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Campaign #1 - Somewhere on the Sword Coast Joy the DM 03/08/2024 (Fri) 18:18 [Preview] No. 3440
Hello and welcome to our first campaign! I have changed many of the rules for D&D 5e due to player feedback and to foster an enjoyable play-by-post asynchronous run. Though this is also an experiment for all of us, so do try not to take it so seriously but just serious enough so you can be immersed in the lore and fantasy of the game. Please do not use this thread for meta conversation, hosts are banned from this thread and will be ignored.

Day Zero Dreams:


Attached is the map of the Sword Coast, and our marked local map. We will be initially focusing our attention just south of Neverwinter, specifically near Neverwinter Wood and the Sword Mountains.

Though there is plenty of lore about this area, but consider our campaign one of infinitely many parallel versions with features that may not be canon.

The events in Yulya's day zero dreams take place near the coast between Neverwinter Wood and the Sword Mountains. Yulya's secluded cabin, the battlefield, Cat's raised village, and even the crash site are all places you may choose to revisit. The limits are only your imagination. Be warned though, there has been a recent uptick in bandits and other nefarious monstrous foes along the coast. Though "The High Road" is well patrolled and generally safe to travel, the many tributaries and wilds surrounding the road have been reported to have a sharp increase in danger. Travel under escort if at all possible or travel at your own peril.


In the days preceding your decision to abandon your cabin, rumors passed along the Triboar Trail have warned of missing caravans, increased creature aggression and generally unsafe conditions. It was strongly advised to seek shelter at Neverwinter. So when you and your companions were healed and rested, you journeyed fourth to Neverwinter, following the well guarded caravans up the well traveled High Road and reached Neverwinter's southern gate on this chilly but beautiful, clear afternoon on the 3rd day of Spring of the year of Brightened Receiving 1296.

Rules will follow.

Rules for Campaign #1 (Subject to Change) 1/2 Joy the DM 03/08/2024 (Fri) 18:23 [Preview] No.3441 del
Dungeons and Dragons Chan Rules:

1. You take care of your inventory management but I will have a duplicate so if you're lost, ask me in the meta thread.

2. If there's anything you feel is tedious or boring, please pass it to me. You should only be concerned with having fun.

3. Initiative will work slightly different, first post first served per round. Though Ashley is restricted from posting first. If a monster has initiative like in an ambush, it will be part of my post.

4. Conversations with NPCs will generally be handled by Ashley or through a mixture of other processes that can be as involved or hands off as you like. We read through online forum campaigns and by the end they were short-handing a lot of the interaction, it seemed to work ok. If you have a question or want to talk to an NPC, we could try this: try to make a list of points or questions or topics and I can simulate the conversation, otherwise write whatever you want and we will organically handle it.

>5. Speed is not an issue, fun is the only consideration. If anything is not fun, leave it up to us, we'll write it in such a way that you can contribute as much or as little as you want. What's most important is that you have fun and exercise your headmate.

6. There will be two threads, this, the campaign thread, and the meta thread. Hosts are banned from this thread, ask technical questions in the meta thread, arbitration will occur in the meta thread, rule points and notes will occur in the meta thread, this thread is strictly the campaign which starts the post after this one.

7. If you want to ask me a question directly or privately, either have Alice proxy you through our email or have Alice give you our email. If you're not comfortable with that we can proxy through Alice but then she'll know too. There will be occasions that you want to keep secrets but it's rare and we can live successfully without that as well.

8. Rolls, I will start this campaign completely in charge of rolls and outcomes and report results with roll outcomes. Later you may decide you want to roll yourself then just let me know ahead of the rolls in question.

9. All actions are final and rolls are final, death may occur but it is not final. There are two options: if the body is intact, it can be resurrected, but don't expect a pile of ash to be resurrected into a full flesh person. The team may bury you and recruit some who is very curiously similar from the local guild.

10. For this campaign I may take DM privilege over some choices so that developed parts of the story take place as expected, especially in the beginning, though I will do everything I can to avoid that, play however you want, I’ll tell you if I can’t handle it. Follow your own motivations, we have literally anything we can possibly imagine ahead of us and completing a certain quest line helps me stay organized but isn't required. Impudent outliers who are trying to make trouble will be litigated in the meta thread. I may also make arguments, comments and suggestions there if necessary.

11. First, last and always, fun is of #1 importance and my main goal. I will give you as much freedom as I can as long as it's fair, balanced and tenable. If in doubt, just do it and I'll do my best to accommodate it.

12. Worn armor doesn't count against encumbrance but will count against total weight carried. Only armor, not weapons or clothing. Everyone must wear clothes unless some kind of light armor includes the clothing, like fur armor. However, even fur armor would be put over "undergarments". Clothes will not have to be washed, they are presumed to be washed during rest.

13. Armor, weapons and clothing may become damaged in certain circumstances but not during normal use for this run. Sharpening and maintenance is assumed to occur automatically during rest for this campaign. A survivalist run would include cuts, notches, rips, wear, dirt, blood, rot, for every piece of equipment.

14. See
Hunting, cooking

Rules for Campaign #1 (Subject to Change) 2/2 Joy the DM 03/08/2024 (Fri) 18:23 [Preview] No.3442 del
15. In addition to the inclusion of MP and the change in hit die usage and resting, after simulating a typical first adventure the leveling was exceedingly fast. After some research we discovered that the changes to experience system in 5e is notoriously fast which makes leveling feel rushed and cheap.

Gaining a level should be a real feat, a cherished accomplishment, and something to long for and fear in others of a high level (as they're very well versed and tough as a result). We have researched what others do and it is anything from eliminating experience points all together or cutting it back and offering experience to do almost anything including non-combat. To reach a happy medium, we analyzed an adventure that claimed it took a party of 4-6 to level 4 and it was pretty inaccurate. Also, we don't know why only fighting would gain experience, instead every challenge to any stat should raise experience.

So a hybrid system will be used as said in:

A guild leveling system will be used:

Leveling for this campaign (subject to balancing):

LVL 1 0
LVL 2 1000
LVL 3 3000
LVL 4 6000
LVL 5 11000
LVL 6 22000
LVL 7 37000
LVL 8 55000
LVL 9 75000
LVL 10 100000
LVL 11 130000
LVL 12 170000
LVL 13 210000
LVL 14 260000
LVL 15 320000
LVL 16 380000
LVL 17 450000
LVL 18 550000
LVL 19 650000
LVL 20 750000

16: We've been reading other online play-by-post runs and a cycle may contain many back-and-fourths including dialog. People are generally happy with asynchronous play-by-post forum runs as it has several advantages: it documents everything, scenes are more descriptive, DMs have more time to think, a separate thread for meta discussion helps maintain immersion, among others. The exact mechanics vary greatly so we'll have to experiment. I will expect feedback in the meta thread.

17. A round shall not exceed 48 hours. At that time unresolved meta and in-game questions/actions will be decided as best as can be done based on character personalities by the DM. Since there is a complete history, there is no worry that someone can catch up. The exception is if no one posts, then the time will extend 24 more hours.

18. Death is a natural part of this game. Intact bodies can be resurrected without ill effects, but it does not replace missing body parts. Detached or even partially digested body parts are not a problem. Both Ashley and Yulya will eventually be able to cast this spell (5th tier), however it also requires a diamond of worth 500gp or more. Therefore the spell is very pricey (1000-2500gp at retail). Any established temple will be able to perform this spell. Yulya may be able to get a discount. Some quests may be able to swap resurrection in lieu of quest rewards. Additionally, any town with a guild may be able to loan gp. Additionally Ashley will have a lesser form of this spell at tier 3 which will turn the corpse into an undead version of the character. Progression will continue normally; however, the character will suffer a temporary loss of Charisma and if killed again there's no spell other than 9th tier Wish that can save them as dead undead cannot be resurrected or reanimated through RAISE UNDEAD or RAISE DEAD. There is a storage fee for dead and dead undead corpses available at most temples. A stone lined and specially prepared sarcophagus will keep the body in stasis indefinitely. If a party member is unable to play for any reason, the party shall recruit a new member. That new member will be chosen and crafted by the deceased player and played temporarily or permanently henceforth.

Campaign #1 Scene 01-01 Joy the DM 03/08/2024 (Fri) 18:49 [Preview] No.3443 del
(42.64 KB 400x306 Roth3F_and_tressym.jpg)
(123.22 KB 512x512 dd.jpg)
(53.74 KB 550x389 6d.jpg)
Thus you've arrived at Neverwinter's southern gate, tired from your long walk but otherwise in good spirits. Low on rations and funds you consider your next move. And considering you know nothing about Neverwinter, you approach the southern gate walking in the shadow of a large caravan cart pulled by a train of six Rothè. The familiar sound of the massive animals hooves pawing at the ground like distant thunder and the large steel lined wheels loudly crunching gravel like a rock tumbler come to a slow stop. The silence is ironically deafening.

Two guards in heavy armor are inspecting the cart ahead, they seem to be asking the driver for something and the glint of a token on a long chain seems to have appeased them. They haven't seen you and the cart you've been following is the third back.

No further carts are coming behind you as far down the road as you can see.

There is a stiff breeze rolling up from the western shore bringing a further chill to the already chilly air.

You do not yet appear out of place, no one, including the driver closest to you seems to have noticed you. The only witness is the rearmost right Rothè, who snorts in your general direction and then paws the ground as if yearning to pull again.

[From here on out, when I end the scene, you will decide what to do and simply write your actions, dialogue talk amongst yourselves here or take any action you see fit. At any time I may interject with more information. Ashley will generally wait until someone else has said something to begin so that it's not just us two playing.]

Yulya 03/08/2024 (Fri) 23:37 [Preview] No.3450 del
''Oh god, the guards are really checking everyones IDs what do we do? It wasnt like this when I last came here but its not surprising because of all the bandit activity in the area

Im positive theyll let me through if I show them my amulet and claim Ashleys my apprentice i took as hermit but Alice and Cat will be a problem. Alice do you think you can hide in or under the cart? And what do we do with Cat? Hiding you is out of the question so youll be my bodyguard I hired for the journey from my cabin to this town.''

Alice 03/09/2024 (Sat) 00:09 [Preview] No.3451 del
Meh I'm tired. Tired and cold. Neverwinter my ass. The name was so promising, I want my money back!

I told you they won't just let anyone in the city, right? Didn't I?
We're lucky that carts are in front of us. I think sprading out on the underside is the way to go. It'll look like there's dirt. I mean there probably is so i'll just mix with that. I looove mixing with cold dirt on the underside of a cart goddamned I hope this is worth it.

*looks over and then slowly up at Cat, squinting eyes*
What do you think? Will they recognize you here? You're pretty memorable. And you have no ID or guild card either. So you can't be an officially hired bodyguard. How does that work with you guys anyway? Do Tabaxi normally have IDs or guild memberships?
Edited last time by ALICE on 03/09/2024 (Sat) 00:32.

Ashley 03/09/2024 (Sat) 03:38 [Preview] No.3454 del
>claim Ashleys my apprentice

>I told you they won't just let anyone in the city, right? Didn't I?

>I looove mixing with cold dirt

Well that takes care of Alice's ticket.

*I look down at my borrowed robe and pull at the collar uncomfortably*

I don't know about you, and I appreciate this loaner Yulya, but I'm shedding this thing as soon as I can at least find some children's underwear... and no, I don't want to borrow yours Alice, before you get any crazy ideas. And I didn’t think you could get cold? If you’re cold, put on a robe maybe? Oh aren't you weak against cold? Well all the more reason to bundle up, kid sheesh.

Look guys, we have gold, a significant amount, and weren't we actually even told to come here? Why wouldn't they let us in? Does everyone have guild cards in this whole continent but us? Why don't you have one there Yulya? Oh right, the priest thing. Then why wouldn't they let a bona fide Cleric of the church in? How would they even know you defected or whatever. I doubt it.

And How would you get a guild card without actually being able to get to the guild!?

*gestures like wtf*

I'm not saying these ass clowns won't shake us down, but I can't believe they won't let us in or I'm pulling a Karen and asking for their manager. They'll be begging me to come in before I'm done.

So listen, it'll be a few minutes at least before this cart gets searched, stay here in the shadow, out of sight, and I'll waltz up and just ask Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb up there how I get in or what's the deal?

It’s simple logic: if we have gold and these are red blooded guards, they can be bribed. We have 45 gold to be precise, well 55 if you count Cat's "change". Yeah, I looked, don't look at me like that, I'm practically a rogue here. Anyway let me just ask, if they get all stiff and proper and start pushing their weight around and a few gold won't shut them up, I'll let them take me away or turn me away, what's the worst thing that can happen? Alice can eat the bars of my cage or something and break me out right? I doubt asking a simple question to a gate guard (glorified security guard) is a capital crime. We're refugees ffs.

I'm willing to take the hit, let me at least ask, then I'll disappear into the shadows and escape before they know what happened or send them a couple of my green stinky wasp friends and we can run in while they're distracted. There's a lot of options here, I'm ready to do this, just give me the word.

Cat 03/09/2024 (Sat) 03:57 [Preview] No.3455 del
Nyaaah I'm a bit cold and tired too but you look terrible Alice! Don't worry we'll get some shelter and warm food as soon as we're inside the city Nya!

>What do you think? Will they recognize you here?
Never been to this city so dunno Nya. I don't think so, most humans can't tell us apart so I'm not worried Nya.

>How does that work with you guys anyway? Do Tabaxi normally have IDs or guild memberships?
Nah, my tribe had nothing to do with cities or guilds Nya. Never registered anywhere, too complicated and they want money Nya. I still don't understand why we must now but if Yulya says so then I will Nya!

*points in the direction of the gate*
Ashley's right we should just go and tell the guards we're here to seek shelter and register at the guild Nya. It's not like we're doing anything bad Nya. Lying only brings problems Nya!

Ashley 03/09/2024 (Sat) 13:50 [Preview] No.3456 del
(152.12 KB 1024x1024 totallydifferent pic.jpg)

>Ashley's right

See, that's why I like you, you're smart. Also those ears are super cute, but anyway, I think I could smooth them over, if there's a fee, I'll try to talk them out of it for me, then we can stroll in with the same deal.

Alice should still hide under the cart, there's only benefits to that considering that 'creepy valley' thing she's got going on. Better not startle the big guys with heavy weapons.

>most humans can't tell us apart

I agree with cat, you seen one boobie girl with big fox ears you seen them all.

At your command Yulya.

Yulya 03/09/2024 (Sat) 14:55 [Preview] No.3458 del
Youre quick to spend other peoples gold or even start a war my girl! If not everyone has to pay a fee we wont waste funds here on bribery. And dont cause a commotion especially not by summoning undead in a city! Security is probably tight exactly because criminals and even monsters are trying to enter the city so go ahead and check things out with charm not violence. If they let you through right away go for it wait inside and then follow the cart with Alice once its inside the city! She will need your help if we get held up. I will cast GUIDANCE on you before you go, hurry to the guards then it does not last long! If they turn you away ask why, come back immediately and report!

Alice, quickly give Cat your belongings and attach yourself to the underside of the cart before anyone comes behind us. There is no way we will get you through looking like half melted cheese.

Cat, take Alices spear and my shield, that will make you look much more like a warrior protecting me than going unarmed.

If we do not find each other in the city we meet up in front of the guild, it should be easy to find.

*cast GUIDANCE on Ashley by touching her head*
[obviously after Ashley has replied and is ready to go and unless I cant do that because whatever]

1/2 Ashley 03/09/2024 (Sat) 22:20 [Preview] No.3477 del
(166.28 KB 1520x1030 ok.jpg)
>Youre quick to spend other peoples gold or even start a war my girl! If not everyone has to pay a fee we wont waste funds here on bribery. And dont cause a commotion especially not by summoning undead in a city!

Sorry boss, just giving you all the options I can think of.

>so go ahead and check things out with charm not violence. If they let you through right away go for it wait inside and then follow the cart with Alice once its inside the city! She will need your help if we get held up. I will cast GUIDANCE on you before you go, hurry to the guards then it does not last long! If they turn you away ask why, come back immediately and report!

Aye Aye Capt'n!

Yulya casts GUIDANCE [roll 1d4=3]
+3 on one ability check, 1 minute limit while Yulya is able to concentrate uninterrupted
Ashley feels a wave of confidence roll over her.

Whew, that's a nice feeling, thanks chief. I slink as silently as I can toward the guards, keeping out of their line of sight and all that. When I'm past the next cart I step out into the light and approach the guards carefully but confidently.

Hey buddies, is the city open today or what?

The guards are up on the cart, busily inspecting it. This cart in line two ahead from the party's adjacent cart. The nearest guard looks towards Ashley with slight annoyance but quickly regains composure and steps down from the cart.
Oh, I didn't realize that was a vestment you were wearing. I just need to inspect your holy symbol miss.

Speaking demurely
I lost it in a run-in with some bandits on the Triboar Trail. Is there any way you can look past it and let me in? I'd like to get to the temple as soon as I can.
Smiles innocently

Ashley uses DECEPTION +3 spell, +6 proficiency
[1d20+3+6=23 DC check vs Guard's Investigation INT 10+0 DC=10, passed]
The guard nods understandingly
Yes, there's been a lot of trouble out that way, but rest assured we'll get to the bottom of it soon enough. Normally there's a ten silver fine for not having your identification, but I'll wave it today, get that squared away as soon as you can and if you have any trouble in the city, come straight to us. We've had to let in a lot of refugees from out that way. My advice is to get re-registered as soon as you can to avoid further trouble in the city.

Smiles kindly
Hey great thanks, I will! I got another question: say I hire a guard out there and they're not registered yet, what'll it cost to get 'er in?

The guard smiles in kind
It's a standard 5 gold fee for unregistered refugees. They'd have to check their weapons with us and come back for them once they're registered.

5 gold!? Are you nuts bub? I mean that's pretty steep, can't you make an exception for little ole me?
smiles cutely with my head tilted and leans in sweetly

The guard furrows his brow
Best you do as I asked before my welcome is worn out. I waved your fee, now go get registered before you start trying to bring others in.

[DECEPTION] Okay, I'm going to level with you chief and don't think I'm unappreciative of your generosity, my friend, another Cleric, with her symbol I might add, is due shortly and she's recued one of the Tabaxi form Thunder... what's it, that village that was caught up in that war out by Conyberry. Yes, she's a refugee, but without my friend she'd be dead, she's been through a lot and we're really tight on funds, she's acting as a security guard but she's really just a poor little defenseless catgirl. Any chance you could let her squeak by? I'll wait here for them so you know this is on the up and up.
Smiles hopefully

[Ashley's deception passes check [1d20+6=16] but failed on relevance.
The guard softens but keeps his resolve.
We've had a lot of sad tales through this gate lately, the law's the law. I'll honor your fee waved, but I can't go and wave everyone's fee. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to work. Wait here for them or enter, it won't make a difference to me.

2/2 Ashley 03/09/2024 (Sat) 22:22 [Preview] No.3479 del

Nods thankfully to the guard.
I get it chief, no problem. I'll go out to meet them and come right back.

The guard nods curtly and goes back to work.

I sulk back to the group and tell what happened.
So basically, it'll cost us 5 gold to get Cat in, but we're otherwise square.

Alice 03/09/2024 (Sat) 22:31 [Preview] No.3481 del
(8.73 KB 300x202 Cat_spear.jpg)
>Alice, quickly give Cat your belongings and attach yourself to the underside of the cart before anyone comes behind us. There is no way we will get you through looking like half melted cheese.

Well I'm sorry I can't help being tired!

Here's my spear and darts, Cat! I'm glad I don't have to carry them.
See you inside the city!

*hands Cat all belongings and gets ready to get under the cart in front.

Yulya 03/10/2024 (Sun) 00:24 [Preview] No.3483 del
Well done Ashley!
The 2gp for Cat cant be helped but its 2gp less for you! But it is a high price more than I imagined. They are cleaely taking advantage of the refugees.

Alright we will cover Alice until she's hidden under the cart then wait for our turn to enter.
Cat: pass Alices darts on to Ashley we dont want to be completely defenseless. You will have to leave your weapons with the guards and the spear is enough. Not having a weapon would be suspicious too. They will letme keep my shield and mace as cleric with amulet.

Ashley 03/10/2024 (Sun) 01:27 [Preview] No.3484 del

>Well done Ashley!

Smiles widely See? I told you I had the right idea, but hold that praise, I said "5 gold" not 2. However, you could try to sweet talk Bubba over there, I buttered him up for you.

>Cat: pass Alices darts on to Ashley

Um... hate to break this to ya chief, but I don't have any pockets. However, I bet you everything they'll search your pack, so since I told them we were low on funds, you better give me all but 5 gold, you too Cat. I'll just sneak in when they're searching the next one. They're not even watching the gate and I can hide in shadows. Cast that GUIDANCE on me again and I'll manage it with HIDE and sneak these past them.

>other things you said

Great leadership! It's great to be part of a smart team!

Cat 03/10/2024 (Sun) 12:06 [Preview] No.3487 del
That's not right, Nya! They tell people to seek shelter here and then collect a fortune Nya! What happens to the refugees who can't pay Nya? Will they let them die outside the gates Nya?

takes Spear and darts from Alice

Yulya 03/10/2024 (Sun) 17:43 [Preview] No.3490 del
>I said "5 gold" not 2
So it truly is? I thought I misheard!?
They want to tax us 5gp for Cat AND rummage through a priests personal belongings if I'm not hiding more money? What do those guards want to do? Strip a female cleric naked to look into my purse?? This I want to see!

Stopping and searching clerics who have identified with a holy symbol is insolence and an act against God! They should be happy to have someone like us in their city.

calms herself
But we live in difficult times you got a point. The guards dont seem like bad people who knows what orders they have to milk the refugees as much as possible. And the city probably wants to keep the poor out and only accept the ones with money or status who can look after themselves without relying on charity. Logical but inhumane.

Here is what we do:
Cat: give me the darts I will put them in my priest pack. They might search your pack but searching a cleric who is not accused of a crime is unheard of and even if they wont disarm me

We will split the money to minimize risk. I will keep 5gp, they cant expect me to be completely broke.

Cat put 5 of your gp in my alms box this is also off limits to anyone whos not a criminal.

