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>So how exactly does the orb get its share of the leveling money? Does Freya transfer it to some anonymous Swiss bank account or what?

Ask Freya


[Autumn] How would I know? Usually spirits go to the Aethereal plane but Ashley was forcibly taken to the negative plane by the Raven Queen so it's possible, the negative plane has both material and ethereal beings. This time the Mechathereal Angel did it to the mad sorcerer. I believe she's torturing him to understand how souls work. She said she was going to deconstruct him I think. Could be just research, but this baddie was on a whole other level, he trapped a gnome in a mirror for a couple centuries and when we freed her she disintegrated because the mirror was the only thing keeping her from aging. She was literally staring a t a wall for hundreds of years. He was a true monster. He turned his apprentices into flaming skulls, turned his prize pupil into a lich against her will and experimented with her body. He turned another into a lich then stole her phylactery so she degraded into a demilich which is barely better than a flaming skull.

[Autumn] I think he needs a little bit of his own medicine personally.

[Autumn] Oh you mean how did she pull him through the portal? Because it's a portal? You're not a demigod or god, so you couldn't do that obviously.

>The orb is a doorway

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