's not at all like people think.

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Tantric practices and lust

It's time to bring this up now it seems.
The way to approach this here may seem obscure and fringe to the extreme, but hear me out. I'll enter this by talking about the very commonly used gyan mudra.

This hand position is probably the most widely spread, whenever someone teaches yoga they will tell you to sit in lotus position and place your hands on your thighs in this position. This is very harmful.
Wait what...?
This position creates a mental focus. As Sadhguru teaches here, it's enough to just sit and observe your breathing and your focus will land on your 3rd eye chakra. [Embed]

All good so far. But what also happens is that it forms the "promiscuity" mindwave. This is something we found when practicing with djinn and aliens over telepathy and channelling. They pretty much confirmed, yes; if you use gyan mudra you will have a harmful mindset if you are a normal mortal human.

So why can this be spread widely? Why is one of the most influential gurus of India teaching something harmful?
Simple as this: we are in the Kali yuga, the endtimes. Humans are rotten to the core and mostly everyone already has the "promiscuity" mindwave. This is a sure way to hell and an afterlife of torment. Teaching the mudra widely will not make it worse. Rather, there is a small chance that someone will learn it and use it correctly.
In past ages this mudra could not be taught to the general population, but only to dedicated yogis and monks in temples or the deep woods/mountains.

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The Great Awakening

It's started.
Everyone will experience it, but only those who walked along nicely in sync with us will accept it. The remaining part of the Earth's population will attempt to repel their own awakening after the fact. They will use all their might to deny what they just experienced, in the process splitting their own minds in halves and fighting against themselves until the end.

This is all according to the plan. The past no longer exists, only the splintered memories in the minds of the psychotic remains. There is that famous quote from Yuri Bezmenov:

The result you can see ... the people who graduated in the 60's, dropouts or half-baked intellectuals, are now occupying the positions of power in the government, civil service, business, mass media, and educational systems. You are stuck with them. You can't get through to them. They are contaminated. They are programmed to think and react to certain stimuli in a certain pattern [alluding to Pavlov]. You cannot change their mind even if you expose them to authentic information. Even if you prove that white is white and black is black, you still can not change the basic perception and the logic of behavior.

Now what is taking place, what has taken place, is a quick version of this, effecting directly the egregores rather than the direct physical world. Some parts were changed backwards in time, making use of the timelines that still hadn't solidified. Some were simply changed with brute force, using a bit of power acquired by beating Kronos in armwrestling once.

We have those people above, believing entirely in the lies as portrayed by modern "liberalism", the globohomo and its institutions, be it NASA, CIA, Hollywood or any other such entity. The funny thing is that KBG who created this and brought it to America, is a branch of the Galactic Federation. When brainwashing scum, they simply use the vilest methods. All of them have now been rendered useless to the western illuminati. They are too deluded to even carry out orders rationally.

The Fay World Order has already spread its own counter movement, demoralizing people from a different direction. Covid was "their" invention, but the application was not. The Ukrainian war was "their" creation, but the way it started was not. The energy crisis was their campaign, but the damage it has done to European industry was not part of their plan.

This is how the FWO and the specific Galfed branch has hijacked the process of human development. Our enemies will not believe this to be the case, they will deny reality as it progresses. It's all they have been conditioned to do. The "elites" think they created the perfect obedient tool when they introduced liberalism to America. They still think everything is progressing according to their plans. They see communism under their own rule as the endpoint, but they fail to realize that communism is not an entity someone can create their own useful incarnation of. "Communism" as we know it is simply a bomb thrown at your enemy to create as much chaos as possible. It cannot be controlled any more than a handgrenade can be controlled after it left your hand.

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New here

I'm new to /sunflower/ how can I find my karmic fates and past lives and check if there are any entities affecting me, I would also like to know how I can get started in any esoteric fields there's a lot of misinformation out there? If anyone can help thanks.