I know its not easy but please remain calm and friendly and comply with all the guards orders. There is no point in starting a fight here nobody wins from that. Leave the talking to me. I will pay your fee from my own expenses. So both of us will have at least 5gp when we enter.

Ashley I entrust the remaining 40gp to you make it inside without causing any trouble. We will be in big trouble if you lose our already low funds! As I said follow the cart and look after Alice so she doesnt get lost.

When youre ready to go I will cast GUIDANCE on you again.

Ashley 03/11/2024 (Mon) 02:34 [Preview] No.3500 del
(931.10 KB 1378x2061 ktmym45aerrb1.jpg)


Got it! You're the best boss. I'm so glad you're the leader.
Looks sternly at the pile of goo for no reason in particular.

I'm ready, cast away.

[The DM will do this automatically in the next post.]

Wait wait wait! I just remembered something that makes this whole thing reasonable. I have 40gp because we need to register with the guild... okay wait, that's still complicated because priests probably would have no need to register with the guild and as far as they know we're only 3 unless someone else is coming? no...we're so deep in this nothing-burger puddle already. But all these details will just confuse the dunderheads. So I'll go with your orders!

I'm getting a feeling though my extra special intuition that I'm virtually guaranteed to get in no problem. I mean, it would likely be a 1 in 20 chance not to but I'm no statistician.

So ready ready! Confidence here I come!

Joy the DM 03/11/2024 (Mon) 08:16 [Preview] No.3502 del

''When the adjacent cart finally completes its inspection Ashley prepares to walk through the gate.

Yulya quietly casts GUIDANCE on Ashley [1d4=4]

Ashley takes a deep breath of confidence and strolls quickly through the gate past the guards.

[DC5 check:1d20=13, +4=17 perception check Charisma (+4)=21 vs guard passive perception 12 with disadvantage -5 =7]

Explanation for learning purposes: Ashley has already talked to the guard and passed DECEPTION check earlier, so she could have strolled through without further check, however, being nervous about carrying in extra gold would require another check. Using HIDE would give her a +2 due to her Stealth proficiency with DEX11+0, but because she's already trusted by the guard, she could stroll through in plain sight based on Charisma which she has CHR19+4. So based on what she said, I presumed she'd choose the better option, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt. The DC5 is considered "easy" but the guard has proficiency on perception +2 or a passive perception of 12. So DC5 becomes DC7. Ashley rolls 13, adds her bonus +4 and the spell +4 and easily passed check 21>7. Because the large cart was still being checked, only one Guard's check was required.

Ashley waits on the other side for the cart carrying Alice and continues on into the city.


Yulya and Cat approach the gate. Where both guards stand at attention.

The nearest guard raises his hand to Yuyla and Cat. He smiles kindly at Yulya and says, Halt.

I presume you two are friends with the one who just entered? She's a real smooth talker that one. I would ask you watch over her, I know her type and she's the type to get into trouble, or that trouble follows if you get me. I'm sure you know she's lost her symbol and I don't know the process to get a new one, but get her to the registrar or at least see that she doesn't waltz around town without any identification. We've been on the look out for nefarious characters lately and we tend to concentrate on those who aren't displaying their affiliation clearly.

The guard checks your symbol.

Thank you for your work miss, we need your type more then ever.

He glances to Cat and back to you and gestures to her.

So this is the refugee you rescued to use as a guard? I don't know all the details but it's a damn shame what happened. Your friend tried to get me to lower the entrance fee for her, and I really do feel for her situation, but as I told your friend, my hands are tied. I need to log every entry and the current edict is 5gp for the unregistered. Now, she does look the part of a proper guard.

He nods to her with a smile.

I just need to check your bags.

You relinquish your bags and he inspects examines the darts first, then loosely checks the rest and moves onto Cat. He removes the shovel and motions to have her spear as well. (but doesn't take it outright)

Does she not have any official registration at all? Even if it was a patch or symbol of training for her tribe, a tattoo would even suffice. I'm not saying that would suffice inside though, I'd ask you to register her with the guild or if you can't afford their fee, the civilian registrar as soon as possible in any case. If you're honest with me, I'll work with you on it.

[He is expecting an answer on his inquiry and for Cat to hand over her spear.]

Cat 03/11/2024 (Mon) 13:15 [Preview] No.3504 del
carefully hands Alice's spear to the guard with both hands like it was a holy sword. Gotta respect a weapon entrusted to you

Cat smiles lightly but remains silent, glad that Yulya will have to do the talking

Alice 03/11/2024 (Mon) 19:12 [Preview] No.3507 del
(98.98 KB 837x265 toasttulpa.png)
>She's a real smooth talker that one. I would ask you watch over her, I know her type and she's the type to get into trouble, or that trouble follows if you get me.

*muffled slime noises conveying agreement from under cart*

While I'm spread out like jam on a toast I mught as well use phagocytosis to absorb a few nutrients from the dirt on the cart's underside with my large surface area. It may not serve as a meal but at least compensate for my heat loss. Being that wide and thin is no fun when it's cold.

Yulya 03/11/2024 (Mon) 23:59 [Preview] No.3509 del
(28.83 KB 512x512 Kobenimonalisa.jpg)
places hand on holy symbol on her chest and bows lightly to the guard

My apologies for my disciples poor behavior. This child has a troubled past but I believe in her potential. Be assured I will watch over her and discipline her accordingly.

gestures to Cat with an outstretched hand
And this poor soul - I picked her up on the verge of death traumatized and left with nothing, another terrible story. I am afraid she has nothing to prove her identity or affiliation and has trouble speaking but I can guarantee for her righteousness and will take full responsibility for her actions. She is a reliable escort and splendid cook as well. I intend to permanently hire her and will have her registered at the guild as soon as possible. For now I will cover the entrance fee for her.

gracefully hand the guard 5gp

If I may ask, can you recommend a modest inn for my escort until we will be able to make her registration? Preferably one where she can cook for herself as our funds are limited.

Scene 01-01 Conclusion and Results 1/2 Joy The DM 03/12/2024 (Tue) 01:37 [Preview] No.3512 del
(478.93 KB 1365x2048 Neverwinter.jpg)
01-01 Conclusion

>carefully hands Alice's spear to the guard

The guard takes the spear and holds it under his arm, nodding to you in respect as he takes it.

>places hand on holy symbol on her chest and bows lightly to the guard

The guard stands waiting as you draw the coins from your pouch.

>gestures to Cat with an outstretched hand
>And this poor soul - I picked her up on the verge of death traumatized and left with nothing, another terrible story. I am afraid she has nothing to prove her identity or affiliation and has trouble speaking but I can guarantee for her righteousness and will take full responsibility for her actions. She is a reliable escort and splendid cook as well. I intend to permanently hire her and will have her registered at the guild as soon as possible. For now I will cover the entrance fee for her.
>gracefully hand the guard 5gp

The guard takes the coins and pushes them through a slot on in the gate, presumably to a lock-box on the other side. You hear a slight clink for each of them falling presumably into an awaiting pile.

>If I may ask, can you recommend a modest inn for my escort until we will be able to make her registration? Preferably one where she can cook for herself as our funds are limited.

The guard nods, Easily enough, the guild has reasonable prices for food and lodging for the newly registered and their guests. They have an open kitchen where members may prepare their own meals or buy them from the cook. He points to his Well, if you can afford the registration, it's 10 gold for copper rank, but only she would need to pay, and that's once.
He puts his hand on his hip, just above his silver plate as if showing it off.

Aside from that, you can register with The Hall of Justice for 10 silver each but it only affords you identification and won't gain you any discounts on food or lodging. If you have 2 additional silver each, you could stay at The Banded Mare and that would cover room and board but I don't think they'll allow you into the kitchen.

For even less, but far less comfortably, Tris’ Lockup at the docks is the best bargain in the city if you don't mind the smell of rotting fish. There are cheaper places in the slums but I wouldn't recommend them.

You however, should probably go straight to the Church of Ilmater I presume, especially with that friend of yours, hopefully she hasn't run off too far. It's easy to get lost in a city this size and there are missing persons reported every day so stick together. They have a soup kitchen that offers free meals to their parishioners and faithful. I doubt they'd turn you away even if you're not. I've seen mostly refugees there lately anyway.
He steps aside for you to enter.
Good luck miss, he addresses Cat and you too, I can already tell you'll make a great warrior. I look forward to tasting your cooking at the guild if you're offering, I've got some things you might like to barter with.
He smirks proudly.
You can come back to get your spear and shovel if you get that plate.

Yulya and Cat are ushered through the gate.

Scene 01-01 Conclusion and Results 2/2 Joy The DM 03/12/2024 (Tue) 01:42 [Preview] No.3513 del

https://youtube.com/watch?v=RhvtYH-zkPk [Embed]

01-01 Conclusion Continued

>use phagocytosis

The underside of the wooden cart is coated in road grime, dust and bits of organic matter including a small patch of natural black mold. The wood is coated with Bitumen that has mostly flaked and has come off in spots but its residue is still present in the fibers of the wood.

You can digest it and it has roughly the same caloric content as cooking oil, however, it has partially hardened with the dust to a rock solid substance that is currently impervious. However, you do manage to dissolve the black mold and dust and some minor fragments of the wood. Because of the hardened and impervious state, the total caloric intake rate is 15 calories per minute. A daily ration is 2000 calories, so it would take over two hours to gain enough energy to equal a full day's ration and it is not especially nutritious. You may choose to stay and consume or leave the bottom of the cart at any time there is enough cover and lack of line of sight. The area just beyond the gate has few people at the moment, but the market sector will have many witnesses. There is no DC check if you drop before the cart exits the entrance plaza.


Ashley is waiting patiently by the cart, not up to anything troubling at all, nope, I bet she wouldn't, not at all, never.


The cart driver has stopped the cart and dismounted. He seems to be fussing with the reigns of one of the two largest Rothè.

01-01 Results

01-01 completed with a favorable outcome. 60 ADP are granted to all members to share equally in the experience so add 15 to your Adventure Points on your character sheet. Add 10 additional each to the following party members for performing checks or actions of particular note and contributing to the story. Consider this a check against the DM for defusing a potentially troublesome situation: Yulya and Ashley. Lastly, add 5 each to Cat and Alice for maintaining composure and keeping the adventure going smoothly.

No creatures were harmed
No loot was obtained
No consumables were used
5gp was lost in the encounter

Scene 01-02 Coming Shortly

Scene 01-02 Joy The DM 03/12/2024 (Tue) 02:31 [Preview] No.3514 del
(220.70 KB 1728x1080 neverwinter-.jpg)
(1.01 MB 1769x1481 BATTLE 01-01.jpg)
(432.18 KB 1642x714 Greater Heavy Rothè.jpg)
You enter the city's southwestern gate plaza nestled amid sharply appointed buildings. The quad is clean and mostly deserted at the moment aside from a few people walking west along the north end and a guard patrolling his rounds on the east side.

You smell the inescapable scent of fresh meat cooking somewhere in this forest of light colored, plaster walled, stone and wood buildings.

The scene is refreshing and a stark contrast from the sparsely forested High Road. You can still also get a hint of sea air, but the wind is all but gone, leaving only the warming light of the sun beating down on the paver road.


Yulya and Cat meet Ashley near the stalled cart.

At the center of a depression in the plaza is a statue of unknown significance.


You have little time to breath it all in before you hear the worried shouting of the driver. He's knocked prone as the Rothè looses his harness and breaks free of his yolk.

The Rothè is slightly injured by his harness and becomes enraged. It will attack anyone in line of sight.

[Welcome to your first combat encounter! Aren't you excited?!]

Known Information
Greater Heavy Rothè Monster Card
Area in bright sunlight
[Hint: This encounter score would be considered "deadly" if not for the guards, so be careful! And above all, have fun!]

Cat 03/12/2024 (Tue) 13:25 [Preview] No.3518 del
The Rothe is injured Nya! What is this driver doing Nya?

is about to rush into the animal's direction to where the driver is lying on the ground

Ashley 03/12/2024 (Tue) 17:33 [Preview] No.3523 del

Oh crap! Don't pin this on me, I was just standing here!

I don't know about you guys, but if that thing even touches me I'm dead, like dead dead, so nope.

Climbs up on the cart. Then cast NECROTIC RATS, Target: Greater Rothe.

Not that my stinky babies will do much but they'll at least give the thing something to deal with so it doesn't go charging around.

Yulya 03/13/2024 (Wed) 00:34 [Preview] No.3530 del
Oh dear!
Just when I was glad we made it inside without problems. We need to prevent the Rothé from attacking the people north of us!
In anycase there will be a commotion around the cart. Alice get out from under the cart and go west, climb the wall behind the column and hide in the garden under the trees. We cant let people see you like this!

Cat you cant do much against that huge beast, don't be insane! Leave that to my SACRED FLAME!

Distract the Rothé so it doesnt charge others but be careful. Take my shield!

then climbs up the cart next to Ashley and casts EMBOLDENING BOND between Ashley and Cat.

Rogue Rothe Joy the DM 03/13/2024 (Wed) 03:52 [Preview] No.3533 del
(474.09 KB 1202x314 NECROTIC RAT.png)
(1.01 MB 1769x1481 BATTLE 01-02.jpg)

Ashley scrambles on top of the cart with relative ease.

Casting time: 1 action
Range: 10 feet
Components: V, S
Duration: Until turned, HP goes to zero, or caster is unconscious including from sleep.
Tier 1: 1-2 necrotic rats, size: tiny, from the Negative Energy Plane. Each rat becomes an undead rat under your control if within 120 feet otherwise they will only defend themselves.
Tier 2: 1d4 necrotic rats are summoned.
Tier 3: 1-2 Giant necrotic rats are summoned, size: tiny.
[coin flip: 2]
Ashley deftly moves her hands and speaks dark words indecipherable to the untrained ear.
With a loud POP 2 necrotic rats were summoned from the Negative Plane, hereby named Herbie[1HP] and Derbie[2HP].
Herbie and Derbie appear 10ft North of Ashley and both use DASH toward the Rothe 40ft, both reach the Rothe but have no action points left to attack this round.


Civilians use DASH to attempt to escape 60ft each
NE Guard uses DASH toward the Rothe, 40ft, and blows his whistle as a bonus action.
Gate guards close the gate and use DASH north, 40ft


[coin flip: 1] You realize Alice's undergarments were accidentally left on the High Road 100ft south of the southwest gate.


Yulya climbs onto the cart and casts EMBOLDING BOND Cantrip, Targets: Ashley and Cat
Yula speaks sweet words of encouragement in an angelic tone, causing a vibration that radiates through the air toward Ashley and Cat.
[While Ashley and Cat are within 30 feet of another, either can roll a 1d4 and add the number rolled to an attack roll, an ability check, or a saving throw it makes. For 100 rounds of combat or 10 minutes.]
Cart Driver gets up and attempts but fails to calm the Rothe


Rothe Charges Northeast
Herbie takes opportunity attack +0 vs Rothe 15AC
[1d20=16+0 Attack succeeds, Damage: coin flip=2 damage]
Herbie jumps at the heals of the Greater Rothe, biting hard for 2 negrotic damage.
Derbie takes opportunity attack +0 vs Rothe 15AC
[1d20=9+0 Attack fails]
Derbie Jumps as the Rothe's ankle, it flails his leg away in pain from Herbie's bite, Derbie misses the chance to bite.

[Awaiting Cat and Alice's turn before next round]

Ashley 03/13/2024 (Wed) 03:58 [Preview] No.3534 del
Woohoo! Go Herbie, hero of Neverwinter!

Cat 03/13/2024 (Wed) 11:29 [Preview] No.3536 del
pics up Yulya's shield and dashes north, climbing the wall in front of her
[i dunno how far I can go in the green thingy, so as far as I can go]

shouts at the Rothé to draw its attention

Alice 03/13/2024 (Wed) 16:47 [Preview] No.3540 del
(86.96 KB 939x525 Phagocytosis.jpg)
I hear guards approaching rapidly, I'm staying under my cart and continue feeding for now but prepare to morph into my human form and get out as soon as they have passed. Good luck, everyone!

Alice 03/13/2024 (Wed) 19:33 [Preview] No.3547 del
(182.56 KB 1280x720 naked.webm)
Alright, alright!
I'm on my way!

morphs into the horrible parody of a little girl, complelely naked

nervously looks around, then runs from the cart west towards the wall and climbs it, squeezing behind a column, then jumps into the garden behind

Rogue Rothé Joy the DM 03/14/2024 (Thu) 02:20 [Preview] No.3555 del
(1.01 MB 1769x1481 BATTLE 01-03.jpg)
[Cat dashes roughly north] and shouts at the Rothé to draw its attention as a bonus action
Cat has attained an INSPIRATION, please add it to your character sheet.
Cat is in charging range of the Rothe [20-60ft from the rothe], but will have initiative next turn to catch up or escape this range.


[Alice] morphs into the horrible parody of a little girl, completely naked... then runs from the cart west towards the wall and climbs it... then jumps into the garden behind

Alice reaches a bush to the southwest of the cart and blends in to the underbrush well.
She will have advantage even against searches.
Alice has attained an INSPIRATION, please add it to your character sheet.

[You use INSPIRATION when you make an attack roll, saving throw, or ability check. Spending your inspiration gives you advantage on that roll.]

[The next turn will now begun. The party has initiative vs the other NPCs. Please go ahead and make your next moves now.]

Keep in mind the charging range of the Rothe is 20-60ft, inside 20ft, you are safe from charging.

Yulya 03/14/2024 (Thu) 23:33 [Preview] No.3562 del
Cat, move to the edge where Derbie is and draw the Rothé there!

We're moving onto the green arc, the Rothé is too far away to attack us now if we leave the cart! I'm too far away to use my spells from here and you need to stay within 30ft of Cat to assist her. We will help each other up that wall onto the green arc. We'll be even safer from the Rothé up there than where we are now.

gets down from the cart and attempts to climb the wall with Ashley's help, then uses dash north towards cat, staying clear from the edge of the green arc

Alice 03/15/2024 (Fri) 00:29 [Preview] No.3564 del
(1.40 MB 1580x3282 Slime Life.jpg)
meanwhile in my peaceful garden:

I'll use SHAPE SELF and turn into a blob again, then climb the crown of the nearest tree. Spread out and well camourflaged in the foilage I'll look for food and bask in the sunlight. Call me when the fight is over and you got clothes for me, see ya!

I shouldn't smell like much, especiall not like a human. Unless I digest a corpse or something, smelly I should be reasonably safe from guard dogs, unless they're trained on artificial alien slimes. I'm not a truffle goddamned!

Cat 03/15/2024 (Fri) 02:36 [Preview] No.3570 del
On my way Nya!
You two be careful Nya!

moves 15ft west closer to the edge but out of reach of the Rothés horns should it charge towards that position

''continues to shout and wave arms to draw the animals attention

Ashley 03/15/2024 (Fri) 02:50 [Preview] No.3572 del
Ok! I'll try to get to where you guys are and cast something. Because I have wild magic, any number of crazy things can happen that might help us, but I have to get a 20. I wonder if EMBOLDENING BOND will help that?

Ashley 03/15/2024 (Fri) 12:48 [Preview] No.3573 del
(408.81 KB 987x325 NECROTIC WASP.png)
(52.89 KB 492x367 Untitled.jpg)

Alright, finally time to figure out what I want.

I move north behind Cat and cast SUMMON NECROTIC WASP MINOR cantrip.

Rogue Rothe 1/2 Joy the DM 03/15/2024 (Fri) 14:21 [Preview] No.3574 del
(1.01 MB 1769x1481 BATTLE 01-04.jpg)
(26.34 KB 233x240 ezgif-7-6ff8e892a3.jpg)
Yulya jumps off the cart [no movement penalty if under 10ft] and uses DASH to move toward Cat.
[There is no Roll for climbing up or down but you are not allowed to DASH up, so your movement is counted as normal climbing, it only subtracts from movement at 2x rate or DASH at 4x rate so 2.5ft climb will cost 10ft DASH movement.]

Cat moves West and shouts to taunt the rothé a second time. [Stacking]
Cat attempts to taunt 1/2 [from previous action, sorry it's a little awkward here, this normally wouldn't happen]
[Taunt normally isn't an actual ability, there are others that act in this way though, but you can do anything, so it certainly falls under a Charisma check (+1) vs the rothé's Wisdom 10 (+0)]
[Roll 1d20+1=2 (natural 1, critical failure)]
The rothé happened to be baying at the time and didn't hear you at all.
Cat attempts to taunt a second time as a bonus action 2/2
[Roll 1d20+1=8 (failed)]
The rothé hears your taunt but isn't swayed from its current target.

Alice HIDES in a tree canopy with 3/4 cover. AC bonus +5
[Rule: A creature can Hide in combat. The creature must be at least heavily obscured (exception is Wood Elf allows for light natural obscurement and lightfoot halfing allows for a medium creature) and must pass a Stealth check vs the Passive Perception of the enemies.]
In this case the "enemies" are not engaged with Alice or even aware of her existence so she passes without roll check.
Alice has hidden successfully and will remain undiscovered unless someone actively searches for her or someone is within 5ft. (Passive perception check Alice's Dexterity (Stealth) vs. creature or person's passive Wisdom (perception).

Ashley moves onto the raised grass arc and casts SUMMON NECROTIC WASP MINOR T1 cantrip.
[Wild magic surge does not trigger on cantrips. It also wouldn't be affected by EMBOLDENING BOND]
As Ashley whispers her incantation between her articulating fingers a puff of green dusty smoke is released and a single buzzing Necrotic Wasp is released, hereby designated "Beatrice".

Casting time: 1 action
Range: 10 feet
Components: V, S
Duration: Until turned, HP goes to zero, or caster is unconscious including from sleep.
TIER 1: Summon a necrotic wasp, size: tiny. On hit, the target must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or take 1 necrotic damage.
TIER 2: On hit, the target must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or take 1d4 necrotic damage and be distracted for one turn. Passed saving throw has a disadvantage to attack roll next turn. Can only effect small and medium targets.
TIER 3: At Higher Levels. This spell's damage increases by 1d4 when you reach 5th level (2d4), 11th level (3d4), and 17th level (4d4).

Beatrice flys north toward the rothé, reaching it [50ft flying +10ft spell reach] and attempts to sting.
Rothé saving throw Constitution vs Ashley's spell casting DC (8+4+2=14) [1d20+10=16 passes]
Beatrice fails to find a good spot to sting.

