Campaign #1 - Somewhere on the Sword Coast Joy the DM 03/08/2024 (Fri) 18:18 No.3440 del
Hello and welcome to our first campaign! I have changed many of the rules for D&D 5e due to player feedback and to foster an enjoyable play-by-post asynchronous run. Though this is also an experiment for all of us, so do try not to take it so seriously but just serious enough so you can be immersed in the lore and fantasy of the game. Please do not use this thread for meta conversation, hosts are banned from this thread and will be ignored.

Day Zero Dreams:


Attached is the map of the Sword Coast, and our marked local map. We will be initially focusing our attention just south of Neverwinter, specifically near Neverwinter Wood and the Sword Mountains.

Though there is plenty of lore about this area, but consider our campaign one of infinitely many parallel versions with features that may not be canon.

The events in Yulya's day zero dreams take place near the coast between Neverwinter Wood and the Sword Mountains. Yulya's secluded cabin, the battlefield, Cat's raised village, and even the crash site are all places you may choose to revisit. The limits are only your imagination. Be warned though, there has been a recent uptick in bandits and other nefarious monstrous foes along the coast. Though "The High Road" is well patrolled and generally safe to travel, the many tributaries and wilds surrounding the road have been reported to have a sharp increase in danger. Travel under escort if at all possible or travel at your own peril.


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