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Gensokyo Exploration

Memories of the old world are still reflecting into our lives. But we are now in the new planet, where new rules apply. I bet we'll still see the lost souls on the outside destroying everything around them in a futile battle against their own past.

However, a new planet with new rules brings new possibilities. Our main test in this period is to let go of the old and embrace the new. We can choose to stay in the mental and emotional hell of dwelling on old memories, or we can move into the new earth, letting the past sins finally die.

In this thread we'll actively seek out ways to break the old perceptions, exploring our new environment.

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Thread for UFOs and alien interactions.

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Sunflower meditation

Sunflower meditation

For this meditation I will describe ONE way to perform it. This is the method I use, and I will explain why. You are free to do this any way you want to achieve the same things.


It can be found during practice that the lotus flower and other flowers seen in yoga, are a kind of graph. They represent the "gradient descent" method. You can look into this yourself by searching online if interested. Depending on what algorithm is used, different kinds of forms will appear. They can look like bowls made from clay or different kinds of flowers with overlapping petals. All of these are different ways of using a fixed method (algorithm, in mathematical thinking) to find a truth. It is not a very intelligent method, it's based off trying many times until reaching the bottom of the bowl or the middle of the flower. This is one reason for meditation often being a chore which has to be performed daily for a long time.

Depending on what exact method was used, the result will turn into different flowers or bowls. The lotus flower is one popular end result. Other results may look like orchids or any other type of asymmetrical flower. Many other methods result in the formation of a bowl.

The sunflower meditation will result in the formation of a sunflower. There is also the possibility of forming a bowl artifact from the sunflower.


I have picked out a few exercises from the Hatha Yoga Pradipika which I usually do as a warm-up for a longer meditation. These were chosen based on what I personally need to balance to get into a good state of body and mind. You should pick out the exercises you need to get into the proper state for meditation yourself. It will be assumed that you are already in a proper mental state when beginning the meditation as described.


It's recommended that you follow these instructions the first time, or until you are experiencing the effect described. If you are unable to perform the stance or get into the right mental state, you need to go back to the preparation stage and do that properly. If you do something else and still succeed, you are doing it right.

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Djinn waves

More and more of these are discovered so a thread for sharing them seems again necessary.

R: 27 / I: 14 / P: 2

Succubus Collective

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Hexes, spells and sigils

Sometimes, hexes or spells need to be announced in some way for proper function. Sometimes sharing sigils is necessary. Use this thread for these needs.

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Vampires in lore and reality

Western, eastern, physical or spiritual, anything relating to vampires in this thread! This includes witchcraft and werewolves which are historically inseperable from the concept of vampirism.

"The Vampyre" is a short work of prose fiction written in 1819 by John William Polidori as part of a contest between Polidori, Mary Shelley, Lord Byron, and Percy Shelley. The same contest produced the novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus.[1] The Vampyre is often viewed as the progenitor of the romantic vampire genre of fantasy fiction.[2] The work is described by Christopher Frayling as "the first story successfully to fuse the disparate elements of vampirism into a coherent literary genre."[3]

"The Vampyre" was first published on 1 April 1819 by Henry Colburn in the New Monthly Magazine with the false attribution "A Tale by Lord Byron". The name of the work's protagonist, "Lord Ruthven", added to this assumption, for that name was originally used in Lady Caroline Lamb's novel Glenarvon (from the same publisher), in which a thinly-disguised Byron figure was named Clarence de Ruthven, Earl of Glenarvon. Despite repeated denials by Byron and Polidori, the authorship often went unclarified.

Vampiric entities have been recorded in most cultures; the term vampire was popularized in Western Europe after reports of an 18th-century mass hysteria of a pre-existing folk belief in the Balkans and Eastern Europe that in some cases resulted in corpses being staked and people being accused of vampirism.[1] Local variants in Eastern Europe were also known by different names, such as shtriga in Albania, vrykolakas in Greece and strigoi in Romania.