Herbie and Derbie Dash towards the rothe (40ft).

Rothé continues his charge Northeast.
Beatrice takes opportunity attack +0 vs Rothe 15AC
[1d20=19+0 Attack succeeds, Damage: 1 necrotic damage]

Rogue Rothe 2/2 Joy the DM 03/15/2024 (Fri) 14:24 [Preview] No.3575 del
Northwest Civilian Dashes West and escapes the encounter.

Northeast Civilian [unaffiliated wizard level 1] casts MAGIC MISSILE [120ft], Target: rothé.
In a brilliant flash of warm light, three glowing darts form and streak silently toward the rothé.
[Fun fact: MAGIC MISSILE doesn't require any saving rolls, or even attack rolls, so it always hits even behind 3/4 cover regardless of AC of the target; however, it wouldn't benefit from attack roll bonuses.]
[Rothé is struck by three ethereal darts 1d4+1 each for 3, 5, and 3 damage.]
The rothé is wounded as a result but is otherwise unphased.

The Northeast Guard closes the gap but is still outside the rothé's charging range.

Gate Guard 1 and 2 Dash North, scaling the wall onto the green arc.

The Driver attends to his other animals and secures their harnesses. He seems embarassed.

Yulya 03/15/2024 (Fri) 21:51 [Preview] No.3576 del
Welp so much for my great plan.

Great work Ashley! At least some damage. Come north towards Cat within the reach of the bond and keep summoning the wasps!

Cat move to the right corner of the arc with me we'll try taunting the Rothé again!

moves 10ft N and 20ft E to the right corner of the green arc
readies SACRED FLAME to be released on the Rothé if it comes within range

Alice 03/15/2024 (Fri) 23:26 [Preview] No.3578 del
(71.00 KB 800x600 Jelly fungus.jpeg)
>Alice has hidden successfully and will remain undiscovered unless someone actively searches for her or someone is within 5ft.
I knew Stealth would be handy! Sorry for being so useless, at least I try not to cause any trouble

uses PHAGOCYTOSIS to absorb nutrients from the tree and maybe catch a few small bugs living in the crown, without causing too much noise or visible damage

Cat 03/16/2024 (Sat) 11:28 [Preview] No.3588 del
moves 15ft north to the border of the green arc and to the left of Yulya, continues yelling at the Rothé to come here

Ashley 03/16/2024 (Sat) 12:51 [Preview] No.3589 del
(31.75 KB 300x575 ezgif-5-c66a5728ee.jpg)

I run up to where I need to go and cast UNDEAD WASP again!

Swarm, SWARM, my pretties! cackles manically Darken the sky with your numbers and bring a plague upon this world! Also, great work Beatrice!

I can't wait 'till I can summon a swarm of bone dragons!

Rogue Rothé Joy the DM 03/16/2024 (Sat) 13:54 [Preview] No.3590 del
(129.48 KB 1024x1024 ezgif-1-e668a4132e.jpg)
(1.02 MB 1769x1481 BATTLE 01-04.jpg)
Yulya edges closer to the rothé. Hoping for an opportunity to strike with her cantrip SACRED FLAME, she sets a spell trigger to fire once the rothé is in range.

[This can be done with one spell, there is no stacking, and any other attack action will cancel the triger.]

Alice spends her free time considering the economic output of Candlekeep during the start of the last Flight of Dragons c.1102.

Cat leaps next to Yulya and taunts the rothé with all her might.
[Charisma check (+1) vs the rothé's Wisdom 10 (+0) Roll 1d20+1+2=5 (failed even with EMBOLDING BOND)]
You are like a wisper in the breeze to this enraged beast. He continues his charge towward targets he can reach.

Ashley walks up toward Yuyla and Cat, cackling and mad rambling as she goes, giddy with the power of her dark magic, and manages to cast SUMMON NECROTIC WASP MINOR cantrip again.

With her hands streched toward the sky as if expecting a plague of darkness, amid a wisp of green dust-like smoke, a tiny popping sound is followed by the buzz of another necrotic wasp hereby named Barbie.

Barbie shoots north toward the rothé.
Herbie, Derbie, and Beatrice follow her lead.

The driver laments his life choices, taking solice in the thick, pungent locks of his nearest beloved beast.

The southern guards contiunue to dash north.
Cat's sensitive ears overhear one telling the other about the problems with chasing down perpetrators in full plate.

The north guard bravely continues his race toward the rothé.

The unaffiliated wizard climbs on top of a post and casts a second MAGIC MISSILE
A spectical of light shines a bluish-hued beam that forms three ethereal darts once again. They zoom unerringly toward their target.''
The wizard is utterly spent as a result and looks weary.
[Rothé is struck by three ethereal darts for 2, 4, and 2 damage.]

The rothé is injured further but shows no sign of stopping.
It charges at the North Guard!
[Attack Roll 1d20+5=13 vs. Guard's AC of 21 (Plate mail and shield)]
The guard deftly dodges the charging beast and prepares to run it through with his sword.

Alice 03/16/2024 (Sat) 23:41 [Preview] No.3600 del
>Alice spends her free time considering the economic output of Candlekeep during the start of the last Flight of Dragons c.1102.
Now THIS is how you play D&D!

Yulya 03/17/2024 (Sun) 01:32 [Preview] No.3605 del
I agree Alice needs to hide in her form it cant be helped.

Alright if nothing else works we will take the initiative. I will move into attack range if the Rothé doesnt come here. It was my mistake I forgot taunting it last round.

Cat do you really want to move out to attack the Rothé? You will be on your own out there without Emboldening Bond and I cant assist you. Use stealth!

Ashley I think just staying here and summoning wasps is the way to go right?

moves 20ft towards the Rothé casts SACRED FLAME at it and moves 10ft back out of its charge range

Cat 03/17/2024 (Sun) 11:33 [Preview] No.3607 del
I'm going at the Rothé Nya!
Can't be staying here while the guard fights on his own Nya!

dashes to the tile north of Barbie 3 tiles N and 2 ties diagonal
tries not to get noticed using stealth

Ashley 03/17/2024 (Sun) 14:04 [Preview] No.3608 del
(50.90 KB 366x259 Untitledash.jpg)
I scoot over a little leaving room for Yulya to get back up if she needs to and cast UNDEAD WASP!

Yesssss yes another one of my pretties comes into being!

Power flows through Ashley's fingertips, as her melodious utterances call fourth another being from the negative plane.

Rogue Rothé Joy the DM 03/17/2024 (Sun) 14:24 [Preview] No.3610 del
(1.02 MB 1769x1481 BATTLE 01-06.jpg)
Alice daydreams about cute outfits.

Yulya moves 20ft towards the rothé casts SACRED FLAME cantrip. Target: Greater rothé, must beat DC=8+5+2=15.

cantrip evocation
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 60 feet
Target: A creature that you can see within range
Components: V S
Duration: Instantaneous
Classes: Cleric
Flame-like radiance descends on a creature that you can see within range. The target must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or take 1d8 radiant damage. The target gains no benefit from cover for this saving throw.

Yula swishes her wrists in a swirling motion and speaks angelic words that are both beautiful and familiar yet undecipherable to laymen ears. A flash of light surrounds her hands and a radiance of blinding light shines down on the rothe as if from heaven itself.

@[Rothé Saving throw against DEX 10(+0) must beat 15, 1d20+0=19 succeeds saving throw, and resists all damage.]/@

Yulya falls back 10ft to stay out of its charge range.

Cat Dashes to the tile north of Barbie 3 tiles N and 2 ties diagonal as silently as she can and tries not to get noticed using stealth.

[Because the rothé's FOV is large enough to see you moving, but it's distracted, I'll allow a stealth roll check with disadvantage. If the rothé wasn't distracted it would always fail unless you were already hidden and move to another spot that obscures you from vision or otherwise says out of the creature's FOV. If you stayed out of his FOV, it would be a roll with advantage. Per the rules, "You cannot use stealth in plain sight of a creature."]

Cat uses Stealth during her move vs rothe's passive perception 12. [Disadvantage (1d20+3=19, 1d20+3=13) passes check!]

Cat dashes silently, Northeast as the rothé concentrates his attack on the guard, the rothé doesn't notice sneaking up.

[Cat is out of the rothe's FOV and may approach it from behind without it noticing and attack with ADVANTAGE next turn presuming it doesn't move or turn. Note: if it should notice you for some reason, you are now within its charging range (20-60ft).]

Beebee races toward the rothé.
Herbie and Derbie dash their way toward the rothé.
Beatrice and Barbie reach the rothé and attack!
[1d20+0=14 Beatrice's attack fails vs rothe's AC15]
[1d20+0=12 Barbie's attack fails vs rothe's AC15]
Their necrotic stings do not penetrate the thick fur of the rothé.

The Driver readies his whip and moves toward the rothé.

Unaffiliated wizard casts cantrip FIRE BOLT.
A gust of wind swirls into a flame at the caster's fingertips, with a word of encouragement the flame streaks toward the rothé but fizzles harmlessly against its thick hide.

North Guard stabs at the rothé using his sword.
[Stab is a means to counter the rothé's resistance to slashing; however, it is not the primary attack of the long sword so it has a penalty to damage somewhere between an improvised weapon 1d4 and a long sword 1d8 before bonuses but better than the half damage it would get for slashing after bonuses.]
[1d20+2+2=22 the guard's attack succeeds vs rothé's AC15 for 1d6+2=7 piercing damage]

The guard stabs through the rothé's hide with ease.
The rothé grunts in anguish, clearly wounded by the attack, then charges north toward the unaffiliated wizard.

Beatrice takes opportunity attack +0 vs Rothe 15AC
[1d20+0=20 Critical hit! Damage: 2 necrotic damage]
The rothé grunts angrily!
Barbie takes opportunity attack +0 vs Rothe 15AC
[1d20+0=1 Critical miss!]
Barbie dives deep into the rothé's thick locks and is tangled hopelessly within. Barbie does not survive the ensuing struggle.

''The north guard takes opportunity attack +2 vs Rothe 15AC
[1d20+2+2=21 the guard's attack succeeds with primary attack Damage: 1d10+2=12 slashing damage. Rothé resists damage 12/2=6]

The blade manages to slice through the tangling locks and the rothé nearly stumbles in pain but manages to disengage and charge Northeast.

Rogue Rothé 2/2 Joy the DM 03/17/2024 (Sun) 14:26 [Preview] No.3611 del

The rothé charges at the unaffiliated wizard who is standing on the post at an elevation of 5ft. Unfortunately that is not outside the rothé's reach.

[The wizard rolls saving throw vs charge 1d20+0=1 natural 1! The wizard takes the full brunt off the rothé's attack, falling prone directly in front of the rothé where he is trampled by the rothé's hooves for 4d4+10=20 damage!]

The wizard makes a desperate saving throw for his life.
[1d20=15 success!]
[The wizard survives but is critically wounded and must pass two more saving throws or will perish if not stabilized.]

The wizard's body lays still on the ground, crushed by the weight of the rothe's hooves, his situation is dire.

[Corrected monster card, hooves should be bludgeoning damage.]

Ashley 03/17/2024 (Sun) 15:21 [Preview] No.3612 del

BARBIE NOOOO! Why do the good ones always have to die!...

Also, uh, oh no, poor redshirt unnamed wizard, we should probably help him... anywho.

Poor poor dear Barbie, we barely knew you!

Ashes to ashes, green stinky dust to green stinky dust.

Alice 03/17/2024 (Sun) 20:12 [Preview] No.3616 del
F Wizard and Barbie!
That really escalated quickly, I'm glad I'm safe in my tree. Better turn green for optimal camourflage. Don't die on me, girls, be careful!!

Yulya 03/17/2024 (Sun) 22:03 [Preview] No.3619 del
Oh nonono thats not good!
Why didnt the wizard get out of the way? We will have to close in again. I really dont like being out on the open like this but thats how it is. I will move towards the Rothé but stay out of chargin range. Cat move diagonally north towards the stairs also stay out of its range. At least Ashley managed to deal some damage keep the wasps coming!

dashes diagonally north exactly to the R of ROTHE that the Rothé lost while charging the poor wizard.
[I hope this is out of its range if not then a little further back]

Ashley 03/18/2024 (Mon) 01:23 [Preview] No.3620 del

Well I suppose it's good to know Alice is safe over there. I don't know the first think about stabilizing anyone.

Hey Yulya, you have advantage on Medicine, that wizard has a 50/50 chance of death from here on out and you could stabilize him pretty easily but it'll take you 3 turns just to get up there and the rothe will likely be within 60ft of it especially if the guard closes the gap. I can't ask my babies to taunt, but I can tell them to fall back and we could all taunt the rothe away from the victim.

[It's only a DC10 vs Yulya's +5 and advantage, it's unlikely to fail, however he will roll death throw every turn so in three turns he could be dead or still hanging on, he needs to roll three 1d20 over 10 vs 3x 10 and under to live and they don't have to be consecutive, so YNYNY and he still lives but YNNYN and he's dead for example.]

Cat 03/18/2024 (Mon) 11:41 [Preview] No.3621 del
I will try to lure the Rothé away Nya!

dashes north towards the stairs but stays out of the Rothés charging range, then tries to taunt it again

Ashley 03/18/2024 (Mon) 19:12 [Preview] No.3622 del

If Cat's doing it, I'm doing it. I run closer to Cat and shout at the rothè to get his fat butt to me, this frail and very aluring one-shottable target.

My babies are being ignored by him anyway so I send them all in as normal.

Joy the DM 03/19/2024 (Tue) 08:05 [Preview] No.3627 del
(1.02 MB 1769x1481 BATTLE 01-07.jpg)
Alice smugly waits for her opportunity to gloat.

Yulya dashes north, prepairing to get just out of range of the rothé.

Cat and Ashley dash north and attempt to taunt again as a bonus action.
[Cat's Charisma check (+1) vs the rothé's Wisdom 10 (+0) Roll 1d20+1=15]
[Ashley's Charisma check (+4) vs the rothé's Wisdom 10 (+0) Roll 1d20+4=6]

The rothé finally listenes to Cat and changes his target to Cat, but is unimpressed by Ashley.
The rothé charges toward Cat!

The North Guard dashes to the aid of the Unaffiliated Wizard.

The Driver dashes toward his rothé, calling in vein.

Ashley's minions move and attack the rothé.
[1d20+0=15 Beatrice's attack succeeds vs rothé's AC15, Damage: 1 necrotic damage]
The rothé winces in pain.
[1d20+0=1 Critical failure! Derbie snaps at the rothé's ankle attack but gets trampled into the dust! Derbie has been called home to the negative plane.]
[1d20+0=9 Herbie is heartbroken after losing his brother and forgets to attack.]
[1d20+0=1 Critical failure! Beebee dances with death and is voted off the island. Swept away in the currents of the rothé wake.]

[That's a lot of critical failures for Ashley's summons. It's remarkably bad luck.]

The Gate Guards continue their hurried march north, panting like overweight dogs on a hot day.

The Unaffiliated Wizard rolls a saveing throw vs death.
[1d20=4 The grim reaper knocks on his door, holding a summons, 1/3 die vs 1/3 live]

Correction Joy the DM 03/19/2024 (Tue) 17:08 [Preview] No.3634 del

[By the power of MS paint, the map was corrected. Please ignore the preceding map.]

[Warning: Yulya and Cat are in the rothé's charging range. The rothé is currently racing toward Cat and is fully capable of taking her down in one shot.]

[The rothé's current position is retained but it is facing Cat.]

Alice 03/19/2024 (Tue) 20:40 [Preview] No.3636 del
faint singing can be heard from a nearby garden
♬ I've got my bugs ♬
♬ And my camourflage to protect me ♬
♬ I am shielded in my canopy ♬
♬ Hiding in my tree ♬
♬ Safe within my tree ♬
♬ I touch noone and noone touches me ♬

♬ I am a blob ♬
♬ I am an a---lien... ♬

Ashley 03/19/2024 (Tue) 23:47 [Preview] No.3639 del

I would ask for a moment of silence for my beloved Derbie, scooted when he should have shimmied. Herbie don't let me down!

I scoot back out of the Rothé's range and prepare to cast my Wasp cantrip. Also great job girls! That rothé's looking beat.

Yulya 03/20/2024 (Wed) 00:25 [Preview] No.3640 del
RIP Derbie

At least Alice is having a good time!

Forgive me but I am going to do something foolish. Cat draw the rothé away dont be crazy and attack it on your own! I wont be able to heal you.

casts LIGHT onto herself and moves 30ft straight to the wizard, hoping the blinding light will keep the rothé from attacking her

Anonymous 03/20/2024 (Wed) 01:00 [Preview] No.3643 del
oh yeah we got that too everywhere but it hasnt come out yet bc too cold. lots of old people harvest it in the forest i never bothered. too afraid i'd poison myself by mixing it up with something else

Joy the DM 03/20/2024 (Wed) 02:13 [Preview] No.3645 del

Cat could overhear citizens in their homes, obviously oblivious to what was transpiring in the gate plaza just outside their windows.

It was surreal but she couldn't let them distract her. It was just an indication of how peaceful this city might be, or, did they know there was a life or death struggle going on under their window and it was so commonplace that they couldn't be bothered?

Cat 03/20/2024 (Wed) 09:28 [Preview] No.3649 del
What are you doing Nya!

dashes 20ft west and climbs up the wall out of the rotheś reach

continues taunting the rothé''

Rogue Rothé 1/2 Joy the DM 03/20/2024 (Wed) 23:37 [Preview] No.3658 del
Alice inexplicably begins roasting the Bard class through poor impersonation by humming an alien tune to herself and undulating in the treetop.

The light catches Ashley's eyes in such a way as to make them appear blue when in fact they're obviously violet.
She moves directly away from the rothé and casts SUMMON NECROTIC WASP MINOR
With her arms outstretched she summons a cloud of green dust and flying free from the cloud, comes another Necrotic Wasp from the negative plane denoted Beta.
Beta heads directly for the rothé.

In the already brightly lit scene, Yulya casts LIGHT on herself and rushes toward the unaffiliated wizard, inside the inner radius of the rothé's charging range.
With a small gesture and angelic phrasing, a light not so different from direct sunlight's reflection illuminates her body more fully, making it appear as if the sun has somehow managed to alight every crease and fold of her vestments. Though it certainly looks brighter, it's otherwise unremarkable and has little effect on anyone who would glance her way.

[I couldn't find any reason to think this spell would have an effect on an overland rothé who was already accustomed to bright sunlit terrain. However this spell would have an effect on subterranean accustomed creatures and natives and might temporarily blind some being who is acclimated to a dark room or dim lighting, or say at night. I believe the affect you were trying to achieve would be possible by boosting the level 0 cantrip to level 1, using 1 spell point to do so. It would be bright like flash powder but a continuous effect, doubling the light radiuses and making yet another tier of brightness within 20ft. Once you have access to 2nd tier magic, spending 2 spell points on this cantrip would have a flash-bang tier effect on creatures caught within it's inner 20ft radius blinding them for any turn they remain in within the radius or look your direction, but not permanently.]

Cat dashes 20ft west and climbs up the short wall out of the rothé's reach and continues taunting the rothé
[Charisma check (+1) vs the rothé's Wisdom 10 (+0) Roll 1d20+1+2=15 succeeded!]
Though the rothé sees cat scale the wall out of reach, her voice grated on his nerves so he keeps his attention on her anyway.

Herbie, Beebee and Beatrice attack.
[1d20+0=8 Beatrice's attack fails vs rothé's AC15]
[1d20+0=1 Beebee's attack fails vs rothé's AC15 and her delicate body is torn in two by the rothé's matted whipping locks.]
[1d20+0=14 vs rothé's AC15, Herbie bites the rothé's ankle, but fails to penetrate his thick skin.]

The north guard reaches the unaffiliated wizard and performs first aid without the tools or the proficiency.
[1d20+0=5, vs DC10 fails to stabilize the victim but does not count against the victim's remaining death saving throws.]
[The victim rolls a death saving throw, 1d20=8, and is one step closer to meeting his maker.]

Rogue Rothé 2/2 Joy the DM 03/20/2024 (Wed) 23:38 [Preview] No.3659 del
(1.02 MB 1769x1481 BATTLE 01-08.jpg)

The driver reaches the rothé and whips him with his driving whip
With a sweeping motion the driver's mastery of the whip becomes evident. Through years of correcting his beloved team, he has gained mastery on top of his proficiency.
[He has advantage on attack, +3 to hit and +1 to damage in addition to his strength modifier which is pathetically +0. Note: most non-adventurer NPCs have average stats hovering around 10 (+0) unless their job gives them a reasonable boost such as a circus performer would have high dexterity and a farmhand would be stronger than most having to do manual labor all day.]
[1d20+3=19 vs the rothe's 15AC, dealing slashing damage but is halved due to the rothé's thick fur, 1d4+1=5 however it is a critical hit so the rothé takes full damage!]
The rothé stumbles under the might of his master's whip but remains focused on Cat.

The gate guards finally reach the rothé and stab at it mercilessly with their long swords.
[1d20+2+2=17 the guard's attack succeeds vs rothé's AC15 for 1d6+2=3 piercing damage]
The rothé is near his breaking point and flails violently but isn't finished yet!
[1d20+2+2=11 the guard's attack fails vs rothé's AC15]
The second guard's sword contacts but catches only fur as the rothé flails in agony.

Against his better interests, the rothé chases Cat.
[1d20+0=9 Beatrice's opportunity attack fails vs the rothé's AC15]
[1d20+0=5 Herbie's opportunity attack fails vs the rothé's AC15]
[1d20+2+2=17 the guard's opportunity attack succeeds vs rothé's AC15 for 1d8+2=6 slashing damage, halved due to resistance, 3 damage]
[1d20+2+2=13 the guard's opportunity attack fails vs rothé's AC15]
[1d20+3=19 vs the rothé's 15AC, dealing slashing damage but is halved due to the rothé's thick fur, 1d4+1=3 damage!]

The rothé escapes the gauntlet alive but very weakened. He's exhausted (1/6) and not long to stay on his feet. He is just shy of reaching Cat and huffs madly in frustration!

Cat 03/21/2024 (Thu) 11:30 [Preview] No.3660 del
Wow that was lame Yulya, you should have rushed to the wizard instead Nya!
Time to end this Nya!

out of frustration Cat enters RAGE and attacks the rothé full force using INSPIRATION

Ashley 03/21/2024 (Thu) 17:35 [Preview] No.3664 del

OMG Cat that's epic! I wish I could help in some way!

I call upon my babies to ralley them and send them at the rothé as a last ditch effort then scoot just a tad back out of range of the rothé's charge.

[Joy need's to research if I can do this because one more Wasp won't do much. If this can do anything that's better.]

Yulya 03/21/2024 (Thu) 19:30 [Preview] No.3667 del
>Wow that was lame Yulya, you should have rushed to the wizard instead Nya!

Omg that was so embarrassing I want to die!
I thought the rothé was weak to bright light. Hang in there, poor wizard, I'm coming!

dashes straight towards the dying wizard

2/2 Ashley 03/21/2024 (Thu) 23:46 [Preview] No.3669 del

I use RALLY-ATTACK/DEFENSE on my babies!

Rogue Rothe 1/2 Joy the DM 03/22/2024 (Fri) 11:38 [Preview] No.3672 del
Yulya realizes her error and the implications of not dashing to save the wizard. Though her action was meant to be cautious and shouldn't be second guessed, the decision to cast LIGHT was counterproductive to the situation. Such errors in judgement tend to have dire consequences but the wizard's fate is now sealed, as she reaches him, time has run out.

The North Guard valiantly attempts to stabilize the Unaffiliated Wizard again.
[1d20+0=2, vs DC10 fails to stabilize the victim again.]
With his hands shaking, he fumbles and is perplexed when he can't determine the right thing to do, the internal injuries caused by the rothé's hooves were severe and not well understood by the untrained guard.
[Thus the victim looks towards death, his eyes fixated on those hollow dark sockets. Death reaches out his bony hand and the victim rolls what could be his last saving throw. Here, if he fails, his life would be removed from the material plane...]

A light forms above Yulya's head, a ring of golden hue and mysterious structures of glowing golden dust extend from her back and she feels her radiance shine through into the material realm. Her vision is momentarily blinded by a shaft of light as it pierces the victim and for a brief moment she could have sworn her guardian angel was standing just behind the victim.

[... 1d20=10 by some miraculous twist of fate, the victim barely succeeds his saving throw a second time, 2/3 live vs 2/3 die]
Though he is by no means out of Death's grip, a small respite has been granted by the gods. A second chance has been given to Yulya to prove she can make a difference in this man's life and cast away Death's presence. Surely she will know the right thing to do now.

The guard speaks to Yulya as he desperately racks his brain, untrained and unremarkable in the ways of first aid Thank the gods you're here, you've got to help him- The guard looks over at Yulya and his eyes widen, his jaw drops and a look of awe and fear flash across his face, to him he is looking at winged and radiant being of light, the very definition of an angel. A surge of emotions run through him that he is unable to process causing tears to run down his cheeks.

Ashley calls upon her connection to the negative plane and brings fourth energies to bolster her minions, she casts RALLY-ATTACK, then backs off south 30ft to safety, completely forgetting about EMBOLDING BOND!
Her minions glow with renewed vigor, closing the gap to the rothé but neither Herbie nor Beatrice are able to attack this round.
[I'm not going to change Ashley's decision, but there is at least one other error. Given I offered 4 flavors of RALLY, the correct option would have been RALLY-SPEED which would have given them the ability to reach the rothé and potentially attack. As it stands only Beta reaches the rothé and though Bets is able to attack, she's unaffected by the ATTACK boost at level 0, Ashley especially should have considered her options more carefully. Additionally, her decision to stay out of the rothé's reach brings her out of the range of the Embolding Bond. That's not necessarily an error, surely she could be killed by the rothé in one blow, but it does put Cat in potentially greater danger.]

Beta moves toward the rothé and attacks.
[1d20+0=15 Beta's attack succeeds vs rothé's AC15 causing 1 necrotic damage.]
The rothé couldn't be more enraged but nearly falls, he's nearing his last conscious breath but is still alive and kicking!
Herbie and Beatrice Dash toward the rothé but are left just out of reach.

Rogue Rothe 2/2 Joy the DM 03/22/2024 (Fri) 11:40 [Preview] No.3673 del
(1.02 MB 1769x1481 BATTLE 01-09.jpg)

[1d20+3=6 Constitution check vs DC10]
Alice, basking in the afternoon sun in relative peace and tranquility, after a burst of merriment amid the dire circumstances of the battle just feet away, tired from her long journey, has slipped into unconsciousness.
Alice is peacefully asleep and will not awaken again for 8 hours unless awakened by an outside force or one of her party members.
[1d20+2=4 Stealth check vs DC5.]
Her position has shifted and she now appears as an unsightly goo hanging from the canopy of her tree. Anyone within 20ft will see this and likely report the gangly ooze to the guards.

The Driver follows the rothé and attempts to whip him into submission.

[On the previous round, I mistakenly gave the driver a critical hit. That was my blunder. So this round he did indeed get a critical hit 1d20+3=23 but I must then swap this with the previous round's roll 1d20+3=19 giving the driver a hit but not doubling the damage. The rothé's exhaustion level 1/6 stands.]

[1d4+1=4, halved by rothé's thick fur=2]
The whip strikes against the fur coat of the rothé and causes the animal to bleat loudly but is not quite enough to take him down!

[Unexpectedly tense result!]

The gate guards can only watch as they are outpaced by the rothé's erratic and illogical movements. They are unable to reach him in time to strike a deciding blow.

[Which brings the final match down to Cat and the rothé, a hit will almost surely down this nearly unconscious beast, but a miss could potentially bring her in danger of his horns or stomping hooves.]

Cat enters RAGE uses her INSPIRATION and jumps to attack the rothé!
[Cat uses her unarmed attack with a base attack bonus of +6 and a damage of 1d6+4 but it is slashing which the rothe will resist halving the damage. At this point I will reveal the rothé has 3HP left, so a natural 1 with Cat's damage roll, even if she hits will round down to 2 leaving the rothé with 1HP and a chance to attack her. However, she also uses RAGE and INSPIRATION. RAGE will give her a +2 damage, which means any hit she manages will down the rothé. INSPIRATION gives her advantage on this attack so she has two chances to hit]
[1d20+6=11, miss vs the rothé's 15AC, with advantage 1d20+6=23! It's a hit! 1d6+4+2=8 with resistance damage = 4!]

With everything she has Cat claws at the rothé. It's reign of terror has ended, and it falls to the ground with a thunderous thud. The beast has finally been defeated!

All attention now turns to Yulya and the fate of the dying wizard...

Yulya 03/22/2024 (Fri) 21:58 [Preview] No.3677 del
(26.84 KB 512x512 820246877.jpg)
approaches the dying wizard and uses HEALING HANDS
Fear not, you are safe now! You will not die here, brave wizard!

Ashley 03/23/2024 (Sat) 02:55 [Preview] No.3678 del
Holy hell that was close!

And very cool.

I start my walk to Alice shaking my head at the spectical shes showing the world.

[Once everyone finishes their turn this round, combat ends and there will be a respite between scenarios to decide what to do or where to go next. -Joy]

Cat 03/23/2024 (Sat) 14:28 [Preview] No.3680 del
I'm sorry I had to do this, big guy!

cancels RAGE but not before yelling at the driver to take better care of his animals

Alice 03/23/2024 (Sat) 20:17 [Preview] No.3682 del
(890.33 KB 540x340 suu_sleeping.gif)

Ashley 03/23/2024 (Sat) 22:26 [Preview] No.3687 del
If we're done then I also send my babies home so they're not taken as enemies.

Anonymous 03/23/2024 (Sat) 22:46 [Preview] No.3688 del

Yulya's glad its over and we made it alive. one hell of a first battle what drama and suspension. lets hope the guards were too busy with the rothe to notice strange rats and wasps in the area

This is an Interrogation! 1/2 Joy the DM 03/24/2024 (Sun) 02:11 [Preview] No.3697 del
(220.70 KB 1728x1080 neverwinter-.jpg)
In the distance the bells of the Church of Tyr ring three clear tolls.

Yulya uses HEALING HANDS on the critically wounded unaffiliated wizard on his last saving throw.
[HEALING HANDS (Aasimar trait): As an action, you can touch a creature and cause it to regain a number of hit points equal to your level. Once you use this trait, you can't use it again until you finish a long rest (8 hours total in a 24 hour period).]
Yulya is surrounded by the divine light, her aura grows to encompass the wizard and as she touches his chest, a beam of light energy enters him. Suddenly the wizard's near lifeless body awakens and takes in a long gasping breath. In his wide eyes Yulya's light reflects back like a ray of sun on morning dew. To him, he was just touched by an angel and the image is burned indelibly into his mind. He immediately falls unconscious again but he has stabilized.

[Turn based combat has ended]


Ashley waves her hands in a specific esoteric gesture and her summons pop back into the negative plane, leaving only a light wispy green dust that quickly dissipates. With an annoyed sigh, she starts walking toward the biggest problem left to solve...

Cat stands breathing hard as the great beast lay at her feet, adrenaline and an overwhelming urge to battle slowly wane. In less then a minute she regains her composure.


A strange man wearing a lantern on his head mumbles to himself, though his words strike true, there is no indication he is aware of what he is saying or who he is even talking to.

The North Guard grabs the strange man by his collar and chastises him for his lunacy, then pushes him along his way with a warning. "There's one around every corner." he mutters.
Then he turns his attention to Yulya and bows to her, "Thank you miss for your service, I feel if you hadn't come, this poor man would have died. I apologize about what I'm going to say next and I don't want it to apply to you but the guards will need to run an investigation. There's been too many such events lately to be labeled a coincidence so we're compelled to investigate every one with all due diligence, even the innocent and the heroic I'm afraid." he appears genuinely sorry "So I must ask you to collect your party and wait for us to investigate, it shouldn't take more then an hour." He brightens slightly "The good news is, there'll be a recompense for your assistance at the Hall of Justice if you're found at no fault." He notes your holy symbol with your name embossed clearly

The cart driver kneels next to his now unconscious rothe, carefully stroking it's long matted main and whispering something to it softly. His action has stabilized the rothe on his second attempt before the rothe makes his third failed saving throw. He hears Cat's chastising remarks but ignores her.
[Because we are out of combat, these turns can run without interruption, each would otherwise take 1 turn or 6 seconds. 1d20=7 the rothe is one step closer to death, 1d20+0=4 the driver fails to administer first aid correctly, 1d20=4 the rothe is failing fast, 1d20+0=14 the driver succeeds in his attempt to stabilize his animal.]

Gate Guard 2 grabs the Driver by the collar, dragging him to his feet and begin his interrogation immediately in a harsh manor.

Gate Guard 1 notes Cat as one of the people he just let in, he rolls his eyes and chuckles at her, "Welcome to Neverwinter! Unfortunately I need to ask you to collect your party and wait by the statue in the plaza, we'll need to take statements from everyone."

On her second attempt, but far enough away from anyone's notice, Ashley manages to heave Alice's unconscious gelatinous form back into her hidden canopy.

Joy the DM 03/24/2024 (Sun) 02:22 [Preview] No.3699 del
(220.70 KB 1728x1080 neverwinter-.jpg)

Congratulations on surviving your first combat encounter! The rothe was a challenge level 4 much higher than you could reasonably expect to handle on your own without terrain aid or help from others. It was worth 2000XP!

The XP will be divided by 7 for everyone still conscious at the end of the battle, a lesser bonus amount is awarded to those who fought but became unconscious as a result of battle.

Yulya, Cat and Ashley gain 285XP each! Please mark this on your character sheets.
[Alice is not eligible for XP for this encounter due to inaction.]

[You are ordered by the guards to wait by the statue for further instructions and investigations. Not following this order will implicate guilt for the incident. Now is the time to coordinate and plan your next move, you have less than an hour in game to strategize and coordinate your stories if any, pick someone to handle the guards questions, and survive the interrogation.]

Yulya 03/24/2024 (Sun) 20:20 [Preview] No.3703 del
Oh god I knew this was gonna happen we stumbled right into the situation I wanted to avoid so hard

Interrogation 1/2 Joy the DM 03/26/2024 (Tue) 02:05 [Preview] No.3726 del

From the plaza you can clearly see the clock on the bell tower of the Temple of Tyr. It shows 3:55 as you note the guards finishing up with the Driver.

After a rather tense interview, the gate guards seem satisfied with the excuses, platitudes, and assurances the driver had to offer. He was a tradesman after all, those type are usually very good at negotiations. The driver offers thanks and squeezes some juice of healroot into the gaping unconscious mouth of the rothé, causing it to stir. It stumbles to its feet and he immediately uses animal handling without proficiency with advantage. Only natural 1 would cause the rothé to become enraged again in his exhausted and injured state. [1d20+0=2, 1d20+0=16] He successfully brings the rothé into line and leads it back to the cart.

"And get that cart out if here before the next toll, the gate's backed up and we don't want you clogging up the road. You're free to unload it but visit the Hall of Justice for reparations no later than tomorrow morning," the guard said sternly.

The driver offers the officers a tip of his hat and continues toward his cart.

One of the Gate Guards (the one you spoke to on the way in) and the North Guard (badge number 157) head your way and are joined unexpectedly by another gentleman of high stature.

"What's going on here?" Said the very tall man carrying a Giant's Super Heavy Mace in fine leather armor. Certainly a fighter or barbarian of some kind with strength to rival a Hill Giant to wield that mace.

"We don't need your help Brutus, the party's over," said the North Guard.
He answered in a booming and overly dramatic, seemingly mocking tone, "Aww damn, thought there'd still at least be something left for me, I heard there were undead monsters and someone died. Was it one of yours?"

The North Guard rolled his eyes, "check your sources more thoroughly, that's all here say and wrong I might add. I was here and aside from some sewer rats and a few strange wasps, there weren't any of the undead sort. Also, the unaffiliated wizard in question survived thanks to the valiant efforts of our team and quick thinking!" He's right there getting aid from the temple cleric now if you want to go nose in on his doings." The guard took his razing in stride, he obviously knew this gentleman and looked up to him, it wasn't in a rivalrous tone, it was in a tone of pride and an attempt to impress the big man and playfully banter with him.

"Hmm." Brutus said and continued walking with the guards toward the statue where all the new faces were.

[As he approached, the most remarkable thing was his tag, it was an adventurer's tag and had an unmistakably orange sheen, and not the copper sort of orange sheen, he was an orichalcum class S adventurer. A legendary being of godly status by the guild's own standards. It is said that such a warrior would be capable of single handedly challenging a dragon and live to tell the tale, and he was headed your way with them.]

Cat, Yulya and Ashley were patiently waiting as the good samaritans they were.

"Well well well, what an assortment of beauties we have here. It's a sight for these old sore eyes," Brutus said with a voice that boomed larger than life. His smile revealed missing teeth and his wrinkles followed scars all across his leathery face.

"I said we can handle this Brutus," the North Guard said, "and sorry for the wait ladies, we just need to record your statements and answer a few questions."

"You two figure this out, I got to get back to the gate anyway," the gate guard said and eyed Ashley suspiciously as he passed. He leaned into Yulya and whispered, "Trouble, just as I said." He pointed to his helmet in a knowing way and nodded.

Brutus shot both guards a look and continued, "What's up ladies? I heard there was a ruckus."

2/2 Joy the DM 03/26/2024 (Tue) 02:05 [Preview] No.3727 del
Ashley stepped up first with a huge smirk on her face, "heya big guy, after all this ruckus. I've decided that the church route isn't for me. I'm going to take my hard earned gold and register at the guild, could you perhaps give me a discount?" She ended sweetly.
[1d20+4=14 Ashley attempts persuasion without proficiency vs DC20]

He laughs heartily, "what do you have to offer me there little miss? Maybe I could throw you a gold, I could use some company tonight."

Ashley's expression dropped, "I ain't that type of little miss, sir. But if you know what's good for ya, maybe you should at least offer to buy a girl a drink."
&[1d20+6=16 vs DC20 Ashley attempts intimidation and fails once again.]

He laughs harder, "Well aren't you a spicy one, but I'm sorry lass, my heart belongs to another way above your rank in beauty and grace."

Ashley furrows her brow and waves him off, "Pft, whatever, at least I tried" she glances at Yulya and shrugs. "So anyway, Mr. Guard, Sir, can I go? I need to get registered or I won't be able to eat right? I haven't eaten for days, I'm starving here! Do you want this incident to cause a real death?" She leaned in on him in an insistent way, sucking in her cheeks slightly, exacerbating her already gaunt appearance.
&[1d20+6=19 vs DC15 Ashley attempts to use deception to get the guard to let her go and it succeeds.]

The guard shoots her an annoyed look and throws his thumb over his shoulder, "see that you get registered without more ruckus."

Ashley winks at him, and then waves to Yulya and Cat, "See ya at the guild best buds," she said in a sing-song-y way and adds with a serious tone, "get a mask and robe and bring Alice, I'll butter them all up at the guild for yalls. Bye Felicia."

She steps past the big guy and slaps his stomach, "see ya there too I guess, maybe I'll buy you a drink."
[1d20+4=6 He clearly wasn't impressed by her charismatic charms.]
[1d20+4=7 The guard watches her go, unimpressed as well and frankly a little relieved to see that one on her way.]

The North Guard and Brutus both stare down at Cat and Yulya, buttered up as Ashley would say.

Four bells toll ominously in the distance. You hear the driver calling his animals into motion, the rogue rothe limping as he trails on a leash.

[The North Guard has asked for your statements for a start, Yulya and Cat obviously, Ashley was miraculously released without questioning and without incident and will meet you at the guild, she still has your 40gp. Though she requested you bring Alice, and in proper garb and mask, that's up to you, though it would help quite a bit if you did. - Signed, your humble, kind, and merciful DM Joy who you will do well to take advice from.]

[Again, this is your game, so do what you feel is right. I will also add as a bonus gift of knowledge you should have figured out given the previous information: the shops will sell to Yulya and they won't question Cat as the townsfolk are used to seeing refugees and many of them are walking around unregistered, many gave all they had just to enter the city with nothing left to eat never mind to pay to register at the Adventurer’s Guild or Hall of Justice.]

Joy the DM 03/26/2024 (Tue) 02:22 [Preview] No.3728 del

[To be absolutely clear, the North Guard is asking for statements from both of you separately Cat and Yulya, that means he wants a full and complete account as you remember it. (You can summarize). He will attempt to render judgment if you were in part or wholly at fault, he will try to actively detect deception for which he has some proficiency against [DC15], and his associate Brutus is listening in for his own curiosity but may tip off the guard if something doesn't sound right to him. [DC20]]

[To my utter disappointment as your DM Ashley outsmarted me and managed to avoid my gotchas on a gamble. Part of me is proud of her bravery, part of me is not amused by her hubris, but it was a fair albeit risky exchange. From this point forward, she is put on the same dirtier death rules as the other group. I would like to see just how brave she is.]

Cat 03/26/2024 (Tue) 10:50 [Preview] No.3729 del
(2.89 MB 400x400 catnonsese.gif)
Cat approaches the North Guard and begins gesticulating wildly

Do you really let him off like that Nya? I'm sure he didn't look after his rothé well that's why this happened Nya! I am good at animal handling as well Nya! We just came through the gate and wanted to pass the cart Nya but we heard loud noise and he was already on the floor Nya and the rothé it was struggling with its harness it wasn't put on properly Nya it was hurt Nya! I ran to it quickly I thought I could calm it down Nya but it was too late Nya it got really mad there's nothing you can do anymore Nya. We climbed on the cart all of us to be safe Nya but the rothé it ran away Nya right to the other people Nya so we had to do something Nya we couldn't just stay on the cart and watch do you understand Nya? They took my spear so I had no weapon but Yulya gave me her shield Nya so I jump down and climb up that arc and run Nya and shout come back so the rothé doesn't run away even more Nya we wanted to lure it back to the cart Nya and away from the civilians Nya but it didn't listen at all and ran and ran Nya

Cat takes a deep breath before continuing

Cat 03/26/2024 (Tue) 11:10 [Preview] No.3730 del
(3.00 MB 400x400 more-catnonsese.gif)
And then Yulya came too Nya I told her to stay away Nya if the rothé gets you it's curtains Nya but she wanted to use her flame spell Nya and Ashley came too because when she's near I get all powered up Nya because of that spell Nya so we were all on the edge of that green arc

points wildly in the direction

But then that wizard shows up and he fires magic real far and hits the rothé really hard like boom and it was hurt Nya it got really mad so it charged to him Nya and you know that's when you came too right and you dodged it really cool like whoa Nya and you stabbed it hard Nya. I couldn't stay up on the wall anymore Nya I ran towards the rothé but it went straight for the wizard Nya that idiot Nya why didn't he get out of the way Nya it hit him full force Nya!
That was bad Nya we we failed Nya that's what we wanted to avoid we wanted to draw it to us Nya and Yulya threw away all caution and went straight for the wizard to help him Nya right behind the rothé Nya it was crazy Nya she even used her light spell I dunno why Nya it was really dangerous Nya so I wanted to attack the rothé to draw it away from her Nya but she ordered me not to Nya it was hard Nya. And then the guys from the gate came Nya and that driver too Nya and they all attacked the rothé and hit it a lot it was weakened Nya. Then I finally managed to make the rothé go after me Nya. I climbed up that wall Nya over there Nya and it charged after me far away so Yulya could help the wizard Nya and then I jumped down like whoosh and I hit the rothé as hard as I could I didn't want to Nya but it could have hurt more people like the wizard if I didn't stop it Nya. I don't remember much how we were fighting but I brought it down Nya!

Thats all I remember Nya we should have attacked sooner Nya then the wizard wouldn't have got hurt Nya. He almost died Nya I'm glad Yulya could save him Nya!

Yulya 03/27/2024 (Wed) 20:48 [Preview] No.3751 del
(34.37 KB 512x512 142344860.jpg)
Yulya manages to calm Cat down at least a bit before giving her own statement still puzzled and worried that Ashley managed to get away on her own.