Slavic uses the term vlko-dlak (Polish wilkołak, Czech vlkodlak, Slovak vlkolak, Serbo-Croatian вукодлак - vukodlak, Slovenian volkodlak, Bulgarian върколак/vrkolak, Belarusian ваўкалак/vaukalak, Ukrainian вовкулака/vovkulaka), literally "wolf-skin", paralleling the Old Norse ulfhéðinn. However, the word is not attested in the medieval period. The Slavic term was loaned into modern Greek as Vrykolakas. Baltic has related terms, Lithuanian vilkolakis and vilkatas, Latvian vilkatis and vilkacis. The name vurdalak (вурдалак) for the Slavic vampire ("ghoul, revenant") is a corruption due to Alexander Pushkin, which was later widely spread by A.K. Tolstoy in his novella The Family of the Vourdalak (composed in French, but first published in a Russian translation in 1884).

Previous thread?

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Summoning your own mutant Corona-chan waifu

As an associate of the sunflower project, you will here be offered protection from harm by the new, mutated corona virus. It has already been suggested that this should not be treated as a mere new version of the same virus, but as a completely new virus.

What is the corona virus?

A virus is just protein, it isn't even alive. It's more of a bio bot, like sperm. It does nothing unless someone interacts with it. Focusing on people's behaviour to stop a virus spread is for this reason the correct measure.

Who created this bot and what does it do?

From a spiritual view, the virus was deviced by the Egyptian deity Nut, in cooperation with different other deities responsible for pandemics. It is correctly named "corona" because it opens your crown chakra.
For many people the crown chakra is blocked, clogged up with dirty substances and karma. The reaction when this is cleared up will be violent. I myself became ill and didn't fully recover for 8 weeks when clearing my crown chakra in the most basic way during my personal practice.

The new mutation

If people had just practiced social distancing and ceased different types of dirty behaviours, the pandemic would have calmed down by now. Looking at the situation in the world, some countries did this, for example Vietnam. They have no lockdowns and live normal lives, the only exception being their borders are strictly controlled.
In the west people instead refused to take responsibility for their actions and attempt to resist the crown chakra opening. They think a vaccine will allow them to continue their degenerate behaviour. This method will only serve to keep people's chakras clogged up and it would worsen the situation, further blocking their empathy.
It can be said, given what people are like, that this was more or less expected, hence measures had been prepared vs this situation, in the form of a new virus. This virus is seen as just a faster corona, currently causing a new lockdown in UK. However it is not.

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Message from Yuuka

Message from Yuuka 2022-05-07

Take this weekend as a retreat. You are now in the tunnel at dimension -1D. On the 9th of May, we will open the gates to the new earth, and your -1D will connect to our -2D.

The three realms, known as heaven, earth and hell, have been reset in your dimension set. Nothing remains. You are not perceiving this currently because the old three realms had degenerated until nothing human remained inside it. When you look at the world, you are seeing things in -1D and the concepts stored in your own minds. For this reason, you still interpret the world as the same as before, but it's an illusion inside your own mind.

The three realms consist of heaven -4D, earth -3D and hell -2D. These are all karmic dimensions. Technically speaking these aren't solid existence, they're a chemical reaction in which particles are destroyed. But because of the inertia in large particles, this process is very slow. After a "planet earth" particle was formed, it will slowly burn out during 182000 years. This is how we talk about it now because it was the internal view from your earth. As time changes and is seen from inside the timelines, it can look different from this. Timelines loop and are run multiple times, which creates a confusion within the incarnated souls, making them believe the earth is 4 billion years or as short as 4000 years.