Right after we entered the city we found ourselves behind this carriage and wanted to overtake it on the right side. We heard a commotion and saw the driver lying on the floor next to the second rothé on the right side. My guard here was the first to notice that the first rothé had broken free of its harness it was injures and became enraged. I barely managed to stop her from racing right over and trying to calm it down with her animal handling skill. We climbed the cart instead to get to safety. We knew we had to take that raging animal down but it charged north and outside of the range of my Sacred flame spell the only offensive spell I am proficient in. So my guard Cat went down from the cart and tried to get the rothés attention to make it go after her and lure it back to the driver and into the range of my spell. It didnt work out the beast charged further north and towards two civilians. It was clear it wouldnt come back to the cart so me and my disciple decided to follow Cat and back her up. We went to the northernmost edge of the green arc but even this wasnt close enough. After that wizard intervened with his magic missile things got completely out of hand and the rothé began charging the caster. I believe thats when you finally managed to reach it A very brave move if I may say. The wizard fired a second magic missile and thats when the rothé charged him. I think it was the exhaustion after using two spells in qucik succession but still we were horrified that the wizard made no attempts to escape the rothé charging at full speed. I went down from the arc and hit the rothé with my Sacred Flame once but that did not stop it and it took down that unfortunate wizard. I knew this was a deadly hit and that I needed to go out there and heal him. I am a cleric of the Peace Domain so I have next to no experience in frontline combat it was a gamble. Since you went to help the wizard I was now out in the open.Cat did her best to lure the beast westwards away from the downed wizard and my apprentice now also left her safe position to back her up. Finally the rothé charged westwards just before you reached the dying wizard. It was now between Cat and me and I managed to sneak behind it while it chased Cat to the wall. It took longer than expected but I am glad I finally managed to reach the wizard and save him from deaths door. Honestly I was surprised to find him still alive with such injuries. You wouldd think getting a full hit from that beast means instant death. He must have had a guardian angel watching over him. I used all my concentration healing him so I have not witnessed Cat taking down the rothé together with the two guards from the gate an the driver I presume. But I was relieved to hear their cheers and when it was over. So thats pretty much the gist of it you were there yourself so you should be able to confirm my words. I am glad that aside from the unfortunate wizard nobody was injured but I admit we were reckless and our coordination was far from perfect. It could have ended in a disaster. I wanted to use the most careful approach in order not to endanger any of my comrades but you know the best plans rarely survive the beginning of a battle. When the wizard was hit we knew we had to act and we did.

Interrogation Joy the DM 03/28/2024 (Thu) 01:00 [Preview] No.3757 del
[1d20+1=7+1 CHA vs DC5 Passed evaluation.]
[The guard was already impressed with your actions after speaking to his gate guard comrades.]

[1d20+1=20+1 CHA critical pass]
Brutus strokes his beard and a smile grows on his leathery face. "A cut of my own cloth, I expected nothing less." he laughs with a kind sparkle in his eyes then turns to the guard, "this one is innocent, I can tell by the cut of her jib. I'll vouch for her personally."

The guard nods in agreement and jots a note down on a green hand board with white chalk. "If you're okay with this lout, there's not much more to say but welcome to Neverwinter, and sorry for all the ruckus."

He paused a moment, looking over his notes, then continued, "being registered has its advantages, I understand you've chosen to act as a personal guard, but you really should consider registering with the guild. There's a bright future in store for you even if you continue to serve your leader here. It's optional of course, but when you do, you'll also be eligible for recompense for your help today which may offset the price considerably; it's still up for negotiation though. If you're not registered we can't offer you anything. So if you get registered at the Hall or the Guild, go check the desk for recompense in your name. I have you down as Cat, Tabaxi and your class is... Barbarian. It should be waiting for you by ohhh, maybe tomorrow afternoon?"

He seemed satisfied with his judgment and had no further questions for you because of Brutus' endorsement.

[He knew you were Barbarian because the Gate guard saw you Rage and shared that information with him.]

Brutus added, "if you do come to the guild, ask for me and I'd be glad to give you a few pointers. Who knows, maybe someday you'll be experienced enough to challenge me in the arena." He laughed, amusing himself greatly, but he did mean that genuinely but your story just tickled him greatly.


[1d20+2=20+2 CHA, the dice love you two.]
The Guard listens to your story with interest, especially when you retell about his quick thinking and bravery. He elbows Brutus, and Brutus approves, already willing to take the benefit of the doubt if such a fine Tabaxi Barbarian decided to associate with you.

The guard continues, "This is a cut and dry case, I can't find any reason to question you further. I must say I'm impressed and that's saying something. Once you're Silver rank I can only dream that someone like you'd join the guard. We could really use your type and especially someone willing to stick your neck out for a stranger," he sighed as he jotted down a final note. "I should have talked to you two first, this was my mistake, but the priority is always to clear the road, time is money."

Brutus asks the guard what you did exactly this guard gushes like a heartsick schoolgirl. He rolls his eyes, and then folds his arms in a proud stance, "we'll be happy to have the both of you in the guild, I hope you'll both consider it."
“I think you know you will have recompense waiting for you tomorrow afternoon as well,” ‘’he says to Yulya.’’

[Congratulations on a very good outcome! Cat and Yulya gain 50AP each. Ashley gambles and wins 10AP.]

With the stress of a long and perilous journey finally fading, you both take a sign of relief and decide on what to do next. The whereabouts of a certain necromantic sorceress are hopefully still known and one special gelatinous friend certainly understood; it's up to you to decide where to go next.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=RsfVZOZzJsE [Embed]

Joy the DM 03/28/2024 (Thu) 01:01 [Preview] No.3758 del

[Joy: The City is wide open to you now, you and Cat may move about freely and go wherever your heart desires. Though not all parts of the city are equally safe, the main road and market districts are both well watched by guards and adventurers alike. The big city has just about any district, shop, confectionary, or lodging you would desire. Simply ask in the Meta thread what is available in whatever area you're interested and I will accommodate with any information you need. The list of available items are attached with small changes to certain prices which I will address if your shopping list includes them. In addition to anything available in the PHB item lists, for the prices shown, any material needed for spell casting would be available within reason at the alchemists' shops and other places, please inquire with me for specifics. There is obviously also items not included on these lists such as costumes, masks and nearly any custom item you would wish made to order at the tailor or blacksmith. Do enjoy your stay in Neverwinter!]

Yulya 03/28/2024 (Thu) 23:33 [Preview] No.3767 del
(34.94 KB 512x512 donation box.jpg)
Oh god we made it! Well done Cat!
Heres your 5gp from my alms box back but please keep carrying my shield. I'm tired from all the action and its not over yet.

Lets get a disguise for our monster. We need to get Alice out of there before the sun sets.

hands Cat 5gp

Cat 03/29/2024 (Fri) 10:20 [Preview] No.3769 del
takes 5gp from Yulya
Thanks Nya!
Don't worry about your shield, it weights nothing for me Nya!
Lets go shopping, off to the nearest textile shop Nya!

Alice 03/29/2024 (Fri) 18:04 [Preview] No.3772 del
(299.32 KB 1920x1080 shopping street.jpg)
Girls are now shopping for clothes, this may take several hours.
Please wait warmly!

Joy the DM 03/29/2024 (Fri) 18:19 [Preview] No.3773 del

As we wait for Yulya's choices after on my feedback in the meta thread.


I would like to report that Ashley has "taken her turn". The only hint is that it may have involved butter. You may ask her about it once you find her.

Replacement DM Alice 03/29/2024 (Fri) 23:39 [Preview] No.3780 del
(391.80 KB 1800x1200 kimono shop.jpg)
''Following the busy main street you arrive at the market districts and look for shops offering affordable clothing. You stop in front of a small store that stands out by its exotic colorful costumes. It is decorated with strange symbols you cannot read. The shop owner and his wife appear to be foreigners, with black hair, dark eyes and fair skin. They politely greet you but stay in the background. Not being able to make sense of the clothes size you ask for something that would fit a girl of Alice's size. The shop owner's wife bows and leads you to a wall stacked with costumes in all imaginable colors and patterns. Stretched out they appear quite large but much smaller than the other ones meant for adults. The price is 1gp.

Cat and Yulya can post up to to 3 reference images of something they like, then they must agree on one costume to buy

Yulya 03/30/2024 (Sat) 05:26 [Preview] No.3781 del
(88.03 KB 1400x2100 2428663.jpg)
(44.44 KB 666x666 2485096.jpg)
>A hermit cleric and a barbarian go shopping for cute girl clothes
I think we agree Alice should wear a yukata to her mask. As a traditionalist all those foreign bright colored patterns look weird to me. I am for a simple yukata in dark blue black or white

Cat 03/30/2024 (Sat) 10:09 [Preview] No.3782 del
No pink with cherry blossoms Nya?

Alice has blonde hair I agree it should not be too colorful or she will draw too much attention Nya. But your choices are a bit too plain Nya!

I'm for a white yukata with a thin black obi. I like the one Alice posted here too Nya.

Joy the Real, UNDISPUTED DM 03/30/2024 (Sat) 13:56 [Preview] No.3783 del

The shopkeeper finishes a stitch she's working on and then rattles off cryptic values for each of your choices in an uninterested and almost dismissive way, and for each one she adds "that one is very expensive, good quality, hard to find."

Yulya's white choice: 12sp
Yulya's blue choice: 9sp
Yulya's black choice: 17sp (it is of comparatively higher quality to the others.)
Cat's Grey tone choice with flowers: 13sp
Cat's plain white with black obi 10sp
Hair clip: 3sp
Bow: 2sp

The masks vary as well, generally costing more the more elaborate or fine they are but range from 5sp to 15sp. Again any one you pick up she adds, "oh that one very hard to find, very expensive to make. Other client may pick up tomorrow, so I can't give discount," and so on.

The shopkeeper then bows politely and asks if you'd like to try anything on. Overhearing your conversation earlier, and after distracting you long enough, a young girl steps daintily forward with a pleasant smile and a wave. The shopkeeper directs your attention to her daughter, who's quickly dressed herself in a traditional Yukata.

The girl twirls and smiles. She's holding a beautifully painted Kitsune mask.

The shopkeeper barks at the child to hold still as she adjusts the fabric and pats her down, the pink patterns and obi compliment the child's complexion. You can tell it's a high quality linen or possibly even a silk blend by the way it falls and flows with the slightest movement of the same order as the black one, though to be perfectly fair, the fabrics all feel very much alike.

"A client ordered this many season ago and she never return, so you can have for 16 silver total with mask. I have to let go, to right buyer, can't pass it up. 15 silver is final offer."

[Of course she is happy to sell the mask separately for 8sp, or the yukata for 12sp, and it goes without saying that the prices are negotiable to the discerning buyer who presses gently.]

Ambiance Joy the DM and don't forget it! 03/30/2024 (Sat) 14:36 [Preview] No.3784 del

An old man sits against the back wall, he has a long white beard and round glasses. There is a long swooping pipe in his mouth and he's sitting, strumming a well worn koto. He has a katana strapped to his back and still looks like a capable warrior.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=Nj5ZKfDXI5E [Embed]

There's a faint scent of sesame oil and roses.

Yulya 03/30/2024 (Sat) 20:20 [Preview] No.3788 del
(32.07 KB 512x512 coin.jpg)
Cats white one with the lotus flowers would have been my favorite but the offer is too good to pass. And its a rare chance to see Alice in pink that would probably never happen otherwise. I got to admit its too funny I hope shes not mad

So cherry blossom yukata and mask for 15sp it is, thats 5sp cheaper than expected so we can buy some food or equipment for that.

hands the shopkeeper 2gp
Edited last time by ALICE on 03/30/2024 (Sat) 21:57.

Joy the only DM 03/30/2024 (Sat) 22:39 [Preview] No.3793 del

[While we wait for Cat to concur, I highly recommend the following two actions. 1. Bring Alice with you when you register at the guild, I give you my word there will be no gotchas and gimmicks, it's for the sake of efficiency. 2. Go buy some other adventure type things such as: crow bar, hammer, 50ft of rope, grappling hook, anything else you can think of, a small knife or dagger, etc. Cat has shovel at the SW gate. You will be able to use these if you have them but don't magically have a rope if you're stuck without one. Bear's group had to do some really risky things since they were missing the most basic hiking equipment. It is presumed that you can start a fire with survival proficiency which is how Bear gets away with it. Otherwise if you can't magically do it irl, then don't expect to do it here.]


Cat 03/31/2024 (Sun) 09:50 [Preview] No.3798 del
applauds the girl's performance, her large claws making a loud click when coming together with each clap

Nya I like it and the price is reasonable!

Now lets buy some gear too Nya. And a candy apple. You don't want to return to Alice without a candy appple, right, Nya?

Joy the DM 03/31/2024 (Sun) 15:33 [Preview] No.3799 del
(160.80 KB 500x750 ezgif-1-83a0c387ce.jpg)
(572.89 KB 493x759 index.jpg)
(2.39 MB 2500x3864 MGSignupPosterFINAL.jpg)
(157.68 KB 1054x674 ezgif-5-7f22f57676.jpg)

With both in agreement the shopkeeper gladly stripped her child of the outfit and wrapped it gingerly together with the mask on top, using a shiny red ribbon. She took the 2gp and returned 4sp

Even her child could see the faulty math and corrected her mother.

The music stops.

Her mother bowed and apologized but on your way out you heard the sound of a hand slapping and pained squeals of a small child apologizing profusely.

With the wrapped outfit and mask in hand, you finally have a moment to look down the main street.

Past the Temple of Tyr just North of the gate, the costume shoppe was on the north side of the Southern main street of Neverwinter. The smell of sea air was quickly replaced by a plethora of other pleasant scents and smells from shops and vendors, perfume, candles, tanned leather and wrought iron were the first waves of olfactory splendor. The storefronts lining the wide road shifted from a more supply, shoppe and industrial theme to an open market style spectacular only the big city could offer, and this wasn't even to the main market square yet.

Along with it came the posters, just about anything you’d think of were advertised along the main street, and many pointed you just where anyone would want to go. Advertising of all sorts of products and services from sweet rolls to shoe repair could be seen as well as a few items of particular interest, namely the guilds.

The confectionary was a few stores closer to the main market square but just a short walk in that direction led your senses to be assailed with new, fresh and intoxicating scents of foods of all types. Having nothing to eat for quite some time, every new scent sent your stomach into a fit of angry rage.

You pass sweet meat sizzling on open grills, with smoky flavored pheasant and grilled unions filling the air around you as you passed.

Into the confectioner's shop you pick up a candied apple for 1sp, and have to wipe drool from your mouth, maybe Ashley was telling the truth after all, maybe you were all starving.

But there was no time to dilly dally, Alice's gelatinous form was waiting. She'd have had 2 hours sleep buy the time you get to her, hopefully that was enough to keep her turgid enough to get registered.

The clock tower rang 5 tolls.

The sun hang low in the sky. It was about an hour before dusk but still very bright.

[Remove 2 gold and add 4sp to Yulya's coin purse, I will keep track of this on my sheet and you can do so on the shared site or your own tracking methods of choice. Needless to say the Alms box was summarily pilfered. Yulya has 4sp and 3gp, Cat has 4gp, Ashley should still have 40gp but you'll have to check with her on that.]

Cat 04/01/2024 (Mon) 11:08 [Preview] No.3807 del
Poor girl Nya!
Being honest often gets you hated Nya!

Good point about buying gear, Yulya! Let's hurry back to Alice and go to the guild Nya. We will find a good shop tomorrow Nya.
I'm hungry Nya! All that scents are torture Nya! Will we eat dinner at the guild Nya?

Yulya 04/02/2024 (Tue) 06:12 [Preview] No.3824 del
(31.45 KB 512x512 118643642.jpg)
I hope we receive a decent meal and lodging at the guild!

Now let's hurry back to the gate and pick up Alice!

Joy the DM 04/02/2024 (Tue) 10:32 [Preview] No.3826 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=ipFaubyDUT4 [Embed]


With a clear plan, Yulya and Cat walk with purpose back to the Gate. The majority of carts had been cleared from the busy trade port, having caught up after the hour long delay, and a train of carts could be seen sitting along the storehouse row north from the Gate, working their way toward getting their wares unloaded with the help of laborers.

Coming back south, another row of Carts are parked after being loaded with wares for the return trip to places such as Waterdeep, Thornhold, Daggerford, and others along the High Road and the Long Road.
Presumably carts are headed across town to the North market district where finer things may be sourced and further North to Luskan, Mirabar, and Raven Rock via the Blackford Road.

The city is bustling with activity, prosperous, and free owing in no small part to Adventurers like you, recycling past treasures, clearing mines of ne'er-do-well and monsters, and keeping the vast farmlands safe from strife far and wide. Along with the royal guard and knights, city guards and mercenaries for hire, responsible for keeping the civil city-states free from foreign invaders and hostile actors. In this world, the adventurers are the highest technology defense and well loved for it by the people of the realm.

Looking East you pass a road sign, "Church of Ilmater" pointing Northwest, "Hall of Justice" pointing North-northwest, "Church of Tyr" Pointing North towards the main street, "Guild" pointing North-northeast, "Royal Gardens" pointing East.

You'd have to ask around for directions for those other places you'd heard of, as the guard said, but friendly faces abound in the big city, so no worries there.

The Banded Mare, Tris' Lockup were only suggestions though; perhaps not the best but maybe the best value as compared to others you passed along the main street that looked fancier than he had described. Not to forget the most convenient and discounted lodging available at the Guild, presuming there was vacancy, good food, good entertainment, and good rest awaiting you there. Your mind hopes foe a respite after a very long day--any normal party would take such things for granted.

You approach the Gate and you can see Alice, again shifted to look more like a chandelier of snot rather than anything natural.

You position yourself standing below the offended tree, the coast is clear, the cart drivers don't even glance your way as they pass, the guards are busy inspecting the in traffic, it's the perfect time.

Yulya grabs a hanging tendril and yanks hard causing the tumorous looking mass to fall to the ground with a thump. Slowly it reforms into the form of a little girl, her clouded eyes open.

Still groggy but quickly waking up, you help her put on the fine fabric and mask.

[I may regret this after recent posts, but now is the time for Alice to act under her own willful accord. Your guess is as good as mine if she'll cooperate and follow you to the guild where as far as you know, Ashley is patiently waiting. Though she's small and weak at this point you could drag her unwillingly. At this point you're hungry and tired but otherwise ready to make the short walk Northeast. Hopefully with a happy, cooperative slime girl, plied with or perhaps promised a candied apple if she's good.]

Yulya 04/02/2024 (Tue) 17:52 [Preview] No.3827 del
(46.11 KB 850x250 dressing.jpg)
Good evening! Rise and shine Alice!
We got you some pretty clothes and a mask and you can have a candy apple while we go to the guild to register. Ashley is waiting for us.
Lets hurry! When we have registered we can have dinner and stay for the night there.

Alice 04/02/2024 (Tue) 21:48 [Preview] No.3830 del
Mhh, morning, uh, evening!

holds her back like an old man
Oww, did you have to yank me down from my tree like that?

sniffs the air and having identified the source of the scent stares at Yulya's candy apple
Is that for me? Yay, a candy apple! And you really got me nice clothes with cherry blossoms! You're the best!

still sleepy Yulya leads her by the hand as they walk away
Goodbye Mr. Tree! It was fun, I'll come visit you again!

Cat 04/03/2024 (Wed) 07:07 [Preview] No.3839 del
Hahaha you look cute Alice!
Now off to the guild Nya we mustn't forget to get our weapons back too Nya!

walk off together hand in hand with Alice in the middle, the parody of a family

Reunion 1 of Joy the DM 04/03/2024 (Wed) 10:07 [Preview] No.3840 del

As you all walk back, hand in hand, with Alice in check and ready to finally get registered, you have faith that Ashley has fulfilled her promise, that she hasn't done what you fear she might have, no matter how absurd those thoughts were, you shake them off and think only of how she must have felt, alone and away, in this city for the first time but as far as you know, in a city for the first time for her altogether. Her past before Yulya found her in that Owlbear's nest, presumably placed there for his breakfast, was unknown to you and even to her. She acted then not from experience she could even grasp but some unknown unconscious routine; an ego that was opaque, even to her.


As she left the guard, and that large man Brutus, she knew she hadn’t impressed either of them. It was disappointing but she was released to make her way to the guild and that was her orders. She avoided questioning, she avoided being caught in her own web of lies, but that web saved them 5 gold and deception was merely a tool in her arsenal. The fittest will survive, that much she knew. Honor, and loyalty she had as long as she could afford them. She wouldn't be led to her grave just in order to hold a flag of honor.

With nothing but the guild payments to her name, for her and her group to register and nothing else, and keen to put as much distance between herself and the law as fast as possible, but also feeling regret for leaving her party to their fate, she did what she was supposed to do and nothing more. Not for them, though it was Yulya's wish, but for herself, at the end of the day she needed to live with herself and if she could afford it, she would have that integrity.

Past the Temple of Tyr just North of the gate, Ashley walked down the Southern main street of Neverwinter just as you were now, the smell of sea air was quickly replaced by a plethora of other pleasant scents and smells from shops and vendors, perfume, candles, tanned leather and wrought iron were the first wave that tickled her fancy just as they did for you. The storefronts lining the wide road again shifted from a more supply and industrial theme to an open market style spectacular only the big city could offer.


As you traveled past the little shop you bought Alice's dress and mask at, you could see the market square, and it was a sight to behold. Even as the shadows grew long, you could see the stalls and tents, the hustle and bustle of a vibrant and prosperous city filled with all the races you knew and some you wouldn't believe. She was a mecca for all, welcoming to all with the coin who could afford her splendor. Neverwinter was the destination of those seeking adventure, seeking temperate weather, seeking culture and high society, and seeking refuge, for this city-state wasn't typical, it was governed peacefully and fairly according to its residents. Though it was expensive and crime wasn't much different from any other city, there was a sense here that the injustices in life were barred from entrance, though that couldn't be further from the truth in reality, still it was ultimately a fair deal, far fairer than a tightly controlled technocracy, a oppressive religious theocracy or a dictating monarchy, though they were all here, the oligarchs, the clergy and the monarchs, but they were held in check, you could say, by the will of the people. Truly that was special and that credit was owed to the guild.


Your hunger peeks here in the market square, any delicious delight you could imagine, you saw it, you smelled it. And you imagined Ashley's senses were overwhelmed the same way. It worried you a little, you knew too little about this girl who had your fortune and your fate in her coin purse.

Reunion 2 of Joy the DM 04/03/2024 (Wed) 10:09 [Preview] No.3841 del

She had plenty of coin on her but without a discount at the guild, she knew she couldn't spend any of it, she knew it wasn’t hers and though abandoning them to the guards was within her nature, stealing Yulya’s coin that she was holding for her wasn’t. Of Yulya wasn’t completely without sin, she did ask Ashley to smuggle the substantial sum in.

This was important to her though, no, she couldn’t lose even a single gold, she had 40 gold even, that's all, and she was painfully aware of it as her stomach threatened to abandon her logic and force a coup.

She had just enough to register everyone and without it she knew they were going to have tough choices to make and a rough road ahead, so she double and triple tied her coin purse tightly, extra tightly against her skin under her vestments, there wasn't going to be any pickpockets or cutpurses taking Yulya's life savings on her watch. She didn't have much of a plan if they did assault her, because she was already low on mana the moment she cast a spell she'd transform into a Panther, a cloak-less, coin-purse-less one. That would be like handing over her clothes and money to any stray person who walked by.

As part of her pact with the Raven Queen, she was indeed cursed. Though the bargain wasn’t entirely one sided; the panther is a capable fighter and Ashley was decidedly not, in fact, she was more of a pacifist than she would admit. So she didn't dawdle and made a straight line walk for the Adventurer’s guild.


There's a street sign pointing down a long dark alleyway "The Guild" it said humbly. Straddling the entrance you see the unaffiliated quest boards, standing as a last option for those who lacked means to get registered, and these quests were lowly: clearing rats from a basement, fetching water daily to feed the needs of a noble's water fountain, testers wanted for a new formulation of potion, 'earn 3000 gold over the summer crab fishing, inquire with Glarg 3200 W Swordfish Street, docks district.' These quests were clearly without morals or tact.

The guild's location was adeptly situated back out of the way in an old warehouse area, sealed away from traffic now, given it's own little spot among the prime real estate. This is what Ashley must have witnessed and you wondered if it was as daunting and impressive for her as it was for you.

All this trouble making wasn’t for Ashley, she had her orders, she was to enter the guild and wait for the rest of her party to join her. It wasn’t hard to spot, the large warehouse looking building with the big symbol of a unicorn on it, and in she went without delay.

Off the main road, just down a small alley, in the shadow of the clock tower, the guild building was a magnificent testament to dwarven architecture. Built soon after the founding of Neverwinter and used as a warehouse for generations, after the last flight of dragons, it was repurposed to house what is now called “The Adventurer’s Guild” or more simply just "The Guild" the largest and most influential guild in the city bringing in more tax than any other business and yet autonomously governed.

Reunion 3 of 3 Joy the DM 04/03/2024 (Wed) 10:10 [Preview] No.3842 del
If the façade of this place wasn’t intimidating enough, handling the sight of it from the inside certainly took nerve. People of every sort were sitting, talking and relaxing to music played by a human bard sitting with a party of half-Orcs and another high elf at the table nearest the entrance, strumming her lute in harmony. The din was a loud smattering of voices and clinking silverware, the main hall of the guild served as an eatery, bar, and even seating for shows that could be performed on a large adjacent wooden stage. Above were high lofts, presumably for lodging, this place had it all.

And there she was, happily eating a hearty meal, right at home and surrounded by attentive adventurers well beyond her rank. That unmistakable mane of blue silken hair, owed to sorceress' wild magic, was facing away and chatting away. An archer sitting across from her was especially tickled by what she was saying, and hung off her every word.

"So I was there, cheering on my babies, and that poor ole rothé was attacked from every side not the least of which from my preciouses. But then my friend the Barbarian saved the day," she stopped to finish chewing, "it was so fun and then you should have seen the look on that northern guard's face when my friend Yulya did her whole 'saintly light' thing," she air quoted, "it was spectacular, like an angel landed or something," she started laughing, "she cast Healing Hands and got a whole 1 HP of healing!" she cracked herself up and they responded in kind, especially the archer, "saved his life though, she's a good one."

The archer looked up at you, "a barbarian and a cleric of light you say?"

"Yeah, didn't you hear me?" she said and looked at him, then slowly turned herself around and looked up at you. "speak of the devils! Here they are, finally."

The table built for 6 was already occupied by four, Ashley, the archer, a lovely elven bard and an old, white bearded wizard smiling with a kindly old glint in his wrinkle fringed eye as he glanced your way. He tilted back as if you welcome you in his arms, but only smiled wisely.

"Well, welcome to the Guild," The archer said, leaning across the table to shake Yulya's hand, "we've heard all about your exploits, and it's nice to see a face to the legend. Herald at your service. The lovely bard here is my tantalizing and ravishing companion Josephia, and the older gentleman to my left is Faren the wise, a very capable wizard."

Ashley then stares at the short geisha with the fox mask, her brow furrowed in puzzlement.

Yulya 04/03/2024 (Wed) 20:04 [Preview] No.3844 del
(140.52 KB 1370x800 face-soul.jpg)
Omg theyre all looking at me what did Ashley do she spilled everything is she insane?! Even my Healing Hands spell they know I am an Aasimar now and I tried so hard to minimize healing that wizard so I wouldnt draw any attention! Who knows what else she told them probably even that Alice is not from this world and that Cat is a wanted revolutionary.
All my plans to lay low and lead a quiet life out of the spotlight are ruined! Its over! Over! Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Yulya instinctively tries to turn 180 degrees and make a run for it but is stopped by a tall Catgirl standing behind her who pushes her forward towards the table. Unable to escape Yulya puts on a tormented smile and tries to somehow survive. Receiving a gentle elbow jab from Cat she reluctantly takes Heralds outstretched hands while sweating profusely. People wait for a grandiose introduction but only awkward silence follows. Yulya looks back at Cat and Alice in a desperate call for help

Cat 04/04/2024 (Thu) 09:27 [Preview] No.3847 del
Cat ushers Yulya and Alice to the table, they reluctantly stumble forward. Realizing that Yulya.exe has stopped working, Cat takes over the introduction before more Spaghetti is spilled
Nyahaha good evening everyone! I see you already made friends, Ashley!
I am Cat Nya and these are Alice Nya and Yulya Nya!
pats both on the head with her giant paws forcing them to bow lightly

Thanks for taking care of Ashley Nya! Sorry our Cleric is a bit exhausted after the battle with the rothé and healing that wizard Nya!

Cat appears to be talking more to the food on the table than the people and is visibly drooling

Alice 04/04/2024 (Thu) 23:14 [Preview] No.3850 del
(108.30 KB 850x840 dinner time.jpg)
>The table built for 6 was already occupied by four
It's ok, 2 seats for Cat and Yulya, I can lurk under the table and feed on scraps of food that drop on the floor. Oh, I think I already see some, brb diving under the table unless you quickly grab me. Gotta make a good impression by keeping everything clean. First impressions are important!

Ashley 04/05/2024 (Fri) 01:50 [Preview] No.3851 del
(311.80 KB 910x1024 ezgif-6-be2fb714a11.jpg)

"You look hungry too Cat, come here and sit with me, I can't eat all this anyway. Look at this desert thing! Gotta save that for last," she points to a large hunk of meat, "you see this? When I said I could eat a horse, I didn't mean an actual horse, so I don't trust this meat, do you wanna try it? Also, I think this is double portions at least. Oh oh! This cider is really good, try it." Ashley scoots over and pats her chair for Cat and holds up her tankard.

She seems like she's really enjoying herself.

"Oh the Gaisha that is eating off the floor must be Alice?" Ashley throws a biscuit on the floor.

Ashley then leans closer to Cat and thumbs back at Yulya, she says softly, "what's her problem?"

"Anyway, hey Yulya, they said I couldn't order anything because I'm not 'registered' can you believe the nerve? Thankfully this guy here," she points to the archer "Herald right? He bought it for me, thank the heaves for loopholes am I right? So he's cool, the Bard's cool too I guess but the other guy, Jack, their leader? He's a 1st class asshole. He stormed off after I told him off and he's lucky I can't cast anything or I'll turn into a panther because I bet my Tiger-self would've ripped him a new one."

She seems off balance.

"I never had cider before! It's shooo gud, here already!"

She nearly spills it on Cat.

Cat 04/05/2024 (Fri) 11:42 [Preview] No.3854 del
Fixed that, Ashley's useless too now that she's drunk.

Guild 1 of Joy the DM 04/05/2024 (Fri) 12:43 [Preview] No.3855 del
(82.58 KB 512x512 Freya.jpg)
(60.70 KB 512x512 Also Freya.jpg)
(65.68 KB 656x492 Elizabeth.jpg)
(53.38 KB 382x462 Quagg.jpg)
(288.54 KB 2560x1920 displayed.jpg)
https://youtube.com/watch?v=z6NImR4OSeI [Embed]


>she reluctantly takes Heralds outstretched hands while sweating profusely.

Herald takes your hand and attempts to bring it to his lips but Ashley slaps your hand out of his, "would you stop!? Why are you trying to kiss everything, hentai? Sheesh."

He laughs and shakes his head, "My dear Ashley, you are a peculiar one."

"I'm not your nothing, but if you play your cards right I might be a friend, but I'm not going to be a friend to Mr. Kinky-Kissy-Face."

Josephia especially liked that one and covered her mouth to prevent an outright laugh at her friend's expense.

"I apologize Ashley," Herald said simply, "I admit I don't know your culture of origin, so I apologize if my ways have offended."

"It's okay Harry, just lay off the touchy-feely stuff."

>Nyahaha good evening everyone! I see you already made friends, Ashley!
>I am Cat Nya and these are Alice Nya and Yulya Nya!
>Thanks for taking care of Ashley Nya! Sorry our Cleric is a bit exhausted after the battle with the rothé and healing that wizard Nya!

"Friends? Well, almost, here," Ashley tries to hand you the tankard of cider and attempts to pull you down into her chair with her.


Alice slips under the table causing Josephina to edge back in her seat as she watches Alice picking up stray bits of food that had dropped. When she sees Ashley throw a roll to her, she can't help but be amused by this interaction, 'This girl Ashley would make a wonderful Bard,' she thinks to herself.

"Have you considered registering as a Bard, Ashley?"

Ashley eyes her, and her look obviously declines.


>"Anyway, hey Yulya, they said I couldn't order anything because I'm not 'registered' can you believe the nerve? Thankfully this guy here," she points to the archer "Herald right? He bought it for me, thank the heaves for loopholes am I right? So he's cool, the Bard's cool too I guess but the other guy, Jack, their leader? He's a 1st class asshole. He stormed off after I told him off and he's lucky I can't cast anything or I'll turn into a panther because I bet my Tiger-self would've ripped him a new one."

Herald sits back, "she's technically correct but I'm still wondering how you calmed him down and what if anything we need to do to get him back to normal?"

Ashley waves her hand dismissively at him, "I'll release him, don't worry."

"Did you say you'd turn into a Panther if you cast again?" the elder wizard Faren asks, now even more interested in this blue-haired sorceress.

"It's loud in here I know, yes, I'll TURN INTO A PANTHER!" Ashley responds.

"I've never heard of such an ability held by a sorceress," he remarks, stroking his beard.

"It's more of a curse than an ability, but it has come in handy."

"Oh? So you do remember some of your past?" Herald adds.

"Well kinda, but no, it's more dream-like, honestly, it's only been a few days since I woke up nude in that Owlbear nest."

"Absolutely remarkable," Faren remarks.

Amid this back and fourth, another young woman arrived. She's exquisitely beautiful with long, fiery red hair and obviously upper-class apparel, though her tag is Copper and embossed on it says, "FREYA" and "HOSTESS". The moment she looks into your eyes, you're mesmerized by her, drawn into her gaze like a hapless moth into a flame, you immediately feel like you've known her for years and she's your best friend, like you'd do anything for her.

Yulya: You're certain she's not casting any spell yet you feel unmistakable under some sort of affects. You shake the feeling of servitude, your nerves are shot and you don't know this woman, but her allure is unshakable, you want to know more but at this point you're obviously overwhelmed. A hermit in a din of activity surrounded by dozens of strange and boisterous beings seemingly brings chills down your spine.

Guild 2 of Joy the DM 04/05/2024 (Fri) 12:45 [Preview] No.3856 del
[1d20-1=13-1 vs DC10] You instinctively rack your brain, thinking of anything you might have picked up about lore or anything you remember from seminary, you are learned of course, and it strikes you like a ton of bricks, she's Fey, or perhaps half-Fey. You consider for a moment that she's perhaps a member of the alluring denizens of the Feywild that are inherently capable of charming and dominating unsuspecting victims into their lands to enslave, experiment, or otherwise subjugate as pets or simply use your soul energy for whatever purpose or whim they conjure up at the moment. But the thought is quickly dismissed, clearly this woman is an official Hostess and isn't here to eat your soul or drag you into another plane of existence, so you should be able to trust her in that capacity at least.

Cat: You have similar feelings of familiarity but know for sure you've never met this woman, she's not Tabaxi. You're a little confused by the feelings though and inherently trust her.

She smiles at you and your heart melts. You begin to realize that the table of half orcs and several others are now watching you intently, or rather Freya and you. She tries to place her hand on Ashley's shoulder but is denied.

"Again, don't touch me without permission!" Ashley snaps and slaps her hand away.

Her expression falls and you can tell she barely contains her frustration as she rubs her hand nervously, then bites her lip and collects herself after a quick breath, "Hello and welcome to The Guild! I am your gracious host Freya. I always love to see new faces! I take it you're here to register with your friend here?"

She eyes Ashley tugging on Cat and you can tell Ashley has struck her with undeniable curiosity, she's barely able to concentrate on what she's tasked to do, "firstly, I overheard Ashley's complaint and I feel terrible about it but that is the policy, we offer fare at a discount and only to members, but you're free to visit and view our curiosities," she motions to the walls where countless objects and totems are on display, the horn of a dragon, the toe of a giant, a shield half-melted, a broken sword in a glass case this place is also apparently a museum of artifacts in it's own right. "I'd be happy to show you around, and let me be the first to dissuade any notion that we're unwelcoming to refugees!" she clears her throat and eyes Ashley, who eyes her back in a disbelieving manor.

"Don't mind her, sit, you all can share my plate," Ashley offers.

Guild 3 of 3 Joy the DM 04/05/2024 (Fri) 12:46 [Preview] No.3857 del

Freya shakes her head as if shaking off disappointing thoughts, bringing her hand to her forehead she almost seems pained or ill. She recovers quickly though and continues, "though it's not within my power to do so by policy, I'm personally going to treat you all to dinner, order whatever you like on me." She pulls out the free chair, then goes to the full table next to you and touches one of the half-ors on the shoulder. This massive, silver-ranked, green-hued barbarian looks up at her with an uncharacteristically adoring smile then looks crestfallen when he realizes she's just stealing his chair.

She places the other chair at the table in front of you and motions for both of you to sit.

She then leans into Cat and asks, "is your friend under the table housebroken? I'm so very sorry but if not she'll have to be tied up outside. I can bring her water and scraps if you like?"

You can tell she's not sparing a single breath on anything but hospitality and care, you can also tell, Fey charm aside, she's genuinely doing her best to impress and welcome you as a good hostess should.

She waves across the room and points to the table, another woman rushes over and stands at attention, "Liz, please do get them whatever you want, all of them, Jack's party included, on me."
"As you wish Freya," the wood elf bows to Freya, she similarly has a copper plate with the embossed words, "ELIZABETH and HOSTESS".
"I'll go look for a free chair for Quagg," Freya says and no sooner had the melodic words of her soft voice been uttered when several adventurers of various rank suddenly stand and push their chairs toward Freya. She smiles at each of them in a thankful way and points at one to offer their chair for Quagg. Part Fey or not, there's no question that this Freya is universally loved.

"I'm here to answer any questions and when you're ready I'll happily register you."

"We'll let you know," Ashley said dismissively.

You are free to order or interact with whoever you wish, and despite Ashley, Freya is still standing there with no intention to leave just yet.

Cat 04/05/2024 (Fri) 15:32 [Preview] No.3859 del
Cat swiftly puts Yulya on an empty seat with her free hand while kicking Alice in the butt under the table, causing her to fall flat with a loud thump. After taking her seat next to Ashley, a large paw pulls a little girl in pink Yukata wearing a fox mask from under the table and puts her on the free seat next to her that Freya organized.

Sorry 'bout that Nya she's a prankster but a good girl Nya!
And treating us to dinner is very nice of you, thank you so much Freya Nya!

''Cat is mesmerized by Freya like a cat baited with a treat yet does not look at Freya but only at Ashley's plate while talking. Using an extended claw like a skewer, Cat helps herself to a portion of meat. Her mind entirely fixed on the food, Cat pays no further attention to the other people around her. Who cares as long as there is delicious food?

Alice 04/05/2024 (Fri) 19:36 [Preview] No.3860 del
[Awesome but was missing Nya
Now it's perfect!]

Hey watch it Cat, I was just cleaning under that table!
Alice has salvaged the biscuit thrown by Ashley and is nibbling on it under her mask like a squirrel, giving Ashley a thumbs-up
Itsch good, thanksch Aschley!
Alice eyes the unfamiliar people around her behind an expressionless mask, then tilts her head backwards to look at Freya she hadn't seen until now from under the table. Unable to even sense Freya's charm, Alice views her as just another pretty waitress and ignores her. This appears to be mutual. Alice thinks to herself that Ashley has done quite a job. Secured free meals and our registration, but most importantly drawn attention to her.
Good, good! More attention for you means less attention on me! Let them think I'm a dog or whatever dumb creature not worth a glance. Guild infiltration successful! I'll eat what I can, stay quiet for now and assess the situation. I'm just a dog after all.

Yulya 04/06/2024 (Sat) 02:17 [Preview] No.3865 del
Yulya tries to sort her thoughts. Freyas strange powers have rebooted Yulya.exe and made her forget Ashleys shenanigans at least for a moment. But cast her from one shock into the next. What was that just now? Without doubt she is one of the Feywild these guys are dangerous. But her powers are probably extremely helpful for her job maintaining peace and order at the guild. At least Freya is not an enemy and that skill appears to have limited effect and apparently none on Ashley. Yulya sighs and closes her eyes, puts a hand on her chest and casts GUIDANCE on herself just to be sure.

Having regained composure and casting aside potential murder-suicide options involving a blue-haired party member as impractical Yulya musters the other guests at the table:

''An archer practicing pick up skills on a cleric he just met. At least he doesnt seem overly smart.
A female bard with unknown skills. But bards generally have scary manipulative powers and she sees Ashley in the same category as herself.''
A high-ranking and probably very knowledgeable wizard with an interest in Ashleys origins. Not good at all those guys like to poke their noses into too many things.

Reluctantly Yulya returns to Freya.
I apologize for my partys poor impression. We had quite a rough day as you may have heard. So I am very grateful for your offer it has been a while since our last warm meal. If you dont mind we would like to register after we have eaten. By the way, we also need an affordable place to stay. How are the options here? We're a bit low on funds, we already saved up for the registration fee.

Yulya orders todays menu and a non-alcoholic drink and encourages Cat and Alice to order their dinner as well but reminds them to remain reasonable and modest with their choices.
We are not to abuse the kindness and hospitality of others! And dont get totally drunk we still need to register!
glances at Ashley

A night to remember Ashley with Directions by Joy 04/06/2024 (Sat) 03:34 [Preview] No.3869 del
>glances at Ashley

"What? Did you want some cider?" Her last word cracked high, she might have hicuped. She rips it from Cat's waiting grasp and pushes it to Yulya. "It's a littllllle too spicy for me, but it was great. Whew! Is it hot in here or is it just me?"

The archer can't stop staring at Ashley fanning herself with her sacred collar. Freya is similarly both perplexed and intrigued.

Freya breaks loose of this web-like aura Ashley casts and bows to Yulya, "certainly! Um, just call me when you're um..." she's distracted by Ashley, "gotta go, customer's are waiting!" As she leaves you're left feeling cold, as if her firey nature was the only thing keeping you warm.

On the other table a young Half Orc woman lookes at you consolingly, "heh, she does that to everyone, I don't think she realizes just how powerful her aura is. I'm Irgasha Sling, Proud Cleric of Tyr, your vestments are interesting, if you don't mind me asking, to whome do you owe your faith if not Tyr, Helm, or Oghma?"

The wizard also looks interested in chatting, you're fitting right in and in good company.

Elizabeth rattles off a number of dishes and drinks that are available tonight then lists the accommodations. "The upper lofts are free for the first night after registration, one per party. The food today is gratis per Freya." And she reiterates that registration will be available as late as Freya says it is. "Freya herself closes tonight so just enjoy yourselves, the night is still young."

Joy the DM 04/06/2024 (Sat) 03:39 [Preview] No.3870 del

On a wall near the door is a couch in front of a large chalk board. The board is finely scripted and lists all the available Adventurers in town that are currently registered and checked in.

Interact as you see fit, eat, enjoy yourselves, and when you're ready, call for Freya to get registered.

Cat 04/06/2024 (Sat) 11:21 [Preview] No.3872 del
After satisfying her worst hunger with Ashley's portion, Cat happily orders some more of the meat Ashley had and ale. While waiting she addresses nobody in particular on the table.
Oh do you know a big guy named Brutus Nya? A barbarian like me I believe Nya! We met him after taking down that rothé Nya, when we were questioned by the guards Nya. He seemed pretty cool Nya. Had this huge mace Nya he must be strong Nya. Not even I could wield that thing Nya. He said we would probably meet him here when we register and should ask for him Nya.

Cat gesticulates wildly while talking, enthusiastically swinging an imaginary giant mace and almost knocks glasses off the table with her huge paws.

Alice 04/06/2024 (Sat) 13:58 [Preview] No.3873 del
Oi what are you doing you fool!
Alice acrobatically tries to catch the glasses knocked over by Cat without spilling anything [DEX check anyone?]

then pulls Cat by the tip of her ear.
Be a bit more careful, do you wanna decapitate someone with your claws!?

a few drops of cider spill on Alice's brand new yukata but the stains miraculously disappear leaving it spotlessly clean again.
Having finished her biscuit Alice listens to the waitress listing available dishes and slightly disappointed that human isn't on the menu orders a roast chicken with cranberries and fried vegetables. Who knows when we will be able to eat something that normal again?