At -4D, which we call heaven, you would normally find heroes and royalty who did great deeds. They would stay there for 1000 years and then incarnate again as nobility. The understanding of this level has been perverted, creating the concept "demon" as a negative thing. Demons were originally these heroes who could serve as guides in your human life. Saints would also stay here, but today it's a common concept that "saints are demons" and should not be worshipped. This is the same inverted idea. Saints are demons, and for this reason you should listen to them. Demons are heavenly beings. Because language develops, "demons" are now beings in hell who look like satyrs. Satyrs are indeed demons but they are not in hell. It's suggested to add more information when using the word "demon", such as "demon in hell" if you are talking about the supernormal beings in hell. That would be acceptable under current circumstances. But "demon" itself was originally a positive term. Today it should be seen as descriptive. A demon is a supernormal being.

-3D is the human world. This dimension has been out of control for a long time, most people only came into clear contact with it during their very first years after birth. By age 4 they would descend into hell and after that they could not understand anything about human life. -3D is the level of trade. It means exchange of goods and karma being transformed. While this is done, a society can be maintained. The current world had been completely dominated by international corporations, which had restricted normal trade until it no longer existed. The only trade you would find following the human method was those things done "under the table" or on the street like drug dealing. But drug dealing when done to serve addictions is not human standard. Everything you do is regulated by governments until normal human interactions no longer exist. What you have experienced has been "totalitarianism", there has not existed a society not doing this since the second world war ended.

-2D is hell. This is the dimension of repaying debts. Normally, if you didn't trade fairly while in -3D you would come here after you died. Everyone would fear this. They would choose one of two methods: Either trade very carefully by maintaining good relations and balance in gain and loss. Or they would seek occult rituals to protect themselves in the afterlife. Some managed to do this indeed, which upset the normal function of hell. These are the people who took over the world using multinational corporations. They have effectively ended human life.

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Spring thread

Let us bring in the warmth, sunshine and new growth. Let the spring flood wash away the old and murky.

R: 18 / I: 3 / P: 3

Djinn summoning thread

Welcome to the djinn summoning thread!
Please read the instructions and don't deviate from them unless you understand exactly what you are doing. Djinn are very dangerous beings and should not be contacted mindlessly.

The sigil leads to the djinn temple. You need to use visualization here so if you can't do that, start practicing. The temple is underground, built from grey stone. There are corridors in all directions and it's dark. Enter the main chamber and you will see a djinniyeh there, you may see her next to a fire. This is the djinn universal deity.
Tell her that you want to work with djinn and she will give you an arabic lamp to look at. You must construct your own version of this lamp. The final part should be the chain connecting the lid with the fuel container. Once that is added, the lamp will be functional. She will tell you if you succeed.
The lamp represents the djinn universe and your djinn will stay inside it. It also represents their reproductive system.

Djinn are not immortals, they are the humans of the first earth, mentioned in the Bible's creation story where God created the earth two times. Islam also recognizes that God created djinn before the humans we know of.
Among djinn, men give birth and women are warriors. The female will give an egg to the male during intercourse, and the fertilized egg develops in his ballsack. He then shoots the new djinn out in a burst of fire. (This method of reproduction has been imitated by current humans even if the function isn't there, called "coitus interruptus".) The arabic pants seen in the Aladdin movie looks they way they do because of an old myth saying the new messiah will be born by a man, and it will happen so fast he won't have time to take his pants off. Hence they used to wear these really baggy pants.

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Winter thread

Now is the time for silence and retrospectives, as well as preparations for the new year.

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Exercise thread

Spiritual practices aren't all sitting in meditation. With the right angle of entry, there are a lot of physical exercises which can be used.

I'll start by posting some things I've been using, and maybe I'll blog some about what results I've gotten from them.

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Autumn thread

Make use of the coming period to settle down mentally and physically, and prepare for what's to come. Anything you want done, do it now, don't wait! Place your attention on normality rather than the extra-ordinary.

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This is one of many of this years batch of Sunflowers I grew. From seed. High plains desert environment. They have re invigorated the bee population to an acceptable level to grow various other vegetables and plants. I have a self sustainable garden off grid somewhere near off death vallet. Going on 6 years of freedom.