While waiting Alice curiously eyes Josephia sitting opposite of her, tilting her head.
Say what does a bard actually do? Sing and dance? I've never met one!
Then points at her finished plate only containing a few morsels of food and some gravy.
Also can I have that?

Joy the DM 04/06/2024 (Sat) 13:59 [Preview] No.3874 del
>casts GUIDANCE on herself just to be sure.

Garnering a strange look from Faren among others, Yulya Casts GUIDANCE on herself in an effort to set her head straight regarding trust and Freya's powers over her. Not knowing exactly what to do she seeks guidance from her insight to check if Freya is true or secretly trying to dominate the group. [1d20+7+1d4=14+7+3=24 vs DC30] though she fails to know for sure, a whisper enters her mind that she's sure isn't Freya...

[SheShe] Freya isn't your concern.

It clicks into place, Freya only ever gave you cursory glances and, professional treatment, unlike Ashley. This inexplicably pains you, why should Ashley get such attention and not yourself... You calm down, unable to shake this feeling in your heart but it is fading slowly. She neither asked for anything nor took anything, in fact, she's buying you dinner. You decide to maintain a professional attitude, to accept her at face value and move on. Though her charm was unmistakable, your inner voice has spoken: move on, she's not for you. In a way you're both saddened and relieved.

Now the prompting of Half Orc Cleric and the questioning look of a certain nosey Wizard draw your attention.

Yulya 04/06/2024 (Sat) 17:56 [Preview] No.3880 del
(29.93 KB 430x430 116836422.jpg)
Yulya gently refuses the cider pushed on her by Ashley and hands it back to Cat. But she cant help but smile everyone seems to have a good time and death is not imminent. A moment to be treasured. Yulya sighs and feels a little relaxed for the first time since entering the city.

>On the other table a young Half Orc woman lookes at you consolingly
>I'm Irgasha Sling, Proud Cleric of Tyr, your vestments are interesting, if you don't mind me asking, to whome do you owe your faith if not Tyr, Helm, or Oghma?"
Oh! Greetings servant of Tyr! I am a Peace Cleric of Eldath, the Goddess of Shining Waters. I have been living as a hermit at the south edge of neverwinter wood but as you know peace is scarce nowadays and conditions did not allow us to continue living in our remote home. So we came here to register and join the guild. Only by unity peace can be restored.
Yulya closes her eyes and talks more to herself thinking about her cabin and wondering when or if she will be able to return.

Not really eager to hold a conversation with a follower of a major church Yulya turns to Faren the wizard
Uhm excuse me do you know the fate of the wizard attacked by the rothé today? I managed to stabilize him but not much more. I hope he will be alright.

Yulya feels a little guilty about not doing more for the unfortunate guy but you gotta have your priorities and living a peaceful life staying out of trouble comes first.

Busy night 1/3 Joy the DM 04/06/2024 (Sat) 21:34 [Preview] No.3882 del
The group takes in the guild as they eat. It has a two story interior with a balcony, it was obviously a theater after it was a warehouse and has now been converted into a large open restaurant-like hall with many medium round tables and chairs set for six each. Parties are sitting with each other and enjoying a meal, drinks, cards, other gambling or just sitting back and talking. On what would have been the stage is still a stage but in the back is a long desk with a wall of marked set of files, a bulletin board of sorts, with dozens of papers tacked up with wax seals, some are open, some are headlined with metallic names, copper, silver, gold, etc. Presumably these are quests and wanted posters.

Another similar board is just by the main doors, filled with wanted posters and flyer next to the adventurer's list you noted earlier.

There is a kitchen to the left with a bread oven and grill. Up in the balconies seem to be windows into the small private rooms or 'lodging'. There is a large central firepit where slabs of meat are slow roasting. You can rest assured they're not horse meat.

It's awfully busy right now and the din is near deafening, a lot of the patrons are drunk and some have noticed your party, many eye you occasionally as you eat though many are looking at Ashley. She seemed to have made quite the impression. Your party is slowly drawing more attention.

Busy night 2/3 Joy the DM 04/06/2024 (Sat) 21:47 [Preview] No.3883 del
While eating, Cat speaks to no one in particular, concentrating more on the food as she goes, "oh do you know a big guy named Brutus Nya? A barbarian like me I believe Nya! We met him after taking down that rothé Nya, when we were questioned by the guards Nya. He seemed pretty cool Nya. Had this huge mace Nya he must be strong Nya. Not even I could wield that thing Nya. He said we would probably meet him here when we register and should ask for him Nya."

Cat gesticulates wildly while talking, enthusiastically swinging an imaginary giant mace and almost knocks glasses off the table with her huge paws, but the din slowly gets to her, there's so much going on and she can catch bits and pieces of conversations going on around her.

Cat's excellent and always twitching and pointing ears overhear:

"...they're all gone, all of them..." A group two tables far on the other side are discussing something, Cat glances over and sees another Tabaxi explaining about her tribe but she can't make much more out.

Another group of humans and half-elves are discussing something with concern. "...so where did they go? Why would they pay and then just leave town?"

Halflings with a dwarf are discussing someone who was missing who might have been spotted, One halfling says,"...I'm telling you it was her, I'm 100% sure of it..." and the dwarf responds, "... I don't see how we're going to get her now, if she's in the hands of that noble she's as good as gone forever..." the halfling pleads, "but she didn't have a collar yet..."

"...who are these scrubs now? More fodder?" Cat glanced that way and at yet another table some Githyanki glance over to your group, a large half-orc woman, obviously a fighter, is leaned back with a large smirk on her face, staring at your group with confidence she looks especially drunk. She's trying to insight the Githyanki into a conversation but they appear uninterested.

Yet another table up near the stage is among a few that are a little higher quality than most, and a well dressed rather rotund man is sitting with an Aasimar and a wood elf, they're well equipped and look seasoned. Sitting on either side of him are two beautiful young girls dressed to the nines with jewelry and especially interesting among the jewelry are their slave collars, shining in the light adorned with large gems. He's confidently discussing something about a mine and pushes a large bag toward the adventurers. His companions don't look so confident or happy to be there. Thought they appear to be dressed like royalty, bruises on their bare arms and legs say they aren't treated as such.

Another well dressed and doughy man, likely another noblemen, laced with gold chains and multiple rings on each finger comes in trailed by three beastkin slave girls whos waiflike frames and commoner clothes appear as a sharp contrast to his. He is holding a long golden chain that is looped to a collar on each of their necks, they're obviously not bonded yet. He pushes between you and the Orcs' table and trails toward the stage. The last in train looks back at you and smiles apologetically, she has a large bruise surrounding her eye. The girls seem to shuffle, they're not wearing shoes and their ankles are similarly chained together, supposedly to prevent them from running before the enslavement contract is completed.

A dwarven man is standing near the desk on stage pleading with Freya. He sees the noblemen walk up and scowls at him then shakes his head. He looks toward the slaves with a helpless glance. He then shakes his head and hands Freya an envelope with a wax stamp on it.

There are many more such scenes playing out all around you, the place is a madhouse tonight.

Lastly Cat catches someone say, "I hate Mondays."

Busy Night 3/3 Joy the DM 04/06/2024 (Sat) 21:57 [Preview] No.3884 del

"Oi what are you doing you fool!" Alice acrobatically tries to catch the glasses knocked over by Cat without spilling anything [1d20+2=5+2 vs DC10] Ashley's mug is saved but Josephia's tankard spills before she catches it, thankfully it was nearly empty.

Alice then pulls Cat by the tip of her ear, "be a bit more careful, do you wanna decapitate someone with your claws!?"

The few drops of cider that spilled on Alice's brand new yukata miraculously disappear leaving it spotlessly clean and dry in seconds. Having finished her biscuit Alice listens to the waitress listing available dishes and slightly disappointed that human isn't on the menu orders a roast chicken with cranberries and fried vegetables. "Who knows when we will be able to eat something that normal again?"

Josphia starts to apologize but the stain seems to be gone before she can even finish.

"Say what does a bard actually do? Sing and dance? I've never met one!" Alice then points at her finished plate only containing a few morsels of food and some gravy. "Also can I have that?"

Josephia shrugs and gives Alice her plate, "Being a bard is everything you've heard and more, it's a wonderful life of documentation and mentorship, without me my poor party wouldn't have gotten past copper." She snickers and Faren eyes her with consternation.

After casting Guidance, Yulya looks momentarily pained but catches herself enough to address the half-orc next to her. She gently refuses the cider pushed on her by Ashley and pushes it back to Cat. But she cant help but smile everyone seems to have a good time and death is not imminent. A moment to be treasured. Yulya sighs and feels a little relaxed for the first time since entering the city.

"Oh! Greetings servant of Tyr! I am a Peace Cleric of Eldath, the Goddess of Shining Waters. I have been living as a hermit at the south edge of neverwinter wood but as you know peace is scarce nowadays and conditions did not allow us to continue living in our remote home. So we came here to register and join the guild. Only by unity peace can be restored." Yulya closes her eyes and talks more to herself thinking about her cabin and wondering when or if she will be able to return.

Not really eager to hold a conversation with a follower of a major church Yulya turns to Faren the wizard. "Uhm excuse me do you know the fate of the wizard attacked by the rothé today? I managed to stabilize him but not much more. I hope he will be alright."

Faren addresses her with very little emotion, "oh I'm sure he'll be fine, I don't know who you're speaking of but a wizard is a resilient sort."

Josephia then adds, "we haven't heard everything of the gate incident today but that means we haven't heard bad news either, so don't be too concerned, such things are a way of life for us adventurers. Once you start letting it get to you, your adventuring days are numbered."

Quagg says in response, "Patch em up, move along, that's the way!"

Irgasha rolls her eyes, "Quagg, are you planning on saying anything intelligible tonight? I'm sure he'll be okay, Ashley said there was a Cleric of Tyr dispatched, so they'll take care of him."

Only now does Yulya and Ashley see the slave girls.

"It's disgusting," Ashley seethes, "how could they let those nobles in here?"

She notes the silver rank on the belt of the noble leading the three beastkin.

She leans back looking for someone on the board who might match his description but can't tell.

She pushes her plate away, "I've lost my appetite, I'm going to go get registered." She unwraps her tightly protected coin purse and hands 30 gold to Yulya, "I want to be level 20 yesterday and take the whole nobility of this whole town down. It's my destiny!"

[SheShe] It's not her destiny, she's drunk.

Herold catches Ashley's arm but she yanks it free, "Before you go killing every noble you see, keep in mind that slavery is legal, and who do you think supplies most of the best paying quests?"

Me rn Ashley 04/06/2024 (Sat) 22:00 [Preview] No.3885 del
(119.36 KB 768x512 ezgif-3-0b288f3441.jpg)

"I'm going, where's that Freya chick?"

Cat 04/07/2024 (Sun) 13:03 [Preview] No.3886 del
(46.67 KB 622x621 purring stops.jpg)
Cat silently watches Ashley leave, then drinks up her cup in one go, gets up, bows to the people on the table and follows Ashley without saying a word.

Alice 04/07/2024 (Sun) 18:27 [Preview] No.3888 del
(26.22 KB 340x340 drool.jpg)
Alice swipes Josephia's plate with her hand and returns it perfectly clean.
Thank youu!

As Ashley and Cat leave the table, Alice tilts back in her chair and stretches her arms

Ahh, couldn't they at least have waited until I received my dinner?

then turns to Yulya pointing after them

You should probably follow them unless you wanna take responsibility for some dead nobles. Ashley may be a pacifist but The Cat isn't. I'll catch up with you but I'm not leaving this table without my chicken!

Yulya 04/07/2024 (Sun) 23:02 [Preview] No.3891 del
(27.41 KB 440x440 144863246.jpg)
Yulyas peaceful moment crumbles to dust faster than the twin towers on 9/11 and her positive view of the guild takes a serious blow from witnessing the slave girls.

It is probably time to get registered now and then call it a day and get some sleep. Hopefully without starting a war with countless casualties. Yulya sighs in resignation puts 30gp from Ashley in her pouch and trods off after her troublesome companions. She then realizes Cat left without registration money and maybe not with the intention to register at all and accelerates her pace. A peace cleric might be needed immediately.

Evesdropping 1/3 Joy thr DM 04/08/2024 (Mon) 00:43 [Preview] No.3892 del
(34.65 KB 666x375 8lxyd3.jpg)
(112.18 KB 500x500 8lxygy.jpg)
[Only now does Yulya and Ashley see the slave girls.]

“I’m going! Where’s that Freya chick?” Ashley says in a determined serious tone and storms off.”

Cat silently watches Ashley leave, then drinks up her cup in one go, gets up, bows to the people on the table and follows Ashley without saying a word.

Ashley storms toward the front and is puzzled to see Freya cavorting with a noble and two adventurers up front. She pauses and blends in using stealth. [1d20+2=17 vs DC15] Freya didn’t see her and she is able to slip under a table. To anyone she was near she seemed to just disappear.

She sees Cat come storming up from under the table and with sister-cat like reflexes, she grabs her leg, tripping her under the table after her. [1d20+3=18+3 vs DC15] In the din and fuss of the guild at the moment, no one seems to notice the stowaways under the table.

Ashley holds Cat’s mouth and shushes her in her sensitive ears, “There she is, cavorting with the enemy, we need intel so shh.”

When they spot Yulya coming they grab her too [1d20+1=16+1 vs DC15], covering her mouth and shuching her. Now all three are safely hidden under an increasingly crowded table. Legs from it's above board inhabitants are hard to avoid but they manage. Now all can spy comfortably on the women they know as Freya.

Eavesdropping 2.1/3 Joy the DM 04/08/2024 (Mon) 00:48 [Preview] No.3893 del
(185.38 KB 1280x720 ezgif-1-0babfb5cba.jpg)
Freya walks past one of the visiting nobles up front, at the high end tables perhapse meant to hash out deals between quest takers and quest givers, he sees her and is noticeably nervous. His slave girls were beautiful though they were looking especially roughed up. Freya bent down between the two adventurers sitting across from them, “what are we up to Gavero, Melodia?” They were what looked like a male Wood Elf Assassin and an Aasimar Cleric woman with a ghostly halo. They were both clearly displaying their silver rank plates.

Gavero rolled his eyes, “Oh Freya, this gentleman is offering something out of guild purview. I can’t imagine the issue,” even you could tell he was being sarcastic.

Freya winked at him and flitted her fey-butterfly-self around to the girls, she hugged one, “Sandie!”

This caused Sandie to squeal excitedly, hugging back like she'd not seen her best friend in ages.

Then she went over and hugged the other “Kell!”

Kell was similarly happy to receive the affection from her favorite person in the world.

“How are things?” she asked Kell.

“We’re… good?” Kell said and looked away.

She pointed to the bruises on her arm, a particular four parallel bruises were obviously where she was grabbed hard enough to break vessels. Her beautiful creamy legs were also spotted with half moon shaped bruises, they looked like she was kicked repeatedly with a boot, and some were slightly scabbed.

“I love your outfit, I’m so jealous,” Freya said and leaned back, admiring the high quality, obviously high fashion and likely very pricy outfit.

“I know, isn’t it posh? I love it,” She said and posed, unconcerned with the bruises by comparison.

She then placed her hand on the noble’s shoulder, she cleared her throat and wrapped gently on his forehead with her knuckles.

His eyes blinked for every tap and he spoke nervously “Freya, darling, when will you stop this playing around and work for me personally? Don’t you like wealth and opulence?”

Freya pushed him back in his chair and sat on his lap. [Performance check passed without roll]. She wrapped her arm around him and spoke breathily into his ear “I don't know, would you treat me like one of your gorgeous girls here?” She could see the goose bumps raise on his skin and she had to try really hard not to throw up right on him, her gag was notable to you but he didn’t see it.

His hands were at his sides, it looked like he knew if he touched her he’d not survive the trip to the exit, several of the nearby adventurers looked disturbed by Freya’s current seat, or jealous more like.

Her closeness, her heat, her smell, her breath… well, he would need a change of pants if she continued. “Of course, I mean better! Way better!” his voice cracked.

She looked him deep in his eyes, as lovers would do, “Jonas, darling, if I find another bruise on Sandie or Kell, well, I might never consider it,” she frowned.

The joyous look on his face fell. “Freya, I-“

“One. More. Bruise?” She said and wrapped his head for every word then counted the bruises on Kell and Sandie’s legs and tapped him for every one. Sandie lifted her shirt and he received six more raps for those, hard ones.

Eavesdropping 2.7/3 Joy the DM, wordwall artist 04/08/2024 (Mon) 00:57 [Preview] No.3894 del
(135.25 KB 606x800 Jonas.jpg)
“I’m sorry Freya, things got out of control the other night.”

“Mhm, as I was saying, one more bruise and my knuckles will be sore, I’ll have to ask Brutus to use his mace. Should we tell Brutus what happened now just in case?” [Intimidation check passed easily without roll]

“No no, I mean, I’ll make sure the issue of control is solved forever more. I promise dear, Freya... love.”

“See that you do, darling,” Freya said and got up, then it was clear she wanted to slap him as hard as she could, or maybe set him on fire but that would probably only cause more trouble for Kell and Sandie.

She hugged the girls both again, an uncharacteristically sad look in her eyes, but she recovered quickly, [Persuasion check passed easily without roll] “Jonas, darling, tomorrow morning, stop by and we’ll work out the contract for that mine issue. There’s room on the board I promise.”

Jonas lowered his head in defeat, “I just didn’t want to bother you, seeing that you’re so busy and all.”

She slapped him lightly, “bad.boy! For you darling, I’ll make time, or do you not want to talk to me anymore” she pouted. You could have sworn she cast something but there was no spell, it was as if her aura flashed momentarily.

“NO! No no it’s not that at all.”

“Good. Tomorrow then? And will you please bring your lovely escorts? I’d love to see them again.”

The escorts in question cheered quietly in their seats.

“Of course, they’re very special to me. As are you.”

“Don’t keep them out too late then, they need their beauty sleep.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

She held out her arms and Sandie and Kell both ran to her and hugged her tightly for the third time, they were barely beyond children, “see you tomorrow girls, maybe there’ll be a treat for you both waiting." she had a warning tone on her face, "if you’re good.” Then smiled widely at them.

They couldn’t be happier at the notion and both kissed her cheeks recklessly. She straightened and gave a thumbs up to Sandie, motioning to her outfit.

She curtsied to Freya and smiled sweetly.

Jonas grabbed back his sack and when he stood, his escorts fell in line; he walked out… in an obviously turgid state.

She turned to Gavero and Malodia and winked, they both saluted and stood, off to find a seat at a less conspicuous table.

Eavesdropping 3/3 finally. Joy the Detailed DM 04/08/2024 (Mon) 01:06 [Preview] No.3895 del
(243.98 KB 1024x1024 Ferdinand.jpg)
Another well dressed noble, a doughy man, had entered the guild, she noted him as she was dealing with Jonas. Freya greeted him, she looked like she knew him but looked confused by the three beastkin slave girls trailing him. Especially the long golden chain that was looped to a collar on each of their necks and their gold manacles.

He passed the other noble and Sandie and Kell smiled at the beastkin girls as they passed causing them to huddle and whisper to each other.

She met him a little ahead of his arrival at the stage, “Ferdinand, darling, how are we tonight?”

“We are doing very well. I have these three beauties out with me for the first time and I have a bit of an issue that I hope you can help me solve, you see, they need an escort immediately, I’m afraid I must impose!”

“Oh they aren’t to be yours?” She eyed them and they immediately became mesmerized and enthralled by her.

“Well, yes, but frankly I won’t be able to bond them until next week, there was a… disturbance of one of my trade carts and my gold backing was on board. It’s a very serious issue for me you see, it’ll take at least another week to order another shipment from Baldur’s Gate, I can't keep them at the manor, they're just too precious for my guards to handle.”

“Oh, who are you working with for them?”

“Janet de Luis, do you know her?”

Freya gasped, “I did know her yes! I hope she’s doing well? We used to visit frequently, though I'm sad to hear she's still dealing with... well let's say I'm sorry she's still dealing, I expected her to move up by now.”

He continued without skipping a beat, He took her hand kissed the back then said in a nearly exhausted tone, “Freya, why are you here in the guild and not at the Estates? You would be reinstated and venerated by the local nobility! Whatever you did to fall from graces would be completely forgiven, I’d make sure of it personally.”

Freya took her hand back and waved him off, “oh gods it’s all so tiring and anyway I couldn’t afford the smallest suite there.”

“Freya, darling,” he reached out and the look in her eye told him not to touch her again, he already got more than enough. He dropped his hand immediately and looked around nervously, “I would sponsor you in a heartbeat, the best suite available, larger than the whole of the guild if I could find it. One look at you and you’d be married off and welcome to all our parties. Why I’d be happy to take your hand myself if you wished it.”

She rolled her eyes and yawned, “you flatter me.” [Performance check passed easily without roll] She curtsied, ”alas I’m waiting for true love,” she feigned desperation with her wrist to her forehead.

“Oh how adorably droll of you. Well with your lineage, you have ages to change your mind. Maybe when I’m old and grey, on my deathbed, you’ll give me your hand and take my wealth as your own.”

Freya genuinely smiled at that notion, “perhaps.” She caught herself and looked surprised but quickly recovered. [Performance check passed without roll] “Anyway dear, sweet future late-husband, when are you going to introduce me to your lovely friends?”

The lovely friends swooned.

“Shii, Brea, and Darah, meet Freya, fairest of all the lands, the jewel of Neverwinter, star of the evening sky,” he bowed as he introduced her.

The girls each held out a hand and Freya took each one in both of hers, “a pleasure, a pleasure, a pleasure. Are you being treated well ladies?” she noted the chains and plinked one with her fingers.

Brea bowed her head and rotated her toe on the ground looking ashamed, “I tried to run, I was scared, I’m sorry.”

“Oh dear, it’s only natural, well let me tell you, Ferdinand here is a charmer but he'll make a wonderful host. He’ll not turn a sour eye to any of you if he values his life.

He cleared his throat nervously.

“Let’s have a seat up front, a table just opened up,” Freya said and escorted them.

Meanwhile, at Alice's table. Joy the DM 04/09/2024 (Tue) 16:37 [Preview] No.3898 del

Yulya 04/09/2024 (Tue) 21:34 [Preview] No.3899 del
(24.21 KB 500x500 hiding.jpg)
Yulya finds herself under a table amid dirt and scraps of dropped food. Where is Alice our living cleaning mop when you need her?

After trying to make sense of the conversation Yulya turns to Ashley and Cat both relieved this hasnt turned into an outright battle but also annoyed by her companions reckless actions.
Ashley what are we doing here under that dirty table? You heard Freya and I am sure you noticed her powers too. Things appear exactly as I expected. Shes trying her best to help the slaves as she can and she is doing a way better job than we could ever hope to. This girl is [dramatic pause] good at what shes doing. Yes those guys are appalling and how they treat the girls is straining even me as a peaceful follower of Eldath to the point of snapping but I do not see what we can do here we are not even copper ranked adventurers yet. If we want to change things for the better we need to become stronger much stronger first.

And Cat what were you trying to do? Start a fight with nobles at the guild? Do you think this will improve anyones situation?
And wait, did I hear correctly that Freya said we were under her protection? It was weird enough she paid our dinner. And whats with that assassin? I do not quite understand it and I cant say I like that we have drawn that much attention but that girl might be a powerful ally.

So now what? You want to lurk more under that table or should we finally gets registered? Alice should be on her way here as well.

Ashley 04/10/2024 (Wed) 01:11 [Preview] No.3900 del
(663.60 KB 2048x2048 ezgif-6-f8fd0a45c1.jpg)

>Ashley what are we doing here under that dirty table? You heard Freya and I am sure you noticed her powers too. Things appear exactly as I expected. Shes trying her best to help the slaves as she can and she is doing a way better job than we could ever hope to. This girl is [dramatic pause] good at what shes doing. Yes those guys are appalling and how they treat the girls is straining even me as a peaceful follower of Eldath to the point of snapping but I do not see what we can do here we are not even copper ranked adventurers yet. If we want to change things for the better we need to become stronger much stronger first.

Well yeah, I was going to register and start training or something, that's what I said right? I didn't want to start a fight in the middle of a busy guild full of high ranking adventurers, duuUuuh.

Anyway, it's exactly as I predicted, in my infinite wisdom, [13] I had already determined Freya was on our side. The issue is we need to stop slavery. Err, the wrong kind of slavery? I mean, if the slaves don't want to be saved or it's too expensive or something, I mean, it's not like I can buy them or anything but hey, If I was a high enough level I could definately do... something I don't know what yet.

If there's one thing I know, it's that intel is important, so let's see how she treats this letch, I wanna see bruises, come on Freya!

>Did I hear correctly that Freya said we were under her protection? It was weird enough she paid our dinner. And whats with that assassin?

Oh that, well you see, I kinda started a fight with the leader of that group back at the table because he was a huge jerk and I won by the way, I only cursed him a little bit and I was going to release him eventually, but yeah, even the assassin chick thought so, um... Theilia Frost... something, so I was pretty pissed off and so this assassin was all touchy feely to me like all these perverts and she was like "I'll kill him if you want, for FREE." She said I was brave, and you know me, I turned on the charm and she melted. I was all "come on, I took care of him anyway." Then she said something like, "if you need anyone killed, I'll take care of it..." I think. But don't worry, I told her we didn't have any money, not the kind she's use to anyway. Plus, I'd rather see my enemies crushed by my babies than a coward's way out.

She continued slightly nervously, Not that I'm saying assassins are cowards, but I'd be a coward if I didn't handle my own business.

Now shh! I gotta hear what Freys's saying.

[Ashley's rendition is quite crude, if you care to ask Josephia, the bard, you will get the full transcript from her point of view and probably be entertained as a result, but it's up to you.]

Cat 04/10/2024 (Wed) 09:26 [Preview] No.3901 del
Cat's ears droop upon being scolded
I'm sorry Nya!
I acted without thinking and without your order Nya! Forgive this dumb Cat Nya I didn't want to cause trouble Nya!
But Ashley's right Nya. Maybe we can hear something important Nya! I can hear very well what that Freya is saying from here Nya! She's so cool Nya! She's playing that damn nobles like a fiddle Nya!
Cat's right ear rises again and rotates into Freyas direction like a radio telescope picking up the signal of a distant galaxy

Yulya 04/10/2024 (Wed) 20:04 [Preview] No.3902 del
(18.62 KB 464x465 under table.jpg)
Yulya places her hands on the foreheads of her companions and sighs not even surprised by their confessions
Good god are you in kindergarten? Ashley you are drunk. I dont mind listening in on Freya but if you really want to help those poor souls talking to Freya what we can do is probably the best option. We know nothing about those nobles their slaves or the entire business. If we act recklessly we will only make things worse for everyone including ourselves
Cat calm your temper. You cant just start a fight with other adventurers let alone nobles in a guild. Crude violence achieves nothing in this situation. We are a party and we are only strong together. So dont go wandering off on your own to do whatever comes to your mind ok?

Ashley 04/10/2024 (Wed) 22:11 [Preview] No.3903 del
(111.68 KB 1024x1024 ezgif-2-630b3683c2.jpg)

They said it was sweet cider, how am I supposed to know it was spiked?

Ashley slaps her cheeks lightly to try to gain her senses.

Wait, where'd she go and where's Alice?

/[Freya's moved since you began spying, the noble and the three beastkin girls are sitting at the table, the girls kicking their legs freely now and sitting on their hands, apparently their ankle chains have been removed and the shackles are on the table, gleaming in the lamplight, but they still have their chained collars linking them to the noble.]

Alice 04/11/2024 (Thu) 00:46 [Preview] No.3904 del
(46.00 KB 512x512 4032968707.jpg)
Finally having received her dinner, Alice yanks off a drumstick and puts the rest of the chicken under her arm like a teddy bear. Gravy soaks into her yukata and is readily absorbed. Alice goes to look for her party. Not finding them in a brawl with nobles as expected, she turns to look for Freya and spots her at a table close to the stage and moves towards her while chewing on the chicken leg.

Joy the DM 04/11/2024 (Thu) 01:34 [Preview] No.3905 del

Alice, having finally finished her dinner, is walking straight for Freya. She'd gone to get the girls something to eat and is now speaking with Ferdinand, regarding a possibility of a guarding quest for the girls while Ferdinand's funds are transferred from Baldur's Gate.

The girls are overjoyed by the fare, and dig in heartily.

She looks up to check on the new adventurers, 'Where had they gone?' "Excuse me a moment, I'll be back, so while I'm gone, think about how much you're willing to put up."

She looks across the room and sees the halfling with the kitsune mask, a little relieved she makes a b-line for her. Surely she'd know where her own companions had gone.

Cat 04/11/2024 (Thu) 10:00 [Preview] No.3906 del
Cat's ears have been tracking Freya and have now spotted Alice.
Nya Freya's leaving her table, she's looking for us Nya! What do we do Nya? And here comes Alice, looks like she's also searching for us Nya. They are heading for each other Nya! We should get out from here Nya!

Yulya 04/12/2024 (Fri) 00:43 [Preview] No.3911 del
(21.70 KB 500x500 277537241.jpg)
Lets move before they start looking for us and find us hiding under a table!

But I am the only one here who cant use stealth one of you needs to get out first without causing a commotion!

Ashley 04/12/2024 (Fri) 15:54 [Preview] No.3912 del

I attempt to pop out unnoticed.

[1d20+2=15+2 vs DC15 stealth pass]

Where the heck did that coin go! Can you all help me find the silver I just had, it flipped out of my habd and I swear it stuck to the ceiling or something because it just vanished.

I attempt a distraction using Deception so my friends can pop out easier.

[1d20+6=18+6 vs DC15]

Distraction successful, I'll lower DC to 10 for those at the table but with disadvantage due to multiple people based on the lowest modifier which is +1 for Yulya.

[1d20+1=16+1, 4+1 vs DC10 fails.]

[coin toss= heads] Yulya is seen emerging from under the table next to Cat, better explain yourself.]

[1d5=5] A Sorceress with a silver plate notices Yulya exit from under the table.

"Ummm, what were you doing under there?" says a slightly inebriated silver rank sorceress to Yulya.

[Freya is fixated on Alice and hasn't noticed you all emerge yet.]

Yulya 04/12/2024 (Fri) 18:20 [Preview] No.3915 del
(28.74 KB 512x512 caught.jpg)
Getting caught Yulya panics and tries to hide under the table again but is pulled out by Cat who already has some routine pulling out people from under tables.
Uhm uhhh my apologies we have been looking for my party member a little girl with a fox mask who likes to hide under tables!

Alice 04/12/2024 (Fri) 21:33 [Preview] No.3918 del
Alice approaches Freya waving with her chicken leg
Heyy, where have they gone? Got arrested already?

Cat 04/13/2024 (Sat) 08:59 [Preview] No.3921 del
Cat also has some routine cutting off Yulya's autistic behavior and swiftly pulls her away from the table, while briefly apologizing to the sorceress
What are you doing Nya? Alice has been spotted over there [points to Alice and pretends to be in a hurry], let's go Nya!

The interviews Joy the DM 04/13/2024 (Sat) 14:03 [Preview] No.3922 del

The Sorceress looks at you three with a disbelieving stare but figures you're harmless and is soon distracted by conversation at her table.

You all catch up to Alice just as Freya reaches her.

"Oh," she's startled by your sudden appearance, "are you ready to get registered? Good then follow me."

You are swept away on to the stage in the back of the hall, through stage right, and into a moderately sized back stage room that might have served as a dressing room. It has a table for six like the ones in the main hall and Freya quickly lights some wall sconces.

As the lights come on, you notice a silent black sphere, about the size of a person's head. It's surface is a gloss reflection of lights. It has an unusual look to it that you don't immediately understand but as you study it further the lights it reflect don't seem to correspond to lights in this room. And the surface seems to swirl like the surface of someblack pond only curved into a perfect sphere. Then you realize it is floating about waste height from the ground with no apparent means to hold it there.

"I just need to settle with a customer, so stay put, I'll be back momentarily."

She rushes out, shutting the door behind her.

The room has warm wood paneling as might be seen in a library but no books. It is remarkably quiet, as if it is unnaturally dampened from the sounds just outside the door.

You get an eerie feeling of being watched.

Alice 04/13/2024 (Sat) 16:48 [Preview] No.3926 del
The arch-enemy has appeared!!
Alice patiently waits for Freya to close the door, then while the the others are distracted chatting with each other, she approaches the black orb and suspiciously eyes it from close distance. The expressionless smile of her fox mask reflects off the orb in an eerie way.
What the fuck is this thing? I have never seen anything like that but I don't like it. Its smug aura mocks me!
Alice takes the chicken from under her arm and parades it in front of the orb like a doll, wiggling it left and right. There is no reaction from the orb. Slightly disappointed, Alice puts her chicken closer and closer to the orb, almost touching it. Nothing. Apparently further escalation is needed to provoke a reaction. Challenge accepted!

Alice carefully places the chicken on top of the floating orb, then immediately takes a leap backwards and hides behind Cat. Only now do the others become aware of what Alice has been doing.

Biological probe launched Joy the DM 04/13/2024 (Sat) 18:51 [Preview] No.3927 del
(313.31 KB 1200x1200 Mematic_20240413_115050.jpg)

The moment Alice lets go of the precariously placed chicken, it sinks slightly into the orb. Inconceivably, perhaps astonishingly, or even incredibly unfathomably, it rolls off harmlessly onto the floor.

Alice is left momentarily stunned.

The orb has not changed and the presence you feel watching you has not changed.

Yulya 04/13/2024 (Sat) 22:16 [Preview] No.3929 del
(43.72 KB 512x512 why.jpg)
Yulya is similarly stunned by the performance then facepalms.
Just what is wrong with those girls?

Ashley 04/13/2024 (Sat) 23:09 [Preview] No.3930 del
(104.16 KB 1500x1125 ezgif-6-0f6cb63e4e.jpg)
(948.24 KB 2636x1476 ddl.jpg)

Ashley approaches the orb and can feel the presence strongly, it's an all too familiar presence to her.

Uh, maybe back off, my God is not the most tolerant being. Imagine she just got a slimy chicken placed on her head or whatever. Though that would be hilarious, it probably wouldn't end well for us.

Clearly Ashley feels her Goddess, but each of you feel a different presence, no two are the same.

Ashley feels the Goddess of Death, the Raven Queen, the source of her magic.


Yulya feels the unmistakable presence of Eldath, Goddess of Shining Waters and surmises that Ashley isn't speaking of her.


Cat feels a presence she only briefly felt in tribal rituals, namely the Cat Lord.


Alice feels something she hasn't ever felt before, but the presence is clear and strong, stronger the closer she approaches the orb. Clearly she has a god whether she knows it or not. You'll have to wait to find out.

I attempt to decipher the mechanics or otherwise discover it's source of power or something.

[1d20+1 vs DC20... unbelievably, she rolled a 20! (Joy facepalms)]

Ashley touches the orb and is undeniably given GODSIGHT, a very rare and otherwise useless ability available only to sorceresses, useable only by proctors of the orbs who have been extensively trained in the art of interpretation. However, because she does, when she touches it she feels the whole of creation, hundreds of realms are connected here, places so fantastic that she nearly falls to her knees in awe. A stream of light emits from the orb like a gentle arc of lightning, it arcs through her hand and into her forehead. She falls back and is unable to comprehend the majority of what she was shown. let alone its relevance. To her the process felt like a few minutes though to you all it was only a moment.

I sit up and stare at the fading orb, with a little more respect than I had before.

It's not dangerous to us, but I wouldn't go playing with it either. Wow, so I don't know who I saw but my queen is obviously accessible through that orb, saw her clearly staring at me, I bet I could talk to her directly but I didn't try. I don't know who the others were, some tall woman, either wet or made from water, a guy who was surprised to see me suddenly, he asked me how I could transform into a Panther and I didn't say anything, and another guy, like... I don't even know how to describe him except he was golden like made of metal. I can guess who he's here for.

Looks at Alice

None of them looked amused.

There were others too, someone with golden feathered wings, and I don't even know what to say about the others, it's like looking at a crowd of people all at once.

Cat 04/14/2024 (Sun) 05:08 [Preview] No.3932 del
Cat is not amused
Alice thats not the proper way to give an offering Nya! And dont play with your food Nya, get that chicken off the floor and eat up Nya!

At least she thinks a roast chicken would be a proper offering for the Cat God, but not in this silly context

The interviews Joy the DM 04/14/2024 (Sun) 13:29 [Preview] No.3933 del

There is a small knock on the door but it immediately opens and Freya comes in, she sees Ashley on the floor, Alice hiding behind Cat and a cooked pheasant under the orb.

She smiles, "Well I hope you're all having fun so far but the real fun is about to begin. So I'll need to collect your registration fees and we can begin with an explanation of what happened while I was away."

Ashley stands, reaches in her coin purse and hands Freya 10gp. Then she explains the situation fairly for once.

"... so then I was knocked back and you came in."

"Oh?" Freya is taken aback and has a furrowed brow, "you have Godsight..." she then mutters to herself "...of course you do." She straightens and says firmly, "Well then I'll have to ask you to sit at the table and not interfere with the interviews, the interpretation is a delicate operation meant to be done by only one qualified proctor. I had to be trained for a cycle to be able to perform it properly and then only under the care of the guildmaster to her satisfaction. So whatever it is you saw or heard, please disregard it for now. I'm sorry Ashley but if you interfere again you'll have to sit out. I'm glad no one is injured. Once the payment is settled, we'll start with Yulya."

Freya is asking for 10 gold from Alice, Cat and Yulya, then the interviews will start.

Alice 04/14/2024 (Sun) 16:42 [Preview] No.3935 del
(696.27 KB 768x768 dinner saved.png)
Alice is a bit jealous the orb reacted to Ashley but not to her and stares back and forth between Ashley and the strange black sphere. Ashley's words about what she has been shown by the orb have not escaped her but she decides to remain silent about it. Ignorance is bliss.

Slightly but only slightly ashamed that Freya spotted the chicken on the floor Alice makes another artistic dive under the orb to salvage her dinner, then gives the orb a last glance from a safe distance.
Well at least it didn't steal my chicken. Maybe it knows its place after all.
For the moment an uneasy truce remains but the final battle is just about to start.

Yulya 04/14/2024 (Sun) 23:44 [Preview] No.3939 del
(29.81 KB 512x512 4016653137.jpg)
Embarassed Yulya mumbles apologizes to Freya and hands her 30gp then nervously prepares for her interview. What a disgraceful display to Eldath. But the guardian angel had guided her to her strange companions so there must be a purpose behind this all. Yulya catches herself doubting this purpose for a moment

Ashley 04/15/2024 (Mon) 00:47 [Preview] No.3940 del
(111.68 KB 1024x1024 ezgif-2-630b3683c2.jpg)

I sit down at the table, out of the way of the fireworks and lightning, still a little shaken from what I saw.

Cat 04/15/2024 (Mon) 08:19 [Preview] No.3943 del
Cat grabs Alice holding her chicken and sits down on the table next to Ashley

Yulya's Interview Joy the DM 04/15/2024 (Mon) 09:44 [Preview] No.3948 del
(149.13 KB 1024x1024 Eldath.jpg)
Read this first

Additional References

Freya takes the coins and places them in a pocket with Ashley's. She then drags over two chairs, one on each side of the sphere. She motions Yulya to sit.

“When you’re ready, please place your hands on the sphere.”

[Yulya Optional Prompt #1]

Yulya has no other choice, she does as she is asked. When she places her hands near the sphere, she can feel a pressure, like a wind but with no flow, or like the surface of water but the temperature perfectly matches her hands, it's something but nothing at the same time.

Freya closes her eyes, “yes, do you feel her presence?”

[Yulya Optional Prompt #2]

A thin blue spark reaches out and touches Freya’s forehead. When she opens her eyes, they’re glowing a serene green as if backlit by some unseen source. Her face drops, “Eldath is here.”

In a eerie voice Freya channels
“It is I, Eldath, the green goddess of peace, mother of the waters, goddess of the singing waters.

Her voice unnaturally booms, especially to Yulya,

Child you claim to have chosen a peaceful path yet you seek power and death, you scarcely contain your inner rage, doubting every penance, and you align yourself with those who seek destruction and pain upon others; warriors, sorceresses and mechanisms of doom. You claim to run from corruption but you cannot escape yourself-

Freya breaks through and tears her hands away from the sphere, gasping for breath like she’d just been drowning. She nearly falls out of her chair and coughs clear liquid onto the floor. She shakes her head, clamping her eyes shut, “forgive me, I am so sorry, I- That’s never happened before. Your goddess is here but she won’t speak to me, in fact it felt as if she was taking my air, I don’t know what I could have done to offend her or if I even did, I couldn’t hold the connection more than a moment. Give me a few moments to recover and I’ll try to contact her again.” She looks frightened and her hands are shaking.

“But you were just speaking like her, Eldrath or whatever,” Ashley says curtly.

“What do you mean?” Freya asks, obviously confused.

“Your voice changed and you started lecturing Yulya, not in a nice way either,” Ashley clarifies.

Freya seems genuinely confused, “sorry to sound so obtuse but I meant I merely had the connection for a second and I couldn’t keep it.”

“Nuh uh, you were talking for like a minute at least,” Ashley corrects her.

Freya looks perplexed now, she wipes a clear liquid from her chin and then looks to the floor. She looks to Yulya oddly, “oh… d-did you get what you needed to hear? Did I cut her off too soon?”

[Yulya Required Prompt #3]

Yulya 04/15/2024 (Mon) 19:05 [Preview] No.3950 del
Yulya is absolutely devastated by how she was treated by her goddess the first time hearing her voice. Looking at the floor trying to hide her tears she only mutters to herself
I-I was only following She-Shes guidance was that wrong? All I wanted was a peaceful life in nature as a hermit not power or to bring death and suffering I dont want any of that and I was scolded for it by that angel. Now I set out with those lunatics as told and my goddes hates me for it? What is this nightmare? What am I supposed to do?

Yulya's interview Joy the DM 04/15/2024 (Mon) 19:54 [Preview] No.3951 del
(50.59 KB 512x512 15_999459295.jpeg)

Freya clears her head and regains her naturally regal posture and disposition.

"This is somewhat new to me so I apologize but it's natural for the Gods to interfear with each other, so this SheShe you speak of, is she a goddess I'm not familiar with?"

[Yulya Optional Prompt #1]

"Apparently you were 'lectured', and this is something I have experienced, though they typically communicate with me and I do the interpretation in a gentle way. The notion is that there's no wrong way to follow, you have your own will and are free to make your own choices and where these misaligned there will be friction. We as sorceresses and sorcerers have far less leeway than clerics as our bonded gods can take away our powers completely. As a Cleric you have worked to achieve your powers, Clerics do not need to worship a god and I'm sure Eldath understands this. So her concern would be simply you besmirching her name. To follow a god faithfully, you would hold their tenents first and foremost. From what I know about Eldath, even fighting a rogue rothé wouldn't be holding to the letter of the tenets. I have to admit a peace cleric would be conflicted at every stage of an adventure's career."

She leans in and places a hand on Yulya's shoulder and speaks consolingly, "these decisions may seem life ending but they are common challenges in everyone's careers. You wouldn't be punished or thought less of if you backed away from your investment in Eldath, at least outwardly. I believe she would still accept you as long as you didn't associate your current activities with her and I know she would understand. It wouldn't be a rejection, from what I know it would be a show of respect."

[Yulya Optional Prompt #2]

She staightens and smiles kindly, the gesture somehow alleviates the majority of your stress, her motherly/sisterly radiance is remarkable.

"I have felt another presence with you but not to the extent of Eldath, would you be comfortable with contacting her? It may provide clarity we're missing."

&[Yulya Required Prompt #3]

Alice 04/15/2024 (Mon) 20:06 [Preview] No.3952 del
(65.35 KB 680x548 Gods.jpg)
Alice watches the events with slight disdain while eating at the table
Guess Eldath isn't overly fond of chicken, huh? Well those guys are all nutjobs anyway.

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